Want to get your audience hooked? Try something interactive.

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Interactivity on websites means more audience engagement, and audience engagement is at the core of every nonprofit communications strategy. Here are a few interactive-inspired approaches for your nonprofit's next web campaign. The post Want to get your audience hooked? Try something interactive. web interactive scrollytelling storytelling website

#AI4Good: Augmenting Human Interaction

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

When we think about applying AI to philanthropy and fundraising, we have to ask this question: What data-based analytical tasks are not yet automated or could be done on a larger scale and that would free up time for the nonprofit staff to focus on the human interaction with the donor?

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Captive Audience

NCE Social Media

What are some tips you have on getting your constituency to interact with you online? A new study by Experian found that Americans spend 2 hours and 12 minutes on Twitter each month. The average time per session was 13 minutes and 12 seconds.

Transmedia Storytelling at SXSW Interactive

Connection Cafe

This week at the 2012 SXSW Interactive Conference, I noticed another theme that is a facet of multichannel communications: Transmedia Storytelling. million viewers of the program (about what they expected), but time shifted views boosted the audience 20-40%. Author: Corey Pudhorodsky.

Online Experiences Need Interaction


Bottom line: Online experiences need interaction. Try these helpful tips to engage your audience and create an experience: Integrate Social Media Streams- Twitter is THE social network for engaging with others and sharing information. Surveys and Polls- Get to know your audience.

How to Expand Your Audience Reach with Interactive Webcasts and Hybrid Events


The secret to being heard loud and clear over all of the noise is to maximize your organization’s media footprint, and engage your virtual audience. If you are hosting a conference, then make sure to stream it live to your audience members who are unable to attend.

Trainer’s Notebook: Online Interaction Tools To Engage Your Audience in the Room and Beyond

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This past month I’ve done several workshops where I experimented with different audience online interaction tools to engage people in the room as well as a remote audience tuning in through a live video stream. I did not have a remote audience.

Reflections on a Decade of Designing and Facilitating Interactive Webinars

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

His research shows that professional development learning experiences need to be as interactive as possible to boost retention and application. I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect again on a decade of experience of designing and delivering interactive webinars.

Your Audience’s Content Is King (and Your Content Is Subservient to It)

Connection Cafe

When it comes to advocacy and political campaigns, we must understand how our audience is talking about our issues and candidates before we know what to share on our social media platforms. Without knowing what issues matter most to the audience, a campaign may end up focusing on less important issues. Another explanation may be that the way the campaign is talking about the issue—the frame it is using—is different from the frame its audience is using to discuss the issue.

Kid-Tested, Hipster-Approved: How Austin’s Thinkery Curated a Whole New Audience.

Connection Cafe

The event is definitely a hit, and Thinkery has enjoyed increased revenue, an expanded audience, and an increase in their supporter base. I asked the team for tips on how they implemented Thinkery21 – check it out: Pick topics that excite your audience. Oh, Austin, TX.

Austin 223

How A Nonprofit’s Content Marketing Engages Audiences


The number one goal of every blog and content marketing campaign is to engage with their audiences and drive interactions. The bottom line is, engaging with audiences is difficult. You have to know your audience, and what they expect, to capture their attention.

Designing Interactives for Adults: Put Down the Dayglow

Museum 2.0

When talking about active audience engagement with friends in the museum field, I often hear one frustrated question: how can we get adults to participate? It's possible--likely even--that today's adults are more motivated by interactive experiences than generations past.

Essential Marketing Tip: Don’t Forget About Human Interaction

NonProfit Hub

Social media is great for reaching wider audiences and communicating events, but when it comes to the meat and potatoes of your organization—what truly defines it—it’s all about the people. In the age of conference calls and digital communication, the value of face-to-face interactions is often overlooked. Sometimes it’s as simple as standing outside of community hotspots like grocery stores and libraries to interact with people and hand out materials about your organization.

Know Your Audience: How to Use Google Analytics With Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

Successful website owners and administrators all have one thing in common: they know their audience. So how does one begin to seek out an understanding of their target audience? But be sure to use the tracking data for what it is intended: to give you ideas for tweaking your site to make it the most user friendly for your target audience. They know what products and services they want. They know what sorts of content they want to read and explore.

Guest Post by Martin Djupdraet: Let the Decision Makers Do the Audience Research

Museum 2.0

At Den Gamle By we have set ourselves a goal to broaden the perspective of those in responsibility and to ensure the management will take our audience seriously. What we have done is quite simple, but it works: we require decision makers to do audience research themselves.

Yes, Audience Participation Can Have Significant Value

Museum 2.0

I'd say that these techniques support audience development, repeat visitation, membership, maybe could even attract new kinds of donors. We try to design every new program with a partner organization with an audience for whom that kind of content or format is already appealing.

Your Nonprofit’s Newsletter: You Are Not the Target Audience


Your Nonprofit’s Newsletter: You Are Not the Target Audience. Me: Your board members are not the target audience for your newsletter, so their opinions about it aren’t that important. 1. Understand Who the Target Audience Really Is.

Active Training: To Get Nonprofit Audiences Engaged, Keep Them Moving

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Keeping nonprofit audiences engaged during training can improve your outcomes. Energizers are activities designed to awaken a sleeping audience or activate a jaded one.

Train 117

Your Social Media Audience—Who’s Using What and How Much

NonProfit Hub

Pinterest’s audience is female-heavy; as 42 percent of women online use the site, compared to just 13 percent for men. Knowing Your Audience. You have more success with your efforts if you are reaching the right audience. It seems like everyone is using social media.

Tips and Techniques for Making Good Webinars: Engaging Your Audience


Unlike in a live training, where you have a (mostly) captive audience, it’s easier for participants in a webinar to wander off. The key then, is to make webinars that the audience wants to pay attention to. Get them interacting. Asking people to share their personal experiences, asking questions, taking polls, or showing a little bit of humor can help “break the ice” so your audience will jump in and stay involved.

How Useful is the "Audience vs. Expert" Dichotomy?

Museum 2.0

I've been thinking about this as I prep some interactive prototypes for the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum, a Seattle-based museum of pop culture. For the interactive prototype, we're letting visitors construct their own "Top 10" and compare it to the Billboard charts.

Uncomplicate Your Communications Strategy

Connection Cafe

Yet, if we’re able to separate our audiences and build mini-strategies tailored to each group of stakeholders individually, suddenly it all comes together. How should we interact with them?

Adventures in Participatory Audience Engagement at the Henry Art Gallery

Museum 2.0

These nontraditional audience engagement techniques helped make complex goals and visions explicit and understandable to visitors. When activities were not facilitated, people were often too timid to interact.

What Does it Really Mean to Serve "Underserved" Audiences?

Museum 2.0

Let's say you work at an organization that mostly caters to a middle and upper-class, white audience. Let's say you have a sincere interest in reaching and working with more ethnically, racially, and economically diverse audiences.

How Can You Attract New Audiences Without Alienating Your Base?

Museum 2.0

We want to cultivate a more diverse audience, especially younger people, and we want to do it authentically." But our traditional audience doesn't come for that, and we have to find a way to do this without making them uncomfortable." "Hm."

Data Visualization: Making Beautiful Interactive Maps Online


Online maps provide context, engage viewers with interactive features, and reveal stories by visualizing your data. Join data analyst Dave Johnson of Mapbox who will walk you through common use cases for web maps, provide an overview the best types of data to map, and the most effective ways to reach your audience. One of the most effective ways of telling your organization's story is through images – and maps are one of the most powerful visuals you can employ.

Map 43

The Future of Fundraising: Live Interactive Chat Recap

Tech Soup Blog

The newest addition to TechSoup's vast array of nonprofit resources is a live monthly interactive video chat series, Nonprofits Live. Nonprofits Live provided a more robust and interactive alternative to the traditional webinar.

More on the interaction object - and the platform as authority.


the power to define the types of interaction available to users These powers comprise a set of controls which constitutes a real and valuable authority." So what if we look at this in terms of, for example, the online community we want to set up for ASAE's technology audience?

Interacting and Gaming at Library 2.011

Tech Soup Blog

When Training Online, Interact Frequently. My favorite takeaway from this presentation is this: Interact with your. audience every 2-3 minutes. Faires said "interact with your audience every 2-3 minutes," what I. heard was "interact with your audience constantly." Last week, I had the pleasure of listening to several webinars that were part of the Library 2.011 worldwide virtual conference.

Looking back at SXSW Interactive 2010

Beaconfire Wire

SXSW Interactive is over, and we’re all back home – a little more sleep deprived, and a lot more inspired than we were a week ago. The highlight of our week in Austin was the Beacon Lounge.

Webinar Recap: Training an Invisible Audience

Tech Soup Blog

If you were one of the many people who attended our webinar Training an Invisible Audience: Delivering Effective Webinars , I'd like to thank you for being such an eager and inquisitive audience. Interactivity in Webinars. As most online trainers will tell you, interaction during a webinar is key. Some trainers even advocate interacting with an audience every 2 to 3 minutes.

Train 44

Museum 2.0 Rerun: What Does it Really Mean to Serve "Underserved" Audiences?

Museum 2.0

This post is even more relevant today to the broader conversation about audience diversity in the arts than when it was published three years ago. Let''s say you work at an organization that mostly caters to a middle and upper-class, white audience. Let''s say you have a sincere interest in reaching and working with more ethnically, racially, and economically diverse audiences. This August/September, I am "rerunning" popular Museum 2.0 blog posts from the past.

Performance Anxiety: Visitors and their Audience

Museum 2.0

This story highlights the existence of the audience for visitor input exhibits. What is the relationship between visitors and their audiences? But the audience can't be ignored. Were the kids aware of their audience? But are visitors as audience-minded as we are?

Where to Start with Interactive E-Reports


She asked for some help in identifying interactive e-book resources that she could then use to create an annual report, referencing the 2009 annual report from VolunteerMatch as an example of what she was looking for. The discussion took a turn, not only answering Melissa's question, but really dissecting when to use an interactive e-book format and when regular old PDF or paper copy works just as well if not better.

Why Your Audience Should Be #1 in Any Social Media Strategy

NonProfit Hub

Whatever you’re posting, from quirky videos at the office to educational infographics, your social media should have a defined goal—and that starts with identifying an audience. Step 1: Knowing Your Audience. However, with multiple audiences, it’s important to stay consistent.

See3 Welcomes Shirley Sexton as Director, Interactive Marketing and Fundraising

See What's Out There

See3 Communications Names Shirley Sexton Director, Interactive Marketing and Fundraising. Chicago – April 3, 2009 – Continuing its growth as a national provider of interactive services to the nonprofit and cause community, See3 Communications proudly announces the addition of Shirley Sexton to its team as Director, Interactive Marketing and Fundraising.

Upcoming Webinar on December 8: Training an Invisible Audience

Tech Soup Blog

Our webinar, Training an Invisible Audience: Delivering Effective Webinars , will be held on Thursday, December 8 at 11a.m. How do you encourage audience participation and interaction? Training an Invisible Audience: Delivering Effective Webinars is suited for public libraries and nonprofits interested in providing webinars for their communities. Have you attended one of TechSoup's webinars and thought, "I want to do that!"

Train 55

Social Media Secrets: Top Tips for Nonprofits

Connection Cafe

By leveraging multiple social platforms, her efforts have led to a major increase in reach, engagement and interaction with everydayhero supporters. Prioritize the social networks that make sense for your audience, rather than going halfway on all of them. Listen to your audience.

8 Annual Reports We Love

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

WNET in Review ” uses viewer interaction to create a compelling story. With consistent messaging throughout and a dedication to storytelling, they are experts at reaching their audience. Annual Reports are a staple of nonprofit life, but are they worth it?

GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

It’s no secret that storytelling in the digital age is essential for nonprofits , but the efficacy of stories depends largely on how clearly and strategically they’re communicated to each unique segment of your audience, also sometimes known as a persona.

1stfans: An Audience-Specific Membership Program at the Brooklyn Museum

Museum 2.0

The main audiences for memberships are value members, who think of it as a good deal, lifelong learners, who want to come to as many programs and exhibits as possible, and donors, who support the museum. It's interesting that the focus for 1stfans is on these very specific audience segments.

10 Tips To Drive Your Nonprofit’s Website from Good to Great

Connection Cafe

In order to design a nonprofit website that drives donations and empowers supporters to be champions for your cause, you must: Understand your audience. Design Must be Audience Centric. Your audience is at the center of everything you do online. Focus on Moving the Audience.

My Life Below the Fold


Sometimes I get so excited about new technology trends on the web, whether through new ways of interacting with a site or a new visual style, that when a question is asked that seems to belong in another age of design I get totally thrown off guard for a moment.

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