What We Can Accomplish Together Using WebEx

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To facilitate these meetings, we use WebEx video conferencing solutions. Here's what we were able to accomplish using WebEx at our June meeting. According to Cisco, WebEx web conferencing combines dynamic online meetings with integrated collaboration tools. Top-rated WebEx Mobile apps for devices such as iPhone and iPad. Delivered over the Cisco WebEx Cloud with enterprise — grade performance, reliability, and security.

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Social Media Privacy Again

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The WebEx recording of the presentation will ask you to first register to hear the presentation. Click on the icon to view and hear the presentation’s WebEx recording file. Tags: Education and Training social media privacy webex A few months ago I wrote about a presentation I gave on social media and privacy. I now have a link to the recorded presentation.


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Feature Review, February 12th, 1:00pm Mountain


Join us for a WebEx Feature Review of this set of workflow and taxonomy tools available in your CommunityOS. Join us on February 12th for a Feature Review session focused on client needs and taxonomy management. Specifically, this session will focus on tools and tips for managing and reporting presenting needs, met and unmet needs. In addition, we will provide an overview of new and existing Taxonomy Management Tools.

7 Reasons To Try A Virtual Nonprofit Focus Group


Zoom is one of the most popular options, but there’s also Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and Webex. Ease of organization, larger participant pools and technological advances have helped the virtual nonprofit focus group overtake its traditional format.

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EPA Webinar: The Biggest Green IT Opportunities for Nonprofits and Libraries

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If you'd like to become familiar with EPA's WebEx platform before the event, try out a WebEx test session , which will set up your computer for WebEx and let you try out the interface. WebEx recommends that registrants use Internet Explorer as their browser, if possible. I recently attended the Green IT Summit in Washington, D.C. and got a chance to see Mike Walker's great presentation about all the new things that the U.S.

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What You Need to Know About Video Interviews

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These products are ones like Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting. Through the pandemic, everyone is learning to get more and more used to being on video. That being said, it’s no mystery there’s a plethora of video services on the market right now.

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App Recommendations from the TechSoup Staff

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WebEx GoToMeeting is also an online conferencing app. We thought it might be fun to share with you some TechSoup staff recommendations for apps beyond the usual suspects : Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Pandora, iTunes, and Google Play. This is the first of two installments on app recommendations from our TechSoup staff.

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Connect with TechSoup at NCVS!

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WebEx and GoToMeeting , available through TechSoup, offer free iPad apps and easy availability on mobile devices. This post was written by Evonne Heyning , part of TechSoup's Community team. On June 7th TechSoup representatives Elliot Harmon, Susan Tenby, and Evonne Heyning will present in a unique Interactive Strategy event at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in New Orleans, LA ( NCVS ).

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Goin' to Meetin'

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Prior to trying out GoToMeeting , we had evaluated and used to other Web-based meeting tools, WebEx and Avecomm. For example, Webex provides a "WhiteBoard" for setting up the meeting agenda on. Webex has a special format for showing Powerpoint presentations. One of the things I'll be talking about from time to time is online collaboration, as MEMBERS ONLY SOFTWARE explores new tools to expedite work among our teams and with our clients.

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The Best Tablet for Business Use

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In the past few weeks, I’ve used my iPad to connect to WebEx conferences, FaceTime with coworkers, update my OneNote folders and Evernote Notebooks, and take a picture of my receipts to attach to an expense report. whiteboard app, Webex, Office) or connecting to important business applications (e.g. Twenty years ago, everyone brought pen and paper to meetings. Five years ago, it was the laptop. Now, look around the conference table and you’ll see smartphones and tablets.

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Case Study: NPower Michigan and Board Collaboration Tools


It’s not a web meeting tool (like WebEx or ReadyTalk), but if you get people to hit refresh on an agenda or minutes, they can see the changes. [Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from a case study that first appeared in the March 2011 issue of NTEN:Change. Read the entire case study in NTEN's new quarterly journal for nonprofit leaders by subscribing to the journal for free! ]

The search for good web conferencing, take 2

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

In doing a bit more research (which I guess I hadn’ t done this summer) it turns out that Webex seems to allow desktop sharing with Linux.

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Pajama Parties? Three Rules for Running Virtual Meetings

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A good way to combat this for folks like me is to record calls and WebEx sessions, but let’s be honest—listening or watching a presentation in my hotel room is pretty darn low on my list of things I want to do at 9:00 pm after working all day. In my last blog post “ I Get to Work in My Pajamas ,” I got a ton of great comments and feedback which was very informative and also very fun. Working virtually is a hot topic and one that is near and dear to many people’s hearts. I’m no dummy.

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What I like about you. Is you really know how to dance. Webinars shouldn't suck.

Network-Centric Advocacy

I use dim-dim, webex and Adobe connect). Ok, I am not sure why that song is in my head but i just finished a survey set up by Andy Goodman. . I realized as I wrote my responses how few of the webinars I attend suck because of technology. (I I also use skype for small groups and have been turning video on more often. . The good webinars are driven by the same "good things" as meetings. Just because the travel is cheaper DOES NOT mean the meetings will be better or worse.

How Cell Phones and Tablets Enable Telework

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Tools like WebEx, GoToMeeting , and ReadyTalk are all optimized for the small screen. Telework (also called telecommuting) is where an employee regularly does their work outside of the office, usually at home or when traveling. To be able to telework, people usually need five things: a computer or tablet, broadband Internet, access to work email, access to work documents, and a phone.

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Cloud Computing for Small Nonprofits: Lessons Learned from 5 Years in the Cloud


Long before we started using Google Apps and Salesforce, we kept all our data in WebEx's WebOffice, not realizing there was no functionality for exporting contact activity history. Judi Sohn, C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition. When C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition started in 2005, cloud computing wasn't the buzz word it is today. It was simply the only way we could operate and build the organization.

Cloud Computing for Small Nonprofits: Lessons Learned from 5 Years in the Cloud


Long before we started using Google Apps and Salesforce, we kept all our data in WebEx's WebOffice, not realizing there was no functionality for exporting contact activity history. Judi Sohn, C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition. When C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition started in 2005, cloud computing wasn't the buzz word it is today. It was simply the only way we could operate and build the organization.

Using Web Conferencing Software To Create A Screencast

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Tech Support told me that Webex uses a non-standard wmv format that does not import properly into Camtasia. Click To Play. To view a higher quality flash flie, click here. UPDATE: June 18th. Jon Udell answered my questions ! I'm working on a screencast (Google Analytics) and I'm not an expert in using the software. In fact, it has been very time consuming learning a complicated piece of sotfware, not too mention having it make me feel stupid because I'm not groking it instantly.

Testing Your Donation Form Part 4: Running a Usability Test

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You can also use tools like WebEx or Join.me This is the fourth part in my series about learning how to test the usability of your online donation form and website with real donors. Part one discussed why to usability test , part two outlined crafting your test , and part three gave best practices for recruiting participants. Today, we gear up for your big test day! It’s test day… what now?

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The search for good web conferencing

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

This year’s best of class award went to VIA3 from [link] , followed by GoToMeeting and WebEx. Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology The search for good web conferencing August 17, 2007 I decided, perhaps rashly, that one way of exposing people to, and training people on, open source software, was by doing web conferencing. I thought it would be a good endeavor to start with.

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Testing Your Donation Form Part 5: Showing off results

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The screenshot above is from TechSmith’s Morae but recordings from web conferencing tools like WebEx and GoToMeeting work just as well for quick testing. Today, we wrap up my series on learning how to test the usability of your website and donation form. To quickly recap, usability testing is an excellent tool if: You fear you’re losing donations because of your website’s design. You want to make a solid business case for design resources or even a redesign.

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