Major Gifts: Defining and Enhancing Your Strategy

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The clear majority of giving is made through one of three methods: direct mail, online and special events. Many organizations are embracing these coming-of-age fundraising strategies, but it may be to the detriment of what we’ve traditionally called “major gifts”.

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5 Facts About Online Average Gift Size

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I used to believe that online average gift size was a vanity metric. Over time I’ve learned to love the online average gift size metric. billion in online gifts in 2016 from more than 4,000 nonprofit organizations in the United States. I have a confession to make.

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Engaging Event Donors to Consider Planned Gifts

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Direct mail and direct response, annual fund, special campaigns, major donors and event donors and participants form the back-bone of your planned gift prospect pool. Explore simple ways to engage your event donor in the planned gift conversation.

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More Meaningful Gifts

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And for many of us, a time to exchange gifts. As I sat on the plane home this past weekend reading a magazine on the top 50 gifts under $50, I thought about how much stuff I have, how much of it I really don’t need and what really makes for a meaningful gift.

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When Worlds Collide: Major Gifts and Direct Marketing Team Up to Maximize Mid-Level Donors

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Four years ago, the only thing major gifts officers and direct marketing teams shared was the office bathroom. Mid-level giving programs exist at the intersection between major gifts and direct marketing. Major gifts fundraising is a game of quantum leaps.

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Direct Mail Is Here to Stay (and How)


In today’s digital age, it might seem somewhat nostalgic to talk about direct mail. While it’s tempting to default to cost effective communication channels like email and Facebook, direct mail is still very much in play. Today, direct mail continues to be an effective way to prompt donors to take action. You started out in direct mail almost 17 years ago. As conventional wisdom had it, mail out as much as you can to as many people as you can to maximize your returns.

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Enhancing Your Major Gift Fundraising Strategy with Analytics

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The role of these projects with all your programs and initiatives is to help you identify and strategize the right individuals and target audience for specific types of gifts , as well as how much to ask for and who to prioritize.

GreenDimes: Stops Junk Mail.

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

One of the most important gifts I'm celebrating this holiday season are the things I didn't get: many, many pounds of junk mail catalogs, many of them duplicates. And, it's accomplished through a great social venture: GreenDimes , whose motto is Stop Junk Mail. Save Trees and Help the Environment Greendimes automates the process of taking yourself off of mailing lists with a simple web application. So, the Greendimes folks mailed us the postcards to sign and send in.

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Matching Gift Basics—How Does Your Nonprofit Benefit?

NonProfit Hub

Adam Weinger is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub and the President of Double the Donation, a company which provides tools to nonprofits to help them raise more money from corporate matching gift and volunteer grant programs. _. Matching gift programs. Matching Gift Basics.

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Inspiring “Gifts of Gratitude” in Healthcare

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Since the program started two and half years ago, the organization has received more than 970 gifts of gratitude and honored 428 caregivers. Get patient data daily, run through wealth screening and provide major gift officers a list of potential prospects to visit while in the hospital. Augment that with a monthly mailing that goes out to all patients that fit your organization’s prospect profile. Fundraising Major Gifts Planned Giving Stewardship Sustained Giving

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Taking Major Gifts Online: Tactics for Going Digital

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Like many organizations, we worked in silos and the Director of Major Gifts wanted nothing to do with online strategy because it wouldn’t count towards her goal. Create Online Stewardship Strategies for Major Gifts.

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Direct mail is alive and, well.changing

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With that great online success, does direct mail still have a future in fundraising? Research shows that direct mail is alive and well and has an important fundraising future. What is changing is the centrality of direct mail to the marketing mix. While Matures rely on direct mail, 77%, as their primary giving channel, only 54% of Boomers, 43% of Gen X and 26% of Gen Y report giving through the channel. Author: Tad Druart.

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Securing Your Patients’ Next Gifts with Donor Welcome Kits

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Where it gets difficult is securing the second and successive gifts. . R ecency e ffects : As time goes on, memory of care at the hospital fades, reducing the stimulus that contributed to the first gift and would contribute to a possible second gift; .

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Top 10 Sites to get Free Samples by mail: No surveys no credit card

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Everyone loves being given things for free, be it gifts or vouchers. The post Top 10 Sites to get Free Samples by mail: No surveys no credit card appeared first on There is a magical attraction associated with free stuff.

How to reduce mail without reducing net income

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With the postage increase looming, you may be looking for opportunities to reduce your mail stream without reducing your net income. You might say ‘impossible’ but I am here to tell you that through the use of data analytics, nonprofit professionals can improve their segmentation strategy, reduce mail, increase return on investment and improve relations with donors. Many nonprofits use the RFM selection strategy in order to identify whom to mail for a certain appeal.

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What prompts an online gift?

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I tell them, “Yes, I would like to make a gift this year, however I would prefer you save the stamp and I’ll go online to make my gift. As the number of touch points grows, it will become more and more important for organizations to determine which channels are prompting the gifts they receive. Historically, it was fairly easy to track donations via a single channel like direct mail. In short, what prompts an online gift? Do you do a lot of mailings?

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112 Tips to Raise More Money by Mail


Direct mail is a major workhorse for all nonprofits. And regardless of what you hear or think about online giving, most gifts still come via the mail. This week guest blogger Gail Perry is back with her top tips to help us all raise more money by mail.

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Why You Should Start Creating a Mid-Level Donor Program ASAP

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

By focusing a little extra energy on your mid-level donors, you can raise more money and create a quality pipeline for your major gifts officers. Collaborate with your membership and major gifts teams to discern who these donors are. fundraising major gifts

Three New Ways to Delight Your Donors

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That means prompt acknowledgement letters, hand-written notes for major gifts, and regular phone calls of gratitude to new donors. Direct mail is not dead …but it is going through a mid-life crisis.

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Mailed out | Beaconfire Wire

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He recently vowed that he would no longer fundraise for candidates who don’t allow people to opt out of snail mail appeals with their online gift: It really is infuriating. I blame direct mail consultants who charge per piece sent.

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Online Fundraising and 3 Reasons to Start a Recurring Gift Program


Make sure to check out his upcoming webinar where Bill will talk about Making the Most of Recurring Gifts with The Raisers Edge — 2/22/12 @ 2pm ET — Register Now ! The concept of recurring gifts is simple. You’ll even learn about recurring gift management in The Raiser’s Edge.

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11 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

That said, if you prefer to wrap and present gifts this holiday season, please see a previous post entitled 22 Online Gift Stores That Benefit Nonprofits. Wild animal adoptions are the perfect gift for holidays… for a friend or yourself. Heifer International :: Gifts of Hope.

To Analyze or Not to Analyze… That is the Question

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So your organization mails to the same group of prospects for your annual giving program year after year, looking at LYBUNTs, SYBUNTs, etc., Or you continue managing in your portfolio, the same major gift and planned gift prospects and don’t see any additional prospects to fill in your pipeline that have identified potential or inclination.

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Sharing Your Story: How to Engage Donors with the Philanthropic Impact of Their Gift

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This might include direct mail letters, email appeals, Giving Tuesday , telemarketing and more. It might seem too easy, but research shows that donors want to know 1) how their gift was used and 2) what impact it had. We have officially crossed the mid-way point of the calendar year!

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Is Direct Mail Dying or Dead? Hogwash!


For starters, I’m addressing this question on the basis of 30 years in direct mail fundraising and 15 years in fundraising online. Tags: Direct Mail Online Fundraising My, my.

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Writing Appeals – Dare to be Different

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Success in having major gift prospects comes from having a good annual fund. … Annual Fund Direct Mail Fundraising fundraising appeals Major gifts

The Value of Gifting in the Nonprofit Sector

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These gifts have ranged from pens, pins, plaques, to expensive gift baskets, coffee mugs and the naming of a building or room, in the case of philanthropists. In fact, millions of dollars and thousands of hours may be wasted engaging in gifting. Small Thank-You Gifts.

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Avoid a Crash Landing: Plan Now for Year-End Success

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I recently had an opportunity to read a couple of my fellow … Annual Fund Direct Mail Major Gifts end of year fundraising

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How Weinstein Hospice Uses Smart Segmentation to Identify Key Donors

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Do you know how many of those you reach out to have the potential to make a large gift? While we are still in the planning and preparatory phase at this point, our VP of Fundraising and her committee will be using our ‘VIP’ list to cultivate endowments and planned gifts.

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Giveaway: 29 Gifts by Cami Walker

Have Fun - Do Good

I just received a review copy of the paperback edition of my friend Cami Walker's book, 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. I'd love to mail it to one of you!

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Winter 2013 Juicy Blogging E-Course + Gift Certificates

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I'll email the gift certificate to you as a PDF so you can mail, or email it to them. It will look similar to last year's gift certificate (pictured above). Gift certificates for one-on-one blog coaching and creative career consulting are available too.

A View From the Other Side of the Table

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I had finally mailed it so I wasn’t surprised that they might be calling to thank me. I was, however, shocked to hear the Gift Officer explain that she would be in my area this week and was hoping to get together and chat over a cup of coffee.

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The twilight of direct mail? | Beaconfire Wire

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» The twilight of direct mail? Posted Thursday, July 24th, 2008 at 4:46 pm by John Brian (91 posts) On a recent trip to my mailbox, I was shocked to see a direct mail solicitation from Barack Obama’s campaign. 2 Responses to “The twilight of direct mail?&#

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Predictive Modeling vs. Wealth Screening: Effective Segmentation Programs Require a Healthy Mix

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While others like that predictive models can focus on the likelihood to do something – make a gift, perhaps – and not just whether a prospect looks “rich.”. Need help expanding your major gift prospect pool ?

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6 Alternative Birthday Gift Ideas

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In our fast paced world, spending time with someone can be more valuable and memorable than a physical gift. A friend of mine's mom has been giving the gift of time to her grandchildren and children for years. What are alternative birthday gift ideas you've given or received?

Is Direct Mail Dying or Dead? Hogwash! - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


60) Search « Social Media Webinar on June 10th | Main | Is Direct Mail Really Headed for the Exit? » Sunday May 31 2009 Is Direct Mail Dying or Dead? 2) No one knows with any degree of precision how much money is raised each year via direct mail. Is Direct Mail dead?

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Is Direct Mail Really Headed for the Exit? - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


60) Search « Is Direct Mail Dying or Dead? Main | The ROI of Social Media » Friday May 29 2009 Is Direct Mail Really Headed for the Exit? The younger generation seems to prefer to donate online, rather than through the mail. junk mail,” Ball said.

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3 Steps to Getting Your Board More Involved in Fundraising

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Discuss their long-term roadmap from writing thank you notes, to making introductions, to soliciting gifts. Getting development teams and their nonprofit boards to work in alignment can be challenging.

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Preparing for Planned Giving Conversations—24 Terms You Need to Know

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Most conversations about planned gifts don’t start with technical questions; rather, they center on donors’ wishes to have an impact on the organization’s needs. Planned Gift or Planned Giving. Rather, it’s a courtesy notification of the donor’s desire to make a future gift.

Just When You Thought Direct Mail Was Dead | Nonprofit Trends with.

NonProfit Trends

All Blackbaud Blogs Contact Us About Nonprofit Trends Books Research Reports Speaking Just When You Thought Direct Mail Was Dead Posted by Steve MacLaughlin on November 10th, 2010 It’s baaack! You thought direct mail was dead but it has returned. 37% of respondents said that they respond using the charity’s website when they get a fundraising letter in the mail. 53% said they still respond to mail by using the mail.

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The Surprising Truth About Online Donors and Offline Fundraising


to learn more about the turn to online fundraising, the need for a multichannel approach and how direct mail is still alive and well. They then continue to give offline in similar proportions in subsequent years, although the amounts are typically not as large as the initial online gift.

Data Hygiene: Is a bad address costing your organization?

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You can create an opportunity with tribute or memorial gifts and avoid being caught off guard with the unfortunate circumstance of reaching out to family of a loved one who has passed. Analytics Data Hygiene direct mail direct mail fundraising

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Invest in the 3 Cs for Strong Fundraising Results: Capacity, Cultivation and Communication

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Organizations that raised the most money invested more in staff, in securing major gifts, and in overall fundraising capacity. Higher education – Cultivating major gifts. ” Those outings can include activities for families and children, and can pave the way for additional gifts.