Making #GivingTuesday Count: New Mexico State University’s Story

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One day can make a difference and New Mexico State University (NMSU) can prove it! An even loftier goal of ours was to establish a new vision and culture with 100% participation from all volunteer leadership boards and campus leadership, plus 100% participation from advancement staff in planning and personal giving. We created 82 new scholarships.

New Mexico Teacher Licensure Solution


The New Mexico Licensure system completed another successful session today, March 31st., As teacher preparation and professional development becomes more and more necessary, the New Mexico Public Education Department, Division of Educator Quality, has designed an amazing online solution which integrates license management state-wide, merit-based reviews of teacher portfolios, professionally trained reviewers, and appropriate changes to licensure level and compensation.

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Bookshare Creates Opportunities For Gifted Students

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

New Mexico high school student Jessica Pinto also depends on Bookshare’s accessible digital texts to meet top academic standards. We are proud of both Jessica and Steffon and we wish them both a New Year full of good books and new accomplishments.

3 Weeks Until #GivingTuesday! Is Your Organization Ready?

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Leverage #GivingTuesday as a day to ask potential new supporters to engage with you in easy, low-pressure ways such as holiday email raffles or signing a pledge that aligns with your organization’s mission. Read her post, “ Turning a New #GivingTuesday Donor into a Lifetime Donor ,” to learn how to implement the five elements of this strategy: Accessible, Educational, Impactful, Open and You. Having a stewardship plan is critical to retaining both new and existing donors.

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Text messages are one more way to help Haiti victims - Las Cruces Sun-News

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Text messages are one more way to help Haiti victims - Las Cruces Sun-News: "LAS CRUCES - Nursing student Gonzalo Valdez, 28, sat on a couch in Corbett Center at New Mexico State University on Tuesday and typed a few letters and numbers into his iPhone before returning to his studying.The whole transaction took just about a minute, but Valdez helped provide clean drinking water, first aid

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Respectful Revolution's Video Portrait of My Do-Good Dad: Tom Aageson, Co-Founder, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship

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He is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship , founded a program for homeless veterans in conjunction with the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness , and is involved with Santa Fe for Students / Communities In Schools of New Mexico. Shout out for my Do-Good Dad! He''s one of the Respectful Revolution ''s video portraits.

Structural Poverty and the Non-Adoption Tax

Tech Soup Blog

GCCE and the New Mexico State Library are partners in Fast-Forward New Mexico (FFNM), a BTOP-funded project. She pointed out the sad irony that while Internet literacy is a key ingredient for fighting poverty in New Mexico, building up that literacy is more expensive in poor communities than in wealthy ones: read more. This post originally appeared at TechSoup for Libraries.

Father's Day Show: My Dad, Tom Aageson, Co-Founder, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship

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In addition to being the co-Founder of the Global Center, he is also the Executive Director of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation. This month's Big Vision Podcast interview is a special one with. my Dad (!) Tom Aageson, the co-Founder of the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship.

Be open to Big Vision photobombs

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While visiting New Mexico this summer, I raised my phone to take a photo of some pink flowers against a blue sky when this happened: This hummingbird flew right into my frame and posed for a long time (at least by hummingbird standards). Sometimes when we''re working on our big vision : noticing what sparkles , letting go of old visions to be open to the new, and running towards what excites us , something unexpected shows up right in front of our face.

My Dad: Allen Stamm Humanitarian of the Year

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I spent the weekend in New Mexico celebrating two important days with my parents: Mother's Day and my dad's receiving the Allen Stamm Humanitarian of the Year award from the United Way of Santa Fe County. Tom Aageson New Mexico Santa Fe art humanitarian

Your Nominations: 13 People with Big Visions for a Better World

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Flickr photo credit: Ray of Light. Madonna by Micky Zlimen Wow, everyone! Thanks for answering my post from last week, Who Should I Interview for the Big Vision Podcast? I'm loving hearing all of your ideas.

The Power of Place: The @home Campaign


Whether he’s under a bridge in New Mexico or speaking with residents in a tent city in Michigan, Mark is using his smartphone to check in, to tweet a person’s story, or to post a raw video on his website. Whether he’s under a bridge in New Mexico or speaking with residents in a tent city in Michigan, Mark is using his smartphone to check in, to tweet a person’s story, or to post a raw video on his website. Danny Alpert. Executive Director, Executive Producer.

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Last 100 Days of 2011: How Will You Make Time for What Really Matters?

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Photo of November New Mexico Sky by me. "As long as there's not an airplane crashing into this building, you're having a good day. You can always take care of whatever problem you're having today." - Richard Fern "I don't worry about the future. Because you can make plans, but you can't predict with any certainty what is really going to happen. So, I just let it happen. So, I don't dwell on the past, I don't worry about the future.

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Working America Drives Local Action with Targeted Text Messages

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But some – from unemployment in New Mexico to union rights in Ohio – are highly local. And earlier this year, Working America crowd-sourced feedback about a new Pennsylvania voter law from the people it was actually affecting – Pennsylvania voters. Working America is a national organization that represents working families on a wide variety of issues. Some of those issues are national.

Government, Community, and Corporate Partnerships to Expand Broadband Access

Tech Soup Blog

The project is called Fast-Forward New Mexico (FFNM) and they're working with the New Mexico State Library in order to help spread broadband access and know-how through 17 different libraries to increasingly underserved and disenfranchised communities across the state.

Food Stamp Search Suggests Hard Times Are Spreading like a Flu.

Network-Centric Advocacy

Is it fair to assume that the actual surge next year will include Oregon, Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, etc. Google Trends and US Department of Agriculture Results are compared in these images.

How BTOP Funding Is Informing Innovative Training Methods

Tech Soup Blog

A nonprofit organization in New Mexico and Maine's state library are using the funds from the NTIA's Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant to fund innovative ways to provide necessary training in such communities. This post originally appeared on the TechSoup for Libraries blog and was authored by Jennifer Anthony.

Forging Partnerships with ISPs

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Two nonprofit organizations are using the funds from the NTIA's Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant to partner with ISPs and provide communities in New Mexico and Ohio with broadband access. This post was written by Jennifer Anthony and originally appeared on the TechSoup for Libraries Blog. Remote and low-income communities often have limited choices when it comes to broadband, and the few options they do have are often cost prohibitive.

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Capitalizing on a Wealth of Data: The First Steps


What happens in Nebraska or New Mexico might make a difference in Nova Scotia or the Netherlands. Today we’re pleased to show you what we’ve been working on with the launch of our new microsite , Results Data Initiative: Charting the Known World. We all know a wealth of useful data exists online, in various publications, or hidden away in public archives.

Have Fun Do Good Book - Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart

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The deadline to apply for the June 23-28 workshop at Ocamora Retreat Center in Northern New Mexico is May 6th , so don't delay! Each year I post a list of favorite Have Fun Do Good books. I have a feeling Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart will be included this year.

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Using BTOP Funds to Reach Remote Areas

Tech Soup Blog

A library in Montana and a nonprofit organization in New Mexico are using the BTOP grant money to fund unique ways to reach out to remote areas. This post originally appeared on the TechSoup for Libraries blog and was authored by Jennifer Anthony. Broadband provision in remote communities can often be logistically challenging and expensive. Targeted grants are one way to address the access barriers faced by rural communities.

The Cost of Starting a Nonprofit in Every State

NonProfit Hub

New Hampshire. New Hampshire charitable registration: $25. New Jersey. New Jersey charitable registration: $30-$250, depending on gross contributions. New Mexico. New Mexico charitable registration: $0. New York. New York State charitable registration: $25 to solicit contributions ($0 if exempt). The process of starting a nonprofit requires a fair amount of savvy and know-how.

The Three P’s of Board Performance

ASU Lodestar Center

Are you selecting new board members? Developing a training program for new board members? Creating a new committee? Buchanan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from the University of New Mexico, sits on the Arizona CURESMA Board of Directors and is the President of the George Roskruge & S. posted by Bo Buchanan Spring 2019 Alumnus, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management.

Be Sweet: Creative Products with a Conscience & More Do-Good Gifts

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suggested two sites related to the Museum of New Mexico Foundation (who he works for)-- New Mexico Creates , that features the work of 400+ New Mexican artisans and artists, and , that sells work by international artisans. While window shopping in our neighborhood this weekend, my husband and I went into a store that was selling the beautiful handmade bag pictured here.

Insider Tips for Nonprofit Content Marketing at Healthcare Organizations

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Don’t be afraid to tap into those innovative concepts because they could present an incredible opportunity to reach out to your own community to find new ways to generate user-driven content. Here’s an example: Sclerodoodle entry from 2012 by Erin Thomas, of New Mexico. Guest post by Christina Relacion, Communications Manager at the Scleroderma Foundation’s National Office. Her primary interests include website production and social media.

Interview with My Dad, Tom Aageson, Co-Founder, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship

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In addition to being the co-founder of the Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, he is the Executive Director of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation. She takes what they make into international markets in London and New York. New Mexico Creates is

Nonprofit Calendars for 2010

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I know more and more people are using calendars on their computers and cell phones, but I like paper calendars. There is something about writing things down by hand with different colored pens that I still love.

Tips on landing a job in the nonprofit sector

ASU Lodestar Center

And sure, a new mobile app would be absolutely amazing, but many nonprofits simply cannot afford it. where she studied education and psychology at New Mexico State University. posted by. Martha Miner , Manager of Human Resources. Greater Phoenix. Economic Council. Finding gainful employment in the nonprofit arena is different than landing a job in other industries.

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10 Holiday Gifts That Give Back

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You can buy beautiful, handmade gifts made by artisans from companies and organizations like World of Good , Be Sweet , Global Girlfriend , The Amber Chand Collection and New Mexico Creates. The Jackson Street Book blog recently reported that the New York Times and NPR have added as an online book purchasing option, in addition to

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Food & Water Watch Raises Tap Water Awareness With SMS Campaign

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Some even shared it with their local news channels as seen by The Daily Lobo’s coverage of the University of New Mexico’s efforts. Food & Water Watch (FWW) is a nonprofit organization that advocates for common-sense policies to provide access to healthy, safe, and affordable food and drinking water.

What are Effective Strategies Nonprofit Organizations Use to Improve Diversity and Inclusion?

ASU Lodestar Center

New Mexico State University. posted by Hira Ismail Graduate Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management. The 2012 State of the Work Report shows that “people of color make up 37 percent of program offices at foundations…21 percent of U.S. managerial/professional workforce, but only 10-17 percent of CEO and board leadership at foundations” (Ryan, 2012, p. How, then, shall one convince rigid institutions to prioritize diversity and inclusion?

Do * Good Blankets

Have Fun - Do Good

The campaign is organizing schools in the Santa Fe area to donate 600 blankets to the Save the Chimps (STC) sanctuary in Alamogordo, New Mexico. In the wild, chimps make a new bed each night, so the sanctuary needs lots of clean blankets to make the chimps feel at home.

Have Fun Do Good Link Love: Artists and Social Media, Be Bold Podcast, Miss Do-Gooder T-shirts and More!

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The project is a collaboration of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation Shops and the City of Santa Fe Economic Development Division. I posted a new interview last week on the Big Vision Podcast with David Cohn , the Founder of Spot.Us , a nonprofit pioneering community funded reporting.

Why Don't We All Know How to Organize Our Communities?

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Land near their home in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area had been acquired for petroleum drilling exploration. A couple weeks ago my mom told me that they'd heard some disturbing news.

8 Nonprofit CEOs Who Tweet

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Check out this video blog of my visit with peer educators at Planned Parenthood of New Mexico!

Soup for the Super Bowl

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Turns out it is a benefit for the Food Depot , Northern New Mexico's food bank, called Souper Bowl XII. My parents aren't exactly what I would call sport enthusiasts, which is why I was surprised when they said that they were going to a Superbowl party.

TechSoup Global Goes to Congress (Again)

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The event was organized by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and hosted by Congressional members: Randy Hultgren (Illinois), Chaka Fattah (Pennsylvania), Ben Ray Lujan (New Mexico), and Alan Nunnelee (Mississippi). For the past 12 years TechSoup Global has been doing work on multiple levels in the area of electronics recycling and refurbishment to do whatever we can to increase the flow of good low-cost refurbished and new IT equipment to charities and libraries.

Good News! Starbucks Signed an Agreement with Ethiopia

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In January, Starbucks ’ stores in: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, northern California, northern Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Texas, Maine, New Hampshire, parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island were rBGH-free. Guess what?

And the 2013 Digital Storytelling Challenge Awards Go To.

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As part of a new creative and strategic agency for charities, we are so honored and humbled to receive this award so early in our work. The shutter snappers at Keshet Dance Company based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico caught our judges' attention with their powerful slideshow titled "unlimited possibilities through dance," snapping up the first place prizes for best photo story. We all have a story.

Plants! Natural Materials! Review of Explora!, a Peaceful, Delightful Science Center

Museum 2.0

The color palette has a soft New Mexico feel. Note: This post was also published as a review on ExhibitFiles here. I love science centers. My first jobs were in science and children's museums.

How to Optimize Your Nonprofit Newsletter for Success

Tech Soup Blog

Sixty-three percent of organizations surveyed in Australia did not send a single email to new subscribers within the first 30 days of signing up. Rather than saying something like, "In January, Feeding America fed 111,000 hungry people in New Mexico, Oregon, and Nevada," here's what Feeding America actually said: Feeding America thanked its volunteers. She is constantly searching for new ways to create engaging content.

We Got Issues: A New Collection of Young Women's Voices

Have Fun - Do Good

Last week fifty people squeezed into the Marcus Bookstore in Oakland to hear young women share their stories, their rants, and their issues from a new collection of women's writing, We Got Issues! just finished touring through Colorado, New Mexico and Northern California.

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Meet Erica Sonnier: All the Rumpus Blog Administrator

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Erica Sonnier with daughters and new puppy ( photo on flickr). s for the National Kidney Foundation of New Mexico. I volunteered to help the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of New Mexico when one of my friends was an event coordinator with them.