How a Multi-Sectoral Partnership is Fueling Progress Towards Gender Equality and the 2030 Global Goals

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And, in our initial six pilot countries (which include Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Senegal) we plan to take a deeper look, using national data, research and story-gathering to understand where progress is being made and where it is lagging. .

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Lessons on Policymakers, Gender Equality, and Data

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Last week at the United Nations General Assembly , Equal Measures 2030 launched a multi-country policymaker survey that explored perceptions of progress on gender-related issues and access to and use of data to inform decisions.

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Telling Your Story: NetSquared #Storymakers2017 Workshops for Nonprofits

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Dakar, Senegal: Concours de Présentation des Projets. Here at TechSoup, we're big on stories. Effective storytelling means nonprofits can reach more people, touch more hearts, and create bigger impact.

See how digital games have big impact at the 12th Annual Games for Change Festival in NYC!


The 12th Annual Games for Change Festival is coming up on April 21-23 & 25, in New York City, as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. Games for Change Festival, the largest gaming event in New York City, celebrates the positive power of games.

2012 Nonprofit Technology Year in Review

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eTransform Africa also describes the work of technology hubs or incubators across Africa such as iHub and NaiLab in Kenya, Hive CoLab, and AppLab in Uganda, Activspaces in Cameroon, BantaLabs in Senegal, Kinu in Tanzania or infoDev's mLabs in Kenya and South Africa.

Artivist Film Festival & Awards

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THE SHAPE OF WATER (1:10) Dir - Kum-Kum Bhavnani The Shape of Water, narrated by Susan Sarandon, interweaves the contradictions and joys of everyday life for Khady, Bilkusben, Oraiza, Dona Antonia, and Gila in Brazil, India, Jerusalem, and Senegal. I have said in the past that I believe art does not exist only to entertain but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, to engage in a constant search for the truth.-- Barbra Streisand.

Vote for Your CNN Hero: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Impact

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Viola Vaughn "A group of failing schoolchildren in Kaolack, Senegal, once asked Viola Vaughn to help them pass their classes. I started watching a lot of CNN before the election. It's kinda depressing, but I'm trying to stay informed. Over the past week though, there have been little glimpses of happiness amid the disasters, scandals and economic bad news - stories about the CNN Heroes: Ordinary People Extraordinary Impact.

Igniting the (Beacon)fire at South by Southwest

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SMS And Social Change: Lessons From Senegal. If you’re an avid follower of this blog, you may have noticed that the people at Beaconfire are full of great ideas, and not shy about lettin’ em loose on the world.

nfp 2.0 » What does Second Life success look like for non-profits?

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You can milk a cow destined for Kenya, pat a sheep needed by a community in Senegal, and even sit in a toilet latrine, required to improve hygiene facilities in a school in real-world Armenia.