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7 Fundraising Actions Taken by Successful Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

A large part of that is examining what actions define fundraising strategies that bring in more online donations and keep donors engaged each year. Below, you’ll find the proactive actions taken by nonprofits who increased their online donations by 84% with 122% more transactions in just 90 days. Our findings are now your roadmap.

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Engaging your strongest activists: 5 strategies for advocate retention


of email addresses or phone numbers of new supporters, ready to take action. For some organizations, advocacy work can be steeped in complex policy, with legislative actions that drive real, critical change but have policy names that can be intimidating and confusing for supporters. Make it easy (like, one-click easy.)

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Fundamentals of Audience Growth in the Nonprofit Sector

NonProfit Hub

How can your nonprofit organization increase its audience growth? To help organizations grow their audience—and also their returns and impact—I created an approach to communication development based on a system I’ve labeled IDEAS. When maximizing audience growth, an aimless attempt rarely works. What makes this IDEA different?

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Nonprofit Marketing: 3 Easy Ways To Grow Your Audience

Top Nonprofits

Otherwise, they might take their support to a different organization that better communicates its purpose and inspires its audience to take action. Encourage supporters to get in on the action and sell your t-shirts on your behalf with peer-to-peer fundraising. Nonprofit Marketing: 3 Easy Ways To Grow Your Audience.

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Audience Research vs. Usability Testing: Which to Use When

Forum One

How can you understand how your audience perceives a digital tool, an online experience, or the world more broadly? The most common approaches are through two research approaches: audience research and usability testing. This is where audience research comes in. Audience research: Forming an understanding.

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The Storytelling Framework That Will Inspire Your Nonprofit Supporters To Take Action


Whether you’re planning an advocacy or fundraising campaign, using a storytelling framework to create your calls to action can help you make emotional connections with your audience and ultimately move them to act. This is your chance to let your audience get to know you and to communicate your values. What was the outcome?

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New Privacy Changes Simplified: 3 Actionable Ways to Respond

Saleforce Nonprofit

Privacy-related changes in technology platforms (like browsers and mobile operating systems), regulatory actions, and consumer preferences are forcing the digital marketing industry to rethink how they collect and analyze consumer data to understand how well they’re connecting with their audiences.

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