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Why Doesn’t Your Company Have a Social Media Voice Document?


A Social Media ‘Voice’ document. Or is it a tone document? Always provide links to documentation, and include email for help.

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How Do You Document Your Creative Process?

Museum 2.0

Pinterest allows us--requires us, really--to document a part of our creative process openly on the web. Project coordination on wikis.

Google Drive as an Organizational Document Management System: an NTEN Case Study


A look at the basics of NTEN's own continually evolving Google Drive Policies and Document Management System. document management system Infrastructure Leadership nptech nten Policy IT StaffKarl Hedstrom. IT Director. NTEN.

NTEN Case Study: Managing Systems and Documents in the Cloud


Kimberlee Roth. Out-Word, LLC. NTEN, whose mission is to help members strategically use technology to make the world a better, just, and equitable place, didn't so much consciously move to the Cloud as come of age in it. When IT Director Karl Hedstrom joined NTEN in 2006, a few employees had been working remotely, thanks to the Cloud.

Untitled Document

AFP Blog

Press ReleaseUntitled Document: "NEW YORK, May 18 (AScribe Newswire) -- The Foundation Center has announced that Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) will serve as the exclusive beta site for its new mapping tool, 'Philanthropy In/Sight(tm),' leading up to the product's release later this spring.

Promise and Peril: Martus for Human Rights in Burma

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Martus Network for Documentation - Burma; Burma humanrights human rights Thailand Chiang Mai ND-Burma to prioritize. Thank you in advance!

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Why Doesn't Your Company Have a Social Media Voice Document? - SocialFish

AFP Blog

Why Doesn''t Your Company Have a Social Media Voice Document? A Social Media ‘Voice’ document. Or is it a tone document? SocialFish : "People in your organization are going to be connected to social media somehow. It’s inevitable. How can we expect uniform education across the company?

Stoked nonprofit wanted to better document outcomes, so it's building a mobile app ? Technically Brooklyn

AFP Blog

Stoked nonprofit wanted to better document outcomes, so it''s building a mobile app  Technically Brooklyn :The organization knew there was a better way. They decided to get Lean about it. This made it easy to see a quick history of what one kid had done over the course of a year.

What is the Strategic Value of New Nonprofit Software?

The SocialPath

Over and over, the same tactical benefits are touted and these vendors all start to blend together. What does that Mean? Make You More Productive.

48 million Guatemalan Secret Police Documents

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

On Wednesday, May 10, the Guatemalan National Police Archives Project found a bottle filled with petrol in flames on their premises. It was apparently an attempt to intimidate the project to secure and preserve the estimated 48 million police records found by the Human Rights Ombudsman's office in 2005.

20 Great Google Docs Templates for Non-Profits

Wild Apricot Blog

Browse the Template Gallery , or narrow your search by Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, and Drawings. Creating a presentation for your board? Wading into the end-of-project paperwork? Or maybe you’re signing up a new crop of volunteers for your non-profit. read more ).

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How Nonprofits Can Get More Donations

The SocialPath

For 30 years, Vertex Systems has offered field-proven solutions that provide accurate electronic documentation solutions to help streamline the processes at over 450 agencies. Many of our nonprofit clients have their own websites. And many of these organizations depend on donations to further their vision and their mission.

Npflickr: Flickr as Nonprofit Documentation Tool

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

An interesting use of flickr as a documentation tool! Last May, I documented a project of the Sharing Foundation's in flickr.

This is what's wrong with your nonprofit digital strategy


I’ve read and written hundreds of nonprofit digital strategy documents. The problem is that you don’t need a digital strategy.

Documenting the Digital Divide


Flickr: ThomasBrandt From the number of "out of office" replies I get anytime I send an email to the NTEN community, it looks like we're well into vacation season. It's the third season for this Barcelona and Switzerland-based organization's digital divide photo contest, and you're invited to participate.

Non-Profit Eye on Donor Documentation

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

" I'm not a lawyer, I only play one YouTube " - Ken Goldstein. Well, I'm not a tax accountant and I don't even attempt to play one on my blog. When Britt Bravo asked about tax recepts for donors to Chip In campaigns, I wasn't sure of the answer. She responded with this advice in a post. Thanks for using the widget too!). Thanks Pam

Fast Free Document Sharing and Review

Wild Apricot Blog

Do we really need another free online document-collaboration tool? Very possibly, yes — if it’s lightweight, easy for non-techies to use, designed specifically for reviewer annotation, and allows an unlimited number of users to give feedback on a document.( read more ).

4 Steps to Creating Your Nonprofit’s Storytelling Strategy

Connection Cafe

I recommend creating a master spreadsheet or document of all the important dates throughout the year and keep track of the key opportunities for your nonprofit to insert its voice. Once you’ve created your document of important moments and events, your next step is to think about what key messages you want to share throughout the year.

When Documenting Your Best Efforts Is No Longer Enough: Stakeholder Involvement in Results-Oriented Program Evaluation

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by. Tatro, Ph.D. , ASU Lodestar Center. NMI Instructor /. Tatro Consulting. You meticulously record what you do. Register for NMI 108 with B.

How the Minnesota Nurses Association uses Social Media


This accompanying document has more information and statistics. Association Case Studies

NetCentric Advocacy: BBC Documenting Rapid Global Warming Adaptations: Watch the Video!

Network-Centric Advocacy

Main | Online Fossett Searchers: Giant Suck of Energy » April 01, 2008 BBC Documenting Rapid Global Warming Adaptations: Watch the Video!

Red Cross – Updated Social Engagement Handbook [Resource]


View this document on Scribd. This is the handbook that the National office of the Red Cross share with their local units (like chapters).

7 Social Media Toolsets for 2016 by @jeremycaplan

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Format: He has organized this resource in a Google document — his slides, FAQ, and links are on one page. Most are free or low cost.

The Story Tellers Project Helps Nonprofits Document their History and Successes


The folks who run Story of My Life , a website that encourages everyday people to chronicle the stories that make up their life (aka anthologies) and share them online with friends, family and future generations, has cooked up a new project aimed at nonprofits. Here’s how it works. Did I mention that the Story Tellers Project is grant funded?

The Future of Cloud Computing: 5 Startups to Watch from BoxWorks

Tech Soup Blog — is a contextual intelligence or data mining service that brings data and documents from Box, Dropbox, etc. He used an example of a customer service representative who brings up a customer profile that includes everything about that customer — emails, documents, their contract. Capriza. Theirs are called Zapps.

Nonprofit Content Marketing in 2015: Storytelling and Visual Content Top the Charts, But What Else Did We Learn?

Connection Cafe

23% have a documented content marketing strategy; those who do are more effective in all areas of content marketing. What is Content Marketing?

Doing the Right Stuff Right for Human Rights

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Beyond those top organizations, almost no groups had good technology designed for human rights documentation.

3 Steps for Avoiding Deficiencies During a Single Audit

Connection Cafe

Does your supporting documentation, such as invoices and time and effort reporting, provide enough detail to determine when the work was performed?

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[Take the Survey!] Nonprofit Content Marketing – Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends for 2016

Connection Cafe

23% have a documented content marketing strategy; those who do are more effective in all areas of content marketing. Take the short survey.

You Can Win the Fiscal Year-End Marathon, and Here’s How

Connection Cafe

Additionally, this is an opportunity to send your auditors copies of documents and contracts, which they will need for their files anyway come audit time. For example, if the supporting documentation is not clear enough, do not post the entry and put it on your “to-do” list of things to document later, because chances are you may forget.

New Year’s Resolutions for Grantmakers

Connection Cafe

Reflection: Do your foundation’s governing documents or bylaws allow you to change or adjust funding strategy? Neil isn’t wrong.

8 Strategy Basics for Nonprofit Organizations

Connection Cafe

Long, dry, planning documents that are unfrequently read? What comes to mind when you think of nonprofit strategy? Multi-day retreats?

7 Step Policy Guide for Nonprofit Operating Reserves

Connection Cafe

NORI’s whitepaper or reserve introduction document may be helpful. Development – Utilize tools from the Operating Reserves Toolkit (e.g.

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Tips & Tricks from the Trenches

Connection Cafe

Document everything. The easiest way I’ve found to provide this documentation is with ScreenSteps. Author: Guest Blogger.

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6 Tips for Better Grant Management

Connection Cafe

Grant giving organizations require recipients to submit detailed supporting documents before grant payments are made. But it doesn’t have to be.

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Six Tips for Evaluating Your Nonprofit Training Session

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Documentation. You also want to document your training. Join Us! Can participants apply the skills?” Use Learning Theory.

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How I got 1,354 New Emails with 1 Checklist

Wild Apricot Blog

Read the story of how I repurposed traffic to our website to gain email addresses using a simple gated offer document. email Marketing content resource checklist

Include Paper in Your Spring Cleaning

Connection Cafe

With advances in technology, most organizations are now operating with less and less dependency on printed documents. A Document Management System (DMS) is a software system used to store and manage electronic copies of documents. ease of access to documents. faster and more efficient way of searching for documents.

3 New Word 2016 Features to Try Today

Tech Soup Blog

Whenever you save a Word document to OneDrive or SharePoint, it can be shared with your co-workers. Don't have Microsoft Office 2016?

Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 6: Solution Design

Connection Cafe

Documenting specifics of site configuration for approval and for future reference. Purposes. Methodology. will all need to be defined. Personas.