How to get on the front page of Reddit [Step by Step Guide]

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How to get on the front page of Reddit [Step by Step Guide]. See how we ended up on the front page of Reddit and how you can too. Follow this step by step guide to build up Reddit karma and get on their front page. How did we get on the front page of Reddit?

Reddit is getting a fundraising button - Technolog on

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Reddit is getting a fundraising button - Technolog on : Now, for the first time, Reddit users will be able to execute some of these fundraisers within Reddit-branded pages

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How Nonprofits Can Use Reddit


Amid all the bad stuff, you'll find some ridiculously generous human beings on Reddit. I'll admit it: when people have asked me how brands could engage effectively on Reddit , the super-popular link-sharing social network, I've usually rolled my eyes and said, "They can't.". In light of the success of that event, people are asking once again if brands and nonprofits can use Reddit effectively. What's wrong with Reddit. Annie Lynsen. Director of Awesomeness.

Latest Episode Highlights Danger and Potential of Reddit Fundraising - Social Media - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas

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Latest Episode Highlights Danger and Potential of Reddit Fundraising - Social Media - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas Over Labor Day weekend, the same subreddit that helped disseminate a cache of nude celebrity photographs tried to organize an online fundraiser "in honor of" Jennifer Lawrence, one of the actresses victimized by the leak.

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Reddit to Rally Volunteers for Needy Nonprofits

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Last year, social bookmarking site Reddit partnered up to raise over $3,000 for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (, a non-profit selected by the website’s users to benefit from the fund-raising drive. It's partly an acknowledgement that many people have few funds to spare, and partly a nod to the wealth of high-tech talent found among Reddit users.

Reddit Alien is Ready for Thanksgiving

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Reddit Alien is ready for Thanksgiving! Here's more about Reddit

Reddit's Pairs Volunteers with Nonprofits

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I'll be interested to see how reddit coordinates the actual doing of the volunteer work, and what the results are. You can find out more about the Feed a Need Project at , and read more about it on the Reddit blog post, - Volunteer to help nonprofits get important things done. reddit volunteer online , a social news site, is pairing volunteers with nonprofits between now and February 14, 2009 as part of its Feed a Need project.

Reddit yet? Cute Aliens, Community News, and Youth Venture.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last night, I attended the Berkman Thursday Blogger Meeting which featured Alexis and Steve, Reddit Founders. Reddit is a community news service with ratings. "Not enough money to live in luxury, but enough to be able to work on Reddit and live."). Reddit is like Alexis and Steve received venture capital from a company that funds projects by youth (these guys must have been all of 22).

Wasting Time While Doing Good: Nonprofits and the World of reddit

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My one stop, time-wasting source is a little gem called reddit. So, what is reddit? Reddit is, as its tagline boasts, the front page of the Internet. Reddit is the amalgamation (22 point word on Words with Friends) of everything that is the Internet. But, if you dig a little deeper, reddit can be a valuable source for anything and everything. Reddit is segmented into subreddits that deal with a specific topic like gadgets, DIY and, wait for it, nonprofit.

"Web Users Vote to Give $246K to Three Boston Area Nonprofits-massnonprofit news ::

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massnonprofit news :: : "Web Users Vote to Give $246K to Three Boston Area Nonprofits February 27, 2015 — Three Boston area nonprofits will each receive a donation exceeding $82,000 from reddit, a social networking service and news website, sharing 10% of the organization’s gross 2014 ad revenue with seven other nonprofits nationwide.

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Are You Ready to Say No?|Crowdfunding’s Ethical Boundaries

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One Reddit user proposed that anyone who looked at these illegal photos should donate money to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. On Tuesday, September 2, the Prostate Cancer Foundation released the following statement : A post appeared on Reddit late Monday afternoon, September 1, 2014. A Reddit user directed other Reddit users to make a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation without the Foundation’s knowledge.

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New Social News Site for Nonprofits

NTEN and Reddit launched a joint venture today: , a social news site geared towards nonprofits. While I have accounts with StumbleUpon and Reddit, I rarely use them. Tags: NPTech stumbleupon reddit web2.0 You're probably familiar with the concept of social news through sites like StumbleUpon and Digg : users post links to stories, other users rate the posts by voting them up or down.

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Digg This?

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Easier to determine–and something I can now instruct you to do for yourself–is to learn the difference between Digg , Reddit , Facebook , Twitter , and StumbleUpon. After all, it takes work to gain the status you need on a site like Digg or Reddit to get your submissions noticed. People who submit links to Digg, Reddit, or one of the other commonly used social networks likely already have a method of doing this, and an icon on your pages is unlikely to help them do so.

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Geeks + Bacon + Volunteering = Awesome


Imagine my great joy upon learning that Reddit is hosting a fantastic resource to connect volunteers of all stripes with organizations that need them this holiday season -- and those volunteers could win some BACON! You may have read about my intense love of all things bacon. I talk about it some(all the)times.

Viral Philanthropy: The Impact of Crowdsourced Compassion

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This is viral philanthropy, through which users of online communities, such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, spread awareness and raise money for those who need it Viral Philanthropy: The Impact of Crowdsourced Compassion : Bus monitor Karen Klein didn’t ask the world for sympathy, and she definitely didn’t request money. But once Internet users watched the heartbreaking viral video of young students harassing Klein, they reached for their wallets.

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5 Steps to Running a Campus Voter Registration Program


advanced social network integration features match students' email addresses to nearly 100 different social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr, allowing you to analyze the best digital platforms for engaging the student body. For universities searching for ways to both grow students' engagement on campus and develop their education and participation as active citizens, voter registration programs have become an increasingly popular activity.

Cryptocurrency Fundraising: A Beginner’s Guide for Nonprofits

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Active on Reddit: Reddit is a go-to for information on cryptocurrency. By Pat Duffy , co-founder of The Giving Block. 1) Should your nonprofit fundraise cryptocurrency? Hundreds of nonprofits now accept cryptocurrency donations.

Our Favorite Articles from Nonprofit Hub in 2015

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Wasting Time While Doing Good: Nonprofits and the World of reddit. One of the best outlets for that is reddit. Despite what your boss might think, you can actually use reddit for good. Read the tips from Devin Thomas about how you can find information and tips on reddit to help your nonprofit. As we complete another trip around the Sun, one can’t help but feel a little nostalgic. (We We blame the eggnog.)

Tools To Help Write Quality Articles Faster

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4 Reddit & Quora. Two great options are Reddit and Quora. Tools To Help Write Quality Articles Faster.

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Bookmark Your Browsers! The Official Blogs of the World’s Most Popular Social Media Sites

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Reddit Blog :: Reddit. The nonprofit sector has a large community of technology bloggers committed to helping nonprofits stay current on emerging trends in social media, online fundraising, and mobile technology. There are these 35 nonprofit marketing blogs and these 25 must-read nonprofit IT blogs as well as these 8 great nonprofit resources. You can also browse 300+ on Twitter at @nonprofitorgs/lists/bloggers-resources.

The Charity Social 100 Index | Voluntary Sector Network | Guardian Professional

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The Charity Social 100 Index | Voluntary Sector Network | Guardian Professional : Voluntary sector blog banner The Charity Social 100 Index Charities need to develop more effective social strategies for a cash-strapped age reddit this Comments (2) Anne McCrossan and Steve Bridger Guardian Professional, Monday 19 September 2011 04.30

The Charity Social 100 Index | Voluntary Sector Network | Guardian Professional

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The Charity Social 100 Index | Voluntary Sector Network | Guardian Professional : Voluntary sector blog banner The Charity Social 100 Index Charities need to develop more effective social strategies for a cash-strapped age reddit this Comments (2) Anne McCrossan and Steve Bridger Guardian Professional, Monday 19 September 2011 04.30

Join the Trend: Six Ways to Discover Hot Topics for Your WordPress Blog

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Reddit. If you’re not currently visiting Reddit to grab ideas for your blog, start doing so immediately. And dedicated Reddit users can sometimes get into some pretty lengthy discussions on topics in the comment sections, which is certainly a place bloggers should be checking out for current interests. One of the biggest obstacles bloggers encounter—whether they’re on the WordPress platform or not—is how to create content that is based on currently trending topics.

The Sky is Falling!

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Well, several social media sites like HootSuite , SCVNGR , Reddit , Quora and Foursquare use Amazon’s services to host their content. Yesterday, Amazon had a server problem for their cloud-based clients. You can read more about it here. What does that have to do with social media? So, when Amazon’s cloud server went down, some social media sites did too. Some were down or sluggish for 15 hours or more.

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Why "Free Agent" Social Communities Rock


The community could be a blog community, a YouTube channel community, a Facebook or Ning group, or a reddit group. The Reddit fundraising challenge that raised almost $60,000. The Atheist, Christian, and Islam subgroups of Reddit , the social news site, decided to raise funds and challenge each other at the same time, in a good-natured way. On December 9th, redditor maggieed suggested that the reddit Christianity subgroup start a fundraiser

10 Common Misconceptions Nonprofits Have About Bitcoin Fundraising

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A single donor donated $56 million worth of Bitcoin to 60 nonprofits at the start of 2018 – on Reddit! Get your organization ready to accept cryptocurrency now, so that you aren’t left empty-handed the next time a donor gives away $55 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency on Reddit.

Little Penguins, Big Drama: Lessons on How to Go Viral from the National Aquarium of New Zealand

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Popular social media channels such as Reddit, BoredPanda and BuzzFeed shared our posts and it was even covered on news channels across the US. It’s always helpful to get inspiration and learn from other organizations in your industry.

#SocialCongress – Perceptions and Use of Social Media on Capitol Hill

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Reddit, Instagram, and Snapchat may someday have their day in the sun, but as far as Congress is concerned, Facebook is king and Twitter is the crown prince. Social Media is an aspect of technology that has been more enticing, faster-moving, more powerful, and more fickle than any other mode of communication—an almost daily topic here on npENGAGE, and one that nonprofit grassroots activists are constantly trying to harness.

Rise of the Weblebrity

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From Stephen Colbert’s interaction with the Reddit Community , to Paddy O’Brien’s stunning story that won the UCSF fundraising challenge on Causes. Author: Guest Blogger. Last month PayPal and Zoetica Media announced a white paper about the effectiveness of celebrities in social media fundraising.

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5 Creative (and Free!) Ways to Attract More Volunteers

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You can find people to fill these positions on online job boards and sites like Craigslist and Reddit. It can sometimes be a challenge to attract enough volunteers to your organization or event. Maybe shaking up your recruiting methods will help. When traditional recruiting tactics start to return lackluster results, consider implementing these five creative and free approaches to attracting volunteers: Mine Your Social Network.

The Thrill of the Hunt or: How I Came To Stop Worrying (about the fold) and Love the Scroll

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Reddit is the most amazing time-suck the internet has ever invented. Putting aside whether I should spend time doing these things, Reddit truly captures the spirit of the hunt. Now, not every website can be just an endless scroll of content like Reddit or Pinterest. The importance of being above THE FOLD has always been a topic of debate, and clearly smartphones have gotten users more comfortable with scrolling.

Your Audience’s Content Is King (and Your Content Is Subservient to It)

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We can use these methods to collect data in real-time and analyze them to see the relative rise of your campaign message vis a vis other message frames on Twitter, Facebook Pages, forums (like reddit), Instagram and tumblr. In a world where everyone is their own publisher on social media, the conventional wisdom that “content is king” is simply incomplete.

Get more Online Donations: 3 Reasons Why Your Main Online Donation Page Should Take After Chinese Takeout

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Take this example from Reddit: In their mind, it was the coming baby. When I transitioned from just a for-profit body of knowledge to a nonprofit body of knowledge, one of the first tasks I had ahead of me was understanding the donation page. To those in the nonprofit space, it seems like a straight-forward thing: This is the place they can come donate online. It’s easier and it’s quicker. It’s convenience.

Digital Life Hacks: Savvy Social Media

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Reddit, Quora, and Digg provide discussion channels. Did you know there are now over 2.3 billion active social media users? As usage numbers continue to grow across all age groups, it is safe to say that social media has become an essential element of digital marketing. With so many potential connections and over 104 social media networks, utilizing this powerful communication channel to support your campaign or event may feel overwhelming. Fear not, as help is on the way!

Digg is Dying. Who are the Players Now?


Between Digg’s redesign, Founder Kevin Rose leaving the company, and other dud product launches like Newswire , Digg just can’t compete with other social networks where people go to share news these days – Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, Care2, etc. Digg, the once beloved link-sharing site that power users were able to game has been dying a slow death over the past couple of years.

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Getting on The List


The latest on Reddit. Seth Godin came out with a list where he essentially asked the question “How do you prioritize life?&# It’s well worth the read as it makes you think personally about how you go about filtering (aka prioritizing). But it’s also very though provoking in terms of our work in the nonprofit space. As I read his list I started thinking about how priorities affect fundraising.

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Say So What To Your Data Three Times

Beth Kanter

The referral traffic came from Reddit. So What? The news piece that was on the top of the Reddit site was about the server outages for major online services. The comments were discussing what people did when Reddit was done.

6 Ways To Make Your Nonprofit’s Holiday Campaign Successful


Twitter and Facebook are still the two most used outlets, but other spheres, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and more are gaining more ground every day. Image courtesy of DoJiggy. The holiday season is meant for giving. This is what many nonprofit fundraisers and donation campaigners are banking on. People are hardwired to give and be charitable during this time of the year.

Great reads from around the web on March 18th

Amy Sample Ward

IdealistNews - New partnership with and Reddit has created the IdealistNews site where you can see some of the hot news items in the nonprofit sector. These are some links I wanted to share from March 18th. Find me on Delicious for more! About Us | Overview | UX Test Kitchen - "The UX Test Kitchen is a nonprofit interactive agency providing free website and media development to other nonprofits. Our staff comes from various companies - such as Razorfish, Time Inc.,

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Essential Tools for Online Reputation Management

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Reddit. Digital Reputation Management Must-Haves. Reputation is everything. Whether be it for a business or an individual, reputation is the ultimate metric upon which identity is dependent upon. In the hyper-social world that we are living in, reputation has become a readily available representation of us that follows us everywhere we go. At a high level, your digital Identity is essentially built from the information that exists publicly about you.

Wordpress Extras: My Favorites

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Postalicious is a WordPress plugin that automatically posts your delicious, ma.gnolia, Google Reader, Reddit or Yahoo Pipes bookmarks to your blog. A recent comment from Ichi (working on social media for good in Japan w/ ) asked after the tools I was using on this blog to bring in comments via Twitter. He suggested I post about the plugins I use so others could check them out – and that’s just what I’m doing!

Online Fundraising Strategies: Nonprofit Marketing Link Roundup

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While on the topic of advertising, I recently came across a Reddit thread discussing the potential of promoting fundraising efforts online. In this weekly nonprofit marketing link roundup , we’re taking a look at articles that are all about online fundraising strategies. Whether you’re fundraising, selling a product or providing a service, the way in which you market to people really isn’t all that different.

The End of the Beginning of Online Giving

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Here is a short list of innovations that happened after online giving began in 1999: Airbnb, Android, Bitcoin, Chrome, Dropbox, Etsy, Facebook, Github, Hashtags, iPod, iPhone, iPad, jQuery, Kindle, LinkedIn, MySpace, Netflix, Oculus Rift, Pinterest, Reddit, Slack, Tesla, Twitter, USB Flash Drive, Venmo, Wii, Xbox, YouTube, and the Zettabyte. 2019 marks 20 years since online giving first began in any significant way.

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