Beyond the Pie Chart: When to Use a Bar Chart or Line Chart

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That's why we've partnered with TechSoup to offer basic data visualization tips in Beyond the Pie Chart. Part 1 covered some basic terminology and why you shouldn't use a pie chart. Below we share tips from our white papers, Visual Analysis Best Practices and Which Chart or Graph Is Right for You , to explain when to use a line chart or bar chart. Use Line Charts and Area Charts to Track Trends over Time.

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Beyond the Pie Chart: Maps

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Charts and graphs are useful, but when you have any kind of location data — whether it's postal codes, state abbreviations, country names, or your own custom geocoding — you've got to see your data on a map. Part 4 in our Beyond the Pie Chart series covers mapping. Learn what a map can do for you with these tips from Tableau's Visual Analysis Best Practices and Which Chart or Graph Is Right for You?

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Project Management: Benefits + What Nonprofits Need to Know

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Like a lot in our world, nonprofit management software saves time, increases flexibility, and provides analysis of your accomplishments. gantt chart kanban nonprofit courses nonprofit management software project management techsoup

How to Create Better Charts to Show Fundraising Results

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In this post, you’ll learn from my mistakes and create better charts for your audience – to show fundraising results, organization’s impact or benchmarking. Have you seen a chart and asked yourself, “What is this? Are we guilty of creating such charts ourselves? Here’s a chart from my thesis I created about 15 years ago. Here are a few things you should think about while creating charts: Shape. Different shapes or chart types have their uses.

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Beyond the Pie Chart: What Scatter Plots Can Do for You

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Part 3 in our Beyond the Pie Chart series digs into the wonderful world of scatter plots. These tips from Tableau's Visual Analysis Best Practices and Which Chart or Graph is Right for You? As we can see from the chart (specifically when we add a trend line), there is a clear negative correlation between sales price and quantity. Looking to dig deeper into some data, but not quite sure if different pieces of information relate to each other?

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Cheap and Cheerful Audience Analysis for Nonprofits

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Even more importantly, what motivates them. So, was delighted when Darren Barefoot asked if he share a guest post about how to do audience analysis. Cheap and Cheerful Audience Analysis for NGOS by Darren Barefoot. But not all kinds of audience analysis are evil. Create a heat-map to show them where they live, or a series of charts to breakdown their values. Flickr Photo by Matthew Field.

Nonprofits and Libraries: It's Time to Move Beyond the Pie Chart

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That's why TechSoup has partnered with Tableau on a new blog series called "Beyond the Pie Chart." Tried to create a report and couldn't find a chart or graph that would clearly illustrate your point? Now think about making a chart comparing donation amounts for the past three years. Congratulations, that chart is a basic data visualization! Some charts or graphs are better at answering particular types of questions. But what about bar charts?

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It’s that time of year: your 8-step fundraising data checklist

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Use charts and diagrams to help them visualize your organization’s impact. Data Cleaning Data Management data cleaning data enrichment data management donor data fundraising fundraising data analysis fundraising mistakes holiday appeal September has arrived. Kids are headed back to school. Fall will be here before you know it … and so will your big year-end fundraising appeal. Are you ready? Have you completed your fundraising data checklist?

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Guest Post by Steve Waddell: Social Network Analysis for Non-Profits, Part II

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He agreed to write a four-part primer on a visual diagnostics, mapping, and social networking analysis primer and how nonprofits might use these tools for social change. But the connections might be so be numerous, or the formal org charts might be so misleading, that you can’t “see” what is happening easily. Web crawls are particularly useful when used with other network analysis methodologies because they help identify organizations in a field for further investigation.

Women Who Tech: Tools and Apps to Energize your Base

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Then, for each group, create a chart with 4 columns and identify: Their goal: why do they engage with you. You now have a deep understanding and chart of the kinds of engagement for all your community groups, but you always have very high level information you can easily share with your director or other key staff that identifies a group with the core goal for engagement and platform/s where it takes place.

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Remember Paint by Number? SAP Visual Intelligence: A Visual Treat for Reporting Data

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Oftentimes with other applications, data needs to be prepped before it can be converted into visual form (such as a graph or chart), whether that means adding a column, combining data sets, inserting a new formula, or the like. Before Visual Intelligence , users might have had to wait for IT to segregate or pull data from a database, or write scripts or code, before the analysis can even start.

Marc A. Smith on Social Mapping for Network Growth

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Smith and his talk "Charting Collections of Connections in Social Media: Creating Maps and Measures with NodeXL." Marc's talk was fantastically insightful and full of ways that community managers can use social network analysis to gain greater insights into and grow their communities. What is social network analysis? OCTribe meetup sna community management nodexl online community meetup social network analysis cmgr

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Nonprofit Marketing Research Made Simple, No Matter Your Budget

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Marketing research done on a regular basis will allow you to make better decisions, chart changes over time, plan initiatives, and assess your success. Your organization may not have the expertise to conduct a statistical analysis of survey data, but you can prepare narrative accounts of focus groups or interviews, or tally responses from a survey. Nonprofit Marketing Analytics data data analysis market research nonprofit marketing

“Seeding by ceding”: What we know about the latest group of organizations funded by MacKenzie Scott


Our analysis of Scott’s 2020 grants is available here.) . An analysis of organizations and projects funded against Candid’s Philanthropy Classification System validates her statement. . i] Comprehensive data about grantees was not available for every analysis.

How Would You Rate Your Prospect Management System?| Part 4

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At the 4 th level of 100% adoption for your prospect management system, your organization is now able to provide a deep analysis with reportings based on a sound system and full buy-in from all staff. It is paramount when you are entering and regurgitating data from your prospect management system that you look for ways to continuously improve the process by building reports that provide deep and meaningful analysis, to give your organization insight into developing patterns. .

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Read all about it: The 2021 M+R Benchmarks Study is here


Go explore the findings, charts, and analysis at . Read time: 2 minutes. We are excited to report that the 2021 M+R Benchmarks Study is ready for you.

How People Use Social Media

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The nice folks at Wolfram Blog have created a set of charts identifying how people talk on Facebook as they age. That’s not too surprising but some of the other charts might be of interest to you and your organization. Wolfram Alpha allows people to donate access to their Facebook feed so that they can study how we use technology. More than one million people have done so to date. The newsflash is that the younger you are the more you talk about Facebook on Facebook.

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The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


As development research, prospect management and development analytics professionals, we provide the information and analysis that ensure our organizations focus on our most essential prospective donors. This milestone provides an opportunity for the international education community to both celebrate the progress we’ve made in expanding access and support for diverse and underrepresented students and chart a path forward toward inclusive excellence in global education.

Recruiting Geeks for Human Rights!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Scientist / Data Analysis Engineer / General Techie Want to help save the world with your code? We're Benetech's Human Rights Data Analysis Group, and we're hiring right now ! What we do: Benetech's Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG) develops database software, data collection strategies, and statistical techniques to measure human rights atrocities. What you will do: Write computer programs for human rights data analysis projects.

Debunking 3 Myths About Digital Transformation

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When technology does more of the heavy lifting – more data analysis, more personalized communication with constituents, more automation – employees have more time to tackle the bigger challenges that require human brainpower.

Funding And Grant Resources For Nonprofits Focused On Mental Health


Their investments have helped to chart a new course for the NH children’s behavioral health system. They invest in programs, policy analysis, research and education through grants, scholarships, and fellowships to transform how communities promote mental health in everyday life.

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Top 2021 Fundraising Strategies: Mastering an Analytical Approach to Strategy and Planning


What kind of Gift Chart represents your current distribution of donors, and how many donors do you need at each level to meet your goals? . This is part five in a six-part series. Read part one , part two , part three , and part four. .

Making the most of mid-level


Finding your audience part 1: file analysis. The chart below is an excerpt of an analysis that we conducted for one M+R client, looking at a range of digital platforms, and the “match rate” of our donors to those platforms. Read time: 9 minutes.

Digital Platforms for Greater Impact: Examples for Foundations

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The data is useful for business intelligence analysis, portfolio analysis, and other public good applications. What I find exciting about the Rankings platform is how it combines data and analysis from numerous sources to provide not static reports and charts, but useful tools.

New and Improved Data Visualization Tool: Maps for Media Funding

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Charts: Compare funding for different activities and display it on a trends chart, bar chart or wind rose (circular bar chart). This like doing a landscape analysis with a simple click! On the grantmaker side, it allows you to do a systems analysis to see how your funding investment fits into the sector. It can also helps you do a rapid stakeholder analysis. Click to See Visualization.

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Highest Online Donations for Nonprofits in 2016

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These results are based on the largest analysis of charitable giving data and come from the 2016 Charitable Giving Report. Visit the Blackbaud Index to stay up to date on the latest fundraising trends and experience the recently enhanced interactive index charts. In 2016, overall charitable giving increased 1 percent and online giving was up 7.9 percent on a year-over-year basis.

How to Tell Your Donors Where Their Money Is Going

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If you want to go the extra mile, you can create charts and graphs that show how you allocate funds. See, you don’t need to give donors a down-to-the-cent analysis of your expense report. If you combine personal testimonials with graphics and charts, you’ll create an emotional bond with your audience while also appealing to their logical side. There’s no better way to gain the trust of your donors than by being transparent with them about where their contributions go.

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What Fuels Financial Sustainably? A Continuous Cycle of These 4 Elements

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The flow creates continuous improvement and continuous analysis. Insights result from analysis and discussion. Stewardship (Yes, Again) It’s time to close this loop of continuous improvement and analysis.

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Best to Test: Tools for Gauging your WordPress Site’s Speed and Performance

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Loaded with analysis tools, it also contains a video feature that lets you see exactly what problems exist that are making your site sluggish and quick tips for correcting any issues. It also analyzes each and every page on a site and archives the performance history so users can chart their site speed over time and see if changes and tweaks make a difference.

Using Metrics to Boost Your Fundraising

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You need a detailed analysis to make an actionable plan to improve your fundraising efforts. Luckily, you can achieve a thorough analysis with these 10 key data points from either your CRM or accounting software. Are you looking at a map or the rearview mirror?

Blackbaud Index for March 2013


For nearly three years now, Blackbaud has continued to expand the number of organizations and giving represented in the analysis. Please visit The Blackbaud Index for more information and interactive charts. The Blackbaud Index provideds the most up-to-date information on charitable giving today. Tracking approximately $10 billion in US-based charitable giving, the Index is updated on the first of each month and is based on year-over-year percent changes.

Nonprofit-Centric Data Sharing Sites


These are just a handful of nonprofit-focused data sharing sites to get you started: National Center for Charitable Statistics: NCCS provides data, as well as analysis tools and reports, on Nonprofits around the US. You can filter the raw data, RSS feeds of the data, charts, maps, or even widgets made of the data. [Editor's note: The following is from the December 2012 issue of NTEN:Change , NTEN's quarterly journal for nonprofit leaders.

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Introducing the 2021 Classy Awards Leadership Council


Designs and launches new initiatives, drives organizational strategy, and helps chart the future of Feeding America. The collective knowledge of our Leadership Council makes the Classy Awards a distinction unlike any other.

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Putting Your Twitter Followers on the Map, Literally

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I made a mistake, I didn’t give my data the sniff test before sharing it. That’s some great advice from KD Paine for the last chapter of our forthcoming book , ”Measuring the Networked Nonprofit,” which is on data analysis and turning data in action. So, look at every chart, every graph, every number and ask does it make sense. TweepsMap is an interesting Twitter app that will put your followers on a map of the world, literally.

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5 Book Recommendations for Nonprofit Networking and Data Nerds

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It will help you understand when to use a pie chart versus a bar chart – but it goes beyond that. It will help you understand how graphic elements – type, color, arrangement, and graphics can help you communicate the results of your data analysis so others will understand it. There’s lots to enjoy during the holiday season – from gathering with friends and family to the festivities and fun.

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25 SMART Social Media Objectives

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Spitfire’s useful SMART chart planning tool has been used by many nonprofits and was adapted for social media for nonprofits by NTEN’s WeAreMedia project several years ago. Some struggle to find an attainable number. Benchmarking comparing your organization’s past performance to itself or doing a formal or informal analysis of peer organizations can help.

Help! My Nonprofit Needs A Data Nerd

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There may be someone in another department who is a data nerd with expert excel or data analysis skills. Ask around. Get Free Help with Your Google Analytics: The Analysis Exchange has a goal to “dramatically increase the number of people on Earth doing web analytics the right way.” ” Or if you are a self-learner and just need to learn a few techniques for creating charts in excel, here’s some terrific video tutorials.

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Harnessing Big Data to Sustain Peer-to-Peer Revenue Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

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We’ve all seen the charts, where our actions directly affect outcomes. Recently, Blackbaud data scientists performed a cluster analysis of 1.4 We are in the midst of the most unpredictable spring peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising season in history.

Knowing When to Choose a Nonprofit-Specific Accounting Solution

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Track Data Through a Flexible Chart of Accounts. To effectively track data for internal and external use, your software needs to have a flexible chart of accounts. This provides flexibility to drill down to the project level in reports for better performance analysis. Nimble budget analysis. Nonprofit organizations are accountable to a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

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Top 10 Spreadsheet Secrets From A Nonprofit Data Nerd

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Data analysis is a process, not a one-time thing. Data nerds know how to clean and recode data, look for patterns, calculate key statistics, and then show off the most important information in graphs and charts. You can follow this syllabus to boost your skills at all stages of the data analysis process. Here’s an example where I created data bars —miniature within-cell bar charts—to quickly compare each youth’s pretest score and posttest score.

A few Second Life Tidbits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

There is also some analysis of Second Life's Ride on the Gartner Hype Cycle (See enlargement of chart here and additional comments here ) from the PR perspective Alexandra Samuel from Social Signals starts off 2007 with several announcements related to Second Life - the addition of a virtual worlds manager and an Open house in Second Life later on today. There is also a post titled " Seven Reasons Why You Should Consider Second Life.

Upcoming Webinar March 29: Mapping Philanthropy - Data Visualization for Good

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During this hour, the Foundation Center's George Ford and Jake Garcia will take a look at how grant seekers can use the interactive maps and charts in Foundation Directory Online , the Foundation Center’s grant seeking database for nonprofits, to identify prospective funders. At the Foundation Center, he builds mapping applications, data visualizations, semantic analysis scripts, and application programming interfaces (APIs).

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Help! My Nonprofit Needs A Data Nerd and How To Find Them!

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” Well, here is are some ways to find some data nerds to help you with your measurement and analysis: 1. Get Free Help with Your Google Analytics: The Analysis Exchange has a goal to “dramatically increase the number of people on Earth doing web analytics the right way.” Or if you are good self-learner and just need to learn a few techniques for creating charts in excel, here’s some terrific video tutorials.