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How to find free things: nonprofit students edition 


As a nonprofit management student, preparing to enter this field can be challenging because it’s still developing. As the sector evolves, students aren’t always sure which available resources are the most sound to support our studies. This fall, a year into my master’s program, I started an internship on Candid’s communications team.

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5 Social Media Templates for Nonprofit Fundraising Events

Nonprofit Tech for Good

This year, we hope to help even more students through the funds we raise through Golfing for Good. Be a part of the wonderful change we’re able to create through our programs at Sunnyvale Student Progress Resources. Check out our list of [ARTISTS/SPEAKERS/ENTERTAINERS] who will make [EVENT NAME] an unforgettable experience.


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2023 Nonprofit Holiday Gift Guide

Media Cause

Oceanic Preservation Society Oceanic Preservation Society offers several unique ways to gift and give, including prints and merchandise from their rotating featured artists , coloring books, jewelry, and more! Help us fight back against efforts to censor LGBTQ+ inclusive literature in Florida, Texas, and 30 additional states.

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Forward Unto the Breach: Don’t Rest on Nonprofit Laurels


the numbers of students you can enroll, patients for whom you have beds, ticket buyers for whom you have seats, etc.), For example: If you’re any type of education program, you can offer learning opportunities to non-enrolled students. You can take art to the schools or bring students to your art. you can still go deeper.

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Client Spotlight: Orange County School of the Arts


Who they are The award-winning Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) provides a creative, challenging, and nurturing environment that offers bright and talented students unparalleled preparation for higher education and a profession in the arts. OCSA is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The result?

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Bright Idea: Unique Nonprofit Sponsorship Tips to Sell Out Your Next Fundraising Event!


Who they are: California School of the Arts – San Gabriel Valley (CSArts-SGV) is a public charter school that provides a creative, challenging, and nurturing environment offering bright and talented students a rigorous college-preparatory education and pre-professional arts conservatory training.

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Study the Data, But Eat the Cake—Put the Human Factor Forward


Artists were experiencing rows of empty seats at ‘sold out’ concerts. Students are now eligible to join at age 15, which is a new pipeline to the next generation of talent. “When we examined the data, we saw patterns of behavior that we would not have imagined,” Tiffany recalls. This was a controversial move.

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