Three association practices that reflect your workplace culture


Jamie’s Association Success posts in December focused on the visible parts of culture… The Link Between Office Design and Culture. It’s a part of your culture—the kinds of clothing that you are expected to wear (or not wear) actually says something about what is valued internally at the organization. What Does Your Annual Meeting Say About Your Culture? Well, not ALL of your culture, but part of it. Culture That WorksDid you miss these?

4 New Year’s Resolutions for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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And while many of us are busy making our personal New Year’s resolutions, we should also be thinking of how to be more successful , well-rounded cultural executives. Now is the ideal time to reflect on last year and set your course for the N ew Y ear and new decade. To help, here are some thought-starters from the Blackbaud Arts & Cultural team – along with a sneak-peek at what we have planned for 2020 so far. . . 2020 is here!

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#GivingTuesday: The Arts & Culture Way

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Arts and Cultural organizations are capitalizing on this giving movement by creating a clear call-to-action attached to customized campaigns. Website : Your website should reflect your #GivingTuesday campaign, and your donation button should be highly visible. Don’t let it pass without acting and have fun building your Arts & Culture campaign. Arts & Cultural Nonprofit #GivingTuesday #GivingZooDay Aquariums end of year fundraising giving tuesday Museums Zoos

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Expert Advice for Improving Culture & Morale at Nonprofit Organizations

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And with private sector companies increasingly realizing the need to incorporate purpose into jobs and technology making it easier for individuals to make a difference on their own, it’s even more critical that nonprofits (and all social good organizations) prioritize improving culture and morale to remain competitive in the employment market. Read more on this topic: Creating the Right Culture at your Nonprofit.

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7 Ways for Arts & Cultural Organizations to Retain Members

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Members are the catalyst of your arts or cultural organization. The level of the members’ engagement will reflect in your ability to listen and connect. Arts & Cultural Aquariums Donor Stewardship Gardens Museums performing arts sustaining members ZoosThey believe in your staff, your mission and support your goals. And while attracting new members is a never-ending process, retaining existing members is equally as important.

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Know Your Culture, Show Your Culture: The Authenticity Project #MMCon


Authenticity is rooted in alignment between your internal culture and your external communications. That’s why WorkXO and 5:00 Films & Media are partnering to explore the intersection of culture and video in a new project! In this project, we will be working together to help interested associations create an awesome About Us video that really reflects their culture. Know Your Culture, Show Your Culture: The Authenticity Project.

Four Tips to Help Nonprofit Marketing Departments Create a Culture of Philanthropy

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Today’s nonprofit marketers must be experts in learning how to shift their organizational culture towards a culture of philanthropy. This gets to the heart of the best practices that are needed to create a culture of philanthropy within anonprofit organization. But the reality is that in many nonprofit organizations, different teams and departments do not have a shared mental model for a culture of philanthropy. Get Everyone Aligned Around the Culture of Philanthropy.

Embracing a More Diverse Audience in Arts and Culture

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If arts and cultural nonprofits fail to cultivate more diverse audiences, they risk decreased attendance and bankruptcy. In order to survive these changes and continue to support the community , arts and cultural nonprofits must become centers for cultural exchange and make three significant changes: Diversify leadership. Become more involved in civic and cultural issues. Get Involved in Civic and Cultural Issues.

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Introducing an Awesome New Podcast About Workplace Culture


So perhaps I am biased, as the Culture Chat podcast is my podcast I have started producing over at WorkXO, but it really is awesome and I want to share it with you. If you enjoy these, please share, subscribe over on Podbean or subscribe in iTunes by clicking that link or searching for The Culture Chat! Building a Culture of Accountability. How do you create a culture where accountability is welcomed and desired and aligned with doing your best work?

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Transformative keynote speakers, compelling educational sessions and unbeatable networking opportunities will leave you awash in experiences to inspire and strengthen the philanthropic culture of your YMCA. A note on prices: we want anyone to be able to use this resource, so the registration prices listed reflect the full conference rates for non-members at the time of posting. It's finally here!

Reflections on Micronesia

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

It's great to go to completely different places, spending time learning about history, politics, issues and culture from new perspectives. I also learned about traditional drugs that have important cultural overtones. is committed to financially supporting these states that we dominated following World War II, which affects the political culture significantly. Micronesia left quite an impression on me.

Dangerous/Ridiculous: Reflections on AAM

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And I talked about some of the challenges of finding the right income and expense models for a museum that operates more like a community center than a traditional cultural institution. Last week, I was in Minneapolis for the American Association of Museums annual meeting. As always, the conference was a party mix of inspiring and dull, familiar and new. It's one of the rare settings in which you can see glimpses of the past and the future all under one roof.

Building a Culture of Experimentation

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I’m starting to really appreciate the difference between being an individual agent and creating a culture of agency. And increasingly, what I’m trying to enable is a culture of experimentation. We often talk about “change” or “innovation” as the goal for our institutions, but I’d argue that building a culture of experimentation is more important than building a culture of change. What does a culture of experimentation look like?

Rowboats and Magic Feathers: Reflections on 13 Years of Museum 2.0

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Blogging is precious because it is an opportunity to reflect in writing. From 2015-2019, the blog continued to be my go-to tool for reflection and learning. is a place where we dream together about a more inclusive, vibrant, democratic cultural sphere. Woman reading a book on a beached rowboat, 1925. Image via State Library of Queensland (an institution I love). Dear friends, This is my last post as the author of Museum 2.0.

What Nonprofits and Libraries Can Learn from Zappos Culture

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In Hsieh’s book, “ Delivering Happiness ,” he writes about the 10 core values of Zappos culture, which include: Deliver WOW through service. Culture is highly valued at Zappos -- so much so that the company publishes a yearly Culture Book. Reminiscent of a yearbook, the Culture Book gives staff a chance to reflect on their favorite parts of the company culture. culture training staff nonprofits libraries Pajamas. Ping pong tables.

How Can Nonprofits Switch to a Data-Driven Culture?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’ve been reflecting on why some nonprofits do a better job of measurement and learning, while others do not. It comes down to organizational culture. The nonprofits that embrace measurement have a data-driven culture. The Evolutionary Stages of A Data-Driven Culture. There not is a reflection process for analyzing success or failure to take into next use or campaign. Changing a nonprofit culture isn’t as simple as.

Creating A Culture of Continuous Improvement Based On Data

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Moving Beyond a Culture of Compliance to a Culture of Continuous Improvement is a resource guide to help leadership, management, supervisory, and data-focused staff in Head Start and Early Head Start programs (1) understand how data, including data they already collect, can help them achieve their program goals; (2) learn techniques for fostering a culture of learning in their organization; and (3) increase their ability to identify and address gaps and continuously improve their programs.

Ocean Conservancy: The Art of Social Media Experimentation, Learning, and Reflection

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In our book, The Networked Nonprofit , we devote an entire chapter to something we called "Learning Loops" which is a combination of tracking and monitoring in real time as a project unfolds, but also incorporates a process of reflection at the end of the project to the next experiment. . It is really hard to carve out time to take a step back and reflect on what has gone well, what hasn’t, and what to do next. As the leader, she is creating a culture of flexibility. .

Social Media and Governance: Reflections from BoardSource

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last week, I had the honor of doing a mini workshop at the annual BoardSource Conference called “Governing the Networked Nonprofit in An Age of Social Media &# where I had an opportunity to share some ideas on social media culture, transparency, and simplicity from the Networked Nonprofit , co-authored with Allison Fine. I started the social culture discussion with a story describing an Twitter and board meeting experiment I did back in 2008. Board source.

Executive management in hard times - Retrenchment, reflection, transition, recovery

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Arts and cultural, environmental and educational organizations are similarly challenged by the impact of new technologies on audience or constituent behavior and more accessible and affordable alternative forms of entertainment or expression, let alone evolving and changing tastes and values. Periods of retrenchment, then, if wisely leveraged, are opportunities for strategic reflection, restructuring, and mapping pathways to recovery or transformation.

Reflections from Independent Sector and Blackbaud Conferences

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

There are people or even organizational cultures comfortable with using the existing tools and are slow to change, while early adopters and agile cultures keep learning and moving. The first half of the workshop focused on the “Becoming A Networked Nonprofit&# and we took a deep dive into social culture, transparency, and simplicity. The second half of the workshop looks at social media strategy and tactics.

Are Cultural Organizations Built to Fail to Scale?

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I can think of many extraordinary innovators in the nonprofit cultural sector--people and organizations creating brilliant programs, site-based experiences, and products. Why aren’t more cultural organizations franchising, scaling, and replicating like comparable businesses? Cultural organizations tend to have many programs, projects, audiences, and goals. There are no NDAs in the nonprofit culture sector. What's the upside for cultural organizations to scale?

Reflections from #15ntc Session Walking As Work and 20/8/2 Rule

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This year I designed and facilitated a highly interactive session called “ Walking is Work: Don’t Call It A Break ” with Ritu Sharma. I also lead a conference networking walk following the session. This post summarizes some thoughts and reflections. To shift expectations, we let people know at the beginning of the that they could stand at anytime, pace, or sit — that we want to make standing an okay cultural norm. Photo by Jim Nickerson.

What Nonprofits and Libraries Can Learn from Zappos Culture

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In Hsieh’s book, “ Delivering Happiness ,” he writes about the 10 core values of Zappos culture, which include: Deliver WOW through service. Culture is highly valued at Zappos -- so much so that the company publishes a yearly Culture Book. Reminiscent of a yearbook, the Culture Book gives staff a chance to reflect on their favorite parts of the company culture.But Let’s Be Realistic. culture training staff nonprofits libraries

Paying Attention to Your Nonprofit’s Workplace Culture Pays Off

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Recently, I was invited to participate in a staff “Lunch and Learn,” by Connor Diemand-Yauman , CEO of Philanthropy University , about building a culture of wellbeing in the nonprofit workplace and capacity building. But there was also another sign on the wall that described their Quarter 3 theme word “Mindfulness” and a reflective question, “What behaviors and processes can we establish to engender more mindfulness and presence in our interactions.”

Reflections on the Social Media Lab Workshop

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Here's some reflections: Thoughtful, Intentional Experiments Thoughtful experimentation is setting up a low-risk experiment with metrics to figure out what is and isn't working is a social media best practice. As a culture, we value answers over questions because answers allow us to take action faster, while asking questions makes us think. She calls it "joyful funeral" -- that you quickly say this didn't work, reflect on why, and move on.

Healthy Nonprofit Work Culture: Shouldn’t That 2 Hour Conference Call Have Been An Email?

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When we talk about healthy nonprofit work culture, the fit nonprofit , it goes beyond having organizations create wellness policies and practices that encourage staff to eat right, exercise, take vacation time, and get enough sleep. And, healthy meetings are not just about avoiding salty and sugary snacks. It’s about creating collective organizational energy and optimizing it so we’re not wasting time and taking into account everyone’s individual productivity cycles.

How DoSomething Transformed A Mistake Into Learning: Creating A Culture of Impact

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This how you create a “ culture of impact.” There were many “ teachable moments ” from this mistake that eventually helped them improve their overall text campaigns According to the article, the staff has three questions to reflect and take action on? Dosomething has a culture that isn’t about shame and blame. It’s about reflection and improvement. Failure Organizational Culture You’ve heard the mantra: Learn from failure.

Reflections from Networked Nonprofit Workshop for 300 People

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The morning had two segments, beginning with content and small group exercises on several themes from the Networked Nonprofit including culture change , transparency , and simplicity. Geoff Livingston did a great job at live blogging the first section in the morning. Some Reflections. That is one reason why I always incorporate a reflection at the end that helps participates identify one small action step. Colorado Project. View more presentations from Beth Kanter.

Reflections from Networked Nonprofit Workshop for Latin American NGOs

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I always like to start with an icebreaker that allows participants to reflect and identify burning questions. Like I found in London when I taught a similar workshop , the concept of personal brand was not immediately culturally comfortable. I introduced them to the idea of walking and movement as work and incorporated some fun energizers that celebrated Latin American culture.

Blogging a crisis: reflecting on some lessons learned

Steve Bridger

Indulge me for a moment and allow me to use a travel metaphor: To fully understand the value and culture of social media, it is best to participate as a ‘traveller’, and not as an occasional tourist. This is a story of a blog. It’s a story I really ought to have shared long before now, and I am truly thankful to my good friend Ron Mader for (politely) badgering me to tell it.

Dilbert’s Social Media Policy and Reflections from Palo Alto Community Fund Workshop

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I covered a few themes from the Networked Nonprofit, specifically social culture, transparency, and simplicity in part 1. Tags: Free Agent Networked Nonprofit Organizational Culture Palo Alto Community Fund. View more presentations from Beth Kanter.

Reflections from 12NTC Panel on Data Visualization

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This post summarizes how you can use session documentation and reflective practice to improve the content and delivery of your session. The exercise was to describe a series of stages that nonprofits go through to get to a data-informed culture. Click Thru to See Larger Image.

A Methodology for Learning from Social Media Pilots: Reflection

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The intention was not to shame or punish the child for "mistakes" in behavior, but provide an opportunity for reflection and learning. Two weeks ago, I had an opportunity to have a discussion at the Community Roundtable on the topic " How do you create a culture that is not afraid to fail ? " There were many takeaways, including providing a safe place for social media pilots. Here is a quick brainstorm of questions we could ask that might help networks reflect more effectively.

Reflections: Social Media and NGO/CSR Workshop in India

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

You can find my materials and slides on the workshop wiki - CSR and NGO workshops, but always like to do a reflective wrap up post. When I get on site, I focus on listening and soaking up the culture and perspective. Workshop Ngo Feb 13 View more presentations from Beth Kanter. My 8 day visit to India was a whirlwind. I'm still recovering. Here's why: I attended and presented at the Indian Leadership Forum in Mumbai on Feb 9-11.

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International Museum Day 2020: Tips To Engage Supporters

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Monday, May 18th is International Museum Day , the mission of which is to raise awareness of the fact that, “museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples.”. It’s also the release date of our eBook co-authored with Cuseum , “ The Ultimate Guide to Surviving & Thriving As A Cultural Organization ,” which you can pre-download here.

A City and an Art Center Design the Future: Reflections on the Market Street Prototyping Festival

Museum 2.0

We were discussing the potential for cultural organizations to have significant impact across communities: on planning, health, education, and quality of life. What kind of cultural experience offers the right kind of invitation and opportunity for pedestrians in public space? "The arts are future-making." I wrote this down when Deborah Cullinan said it at a meeting of arts leaders about a year ago.

When Culture Eats Your Foundation’s Social Media Strategy for Breakfast

Beth Kanter

Yesterday, I had the honor of facilitating a workshop on culture change and social media at the Council on Foundations Conference for Community Foundations in San Francisco. John Kobara, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, California Community Foundation, was the session designer and introduced the session with a famous quote from Peter Drucker, ”Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Does it take a natural disaster to change a culture?

Is a Culture of Learning Required To Learn in Public?

Beth Kanter

A Culture of Learning – Guest post by Teri Behrens. One of the takeaways from the breakout session was the need for foundations to have a growth and learning culture internally before they tackle learning in public. Many individuals and foundations are taking “baby steps” towards creating learning cultures, but lack of time for learning is one chronic complaint. Flickr Photo by Zen.

The Power of Small Wins: Celebrating Your Nonprofit’s To Dones

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Mindfulness Organizational Culture Reflection TipsWorking as a nonprofit consultant can sometimes feel isolating. That’s why it important to have networking opportunities to connect with professional colleagues face-to-face beyond online groups. I try to make an effort to do this regularly. This past week, I met up with nonprofit consultant Carrie Rice. We met in a nonprofit conference space of another colleague, Corey Newhouse, executive director of PublicProfit.

Reflections from Mashable Summer of Social Good Conference

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I didn't realize this, but she is also the founder of the The Society For Geek Advancement, which aims to bring together geek culture for social good. I was honored to speak at the Summer of Social Good conference hosted by Mashable , a popular social media and technology blog and a big geek favorite. This was the culmination of the summer long initiative to help raise money for four charities, Humane Society of the United States , World Wildlife Fund , Oxfam , and LIVESTRONG.

Reflections on Social Media EPIP Workshop

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I had a chance to listen in on other trainings, which included some techniques for creating a recruitment culture - where chapters can reach out to new members and draw them in - face-to-face networking. EPIP Slides View more presentations from kanter. I feel really inspired! I just finished up the Social Media Strategy Game workshop with EPIP Chapter leaders. EPIP stands for Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy.

7 Tips to Increase Your Online Fundraising Success

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Your website, e-appeal or app should reflect your current campaign, and your donation button should be highly visible. Nonprofit Fundraising Arts & Cultural Arts & Culture donation pages nonprofit website Online Fundraising online giving Recurring GivingOnline giving continues to rise due to its simplicity, convenience and consumer behavior.

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