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Daily DoGooder: This is Darfur: Guisma’s Story

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Change the world, one video at a time.This is Darfur: Guisma’s Story | 2:19 i-ACT This is the first in three episodes that tells the story of the horrors of Darfur, through the eyes of a real child, Guisma. The video makes it personal, allowing people to connect with something as huge as genocide by [.]. Daily DoGooder

Darfur: An Atrocity That Needs No Exaggeration

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The Op-Ed notes the recent ruling in Britain against the Save Darfur Coalition for overstating the number of dead in Darfur. Britain's Advertising Standards Authority found that Save Darfur's estimate of 400,000 killed in the conflict is based on flawed research. We want to see the guilty convicted of their crimes.

Paul Rusesabagina & Bloggers for Darfur

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People from the Bay Area Darfur Coalition were handing out info. Send a Million Voices for Darfur e-card to Bush.

Darfur Documentary on HBO December 6

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Thursday, December 6, from 8:00 – 9:45 pm ET/PT, HBO will screen a documentary by Paul Freedman about Darfur, Sand and Sorrow.

The Save Darfur Coalition’s "Be A Voice For Darfur" - A Stellar Example of A Multi-Channel Campaign

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Be A Voice for Darfur is an excellent example of multi-channel campaign designed to bring attention to the appalling genocide in Darfur.

Net Neutrality & Darfur: Two Reasons to Call Your Rep. Today

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I'm calling to ask Congressman/woman __ to support the Obey/Lantos/Hyde Amendment to add $50 million dollars for humanitarian aid in Darfur.

Law 1

Amnesty International Launches Eyes On Darfur: Satellite Cameras Allows Public to Monitor Villages

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TOP: Angabo, Darfur. BOTTOM: Angabo, Darfur. darfur Amnesty satelliteThis post was originally written for NetSquared.

Do What You Can: National Week of Action for Darfur April 6-13

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I just have to do what I can. " -- Jerry Fowler, Executive Director of the Save Darfur Coalition , during an interview on the Voices on Genocide Prevention Podcast. Tell China to, "Extinguish the Flames of Genocide in Darfur." activism Darfur genocide human rights"[Y]ou don't necessarily have to solve a problem. What can you do?

Train for Humanity is looking for new participants!

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All funds from phase two will go directly toward supporting the Darfur Peace & Development Organization’s (DPDO) school project. Follow the updates from Train for Humanity on Darfur. Tags: sports train for humanity socialchange organization otherblogs darfur Want to learn more and get involved?

Sudan Activist Conference Call: What You Can Do to Make a Difference in Darfur

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When you hear about what is going in Darfur, do you feel like you want to do something, but you don't know what to do? Roger Winter, a Sudan expert gave an update on the current situation in the Sudan, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and how the Darfur conflict is important in the larger context of Sudan. All the time.

Not On Our Watch: The Least Depressing Book About Darfur You'll Ever Read

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Darfur activism book Don Cheadle John PrendergastWe want to show that it is possible to care enough to change things. has to say. Fine then.

5 Reasons This Will Be The Best #BBCON Ever

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He won his second Pulitzer in 2006 for his columns on Darfur. 4 days…96 hours…5,760 minutes. Or maybe it’s Ashley Judd.

China 54

When pictures speak a thousand words

Rebooting Charity

Meant to blog this last week, but other (actually, quite important) stuff got in the way. And get a load of this. Hat tip to cxpartners

What’s the Secret to Social Media Success? Cute Animal Theory

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

What will it take to get the climate some attention? Cute Dog Photos! That’s Sam,’s office puppy. So, Cute Dog Theory.

Use Social Media to Reel in Big Fish Donors

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by Canolais. Use Social Media to Reel in Big Fish Donors Guest Post By Geri Stengel, Ventureneer. Who are their big individual donors?

When Viral Campaigns Fail and Social Media Mobs Rule


Comments flooded in – “I guess Groupon decided to do a funny commercial about Tibet because Darfur would be in bad taste? When startups and corporations do good in the world, everyone loves them. But when their campaigns offend, watch out for the mobs. Then the social media world moved on until Sunday’s Super Bowl ads.

Egypt 23

Priming the widget response network for action

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Nigel blogged after listening to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Darfur and Chad Appeal over the weekend. Twitter for urgent actions.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth

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Crisis in Darfur enables more than 200 million Google Earth users worldwide to visualize and better understand the genocide currently unfolding in Darfur, Sudan. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth: "The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has joined with Google in an unprecedented online mapping initiative.

Making Stories Work for Your Org: What the Data Says


Steve has also been a consultant and strategist for the Save Darfur Coalition, American Cancer Society, U.S. By Colin Holtz and Steve Daigneault, M+R Strategic Services Everyone is talking about "the power of stories" — social scientists, nonprofit directors, your mother, you name it. Connect emotionally to your supporters and they'll give!

Washington Post: Fundraising Via Email Is Way More Effective than via Social Networks


In only 10 days, Save Darfur raised more than $415,000 through an email series. "Show me the money."

Join Stop Genocide Now's 14 Day Challenge

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You can see a video of stories they collected from refugees on the Darfur/Chad border during their last trip here. Darfur blog genocide video

Interactive Activism: Stop Genocide Now

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I just got an email from Stop Genocide Now alerting me that they're sending two citizen journalists back to the Chad/Darfur border for 14 consecutive days of reports starting Dec 21, 2006. I'm trying to clear the decks before I take off a few days. They will file text, video, and photographic reports. You can follow the reports on their blog.

How Can Changebloggers Make a Greater Impact Online and Offline?

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Here are a few examples of some month-long and two-week long online events: Maw Books Blog ran a Blogging and Reading for Darfur campaign last month.

"Google Was Our First Office": Managing a Worldwide Staff


Imagine a Jewish girl, selling Challah bread on a college campus in America to help support black Muslims in Darfur. Online Collaboration.

Second Life and Alzheimer's Exhibit Coming to Second Life

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Mia Farrow and Darfur event scheduled for last week was cancelled due to a fire in the Cambridge, MA building. The opening is Thursday evening.

Beijing 2008 Olympics Potential Catalyst for Human Rights

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They've organized an international Olympic Torch Relay which began on August 9 in Chad, near the Darfur border, and will finish in China in January.

Mobilizing Donors and Activists in an Overwhelmed World

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On Friday, I was on a "Darfur Activist" conference call produced by ENOUGH , the Genocide Intervention Network , STAND and the Save Darfur Coalition.

BlogHer Acts: How Should BlogHers Change the World?

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You can read my answer to the first question in my post on BlogHer, " BlogHers Act: We Need to Be A Witness for Darfur ". How exciting is that!

Should Your Nonprofit Be Active on the New Myspace?

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Last year when Myspace announced that it would be launching a redesign, I was very intrigued. The design was good – very good, in fact.

"Books of Conscience" to Read During Genocide Prevention Month

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Did you know that six genocides began in the month of April? We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.

Olympic Protest Campaigns: Which is More Effective?

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To protest China's financial support of the genocide in Darfur, actress Mia Farrow is hosting a daily webcast report from a Darfurian refugee camp during the first week of the Olympics (August 8-15). They are asking people to Switch Over to Darfur , and watch the webcasts when sponsors' commercials air. It inspires, not tires.

New Study: The Power of the Premium: Convincing Prospective Donors to Give


M+R Strategic Services released a new study this week showing promising fundraising results for four nonprofits (Easter Seals, Human Rights Campaign, the Save Darfur Coalition, and The Wilderness Society) that tested premium offers to prospective donors. Response rates were up 95%. Average gift sized increased by 37%. Net revenue grew by 51%.

President's Update: Summer 2008

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Our newest human rights project is looking closely at the human rights challenges in Darfur. Well, I just got my first one out in 2008!

Buy a Song, Support a Cause

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raises money for Amnesty's Darfur work. In 2004, Band Aid 20 re-recorded, "Do They Know It's Christmas," to fund famine relief in Darfur.

Second Life: Issue Awareness Raising Campaigns

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The event will also feature a virtual replica of "Our Walls Bear Witness - Darfur: Who Will Survive Today????, I'm so behind! Provide Hope.

What Can I Do About Genocide? An Interview with Janessa Goldbeck

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this past Sunday was the Global Day for Darfur. Darfur. One of the world's challenges that disturbs me the most is genocide. In D.C.,

Tools Galore in Online Communication - Women Who Tech 2009

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Yesterday marked the second annual Women Who Tech telesummit , filled with experts and thought leaders working in technology, advocacy and nonprofits.

What is a "Nonprofit Blog"?

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This week in NTEN 's Nonprofit Blogging Affinity Group , a new member asked for a list of nonprofit blogs. nonprofit blog.

How Are Your 2008 Activist Resolutions Going?

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Read Darfur Diaries by Aisha Bain, Jen Marlowe and Adam Shapiro. Watched Darfur Now. My resolutions were to: 1. I do one per month.

Machinima Festival and NTC Video Contest

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AmaBe Cheeky stars in this one with Zeke Poutine, In Kenzo and the janjaweed of Camp Darfur. Come join. Machinima, derived from the words ???machine???