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How to Start a Nonprofit in Nevada


Starting a nonprofit organization in Nevada can feel overwhelming at times. Like most states, Nevada requires organizations to file various forms with different offices and meet specific requirements before they’re allowed to operate. All nonprofits operating in the U.S.

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VisionLink Welcomes Our Newest Customer, Nevada 2-1-1!


Nevada 2-1-1 is a program of the Financial Guidance Center (FGC) and is committed to helping Nevada citizens connect with the services they need. Administration of the Nevada 2-1-1 program blends perfectly with the FCG mission. FGC is committed to administering the Nevada 2-1-1 program on a statewide basis.

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Intermountain Healthcare and SCL Health Complete Merger

NonProfit PRO

Intermountain Healthcare and SCL Health, two leading nonprofit healthcare organizations, have completed a merger, creating a model health system that provides high-quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare to more patients and communities in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Kansas.

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Preparing Your Association for AI

Association Analytics

The answers might shift a little bit with this input: San Diego, California Orlando, Florida Las Vegas, Nevada You can dig into your data to find out more specifics.

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The Benefits of Nonprofit-Corporate Partnerships

The Modern Nonprofit

Take the Southern Nevada Association of Women Attorneys and their partners over at Nevada State Bank (whose tagline reads: “It matters WHO you bank with.”). By promoting sponsors on their website, SNAWA helps businesses like Nevada State Bank keep their promise to support the community.

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Faces of Change | United Way of Southern Nevada

AFP Blog

Faces of Change | United Way of Southern Nevada : What do local celebrities Holly Madison, Clair Sinclair, Taylor Hicks, Frankie Moreno, Murray Sawchuck, Josh Strickland, Carla Pellegrino, Mac King, and Tara Palsha have in common?

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[ASK AN EXPERT] What’s The Best Way To Share Tax Information With Donors?


Community Foundation of Western Nevada. Here are a few examples of how other nonprofits shared this information with their potential donors: Jewish Federation of Cleveland. Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City. Catholic Charities of Des Moines. Catholic Charities Galveston-Houston. Kansas City Symphony.