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Who Qualifies as a Major Donor Prospect for Your Organization? (3 Guidelines)

The Fundraising Authority

What are their demographics (age, gender, location, industry, interests)? Do you know what types of donors are most likely to give to your organization? Take a look at your current donors and prospects… who are they? Where did they come from? Do you see any patterns? Create a number of “donor profiles” for your organization.

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How to Use Trial & Error to Find the Right Fundraisers for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Tech for Good

You could keep slogging ahead doggedly, or you could take some advice from the president who led the United States through the Great Depression, helped create the United Nations, and brought you the first federal action to prohibit employment discrimination. You can then offer up the made items in an auction benefitting your cause!


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Fewer restrictions, greater impact: How Candid shifted to unrestricted support 


One such initiative is Demographics via Candid , a national campaign to address the surge of interest in nonprofit demographic data. We encourage our fellow nonprofits to consider being direct with grantmakers about funding the work you know is best for your constituents and causes.

Impact 100
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Protecting the right to give according to our values


AAER’s claim that it is discriminatory to address a funding gap for historically disadvantaged women of color ignores the history of our nation and seeks to restrict the Fearless Foundation’s right to pursue its mission. If AAER’s lawsuit were to succeed, however, it could restrict the causes that grantmakers and individuals can donate to.

Giving 111
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Advancing Equity in Philanthropy with Resolve and Resilience: A Call to Action


Understanding Equity in Philanthropy Equity in philanthropy goes beyond simply providing financial support to charitable causes. This may include tracking demographic data, conducting regular assessments of equity impact, and being transparent about successes and challenges.

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Uncorking the Success to Fundraising with Wine

Greater Giving

It’s official, National Wine Day is May, 25th , but fundraising with wine can take place year round. Some fun event themes/ideas include: Host an Intimate Tasting Event Partner with a local winemaker(s) or retail shops to host an intimate tasting event for your top supporters, or as an avenue to reach a new demographic.

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How To Write A Nonprofit Mission Statement in 7 Steps (Plus 10 Great Examples)

Neon CRM

Are you working with new demographics? Rewriting your mission statement to more accurately represent your work can help you build deeper and lasting connections with supporters because they can see the explicit impact you have on your cause. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you’re likely due for a rewrite.