Tips for Donors on Afghanistan's Complex Humanitarian Emergency


This post is republished with permission from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. It was originally published on August 20. See CDP's What We're Watching page for news on the status of disasters worldwide, along with relevant disaster-related media coverage. Disaster Preparedness

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America spread #GoSilent across the web for Memorial Day

Amy Sample Ward

Just before noon, I decided to go online and see what those in my networks were sharing from their own celebrations or reflections, and immediately found the #GoSilent campaign from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).

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We need to have a serious talk about character limits on grant applications

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Hi everyone, with the collapse of the Afghanistan government, the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and the worsening pandemic, you might. Funder Relations Fundraising Grantwriting character limits grantwriting

Jayne Cravens to Serve as Advisor to UN program in Afghanistan

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Just received word that Jayne is off to Afghanistan at the end of February 2007, to serve as Communication and Reporting Advisor for the United Nation's National Area-Based Development Programme (NABDP), part of UNDP. I'll be in Afghanistan through part of August." " She is hoping to make connections with organizations and individuals who are running programs based in Afghanistan. You can follow her adventures in Afghanistan on her blog.

Get 34 Tips For Making A Memorable Nonprofit Video

Global Giving

Featured Photo: Sahar Foundation provides computer education to girls in Afghanistan. The post Get 34 Tips For Making A Memorable Nonprofit Video appeared first on Learn - GlobalGiving. Videos Nonprofit Marketing Technology

Best Practices for Securing Data in Humanitarian Crisis Situations

Saleforce Nonprofit

The unfolding crisis in Afghanistan is a stark reminder that many nonprofit customers often work in fragile environments. By: Rakesh Bharania, Director, Humanitarian Impact Data, and Alex Parker, Senior Platform Architect,

Google Wallet Ushers in a New Era in Online and Mobile Fundraising for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

That said, on this #FundraisingFriday when I was searching for a nonprofit to donate to that educates girls in Afghanistan in honor of Malala Yousafzai , I was thrilled to come across Barakat – a nonprofit that runs two schools for girls in Afghanistan and is pioneering the use of Google Wallet for online fundraising: 1.

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Zen Under Fire: Big Vision Podcast Interview with Marianne Elliott

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Trained as a lawyer, Marianne helped develop human rights strategies for the governments of New Zealand and Timor-Leste, has worked as a Policy Advisor for Oxfam, and spent two years working in human rights in the Gaza Strip prior to her time in Afghanistan, where she served in the United Nations mission (2005-2007). Her memoir Zen Under Fire , tells the story of her work and life in Afghanistan.

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10,000 Nonprofits On Twitter!

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Their first project is a secondary school for 1,200 girls in Afghanistan where the female literacy rate is only 12%. This morning I followed my 10,000th nonprofit on Twitter! A young nonprofit dedicated to building schools for girls in developing countries named Circle of Women. That they are number 10,000 is completely random, but I am pleased that it is an organization with a mission dear to my heart.

50 Nonprofits Every U.S. Politican Should Follow on Twitter

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Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans :: @ CIAV. The 50 nonprofits listed below are tackling some of the most important economic, social and political issues of our time. They are active in our communities, in our schools, and have valuable knowledge and experience that our nation’s elected officials could learn from and be inspired by, and yet very few U.S. politicians follow any nonprofits on Twitter. They mostly only follow other politicians and news media.

A Day Trip the Hague, Netherlands: International City of Peace and Justice

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It was closing time in the Hague and I was too late to the Oxfam Novib office to meet anyone, but a poster in the window reminds us all to remember Afghanistan one of the poorest countries in the world, affected by decades of conflict and disasters. . An Instagram Photo and Video Essay. by Heather Mansfield. For many years I’ve wanted to visit the Hague, Netherlands.

Update from Jayne Cravens

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

A few months back, colleague Jayne Cravens was off to Afghanistan, to serve as Communication and Reporting Advisor for the United Nation's National Area-Based Development Programme (NABDP), part of UNDP. from Jayne Craven's Flickr Photos from Kabul. I wrote a bon voyage post here. Jayne recently dropped me an email pointing to her photos from Kabul. You can keep current with Jayne's adventures on her blog

Fab Lab and Do-It-Yourself Infrastructure Building

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Over the past 18 months or so, the antennas have been appearing around Jalalabad , a former Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan. It wasn't created by a government either, but it could become the new symbol of infrastructure rebuilding in Afghanistan and around the world. They're inexpensive and easy to repair, qualities more important in Afghanistan than a good warranty. Take, for example, the Taj, the only bar in Eastern Afghanistan (apparently a tiki bar, no less).

The Future Today: Empowering youth via social media

Amy Sample Ward

Habbo’s InfoBus re: curbing violence against gay teens; developing understanding via the Matthew Shepard Foundation visiting ‘in-world’ or the War Child Int’l foundation partnership to focus in-world on kids impacted by violence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda etc.

Training Afghani NGOs in Cambodia

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Over 8 weeks this last fall, I had the privilege of working with NGOs from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, in a series of trainings that took place in Phnom Penh, Beirut and Istanbul. The current conflict in Afghanistan has been ongoing since 2001. Martus is available in seven languages , including in Dari and Farsi which are commonly spoken in Afghanistan.

11 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits and Make the World A Better Place :: 2011 Edition

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As a group or as an individual, CARE Packages can help send girls in Afghanistan to school for a year, or help expectant mothers in Peru safely deliver. Many of us will purchase hundreds of dollars in holiday gifts over the next six weeks, and with some conscious consumerism those dollars could also help some of your favorite nonprofits continue their work in 2012.

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Zen Peacekeeper, Marianne Elliott, Shares How She Has Fun, Does Good

Have Fun - Do Good

She is currently writing a memoir about her life as a UN peacekeeper in Afghanistan. As a small child I was profoundly affected by the glimpses I got into the injustices in the world so I became a human rights lawyer and spent a decade working in places like the Gaza Strip, Timor-Leste and Afghanistan. We write and teach what we want to learn, at least, I do.

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Fab Lab Sets Its Sights on Haiti

Tech Soup Blog

I was excited about Fab-Fi , Fab Lab's name for the simple directional antennas they're using to build a mesh wireless network all over Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Also published on AshokaTech. I wrote a blog post a few months ago about Fab Lab, a network of community-operated workshops springing up all over the world. Of course, to get the full effect of what's cool about Fab Lab, it's useful to take a step back.

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50 Nonprofits To Be Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. American Diabetes Association. Because 1 in 12 Americans have diabetes. Facebook || Twitter || YouTube || Google+ || LinkedIn || Flickr. Americans for the Arts. Because without art our children’s minds will not grow to comprehend life beyond the obvious. Facebook || Twitter || YouTube || LinkedIn || Flickr. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

50 Nonprofits To Be Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. View Larger. In the spirit of gratitude and giving and in celebration of the American holiday of Thanksgiving , below is a list of 50 nonprofits that serve American society. Of course 50 is just a tiny percentage of the nonprofits that work and sacrafice to make our country a better place to live. If you would like to add a nonprofit, please do so with a “Because…” statement in a comment below. Happy Thanksgiving!

Can love change the world? I hope so!

Amy Sample Ward

She originally founded the Voice of Women Organization (VWO) to educate girls in Kabul in secret schools under the Taliban, and has since expanded to support and assist underprivileged women and children throughout Afghanistan. I have talked many times before about the way we as nonprofit organizations and changemakers set our goals. (If If we focus our work on feeding the hungry, for example, do we actually create a system in which we rely on people needing our services?

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[Book Interview] Nonprofit Example of Social Media Excellence: Women for Women International

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Though many of the countries we work in are talked about in the news (DR Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan), some aren’t as well-known (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Nigeria) and we often need to explain why operating in these countries is important. Organization: Women for Women International. Organization Size: Approximately 70 DC/stateside employees; more than 100 field staff employees in eight countries in Africa, the Balkans and the Middle East.

Maximizing Social Engagement for #GivingTuesday

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The concept for GoodUnited came through Nick’s work co-founding and leading Stop Soldier Suicide, which stemmed from his experiences leading Paratroopers as a Ranger qualified Army Officer with the 173rd Airborne during 27 months deployed to combat zones in Afghanistan.

Case Study: Building Community Online (with Appropriate Technologies)


With "The Rucksack", Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) have actually managed to build an online community that works. Community. We all want it. We know we need it. Making it happen? Even with a very high bar for membership – members must submit a copy of their military discharge paperwork – IAVA’s confirmed veteran membership increased fivefold with the launch of "The Rucksack".

Foo Camp 2009

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

There were people already doing cool stuff, like InSTEDD and some great work around mashups of humanitarian data in Afghanistan, as well as folks discussing lauching cool new social enterprises (but we can't talk about them yet). I just got back from Foo Camp 2009, which was a blast as usual. I think this is my third or fourth Foo Camp, and the energy around public uses of technology was palpable.

Refugee Response: TechSoup's New Online Technology Resource for NGOs Helping Refugees

Tech Soup Blog

That displacement has happened mostly as a result of the wars in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. TechSoup is proud celebrate World Refugee Day by announcing a new humanitarian project that that we're doing in Europe and the Middle East. It's called Refugee Response , and it's a project in cooperation with Microsoft to respond to the refugee crisis.

4 Tips for Using Facebook Fundraising for Year-End Giving


Nick co-founded Stop Soldier Suicide stemming from his experiences leading Paratroopers as a Ranger qualified Army Officer with the 173rd Airborne during 27 months deployed to combat zones in Afghanistan.

Are you celebrating Giving Tuesday? These NTEN Members are!


Giving Tuesday is a movement to create a national day of giving to kick off the giving season added to the calendar on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. The second annual GivingTuesday is on December 3rd and we''ve found 124 NTEN Members that are participating! You can support NTEN in Giving Tuesday and join Beth Kanter for a live discussion of collective philanthropy - get the details here. Check out the 124 NTEN Members participating in Giving Tuesday below.

Giving Circle Book Group: Books by Women Visionaries and Their Organizations

Have Fun - Do Good

Brodsky documents the inside story of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA). According to their site, "RAWA is the oldest political/social organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in fundamentalism-blighted Afghanistan since 1977." I've posted a couple of times about giving circles, groups of people who get together to learn about an organization's work, and pool their donations to have a greater impact.

#mygivingstory: Resources and Best Practices for @GivingTuesday Nonprofit Storytelling

Beth Kanter

He shared incredible stories from over two decades of providing rehabilitation for disabled people in Afghanistan. Storytelling is an essential fundraising skill for nonprofits. One of the most amazing nonprofit storytellers I ever heard in my life is Alberto Cairo (International Committee of the Red Cross) who delivered a truly inspirational speech during the International Fundraising Congress closing plenary.

What Do Good Books Did You Read in 2010?

Have Fun - Do Good

Each year I post a list of my favorite Have Fun Do Good Books for the year (even if they weren't actually published in that year). As I'm beginning to draft my list for 2010, I would love to know what do good books you read and loved in 2010. I'm always looking for good book suggestions, plus, I have to pick the next book for my "social changey" book club to read in December, and am looking for ideas. I've listed some of the books I'm considering below (I haven't read them yet).

Have Fun * Do Good Reader Appreciation Day

Have Fun - Do Good

Rather, it is a do-good adventure story of a former mountain climber who has spent almost 15 years building schools in remote mountain villages of northern Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. education book Pakistan Afghanistan Kyrgyzstan MongoliaHello Have Fun * Do Good readers! April 16th is Blog Reader Appreciation Day created by Robin Reagler of the OTHER Mother blog.

Show Your Mama Some Love

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This year’s campaign hopes to raise $65,000 to invest in Mama Lucy’s secondary school in Tanzania, Renu & Maggie’s schools in Kathmandu & Surkhet, Nepal, and Suraya’s women’s shelter in Afghanistan. Show some love in the next fews at To Mama With Love , a creative social fundraiser that leverages the emotional connection we feel with our own mothers or our own pride of being a mom.

SXSW Top Picks


We'll show you how Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), a national non-profit, non-partisan group supporting our nation's newest generation of veterans has established a multi-year partnership with Miller High Life, the San Diego Padres, and celebrities that support their mission. It should also be interesting to hear how Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) decided to partner with the beer company Miller High Life. Conference season is here.

Mother's Day Donation Ideas

Have Fun - Do Good

One of GlobalGiving's "Mom Knows Best" projects like Education for 900 Rural Girls in Burkina Faso or Fast Tracking Education for Women and Older Girls in Afghanistan. * If your mom is the kind of person who prefers a donation to a physical gift, below are a few ideas. Please feel free to add more do-good Mother's Day gift ideas in the comments. Room to Read's Girls' Education program.

How Text Messaging Has Revolutionized Giving


SAWA-Australia is a nonprofit organization aimed at providing Afghanistan women with education and health services. Most of our board placements love nothing better than joining a board where they can be a voice of change. Perhaps that voice in 2017 will be to help your nonprofit adopt text messaging as a new way of fundraising. For all the details on how to make this work for your nonprofit, read on below in this week’s guest blog post on text messaging.

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Behind the Scenes of IAVA’s Cutting-edge “The Rucksack”


The Rucksack" -- a cutting-edge project that I led recently for the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) -- is an especially powerful example of an organization using technology in a strategic and transformative way. By Sam Dorman I've had the good fortune to be involved in some great technology projects over the years, for some great causes.

Courage, Leadership, Grandmothers, Half The Sky and The Mission List

Have Fun - Do Good

She's offering a special deal right now that if you buy her book, Zen Under Fire: A Story of Love and War in Afghanistan , you will receive 30 Days of Courage for free You'll notice when you click on the link for Zen Under Fire , that the book is only available from New Zealand at this time. My in-box was so full of have fun, do good books, films, events and classes to share with you I decided to gather them all into one post. Enjoy!

Good Magazine Wants You To Do Good!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America , founded in June 2004, is the nation's first and largest group dedicated to the Troops and Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Good Magazine as its tagline says is for "people who give a damn" and describes itself as a publishing platform to "change the world." " So, it comes as no surprise that every holiday season the magazine chooses nonprofit partners and runs a fundraising/subscription campaign.

Collective Lens: Photography for Social Change

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Another contributor to the site is Natalia who has shared some compelling photos of children beggars in from Afghanistan. Photo by Santino Livoti One face to a problem moves us, millions overwhelm us. Successful fund raisers for social causes have known that for a long time. A recent series of studies by psychologists provides the research that proves it -- they have found that fund-raising appeals do best when they are crafted around a single gripping image.

The Craig Newmark Beneblog Interview

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Also working with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America to help get them the respect and services they deserve, working on reform of the VA. Just had a good conversation this morning with Craig Newmark of Craigslist and the Craigslist Foundation. There are two hot issue right now on Craig's social action radar, the new launch of the All For Good website and next weekend's Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp in Berkeley.

How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Movie Production Studio In 6 Easy Steps

Global Giving

Featured Photo: Using Texting to Increase Literacy in Afghanistan by Afghan Institute of Learning. Right now, right inside your purse or pocket, there’s a good chance you’re carrying an entire film production studio with you. Welcome to the world of smartphone filmmaking!

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Crowdfunding Controversies and How They Impact Nonprofits and Charities

Tech Soup Blog

They've also hosted some successful nonprofit campaigns: Aid Afghanistan for Education and Peace raised over $10,000 on its Indiegogo campaign. I've donated to some weird crowdfunding campaigns. I supported a vegan food truck, a book about metal dudes and their cats, a rescued chihuahua's hip surgery, and an iPhone case with a built-in taser.