How Zero to Three Improves Childhood Development Through Salesforce Technology

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More efficient, integrated processes were required, and the Salesforce platform provided them with a comprehensive fundraising configuration and new association membership management. Through the seamless Pardot integration, it is now an easy task to accomplish.

How the American Childhood Cancer Organization Used Crowdfunding to Raise Over $43,000!

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Last year we shared how the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) used Teespring to exceed their fundraising goals with a few clicks of a button. We took childhood cancer statistics and had it spelled out in the shape of a gold ribbon. Shipping made easy – Easily integrate shipping with every major carrier and provide tracking info to customers.


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Take a Baby Step Toward Education Through Storytelling

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Early childhood education is the most important investment we can make in our children’s future. By moving audiences' "hearts and minds" through inspiring and empowering stories and messages, the Baby Steps campaign seeks to increase awareness of, and investment in, high-quality early childhood education and care. events tsdigs digital storytelling tsevents early childhood education campaign baby steps Baby Steps | A Community Competition.

Funding & Grant Resources For Nonprofits Focused On Education


The educational goals for the funders in this list include increasing postsecondary and higher learning opportunities, advancing innovation inside the classroom, engaging more students in the arts, and enhancing early childhood development, just to name a few.

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UNICEF Shares How You Can Support India Today Amidst the COVID-19 Surge

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This includes restarting routine childhood vaccines and getting children back to learning. UNICEF India is committed to restarting routine childhood vaccines, protecting children put at risk by losing parents, and getting children back to learning.

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham: Transforming Student Journeys Through Salesforce

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The university’s Salesforce success has been made possible through a migration from their legacy TargetX CRM into a customized Education Data Architecture (EDA) environment that was both integrated with Marketing Cloud and compatible with’s new Admissions Connect tool.

10 Organizations Leading The Way This Mental Health Awareness Month


At Ocean Mental Health Services we strive to bring the discussion of your mental health needs into the forefront, yet integrate our services to promote total wellness and recovery.” According to their website, “Through integrated special education and mental health services, Positive Education Program (PEP) is able to provide individualized care to children and youth experiencing emotional disturbances and demonstrating severe and challenging behaviors.”

Helping Children Heal With Salesforce

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Integration of Classy to boost online fundraising and bolster online event registration added yet another upgrade to the Foundation’s digital marketing strategy. Success Story: How Zero to Three Improves Childhood Development Through Salesforce Technology.

Higher Education Funding & Grant Resources


The Emeril Lagasse Foundation provides grants related to nutrition and culinary education, life skills development, childhood hunger, and arts education. In this post, I’ll share funding and grant resources for nonprofits involved in the education sector.

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3 Tech Hints for Stronger Peer-to-Peer Campaigns


Integrate your software. . Integrate your software. Your peer-to-peer software is the core of your fundraising campaign, and integrating it with the rest of your tech will save your volunteers (and your team) time and energy down the line. .

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Announcing Our First Impact Labs Cohort on Zero Hunger: Addressing Food Insecurity in the U.S.

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Prior to her career with Save the Children, she was with the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education (DCCECE) as a Project/Program Manager and Technical Writer. “I Today, we’re introducing our first Impact Labs cohort on zero hunger and their work on U.S

Recapping the First Salesforce Nonprofit Summit Sessions

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Success Story: How Zero to Three Improves Childhood Development Through Salesforce Technology. On April 21, 2021, brought together an international Nonprofit Community for the very first Nonprofit Summit.

New Member: National Breakthrough Network


The National Breakthrough Network is proud to welcome as its newest member, Jon McKenzie of Sarasota and Manatee Counties'' IDEAS (Integrated Data Exchange Alliance of the Suncoast). IDEAS is launching five partnership portals on their VisionLink CommunityOS system representing 2-1-1, Disaster Preparedness, Childhood Mental Health, Elder Care, and Social Services Case Management.

Nonprofit Storytelling: The Quick and No-Nonsense Guide


Since childhood, we have been taught to expect a certain structure for stories to follow. This also helps preserve the integrity of the story and avoid exploitative storytelling.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software Tips for Medical Nonprofits


A fundraising participant for the CJD Foundation’s Strides for CJD 2021 used a Facebook fundraisers integration to create a Facebook fundraiser linked to her personal fundraising page. Matching gift grants or a matching gift integration.

6 Steps to Zeroing Out Child Labour Globally

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Child labour is a violation of every child’s right to a childhood. When children can not achieve their full potential, it tears at a countries’ social fabric and directly diminishes its economic growth.

FoodCorps: Getting Kids Healthy


They will work in schools around the country to address childhood obesity and diet-related disease by building school gardens, educating children about healthy food options, and developing Farm to School programs. The Plone website we built integrates with a customized database.

Creativity in Education (and Life) Can Change the World

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Some of my best childhood memories are from going to public grade school. If you know of an effective movement to integrate creativity back into education, I'd love to know about it. Making friends was hard, but learning was fun. When I think of school, I think of: Creating a paper mâché Loch Ness monster and painting it red, white and blue to be the USS Nessie. Writing and illustrating stories about my gerbils, Floppsey and Moppsey, and reading them to the class.

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Storing Up Support for Kids with Cancer: ACCO's Shopify Store Experience

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We recently shared how the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) used Teespring to raise over $43,000 through Teespring campaigns. When asked about ACCO's Shopify experience, Liz Dicus, administrative coordinator at ACCO, said: "We produce our materials to give them away to families in need, so the store is less about revenue and more about giving people other than childhood cancer families a chance to get our materials if they would like.

Five Steps to Finding ROI

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First, let’s settle on an example we can use to walk through all 5 steps: you work for a small nonprofit that focuses on early childhood education, so you have lots of services for parents and partnerships with hospitals, child care facilities, and doctors offices. Remember, your strategies should be integrated online and offline, and so should your metrics.

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Three Reasons Kids Need Digital Literacy and Citizenship Education

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Just as media and technology have affected the nature of childhood and education, they’ve also affected the nature of parenting. Check out our Parent Media Education Program for resources and ideas about how to integrate digital citizenship conversations into your parent-engagement plans. Photo by WhiteAfrican. Note from Beth: By the time you read this post, I’ll be in the air enroute to Rwanda for a training project.

The Triple Bottom Line in India: Software, Quality Education, and Early Learning

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The curriculum integrates the use of technology, for all aspects of instruction and managing the school. Each slide, swing, or sand box had lessons in math, english, geography, or other subjects integrated. I look forward to seeing how this start up transforms early childhood education in India. Visiting the Sujaya School with Rufina Fernandez.

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How a Fan of Nonprofits Teaches Tech and Fundraising

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Here is my childhood utopian vision: I believe that technology is the greatest component that will help us create, learn, …and experiment towards our collaborative missions. These are the organizations who really need to expert the hell out of data analysis, database customizations, web integrations, etc. From time to time, we like to shine the spotlight on nonprofit techies who go above and beyond to help out other organizations with their technology conundrums.

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[VIDEO] How to Overcome Fear, Intimidation and Imposter Syndrome to Raise More Money


Emma Lewzey will identify the specific shifts you must make to raise more 5- and 6-figure gifts–without letting fear, intimidation, or imposter syndrome get in your way. Full Transcript: Steven: All right. And I got two o’clock Eastern.

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[VIDEO] How to Overcome Fear, Intimidation and Imposter Syndrome to Raise More Money


Emma Lewzey will identify the specific shifts you must make to raise more 5- and 6-figure gifts–without letting fear, intimidation, or imposter syndrome get in your way. Full Transcript: Steven: All right. And I got two o’clock Eastern.

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Cause Marketing or Cause Me To Puke Marketing? Interview with Scott Henderson

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Goals The main goals were to raise awareness of childhood hunger in America, give people the tools to take meaningful action to help end this solvable problem, and create a case study from which non-profits and corporations could learn how to better use social media in their cause marketing. We wanted this campaign to focus on the issue of childhood hunger in America and the fact that many different organizations and people were coming together to take up the cause locally and nationally.

Relationships and Engagement Fundraising

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Their hope was to develop a fun way to bring families together - old and young - to have some fun while ultimately raising money and funds for those battling childhood cancers. There hasn't been a lot of that yet, but with new features integrated in Causes/Facebook more of that is in the future. Breast Cancer awareness month (October) is just around the corner! And here's another clever online fundraising strategy for breast cancer.

Are Social Enterprises Viable Models for Funding Nonprofits?

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It donates the products to impoverished people, preventing millions of hygiene-related deaths each year and encouraging vigorous childhood development (Clean the World, 2015). The blending of for-profit and nonprofit organizational characteristics reflects an integrated hybrid form that could address the serious burnout factor and problems with talent retention in many nonprofits (Stecker, 2014).

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Year-End Giving Prep: 21 FAQs Answered by Fundraising Experts

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Brock Warner, CFRE is the Senior Manager, Fundraising at War Child , a humanitarian organization devoted to protecting childhood in war zones. He is responsible for the annual and monthly programmes, donor services management and appeal integration. As a presenter, Brock has participated in industry leading fundraising conferences in Canada on topics related to integrated campaign strategy and ePhilanthropy and is a TEDx presenter.

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Google Maps: Seek and Hide | Beaconfire Wire

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It’s a fantastic program that has participating restaurants giving a portion of their proceeds to end childhood hunger during the week of September 21 st to 28 th. Take, for example, , a real-estate site that integrates a Google Map with complex criteria filtering to display homes for sale in a particular area.

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New Models for Children's Museums: Wired Classrooms?

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And yet in 2004, I listened to an exhibit manager vent about the challenge of creating an early childhood development exhibition in his science center. The “wired classroom” model accepts and integrates technology instead of avoiding or denying it. Do you talk to people sitting next to you on planes? I don't. I'm like an airborne clam, hoarding my book, my space, my ears.

PostSecret: Lessons in Meaningful User-Generated Content

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Recently, I’ve become a little disheartened by the extent to which the web has dominated my—and others’—thinking about ways that museums can integrate 2.0 Each secret can be a regret, hope, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, feeling, confession, or childhood humiliation. into their offerings.

Treasure Hunts, Tactile Domes, and Other Layered Beings

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At first listen, the book sounded like a childhood favorite of mine, The Eleventh Hour , a lavishly illustrated whodunit riddled with ciphers and a solution in a sealed envelope. This is also a challenge for Web 2.0-style design integrating evolving visitor content--people aren't visiting the museum with enough frequency to be part of a meaningful dialogue happening there. Last week, I met a woman named Ellen, an orthopedic surgeon, who hunts for treasure. I'm not kidding.