Top 12 Social Media Insights for Nonprofits in 2012


The 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report was released at 12NTC yesterday and it’s already stirring up discussions about how nonprofits are leveraging social networks as part of their fundraising and communications strategy. Top 12 Social Media Insights for Nonprofits in 2012. Don’t forget to download the complete 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report.

2012 Innogive

Amy Sample Ward

Date : April 2, 2012. presentation Presentations from 2012 beth katner innogive mobile panel social mediaLocation : San Francisco, CA. Topic : At the Cross Section of Web, Social and Mobile. Description : ADisparate marketing channels complicates the life of the average NPO today. How can a non-profit today use mobile technology, social and web in a way that increases participation, ensures success and provides easier management campaign and their resulting data points.


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2012 DonorPro User Conference

Amy Sample Ward

Date : September 20-21, 2012. Related Links : 2012 Conference page. Presentations from 2012 donorpro keynote presentationLocation : Pittsburgh, PA. Topic : Cross-Channel Donor Engagement: Creating a Strategy to Build Relationships Online.

2012 Igniting Innovation Summit

Amy Sample Ward

Date : October 6, 2012. Presentations from 2012 harvard panel presentationLocation : Harvard College, Boston, MA. Topic : Social Media for Social Good. Description : This panel included Arthur Grau, One Economy; Laurent Adamowicz, Bon’App; Amy Sample Ward; and moderated by Kelsey Overby, Account Executive at MRY. Related Links: Igniting Innovation Summit.

Sample 103

2012 PANO Annual Conference

Amy Sample Ward

Date : April 16-17, 2012. presentation Presentations from 2012 fundraising panoac2012 reports research socialmediaLocation : Harrisburg, PA. Topic : Using Social Media to Tell Your Story and Raise Funds. Description : Is social media helping you reach your organizational goals and meet your mission? Is it even helping you raise money to support your work?

2012 Association International Conference

Amy Sample Ward

Date : May 1-3, 2012. presentation Presentations from 2012 asae community building community management online communityLocation : Washington DC. Topic : Build and Nurture Global Online Communities. Description : Is creating a global online community important to reaching and engaging with your association’s constituents or members? Are you interested in using an online tool, but have yet to try it yourself?

2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Amy Sample Ward

Date : April 4, 2012. Related Links : 2012 NTC. presentation Presentations from 2012 12ntc collaboration design nptech nten online communitiesLocation : San Francisco, CA. Topic : Designing Online Engagement to Collaborate with Your Community. Description : You can design online engagement to unleash your evangelists. In this workshop, we’ll focus on all aspects of designing high-value, engaging, and participatory content that creates a partnership with your fans.

The 12 Nonprofit Tech TwtPolls of 2012

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Hardly thorough as a research method, the TwtPolls do however present some basic information about what trends were popular in 2012 and clues as to which #NPTech trends should be prioritized in 2013. December 2012 [1,295 Views] Have you viewed your nonprofits website on a tablet or smartphone? November 2012 [1,734 Views] :: Which social media tool do you think has the most potential for nonprofits in 2013? August 2012 [756 Views] :: Are you experiencing social media burnout?

Tech 155

As 2012 Winds Down

NCE Social Media

As 2012 winds down there were several major stories that I came across that are worth sharing. First, not even the former marketing director of Facebook knows how the privacy policies at Facebook work. Randi Zuckerberg is the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg found out the hard way. On Christmas Day Randi posted a family photo on Facebook. She thought only her friends could see it. Boy was she wrong. Shortly after posting someone posted the photo to Twitter.

2012 North Carolina Center for Nonprofits Conference

Amy Sample Ward

Date : September 13-14, 2012. Presentations from 2012 panel presentationLocation : Research Triangle Park, NC. Topic : Finding the Right Mix: A Strategic Look at Mobile, Social, and Web. Description : Given budget constraints and growing technology demands, how can the average nonprofit keep up? The key is finding the right mix! This session will provide a strategic look at how to integrate nonprofit communications – mobile, social, and web.

2012 National Conference on Volunteering and Service

Amy Sample Ward

Date : June 17, 2012. presentation Presentations from 2012 ncvs socialmedia workshopLocation : Chicago, IL. Topic : Social Media for Social Good Pre-Conference. Description : This half-day workshop will cover basic and intermediate levels of social media topics including an introduction to core tools, evaluation, implementation and strategic application.

2012 BBCon – Blackbaud and Convio User Conference

Amy Sample Ward

Date : September 30-October 2, 2012. Presentations from 2012 bbcon blackbaud conference presentationLocation : Washington, DC. Topic : Designing Online Engagement to Collaborate with Your Community. Description : You can design online engagement to unleash your evangelists. In this workshop, we’ll focus on all aspects of designing high-value, engaging, and participatory content that creates a partnership with your fans.

Announcing… 29 New Favorite Nonprofits for 2012!

Nonprofit Tech for Good

In addition to increased exposure and promotion, the 2012 Nonprofits will also receive 10% of the proceeds from DIOSA Communications Webinars. That said, cheers to the nonprofits that made the 2012 list and to all nonprofits and nonprofit staff who use the Internet to foster social good. Every January Nonprofit Tech 2.0 selects a new set of nonprofit avatars to be featured in the Nonprofit Tech 2.0 banner. The selection process is a personal one.

Tech 173

2012 BlogWorld Expo New York – How to Humanize Your Business

Amy Sample Ward

presentation Presentations from 2012 blogworld humanizeEver get jealous that the open, unstructured social media efforts of the community completely trounce your well-planned and even well-funded social media programs? Are you frustrated when your own social media efforts are thwarted by inter-departmental competition? These problems are common, and we can no longer blame them on people “not getting” social media. The blame actually lies in the way we run our organizations.

President’s Update - Spring 2012

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

In 2012, we’ll be rolling out new branding, new media, and new stories all with the goal of getting better at what we do and raising our impact. Telling the Benetech story better is crucial to our future: crucial to making the social change at scale that we consider the essence of innovation. It also helps with recruiting employees, volunteers, and donors!

Nonprofits Value a Facebook Like at $214.81


While we were there, Blackbaud, NTEN and Common Knowledge released the 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report. Don’t forget to download the complete 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report. Social Media #nptech 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Report Blackbaud Common Knowledge Facebook nonprofit social media NTEN social media for non profits Social Media for Nonprofits

2012 Grassroots and Groundwork – Social Media for Social Impact in 30 Minutes a Day

Amy Sample Ward

presentation Presentations from 2012 socialmedia workshopBy using strategic methods, it’s possible to have maximum social media impact in minimal time. Participants in this session will learn that through methods such as content planning and listening online, and that by interacting rather than broadcasting, they can accomplish an impressive amount in just 30 minutes a day. This workshop will cover planning and evaluating, as well as content and engagement for multichannel social impact.

Sample 113

Top 10 Nonprofit Tech 2.0 Posts of 2012

Nonprofit Tech for Good

35,449 Views: 70 Low-Cost or Free Web-Based Tools for Nonprofits. 24,971 Views: Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits. 24,887 Views: 11 Inspiring Nonprofit Facebook Timelines. 18,198 Views: 10 Pinterest Best Practices for Nonprofits. 17,670 Views: HOW TO: Customize Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Timeline. 16,444 Views: HOW TO: Get Your Nonprofit Started on Pinterest. 14,134 Views: 11 Must-Follow Nonprofits on Pinterest.

Tech 164

2012 Women Who Tech Telesummit – Using Technology and Social Media to Build Social Justice Movements

Amy Sample Ward

presentation Presentations from 2012 movements socialmedia webinar womenwhotech wwtAre you a social change maker or NPtechie? Then this panel is for you. We’ll explore what it takes to build a powerful movement online filled with passionate people and matched with the right technology and tools to connect and engage our activists and donors across multiple online channels. Related Links : WWT Information. Session slides. Session recordings.

Sample 107

Social Media Fundraising, Obama and the 2012 Presidential Election


President Barack Obama raised nearly $410 million dollars through individual contributions in 2008. … Online Fundraising Social Media event fundraising fundraising nonprofit social media Peer to Peer Fundraising social media for non profits Social Media for Nonprofits Social Media Strategy

2012 SXSW Interactive Roundup


Last week, I was down in Austin, TX, for the 2012 South by Southwest Interactive Festival. Schipul, a web marketing agency based in Houston, Texas, announced yesterday during the 2012 South by Southwest Interactive festival that Tendenci, a content management system (CMS) will be released as an open source solution. This is how Amber Case opened her 2012 South by Southwest Interactive keynote talk on Sunday, March 13th. 2012 Community conference nptimes roundup sxsw

2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report

NCE Social Media

Here’s a video of Jeff Patrick , president of Common Knowledge , being interviewed by Melanie Mathos at the 2012 NTC conference explaining the 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report. Jeff goes over topics in the report such as ROI, value of a new fan/follower, commercial social networks, and resources for strategies. If you don’t have a copy of the report, you can get it here. It’s free. Research Tools Video benchmark ntc report roi YouTube

What IT Professionals Can Expect in 2012


What trends will impact the work of IT staff at nonprofits in 2012? 2012 Data E-mail Mobile nptech nten Planning predictions Social Media Web Sites IT StaffGeorge Weiner. Here are just a few.

Memorial Day 2012


As has become our custom, we are sharing another in a series of outstanding essays by Stan Stahl, on this Memorial Day, 2012. Memorial Day, 2012 Stan Stahl, Ph.D. It is now 2012, more than forty years later. Copyright 2012. He has an insightful ability to remind us that we are in fact in this nation an "us." These are good times to remind ourselves of that.

Social Media at the 2012 Olympics

NCE Social Media

With the world focused on London for the Olympics, it’s a chance for social media to shine. We’ve seen athletes kicked out of the games because of tweets including a track athlete and a soccer player. A journalist was kicked off of Twitter, then reinstated , for including the email address of an NBC executive while complaining vociferously about NBC’s coverage of the games. The Olympics actually has a set of social media guidelines for athletes and delegates to follow.

Let’s Connect at 2012 SXSW

Amy Sample Ward

If you’re going to be in Austin for SXSW or are a local nonprofit organization, we hope you’ll also participate in the first of our Community Series events for 2012, taking place in Austin on March 9th. As the Membership Director at NTEN , and as a speaker at this year’s SXSW Interactive , I hope to be able to connect with all of you that may be coming to Austin for the festival or based in the Austin area.

Austin 111

Some Findings from the 2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report


NTEN member and nonprofit communications expert Kivi Leroux Miller just released the 2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report , based on a survey of over 1200 participants at the end of 2011. The survey asked nonprofit professionals about their plans, expectations, perceptions, and even fears regarding their organization's communications in 2012. Here are some of findings that stood out: 78% of respondents planned to email their typical supporters at least monthly in 2012.

Trend 65

Best of 2012: Nonprofit Technology Grows Up


I think that the best thing that happened in 2012 was that some of the 2010-2011 "bleedng edge" conceptual technologies stood up and proved they weren't fads. When NTEN asked me to write a "best tech of 2012" post, I struggled a bit. Peter Campbell. Nonprofit Technologist. Techcafeteria.

2012 Heroes With A Heart Awards

Robert Weiner

Applications for all Heroes with a Heart grant awards open on Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 and close Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 at midnight. Finalists will appear on the CTK Facebook page for public voting during April and winners will be announced on May 1, 2012. Heroes With A Heart Grant. The CTK Foundation’s "Heroes with a Heart" Grant Award wants YOU to nominate a “Hero with a Heart,” and give them a chance to win $5,000 as thanks for the hard work that they do.

Award 124

Predictions for Nonprofit Fundraising Technology in 2012

Robert Weiner

NTEN published my somewhat snarky predictions for nonprofits' use of fundraising technologies in 2012. My overall predictions are that most things will be pretty much the same as last year (and 2010 and 2009, etc.): many nonprofits will struggle with out-of-date systems. No surprise -- many will also lack the funding to replace them. But others will fail to see that technology, and people who know how to support and use technology, are necessary investments.

Free Non-profit Webinars for May 2012

Wild Apricot

Here's our round-up of free non-profit webinars for May 2012. webinar Wild Apricot

2012 in review

NCE Social Media

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,700 views in 2012. Here’s an excerpt: 600 people reached the top of Mt. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views. Click here to see the complete report. Tools

Review 125

New to TechSoup: Windows Server 2012

Tech Soup Blog

In addition to the new user interface, Windows Server 2012 also features a greatly enhanced PowerShell, a recycle bin for Active Directory, and a new version of Hyper-V. The two primary editions in the 2012 version are Standard and Datacenter. Web, Enterprise, Itanium, and Foundation editions have been retired in Windows Server 2012. Windows Server 2012 Essentials will also be available as part of the Windows Server family.

Outlook for Fundraising in 2012

Wild Apricot

If you're curious about the outlook for fundraising this year, here's a round-up of recent research reports and predictions on the future of fundraising in 2012. Fundraising

Free Non-profit Webinars for March 2012

Wild Apricot

Here's our monthly round-up of free non-profit webinars for March, 2012. Check out the 27+ webinars we found this month. webinar Wild Apricot

Profit 103

Free Non-profit Webinars for April 2012

Wild Apricot

Here's our monthly round-up of free non-profit webinars for April, 2012. nonprofit webinar Wild Apricot

Free Non-profit Webinars for December 2012

Wild Apricot

Here's our round-up of free nonprofit webinars scheduled for December 2012. This month’s topics include: e-strategy; perfect phrases for fundraising; nonprofit sustainability; the mobile revolution; engaging supporters with video; and much more. webinar

2012 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

Wild Apricot

Here's a look at the 2012 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report from MGI, as well as a reminder about our upcoming Membership Renewal Survey results and "How to" guide on membership renewal. Membership renewal; surveys

Wild Apricot Software News October 2012

Wild Apricot

Version 5.0, scheduled for release in the spring of 2013, will be focused on upgrading the Content Management System (CMS) used for creating the pages and content for your Wild Apricot website. These changes will give you greater flexibility in designing and editing your content. news Wild Apricot

News 117

2012 Member Appreciation Month: Focus on Community and Communications


2012 Communications community Community mam marketing Member Appreciation Month Social Media CommunicationsIt's already the last week of Member Appreciation Month in the NTEN community! Our goal this month is to create a platform to recognize all the sharing and generosity in the NTEN community - and say thank you! Or, rather, #NTENThanks.

Free Non-profit Webinars for June 2012

Wild Apricot

Here's our round-up of free non-profit webinars for June 2012. Topics include email marketing best practices; nonprofit sustainability; executive compensation; social networking; grants and much more. webinar Non-profit

Announcing the 2012 NTC Scholarship Application


photo: Robert Weiner Today, I am excited to announce that the application for scholarships to the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference is officially open. > Apply for a scholarship to the 2012 NTC. If you work at an organization with a budget under $1 million and you would like to join us April 3-5 in San Francisco , we invite you to apply today! > One of our core beliefs here at NTEN is that we are only as strong as our community.

Daily DoGooder: Free the Bowl 2012


Change the world, one video at a time.Free the Bowl 2012 | 2:21 Alcohol Justice Underlying the Free The Bowl contest is the undeniable reality that booze changes a person—sometimes violently. And when advertising at major sports events such as the Super Bowl encourages alcoholic consumption, those watching are more likely to drink; this includes [.]. Daily DoGooder