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7 significant HR documents most nonprofits are missing

Charity Village

Are you tempted to put off the task of reviewing and preparing your HR documents? The post 7 significant HR documents most nonprofits are missing appeared first on CharityVillage. Maybe it’s time to rethink that approach.

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Automate Your Document Signing Processes with airSlate's signNow

Tech Soup Blog

The ability to create, manage, and sign documents virtually is becoming increasingly crucial for nonprofits that operate remotely. TechSoup partner airSlate enables you to do exactly that, helping you to create legally binding documents and sign them through its e-signature service, signNow.

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[ASK AN EXPERT] How To Document Legacy Gift Intent


Today’s question comes from a nonprofit employee who wants advice on how to talk to legacy givers as you document their legacy gift intent. . How do you go about asking for amounts and documenting it? For example, we want to document that he is a legacy giver, and we’d love to enter the amount as a pledge.

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How BoardSite Can Help Your Nonprofit Board Be More Productive

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Sponsored by BoardSite — a board of directors management platform that centralizes key administrative tasks like meeting scheduling, document management, and online voting in a secure digital platform. Your members can also upload any other relevant documents to the platform to keep them all in one place.

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Four Considerations for Secure Document Management

Tech Soup Blog

All organizations need to put security measures in place to protect their data. This is particularly important for nonprofits that manage sensitive or personally identifiable information. Depending on your mission area, you might have names, addresses, and medical records on file, as well as Social Security information and financial data.

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ScreenSteps: Simple documentation

Judi Sohn

To make finding this info easier, I started building wiki pages for documenting how we at C3 do what we do. And when they do I'd have to redo/update the documentation. and I tell them. I took screenshots with Skitch , recorded movies with Jing. Took forever. The problem is that things change.

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Raise the Board’s Financial IQ


But it should be reinforced in person during the orientation for new members and in the documentation they receive. Explain how both documents reflect organizational priorities, goals, and objectives. Directors should understand this responsibility before they accept their appointment. Don’t leave the numbers out in the cold.

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