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Join Us NJ VOAD Conference!


We are pleased to be a part of and a presenter at the NJ VOAD conference (New Jersey Voluntary Agencies Active in Disaster) on April 11, 2024. State-wide, and for many hundreds of attendees, the keynotes and sessions will be rich in content, timely, and relevant.

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Reddit Thread Prompts More Than $200,000 in Donations to Foster Children Nonprofit

NonProfit PRO

All it took was user dartdoug’s mention of purchasing an 11-year-old foster child a bicycle for his birthday via One Simple Wish’s website to start a wave of support for the Trenton, New Jersey-based nonprofit.

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Onboarding New Staff During a Pandemic and the Power of Company Fundamentals

The MatrixFiles

We are all remote anyway, so why does it matter if Mark is in New Jersey? Not to mention the fact that finding great talent is so tough right now, who cares if Mark is in New Jersey? I did fret a little, however, about onboarding these new staff. Most of them are out of state because, you know, why not?

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Visionlink New Feature: Search & Send


Another enhancement from your Visionlink Team, and thanks to the our customers in California and New Jersey for making it happen! No longer do you need to export lists of contacts and move them into another communication program. Do your work quickly and easily from your Visionlink platform.

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Join us at NVOAD Conference!


We're excited to join with Good360 and local experts from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Speaking of readiness, Visionlink is co-presenting with our national partner Good360 Wednesday the 4th in the Homeland Room on the 5th floor. We'll discuss state of the art in-kind goods and services donations.

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New Jersey Launches Charity Lookup Mobile App - TheNonProfitTimes

AFP Blog

New Jersey Launches Charity Lookup Mobile App - TheNonProfitTimes : New Jersey has become at least the second state to offer a mobile phone application that provides financial information about charities.

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Welcoming Our New VP of Design, Jasmine Patel!

Forum One

She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two young daughters, is an avid reader, and a true creator. Design thinking requires a lot of listening, and Jasmine relishes the opportunity to work across teams to challenge, experiment, and innovate in design and the overall customer experience.

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