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Flat, Tall, or In Between—Is It Time to Evaluate Your Organizational Structure?


The organization may still be boxed into a structure that’s been the same for 20 years or more. How do you know that your organizational structure might need retooling? You are ready to add new categories of membership, sell products to a different audience, expand programs, or even revise the business model. You can do it.

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Nonprofits Have Been Right All Along: Community Benefit Models Can Solve Our Toughest Environmental Challenges

Blue Avocado

Why it Happens: Our existing economic structure is designed to reward profit-seeking and to devalue […]. The post Nonprofits Have Been Right All Along: Community Benefit Models Can Solve Our Toughest Environmental Challenges appeared first on Blue Avocado.

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Leverage the power of Salesforce Person Accounts to transform your association

Nimble AMS

How can a data model have the power to transform an association? With Person Account s , your organization can streamline your membership structure, improve reporting, and support a connected member experience. Beside s Person Accounts, Salesforce supports a nother data model called the Contacts/Accounts model.

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eLearning Pricing Models: 5 Ways to Price Your Courses

Web Courseworks Associations

You’ll explore eLearning pricing models through the following points: How To Price Your Online Course: Key Considerations. 5 eLearning Pricing Models for Your Courses. Would your association be better served by a subscription-based model or a one-time fee model? Perhaps a fully free model or a per-course model?

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The Live Enterprise Model

Eric Jacobsen Blog

The model enables the organization to rapidly experiment, learn and scale.” What differentiates the Live Enterprise from other operating models? Anyone can adopt Live Enterprise model principles. The Live Enterprise is a journey, not an event,” they explain. Why is employee experience the next frontier of corporate performance?

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Salesforce, Dreamforce & Nonprofits: It always comes back to the data model

Judi Sohn

The class was structured with lessons, followed by 20 minutes or so to complete an exercise. Each direction is very different, using a different data model (see below for lots more on that) and approach. So how is it always about the data model? A nonprofit typically has a very different ownership/sharing model.

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Navigating the Conundrum of Auxiliaries

VQ Strategies

The assessments reveal some undeniable benefits to these structures, including volunteers with profound pride in the historical contributions by these entities, remarkable dedication of council leaders, sincere interest in recruiting new volunteers, and a deep passion for the organization’s mission. ., Lessons from the Field.