Ready to Respond: Real-Time Lessons in Preparedness from the Headlines and the ACLU

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No matter where we fall in the political spectrum, it’s important for us as fundraisers to keep an eye on the issues and the news so that we’re ready to act when the issues we are passionate about become national news.

Five Ways to Ensure Your Event Makes Headline News

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Let’s look at ways to make your event stand out from the crowd and grab some headlines. They gave Dozer a ceremonial finisher medal and set up a fundraising webpage for Dozer. Dozer’s fundraising page raised over $25,000 for cancer research that first year.

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Upworthy Type Headlines: To Like or Dislike?


Upworthy, a site that focuses on curating social cause related videos and content has been receiving a lot of media attention for changing how bloggers write headlines. Please do not run out and start using Upworthy like subject lines on your online advocacy and fundraising appeals.

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: An Aretha Tribute, Upworthy Headlines, and Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Here are this week’s nonprofit highlights: Want to know The real secret to great fundraising writing ? Jeff Brooks shares more on the topic, and how you can write like Neetzan Zimmerman, in his Future Fundraising Now post. Upworthy Type Headlines: To Like or Dislike?

Widget for Publishing RSS Headlines

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Reed Stockman from AFP Blog (Associate of Fundraising Professionals) told me that he is using a widget called RSSMIX to combine feeds and republish them on their Master Blog. This isn't the only widget that uses RSS stream headlines or content from feeds.

5 Ways To Optimize Your Donation Pages for End-of-Year Fundraising

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

The unfortunate reality is that the average fundraising page completion rate is only 17%, according to the M+R 2017 Benchmarks Study. Feature a Clear Headline The first two questions of any visitor to a web page are: Where am I? End of Year fundraising

5 Fundraising Resolutions for 2016

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The same trends that are changing the world around us at a rapidly accelerating rate are impacting the fundraising profession in new and exciting ways. In 2016, fundraisers will need to focus on tying the impact of gifts to the cause itself in order to retain and gain supporters.

Storytelling Workouts for Year-End Fundraising

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

As End of Year Fundraising quickly approaches we've started to think of what you can do now to ensure a successful fundraising season. No matter what’s on your fundraising to do list this fall, there’s one must have that you can’t afford to leave off that to-do list – stories.

Online Fundraising Ideas (7 Strategies & 63% More Donations)

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I’m going to share 7 insanely easy online fundraising ideas that are making a huge impact for nonprofits. Then I’ll break down how you can apply 6 additional nonprofit fundraising strategies to grow your revenues TODAY. 7 Online Fundraising Ideas (That Actually Work): 1.

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Recipes For A Successful Fundraising Moment

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The endless news cycle with one outrageous headline after another and organizations continuing having to engage in rapid response work in this political climate. Create your fundraising moment. . I have a mantra that I repeat over and over: “Advocacy + Fundraising = A perfect match.”

How to Plan the Fall Fundraiser Everyone Will Be Talking About

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Bright yellow buses swarm the streets, retailers tout their trendiest transition pieces, football reclaims the right to the remote, and this year’s fall fundraisers demand your focus. Make headlines and use social media to generate buzz.

How to Write Your Best Fundraising Emails

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Whether it’s in person or by email, how you ask for donations can often make or break your fundraising campaign. This is especially true for big campaigns when you pull out all the stops with an amazing event, a beautiful direct mail campaign, and your best fundraising emails.

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WATCH: It's Not the Ice Bucket Challenge, but This 'Nickelback' Charity Fundraiser Is Going Viral

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WATCH: It''s Not the Ice Bucket Challenge, but This ''Nickelback'' Charity Fundraiser Is Going Viral : "When Relevant''s Jesse Carey wants to give back, he doesn''t do it halfway. His charity project—listening to Nickelback, for a week straight—is making international headlines. The project, "the ultimate test of human endurance," is two-fold, Carey says in the podcast. " ''via Blog this

Is it the Best of Times for Nonprofit Fundraising?

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The 2017 Luminate Online Benchmark Report , just released by Blackbaud, shows donation and email trends based on online fundraising and email campaigns by 707 Luminate Online customers. While overall fundraising increased by 10.2%, sustainer revenue grew by 20.4%.

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How To Get Started With Mobile Giving To Reach Fundraising Goals

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This principle applies similarly to the event management and fundraising spaces. In this article, we’re going to share: Why nonprofits are investing in mobile giving to reach their fundraising goals. Real use cases for how nonprofits are leveraging mobile fundraising platforms.

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Donor Acquisition: 3 Donation Form Tweaks that will Quickly Improve Online Fundraising

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There’s no magic answer to the ideal calibration of layout, copy, images, fields, offer and headline that drive the highest possible levels of donor acquisition. Want to see how your fundraising measures up? Guest post by Amy Bills , Blackbaud’s director of customer marketing.

Our EveryAction Hero: Middle East Children's Alliance

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

So given that we’re in the midst of end of year fundraising season what are some of your strategies or campaigns for year end? When our issue is in the headlines we generally see a big increase in supporters but aside from that we just have to work hard to say in touch with those people who are first-time donors or sign up to our list! As the Development Director how do you use EveryAction on a day to day basis in your fundraising efforts.

5 Tips for Getting Media Pickup for Your Fundraising Campaign

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Getting the media to cover your organization's fundraising campaign can help you reach new donors, garner larger donations, and become a well-known, trusted entity in your community. So really, it was a Trojan horse campaign: a fundraiser for tech hidden within a Hulk statue!

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Master These Email Marketing Strategies For Fundraising Success

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In this link roundup, we’re looking at email marketing strategies for year-end fundraising success! When you’re planning your fundraising strategies , consider how your emails channels may be affecting offline campaigns. Online Fundraising

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Non-Profits Called to Explain Costs of Fundraising

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Just think how this week’s headlines play to the public you’re going be asking for renewed support.( Tags: accountability Best practices case studies donations Fundraising General News General non-profit interest news nonprofit Non-profit Communications nptech public relations Can you imagine asking for $100, and telling your donor up front that $80 will go to the telemarketing company that interrupted his dinner, and only $20 to your non-profit?

5 Facts About Online Average Gift Size

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It made for interesting tweets and blog post headlines about online giving trends, but it wasn’t very useful. Median Online Gift Size was $178 in 2016: Online gifts tend to be larger than traditional offline fundraising gifts, especially direct mail giving.

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Master These Email Marketing Strategies For Fundraising Success: Nonprofit Link Roundup

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In this weekly nonprofit marketing link roundup , we’re looking at email marketing strategies for year end fundraising success! When you’re planning your fundraising strategies , consider how your emails channels may be affecting offline campaigns. Online Fundraising.

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Using Social Media to Fundraise: Free Call on Thursday!

Tech Soup Blog

While social media continues to make headlines as a critical agent of change in recent and ongoing revolutions and protests in North Africa and the Middle East, the PdF Network Call series is taking a fresh look at a perennial opportunity for nonprofits: how to use social media to fundraise.

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Raise More By Avoiding “One Size Fits All” Email Appeals


2) A medical foundation exceeded their fundraising goals and averaged over $1,000 per gift when they personalized their email appeal by: Thanking people for last year’s gift (in the headline and first paragraph). Ever buy something that’s “one size fits all?”

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The Crowd is Funding, the Crowd is Funding!

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And now we have people pouring water on each other all in the name of fundraising. As a proud professional who works in the nonprofit industry, I am thrilled fundraising is making headlines. So why is this new wave of fundraising fraught with fear?

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How to Up Your Digital Marketing and Fundraising Game in 2017

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Whether you call it an annual fundraising plan or a communications road map, now is your chance to push the envelope on your ongoing digital efforts to engage constituents, grow your list, and raise money. Write less lengthy copy and better headlines.

5 Ways to Thrive in the Trust Crisis

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In 2017, the headline from their Trust Barometer was “Trust has Imploded!” In this low-trust environment, how can we be successful at fundraising? Ramp up your p eer-to-peer fundraising.

Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Surprising Twitter Stats, Content Creation, and Media Love for Your Next Event.

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Some People Make Excuses; Others Raise Money – Fundraising Coach, Marc A. Pitman challenges nonprofits to reframe the slow months and use them to catapult their fall fundraising. This was one of those weeks that will go down in history.

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3 SEO Strategies To Increase Your Nonprofit’s Online Reach


Your keywords should be evenly distributed between your content and your headlines to make the biggest impact online. Industry News Tech CRM fundraising SEO supporters website Image courtesy of Vudu Marketing.

Understanding the Rage-Donation: How to Engage Beyond the Episodic Gift

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Episodic donors give to nonprofits in response to disasters and tragic events, viral campaigns, and in reaction to the latest headlines. The upside is that episodic donors can help boost fundraising performance , but the downside is that they tend to have poor donor retention rates.

How to Plan Your University’s Best Giving Day Yet

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Even if your success doesn’t make national news headlines, you can execute a great giving day that propels your annual giving program forward. Sending direct marketing pieces or starting your phone calls too early will draw attention away from your other fundraising activities.

The Bitchun Society has arrived! | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Pipes (1) Nonprofit 2.0 , Online Fundraising , Strategy , nptech The Bitchun Society has arrived! 10.02.06 | 97 3 Comments [link] The+Bitchun+Society+has+arrived%21 2006-10-03+04%3A58%3A12 Allan+Benamer Those of you who have read Cory Doctorow’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom will know what the headline is talking about but for the uninitiated here’s a quick recap: The world has finally arrived in a postscarcity economy where everyone’s basic needs are met.

Meet the EveryAction Team 2018


At EveryAction we’re on a mission to provide nonprofits with best-in-class fundraising, engagement, and advocacy tools, but we like to think that we’re a pretty fun place to work, too. In the current news cycle, it seems like bad news makes it to all the headlines. I work with nonprofits to evaluate our fundraising and marketing platform and help them dream about a world filled with higher conversion rates and increased fundraising.

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Is Online Fundraising Immune from the Credit Crunch?

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Spend any time on Progressive Exchange or any of the other major nonprofit message boards the past few weeks and you can’t go two threads without tripping over another post asking how the economy is impacting fundraising. ” To try and answer this question M+R came out this week with a paper studying the economic impact on online fundraising. The headlines of the past several months have made phrase “credit-crunch” a household word.

10 Power Words Nonprofits Use to Increase Conversions

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Without them, copy or headlines can become boring and predictable. These words can be placed into headlines, ads, promotions and any other written material you publish. Featured Fundraising Nonprofit MarketingThere are over 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States.

Creating a Natural Conversation on Your Donation Landing Pages

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They have a good headline at the top of the page, and they use a three-column layout that mirrors their branding throughout the site. The “above the fold” idea was originally created for traditional newspapers so that a folded paper on a newsstand would still display the daily headlines.

New database will show how charity money is spent | Philanthropy Impact

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It will give headline income and expenditure and show how charities with an income of over 500,000 allocate their revenue across fundraising and governance, charitable activities and reserves. New database will show how charity money is spent | Philanthropy Impact : The database will consist of information from the annual returns sent to the Charity Commission from charities in England and Wales.

Actigiving—The Next Phase in the Evolution of Episodic Giving

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Today’s headlines, timelines, and tweets are causing supporters to respond in record numbers for a variety of different nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit Fundraising Actigiving donor retention Donor Stewardship Episodic Giving online giving slacktivism Social Media for Nonprofits

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What NOT To Do On Your Nonprofit’s Next Email Newsletter


Come up with some snappy titles and headlines that will attract clicks. Fundraising General Tech email marketing enewsletter nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech Image courtesy of

3 Mobile Compatible Nonprofit e-Newsletters to Subscribe To and Learn From

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If email is integral to your communications and fundraising strategy, redesigning your e-newsletter to make it mobile compatible should be at the top of your to do list. Large headline, minimal text, visuals prioritized, and large tappable. Fundraising Mobile Media e-Newsletters

3 Custom Content Tips from The Guardian’s Royal News Filter

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There are moments in time where a single topic like an upcoming fundraising event or a timely news event (like the birth of a royal baby) may dominate your org’s homepage. Event Fundraising Recruitment It’s a BOY! His name is George Alexander Louis! What?!?

The Science of Nonprofit Marketing and New Donor Acquisition

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Today, your job is much more focused on the percentage point in converting potential supporters into long term donors than being focused on the color of the new logo or the catchy headline. Acquisition Integrated Marketing fundraising ideas fundraising tips nonprofit marketing npEXPERTS A modern marketing geek, crossfitter, Michigan State alum and tex-mex obsessed. Marketing Manager at Blackbaud – follow Clare @clareinatx. .

10 Blog Design Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Create and rotate on a regular basis promotional graphics for publications, special events, volunteer recruitment programs, special fundraising campaigns, etc. Use large font for headlines and body text. Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits.