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How to Prevent Nonprofit Payment Fraud

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With nonprofits increasingly relying on online donations, it's important to protect against payment fraud. Here's how to spot common scams.

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Find Corners to Cut: Save Time and Energy with Efficient Fundraising


I have five hours a week and no budget. Here’s how I fundraise. This blog is written for the founders, one-human-shows, every-hat-wearing, grassroots champions of small and lean nonprofits. As a communicator and former full-time fundraiser, I know that a lot of advice for nonprofits and fundraisers assumes readers already have industry knowledge, connections, and Read More » The post Find Corners to Cut: Save Time and Energy with Efficient Fundraising appeared first on Nonprofit Technology &

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Moore Expands Technology Investment in Production for Hyper-Personalized Direct Mail

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Moore is expanding its production personalization capabilities through investments in data-driven equipment and workflow automation.

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Why You Should Leverage AI For Nonprofit Data Management


In the realm of nonprofit organizations, effective data management is essential for optimizing resources, enhancing donor relations, and achieving mission-driven goals. However, many nonprofits grapple with the challenges of managing data efficiently due to limited resources, disparate data sources, and manual processes. At our nonprofit firm, we have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform our data management practices, enabling us to make data-driven decisions, enhance

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How To Cultivate Community Affinity Throughout The Generosity Journey

Speaker: Tim Sarrantonio, Director of Corporate Brand

This session will dive into how to create rich generosity experiences that foster long-lasting relationships. You’ll walk away with actionable insights to redefine how you engage with your supporters—emphasizing trust, engagement, and community over transactional giving models. 🤝 Industry expert Tim Sarrantonio will explore data-backed strategies to engage supporters as active participants in a community that values their contributions and shared ideals.

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The Blueprint for Campaign, Event and Fundraising Success Used by These Nonprofit Leaders

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Join us on April 30th at 3:30pm EST for an exclusive panel conversation with nonprofit leaders who have achieved remarkable campaign, event, and fundraising success. Hear from Kendra Turner from Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County and Geovanny Ragsdale from Boys & Girls Clubs of the West Valley, to learn replicable methods to achieve more through campaigns, events, and fundraising.

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How to Start a Nonprofit in Iowa


Looking to start a nonprofit in Iowa? Whether your cause is an animal shelter, food bank, museum, or something else entirely, nonprofits can foster civic engagement, drive economic growth, and strengthen communities. Starting a new nonprofit is a huge step. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process and help you begin the process […] The post How to Start a Nonprofit in Iowa appeared first on Nonprofit Blog.

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Matching Gifts & Fundraising Events: What You Need to Know


If you’re a nonprofit fundraiser looking to generate additional revenue through upcoming events, matching gifts may be the answer you’re looking for. In fact, in the realm of nonprofit fundraising, the combined power of corporate matching gifts and fundraising events can yield remarkable outcomes. That’s true in terms of donor engagement, corporate philanthropy, funds raised, […] The post Matching Gifts & Fundraising Events: What You Need to Know appeared first on Nonprofit Blog.

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Your Guide to Donor Acquisition: Key Strategies for Finding and Retaining Donors


The post Your Guide to Donor Acquisition: Key Strategies for Finding and Retaining Donors appeared first on OneCause.

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Gym Fundraising Ideas That Pack a Punch


As of 2023, the United States has 113,326 gyms and health clubs. This staggering number should give you pause. How are you going to stand out from over 100,000 gyms? Fortunately, the answer is not as complicated as you may think – your gym’s culture is the key to success. Typically, people who want to […] The post Gym Fundraising Ideas That Pack a Punch appeared first on Nonprofit Blog.

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7 Tips for Standout Nonprofit Website Content in the Age of AI

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Laura S. Quinn – a consultant with more than 25 years working with nonprofits and curator of the Nonprofit Website Insider. Everyone is talking about the ways that artificial intelligence (AI) can streamline the process of creating articles, stories, or posts. It sometimes sounds as though tools like ChatGPT or Gemini could entirely replace humans in writing website content.

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The Retention Ripple Effect: Nonprofit Staff and Donor Dynamics

Speaker: Andrew Olsen, CFRE - EVP, Fundraising Solutions at DickersonBakker | Kat Landa, CFRE, CSD - SVP, Talent Solutions at DickersonBakker

Across the nonprofit sector, organizations invest heavily in donor retention efforts, yet the struggle of cultivating lasting relationships remains. While attracting new donors is crucial, the lack of repeat donors poses significant financial risks. Through a comprehensive analysis of industry data, experts argue that there is a direct correlation between donor burnout, donor retention, and the talent retention crisis.