5 Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Use Testing to Increase Digital Engagement


While it’s important to follow standard best practices, engagement rates depend highly on the preferences of one’s audience, which can vary greatly between nonprofits who serve a diverse array of communities and issues. The most reliable way for nonprofits to increase digital engagement is to test different techniques and messages with your own audience to determine what they respond to best, and follow the results. engagement digital testing

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Fourteen Ways to Improve Your Open Rate


Writing last month's post about how NTEN differentiates between types of open rate made me think about the ways we've worked to boost our numbers. Despite the increased volume, we've managed to increase our absolute open rate year-over-year. Looking just at our webinar messaging, we saw an open rate of roughly 22.5% We've made list growth a continuing concern – not just to fight the inevitable churn , but because new subscribers open our messages at a much higher rate.

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4 Easy Email Tests to Start Today


Are you testing your email messages (i.e. And while you may have a hunch about the best day or time to send email, testing validates (or disproves) your theory. However, I don’t see enough nonprofits taking advantage of email testing. And while it does require a few extra steps, email testing doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Testing subject lines will help you get by the first round of cuts. It’s also the easiest way to begin testing.

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Fundraising Ideas to Reverse the Trend of Declining Email Response Rates


Fundraising email click-through rates dropped 27 percent and response rates were down 21 percent from 2011. This follows a recent trend that email click-through rates have declined across all industries. Epsilon and The Email Institute’s Q3 2012 report indicated overall click-through rates have fallen from 5.5 It’s worth noting that the eNonprofit study did find email click-through rates varied significantly by nonprofit sectors.

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On the value of donor database ratings

Robert Weiner

Bottom line – (our software) received more “Excellent” ratings than any of the over 33 products reviewed! My response: These reports are definitely useful — if a vendor is rated well they’re worth considering (assuming the rating criteria are appropriate for your needs) and if they’re rated badly they’re probably not. Nonprofits need to know what they need and then test systems against those specific needs.

How Removing Overhead Can Improve Donation Rates

NonProfit Hub

Even if you have an acceptable rate, you can still come up on the short end when it comes to donation time. Uri Gneezy, an economist at the Rady School of Management at the University of California San Diego, conducted two studies to test the theory that more people will donate if they know their money will go directly to the cause and not overhead. The post How Removing Overhead Can Improve Donation Rates appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

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Best to Test: Tools for Gauging your WordPress Site’s Speed and Performance

Byte Technology

Indeed, responsive sites that provide stellar visits—especially in the e-commerce industry—are proven to have better engagement, more conversion rates and, very importantly, better search engine rankings. It’s vital, therefore, that any and every website owner and administrator do periodic tests on their site to gauge speed and performance and to ensure that it’s operating at its most efficient and desirable level.

Testing Your Donation Form Part 4: Running a Usability Test

Connection Cafe

This is the fourth part in my series about learning how to test the usability of your online donation form and website with real donors. Part one discussed why to usability test , part two outlined crafting your test , and part three gave best practices for recruiting participants. Today, we gear up for your big test day! It’s test day… what now? Usability testing is not complicated. Running your test really only involves four aspects.

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Debunking the open rate | Beaconfire Wire

Allegiance Group

06/28/2010: User Expectations and Interface Response Times 06/16/2010: Making the most of conference hashtags: A tool for presenters 06/08/2010: Beaconfire Survey: Seductive Interactions 06/08/2010: Emailing with Convio – Testing Conditional Content 06/07/2010: Goin’ Barefoot? » Debunking the open rate Posted Monday, June 30th, 2008 at 2:01 pm by Jo (31 posts) When you’ve worked hard on an email campaign, you want to know how well it did.

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The Phone Test

Tech Soup Blog

People want to volunteer, wanted to ask you something, and, not coincidentally, donate at considerably higher rates after. This is not to say that there's no place for social media; rather, I think that the phone test can actually help you articulate the purpose of any communications tactic, be it a fundraising letter, a donor event, a print ad, or a Facebook page.

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How to Send More Fundraising Emails and Maintain Conversion Rates

Connection Cafe

What caught my eye, though, was that as nonprofits sent significantly more fundraising emails, conversion rates went south. However, conversion rates of those emails dropped 25%. This is actually the second consecutive year fundraising email conversion rates have declined sharply , continuing a somewhat worrisome trend. Fundraising email conversion rates declined 21% in 2012, according to last year’s report (which compared 2013 to 2012).

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Case Study: M+R Walks Us Through Testing an Email Fundraising Campaign from Oxfam America


Then we planned a series of tests to evaluate everything from our messaging to nuts-and- bolts fundraising tactics. Here is a closer look at how we tested: Should we frame our issue in a positive or negative light? M+R’s past experiences have shown that negative framing generally results in higher revenue, but we put it to the test in Oxfam’s first appeal, with some surprising results. Will a video boost the response rate?

Want a 66% Lift On Your Action Rates?

Allegiance Group

Think it would have a big impact on your campaign’s action rates? We assumed that this would have a big impact on the campaign, however, we like to test all of our assumptions and ran this campaign as a 50/50 split test. We’re still digging into the test data, but in my opinion there were two factors at play here. It eliminates the typical drop you’ll see from your Click Rate to your Action Rate. Today everyone is busy and impatient.

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Simple EOY Testing Framework to Increase Revenue on December 31st

Connection Cafe

I want to raise testing’s beleaguered profile in the nonprofit community. Why do I believe testing has been relegated to the back seat? Simply, testing is perceived to be a nice-to-have as opposed to a need-to-have. Working in the fundraising trenches, you know testing can be a daunting task due to competing priorities. If you’ve ever pushed a test to the back burner in lieu of an email that needed to get out yesterday, you’re not alone. 50/50) tests.

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Tests, Controls and Results

Connection Cafe

I was really intrigued at trying to understand whether or not a mobile text that went out before the campaign had increased the open and donation rates. I kept thinking, surely if I text someone ahead of an email (another Multi-Channel campaign case) I would see a significant increase in open rates and donation rates. However, I was so regretfully disappointed as they didn’t set up their test appropriately for us to really understand the impact.

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Wireframe Testing: Failing Informatively


Our bounce rate is pretty darn high for folks who find our site through search: about 68%. New visitors also bounce at a high rate: about 67%. Our blog, which gives us the most traffic from search, has a bounce rate above 75%. Friend of NTEN Avinash Kaushik says that organizations should aim for a bounce rate under 50%. This week, we moved on to Phase Two: The Wireframe Test. If you've never seen a wireframe test before, here's how we did it (really cheaply!):

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Pro Tip: More Visuals in Newsletters Can Increase Click Rates by 60 Percent

Tech Soup Blog

In a recent test of a direct email for Adobe software donation program at TechSoup, we discovered that image-based emails showed a significantly improved click rates over the more traditional, text-based emails most TechSoup members are used to receiving from us. The Test. Each email had a similar open rate (around 18.5%), however the visual email's click rate (3.93%) was far better than the traditional email's click rate (2.46%).

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How Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Increased Member Conversion and Retention Rates

Connection Cafe

As you try different scenarios, remember to expand your engagement strategy through testing, risk-taking, and evaluation. This article is part of the bbcon 2018 Speaker Series on npENGAGE. Get a taste of the 250+ sessions that will help your organization transform and have a bigger impact! Like it or not, technology is everywhere. While on vacation or a professional conference, you are probably exposed to innovative technology, increasing your engagement level.

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Testing Your Donation Form Part 1: Why do it?

Connection Cafe

Note: This is the first in a series of posts about usability testing your website from guest author Brandon Granger, Senior Interaction Designer for Blackbaud. Because user experience issues invariably impact conversion rates. If you aren’t regularly testing your donation and registration forms with real users, you’re likely losing donations and registrations unnecessarily and continually. What exactly is usability testing? Wrapping your testing up.

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Seven Tips To Boost Your Email Open Rates


Try sending the same message with different subject lines to small segments of your list, and note the results – note click-through rates as well as opens. Even though the sidewalk may be frying eggs at the moment, it’s not too early to start thinking about your year-end fundraising. Convio helps jumpstart your brainstorming with their new guide - Crafting Subject Lines That Work: Making Email Appeals More Effective.

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Lessons from a Fundraising Insider: How our Donor Retention Rates grew to 43%

Connection Cafe

We impact over 10,000 lives each year, and in 2013 we had a donor retention rate of 43% ( compared to 27% ). So, what led to our above industry average donor retention rates? I’ve spent years testing and trying ideas passed to me by others in the field. Want to improve your donor retention rates? For additional insight to boost your donor retention rates, check out the latest npEXPERTS eBook! .

Testing Your Donation Form Part 3: Wrangling Guinea Pigs

Connection Cafe

Note: This is the third in a series of posts about usability testing your website from guest author Brandon Granger, Senior Interaction Designer for Blackbaud. In part one , we discussed why you should test your website and part two outlined designing your test. Today, we’ll unpack how and where to find the right people for testing your website and donation form. I’ve seen similar results in my testing. We are testing out a new website design.

What We Learned About Digital Engagement from the 2019 M+R Benchmarks Report


Open rates, fundraising click-through rates and page completion rates for both fundraising and advocacy all went down. Email fundraising response rates are down 13%. Email advocacy response rates are down 15%. To compensate for these changes in individual behavior, digital campaigners have had to up their testing and innovating game to new levels, and bite the bullet and send more email than ever before.

Simple Ways to Analyze Nonprofit Email Performance

Connection Cafe

One Test. Open Rate: If you manage an email campaign of any size, then you’re familiar with an open rate. For example, if 100 people received your email and 20 people opened it, then your open rate is 20%. Click-through Rate: Once again, this is a term with which you’re likely familiar. For example, if 100 people received your email and 10 people clicked on a link, then your clickthrough rate is 10%. Unsubscribe Rate: Don’t be afraid of this number.

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How to Achieve Out of This World Open Rates [Plus 5 Tips to Avoid the Trash Altogether]

Connection Cafe

Rate Your Subject Lines. A/B Test. Caution : make sure you test this with a small first batch, (maybe 100 email addresses). If your donors feel like just another name in a database, it’s likely that your email open rates will dwindle. Join us on 5/29 at 2pm to hear more about “How to achieve out of this world open rates.”. Guest Post by Ashley Donald. Online Fundraising Enthusiast. Wiener Dog Lover. Barre Evolution Addict. Short Order Cook.

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Testing Your Donation Form Part 5: Showing off results

Connection Cafe

Today, we wrap up my series on learning how to test the usability of your website and donation form. To quickly recap, usability testing is an excellent tool if: You fear you’re losing donations because of your website’s design. Thus far, the series has covered the importance of testing , how to design your test , recruiting , and running your test. What should a recap of testing include?

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5 Ways To Optimize Your Donation Pages for End-of-Year Fundraising


The unfortunate reality is that the average fundraising page completion rate is only 17%, according to the M+R 2017 Benchmarks Study. To make sure that prospective donors aren’t leaving your donation page uninspired, use these tips to double or even triple your donation page completion rates: 1. Testing consistently shows that multi-step forms are completed more than single-page forms, so use this simple tweak to instantly improve your conversion rates.

What GlobalGiving Learned About The Second-Most Used Currency In The World

Global Giving

What We Tested. With all the upsides, why did we even need to bother with a test like this? Our test focused on GlobalGiving donors based in countries using the euro. We ran our test from late October 2018 through late January 2019. The Big Question.

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What Gmail’s New Settings Mean for Your Nonprofit Email Strategy

Connection Cafe

At the time it did not seem that this change would have a demonstrable effect on open and click-through rates. And this time, many organizations and companies are noticing: open rates for Gmail recipients have in some cases plummeted, and there is deep concern over both the short-term and long-term consequences of Gmail’s evolving and less than transparent process for how it manages and sorts incoming e-mails. 3 simple steps to increase email open rates and click-throughs.

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Can Data Science Help Us Save Animals?

Global Giving

This allowed her to better understand the data including the different variables or features that might impact adoption rates. GG Test Lab TechnologyM eet Ginger. Ginger is a cairn terrier with a sable tick coat. Ginger is only two months old and was recently fixed.

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The Secret Metric Killing Nonprofit Fundraising (And What To Do About It)


When sending a fundraising email, nonprofit Digital staff are keenly aware of the metrics that they need to achieve; a high open rate means the most people are actually seeing the content of the email, and a high click rate indicates that the email's messaging was persuasive enough to move people to donate. That's where your email deliverability rate comes in. Email deliverability is a metric for the rate of success you have at getting your messages into people’s inboxes.

NetCentric Advocacy: Mobile Politics DAta

Network-Centric Advocacy

The nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court was the first test of Alpert and PFAWs collaboration. "We We got an opt-in rate that was 5 times better then any opt in rate our commercial entertainment campaign ever received," says Alpert. Simply put, we got an opt-in rate of 27 percent, which is unbelievable." Alpert never dreamed he would have such a high mobile technology success rate with middle aged users.

Identify Critical Gaps in Your Risk and Controls While Fast Tracking Risk Management

360 Factors

Webinar Overview: Managing new and emerging risks in today’s evolving business environment can be a challenge for risk leaders, and many banks struggle with risks, controls, processes, and testing gaps in their organization.

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Wild Apricot Blog : Google Optimizer: free tool to increase sign-ups, donations or anything else on your site

Wild Apricot

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Perfect Pop-Up? Our Experiment With Email Acquisition Tactics

Global Giving

I clicked a link to an article on Upworthy , a viral news site always on the forefront of testing stickiness and psychological hooks. What We Tested. I decided to test dropping the pretense and just offer the user the ability to sign up for the mailing lists directly.

Not really a confession — more like a Turing test | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Pipes (1) Humor , nonprofittechblog Not really a confession — more like a Turing test 09.06.06 | 92 No Comments [link] Not+really+a+confession+--+more+like+a+Turing+test 2006-09-06+17%3A46%3A35 Allan+Benamer I’m NOT a bot. 10:31] abenamer: I’m glad to know I have been recognized as a person [10:32] bubbo100: thx- take care I’ve passed the Turing Test !!! No Ratings Yet) Loading.

3 Easy Ways to Get New Email Subscribers and Drive Donor Growth

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Before we dive into the specific tactics, the first thing you need to do is test both your email signup and donation forms. Take the 5 minutes to test, so you don’t end up part of that statistic! times the rate of inline content!).

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12 Key Digital Engagement Trends from the 2018 M+R Benchmarks Report


Open rates, fundraising click-through rates and page completion rates for both fundraising and advocacy all went down. To compensate for these changes in individual behavior, digital campaigners have had to up their testing and innovating game to new levels, and bite the bullet and send more email than ever before. Having a tool that allows for easy segmentation and testing is key to improving email deliverability. boost in their conversion rates.

The Role of Risk and Compliance Managers in Bank Transformations

360 Factors

For the speed at which these apps operate is compared to banking processes a relatively glacial rate. Smaller and mid-sized banks also need to ensure that their risk and compliance management platforms will stand the test of time.

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Why and how to rewrite your nonprofit’s email Welcome message

Pamela Grow

Welcome emails have a 91.43% open rate. Welcome emails can create an 86% lift in unique open rate. Welcome email read rates are 42% higher than the average email. Welcome emails have on average 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rate of a standard email marketing campaign.

10 Email Resolutions for the New Year


Anyone can send emails but the key to having a great email program: high deliverability rate. Make sure to test emails on as many screen sizes and devices as you can get your hands on. Testing. This goes without saying but every email you send should be testing something! Setting up A/B tests should be easy and intuitive. You can test everything from: Subject lines. Your email tests should deliver clear and easy to read results.

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Giving Tuesday #Inspo: 14 Donation Pages That Know What They’re Doing


You need to launch your campaign , test your email deliverability , craft your message , and more. There are plenty of best practices that, if implemented, make it pretty straightforward to improve conversion rates and ultimately raise more money. So test out new ideas, seek inspiration, and embrace the quirks! If you find that your donation page has a high bounce rate, consider this strategy to keep your future donors from getting distracted.

Everyone should get to play in the (Salesforce) sandbox

Nimble AMS

A sandbox is a testing environment where you can test code changes separately from your live production environment. Only full sandboxes support performance testing, load testing, and staging. Don’t get caught without a full sandbox for your Salesforce-based AMS.

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