Using SMS in the Field


We learned some pros and cons of utilizing SMS from Wildlife Conservation Society Mongolia's Rare Pride campaign for sustainable hunting practices in Eastern Steppe, Mongolia. WCS-Mongolia had not previously worked with this group, and this section of the community is often unknown and hidden. Bogii partnered with Mobicom, the largest mobile provider in Mongolia. Brooke Sadowsky, Program Manager, RARE Conservation.

5 Expert Tips for a Successful Salesforce Migration

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She previously worked at the World Bank on education policy in Eastern Europe and founded Skill for Kids — a non-profit based in Mongolia. When I did my kitchen renovation, there were so many things that I wish I had known before I started.


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Climate Warming and Palo Alto -> Miradi and the World

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Rare is working in Abaco Island in the Bahamas to protect critically threatened species like the Spiny Lobster, Eastern Steppe Mongolia to help save the Mongolian gazelle among other species; and Uthaithanee, Thailand to save the Indochinese tiger. One day last month we were shocked to discover all the street trees on our quaint downtown street had been chopped down. Clearcut. To be honest, most of us probably never took much notice of the 63 mature holly oaks.

Have Fun * Do Good Reader Appreciation Day

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Rather, it is a do-good adventure story of a former mountain climber who has spent almost 15 years building schools in remote mountain villages of northern Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. education book Pakistan Afghanistan Kyrgyzstan MongoliaHello Have Fun * Do Good readers! April 16th is Blog Reader Appreciation Day created by Robin Reagler of the OTHER Mother blog.

How Digital Inclusion Is Done in Africa

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After Mongolia, Namibia is the least densely populated country in the world. I've just returned from organizing an electronics recycling conference in Cape Town, South Africa, where I met Dr. Hylton Villet, the chairman of MyDigitalBridge in Namibia. I’m well acquainted with the big digital inclusion projects in the U.S. like Connect2Compete.

How Gen Z Donors Harness the Power of Online Giving

Beth Kanter

“I want to feed all the hungry children from here to the frosty, wind-swept steppes of distant Mongolia” is a worthy goal, but “I want to raise $5,000 to help feed the kids at the local homeless shelter” is a more realistic (and achievable) one.

Digital Ecology: The Future of Nonprofit Websites


As part of their digital footprint, Mercy Corps , a prominent NGO that acts to alleviate poverty and suffering throughout the world, has seven major websites, including their main site, campaign sites, and regional sites in the UK, China, and even Mongolia. By Phillip Djwa, Founder, Agentic.

NpTech Tag Summary: Nonprofits Lead Fortune 500 in Social Web Adoption, and More

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Your donated laptop will reach a child in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Haiti, Mongolia or Rwanda in the same early 2008 timeframe. Net Tuesdays are spreading around the globe! Tis the Season Is mobile fundraising the next frontier? Katrin Verclas of says the numbers speak for themselves. Holly Ross at NTEN writes about a new ring tone, " Why don't you just shut up? " and points to this article about MobileActive in the Economist.

Secret Agent L: Covering the Globe with Random Acts of Kindess

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I have one in Mongolia. Photo by Rob de la Cretaz "We're so busy. We walk down the street. We're listening to our iPods. We're plugged into our phones. We're looking down at our BlackBerries. We're not actually acknowledging the people around us. I think that people really, actually want that.

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