New Jersey Launches Charity Lookup Mobile App - TheNonProfitTimes

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New Jersey Launches Charity Lookup Mobile App - TheNonProfitTimes : New Jersey has become at least the second state to offer a mobile phone application that provides financial information about charities

Wii-less in New Jersey

Judi Sohn

We figure it’s better than spending $250 for a new unit. New Jersey politics I left Connecticut just as the battle for the Democratic. Nearly 2 years to the day since we bought our Wii on the very first day they were available in the US, it’s off to be repaired. It refused to read any discs. Wii, Gamecube, didn’t matter. At first, we could get it working again by turning the unit off for a bit. Eventually nothing worked.


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My thoughts on the New Jersey Governor race

Judi Sohn

Okay New Jersey Republicans, you have my attention. Your average New Jersey tax payer. I would rather vote for Corzine’s re-election than vote in a new candidate I don’t believe in simply because he’s not Corzine. There’s a lot going on in regard to how New Jersey funds its districts. of New Jersey’s non-elderly population is uninsured, nearly a quarter of those are children.

Charities open their finances to donors via smartphone apps –

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Charities open their finances to donors via smartphone apps – : Potential donors in New Jersey and Washington state can already check out charities on their smartphones before they write checks. Other states are likely to follow, says Patrick Rooney, executive director of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University

For sale for a cause: Elven Princess

Judi Sohn

I bought it at Pins & Needles, a small yarn store in Princeton, New Jersey which is the only place you can buy this yarn. For background on what I’m doing this year, read this post first. This one will be one of the hardest to give up, but I will to support a great organization. If you’re interested, leave a bid in the comments and I’m starting this one at $125. The pattern, Elven Princess, is one of the latest by Alla Borisova.

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NJ Spotlight | Giving Site Makes It Easier to Volunteer for Health Charities

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million in New Jersey -- goes exclusively to charities devoted to health, disease prevention and research. NJ Spotlight | Giving Site Makes It Easier to Volunteer for Health Charities : This nationwide philanthropic organization is likened to United Way, because Community Health Charities (CHC) raises money from employees during annual workplace campaigns. The money CHC raises -- about $65 million last year, including $1.3

Governor Christie Asks New Jerseyites to Text WHERE To 877877 to Find Their Polling Place

Mobile Commons

As New Jersey works to rebuild and assess the billions of dollars of damages from Hurricane Sandy, citizens are faced with another problem: where should they vote in Tuesday’s election? To get the most reliable information, New jersey Governor Chris Christie has asked New Jerseyites to text WHERE to 877877 to access Mobile Commons’ polling place locator.

[PODCAST] What’s Next? with Amy Eisenstein

NonProfit Hub

Amy served as the president of the board of the Association of Fundraising Professionals – New Jersey Chapter in 2014 – 2015. In this episode of What’s Next? Randy talks with author, speaker, trainer and fundraising expert Amy Eisenstein. They focus primarily on nonprofit capital campaigns and what they might look like in the years to come. Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE is an author, speaker, and trainer and the creator of Mastering Major Gifts, a 7 week online course.

Text Messaging Helping NJ Voters Get to Polls in Aftermath of Storm: Text WHERE to 877-877

Mobile Commons

Text WHERE To 877-877; Mobile Commons Provides Polling Place Locator to State of New Jersey. Voters in storm-ravaged New Jersey will be helped to polling places – some of which have been moved due to the storm – by a text message polling place locator provided pro bono to the State by mobile strategy company Mobile Commons. Text Messaging Helping NJ Voters Get to Polls In Aftermath of Storm.

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NY and NJ Can Now Text WHERE or NYCVOTES to 877877 to Get Updated Polling Locations

Mobile Commons

As numerous regions in New York and New Jersey begin to clean up after Hurricane Sandy, citizens of these two states face another problem: Where will they vote in Tuesday’s election? In New York City alone, the Board of Elections announced on Sunday changes to 66 polling sites in all five boroughs. Mobile Commons’ had the easy solution and partnered up with New Jersey, as well as the NYC Board of Elections and NYC Votes!

Poll 80

VisionLink Is In The News: Real-Time Winter Storm Map


Using VisionLink''s outbound telephony polling software, over 12,000 people throughout New York and New Jersey received automated calls enabling them to report on what the storm was doing to their homes and to their local communities in real-time. I wanted to quickly write and share with you the local and national media coverage that VisionLink has been recently receiving in response to winter storm Juno.

Map 146

Please Join VisionLink In Welcoming Aaron Titus To Our Proud Family!


As the new Disaster Product Manager for VisionLink, Aaron comes from an extensive and distinguished background. As a former member of the New Jersey Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (NJ VOAD), Aaron coordinated Hurricane Sandy and Irene response efforts for Mormon Helping Hands. VisionLink is honored to welcome yet another resident specialist to our ever-growing VisionLink team.

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5 Steps to Creating Effective Community Health Initiatives

Connection Cafe

Further, pitching a new program with partner funding underscores that the community sees a pressing need. Inspira closely examined their data and discovered that children ages 10-17 were experiencing double the rate of obesity of anywhere else in New Jersey.

Thanksgiving: What are your grateful for?

Beth Kanter

I’m at the New Jersey Shore for the Thanksgiving holiday. My hometown got hit pretty hard, but we’re counting our blessings that my family’s house is still standing and able to enjoy this Thanksgiving with family. If you haven’t donated to Hurricane Sandy Relief, please consider making a contribution. Here’s my crowdrise campaign. Be sure to check out “Giving Tuesday” a national day of giving the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Looking for Staten Island Sandy Relief Recommendations

Have Fun - Do Good

The Wall Street Journal reported on November 2nd that a Relief Fund was created for Staten Island and New Jersey through the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Today is Giving Tuesday , the "opening day" for philanthropic holiday giving, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are to holiday shopping. I want to donate to an organization that supports Sandy relief in the Staten Island area, and am looking for suggestions.

Americans' Urge to Help Overcomes Lock Down Limitations


But, the new coronavirus pandemic has brought out another aspect of American society— the tenacity and ingenuity to work around obstacles to helping that until this point in our lifetime were unseen, namely that of social distancing. Thousands of COVID-19 volunteers and donated essential supplies are matched with states’ needs through an innovative pro bono tech and volunteer partnership BOULDER, CO, April 9, 2020 – Americans are no strangers to disasters. A hallmark of U.S.

Obama Campaign, Governor Christie and Mayor Bloomberg Get Their Message to the Right People, when it Matters Most

Mobile Commons

And the New York and New Jersey officials kept their citizens informed in the wake of a crisis. As New York and New Jersey struggled to recover from the hurricane, citizens faced another problem: Where would they vote in Tuesday’s election? Both New York City and New Jersey turned to Mobile Commons to provide their citizens accurate information about where to vote.

New York Daily News Features Our “Mobile Might” Working on Obama Campaign and Sandy Response

Mobile Commons

The New York Daily News today features how Mobile Commons helped the Obama campaign win the election, and assisted New York and New Jersey in keeping citizens informed about where they could vote in the aftermath of Sandy. That was especially vital as polling places throughout New York and New Jersey had to be relocated due to the hurricane’s devastation.

Lawsuit over denying access to a student with learning disabilities

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

If specific NIMAS textbooks are available through the Bookshare catalog, can organizational sponsors (Bookshare’s term for staff people authorized by a school to download content) in New Jersey download them directly from Bookshare, or do they first need to go through the state accessible instructional material coordinator? We're really proud of the rapid growth of our Bookshare online library for people with print disabilities.

How to Train Your Nonprofit Team in 5 Easy & Effective Steps

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

If your vision statement talks about your much-needed homeless housing program, and you plan to raise money for a new shelter through a major gifts drive, then you need to consider what you’ll need to make this happen. Create a new program? Should they have learned about a new process? Celebrates Their Millionth Mobile Member

Mobile Commons

Member Rebecca Anolick of New Jersey joined DoSomething at the encouragement of her friend Sami, and got the surprise of her life from the DoSomething team: cake, balloons, friends and family, and… a free trip to Disney World! They’ve reached their millionth mobile member , so is doing something awesome to celebrate.

The Technology Planner's Toolkit


But with tight staffing and budgets, it’s hard to devote the time necessary to keep up with new technologies and find the right tools—how can you know which technology project will provide your organization with the best bang-for-the-buck? Offered in partnership with the New Jersey Center for Non-Profits. Event Price: 200.00. EventDate: January 25, 2012 - 10:00am - February 22, 2012 - 11:30am. Type: Live Training.

Crain’s Features Mobile Commons on The Election and Sandy

Mobile Commons

Crain’s New York has a great feature on how Hurricane Sandy and the election gave Mobile Commons our biggest week ever.

The New Mobile Normal & Three Easy Ways to Address It


In today’s Reality TV world - is this our new reality? You don’t need to know exactly how mobile technology can best help your mission - but here’s some ideas to help. Nonprofits from around the Country including Washington, Oregon, Florida, New Jersey and North Carolina have applied. Today’s guest post is from Tonia Zampieri. Tonia’s the Mobile Strategist for Atlantic Business Technologies.

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Mobile Commons Provides Polling Place Locator in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy – A Press Roundup

Mobile Commons

Over the past week, Mobile Commons has worked with New York and New Jersey officials to be sure that all their citizens know where to vote. We’re going to have a full, fair open voting process.”. - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Text NYCVOTES to 877-877.”. - New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy , many New York and New Jersey residents are unsure about where to cast their ballot on Election Day.

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LIUNA Uses Radical Targeting to Personalize its Messages

Mobile Commons

One recent LIUNA message targeted just the Spanish-speaking members of their Local 78 in New Jersey. Targeting by Interests: When LIUNA needed to find a Spanish-speaking shop steward in New York with an Amtrak license for a job opportunity, they were able to send a message to just that group of their members. Text messaging is uniquely valuable for labor unions. When workers are on job sites, they may not have consistent access to their email or the Internet.

Greenpeace Fights Toxics with SMS

Mobile Commons

The Rainbow Warrior III was docked in New York harbor, and Greenpeace invited passersby to tour the ship for a flavor of the organization’s important activist mission. The ship tour is promoting local action around whichever port the ship is in, so while in New York, Greenpeace was focused on Kuehne Chemical Co., A disaster at the facility would put 12 million people at risk in the New York-New Jersey area. Greenpeace ships are made for hard work.

Balancing Personal and Organizational Brand: Networked Leadership

Beth Kanter

Earlier this month, I facilitated a workshop for leaders of community foundations in New Jersey for the Knight Digital Media Center on the topic of practical network leadership skills. Erin also shared that she tweeted the photo and comment because many staff members at RWJF are on twitter and they follow one another as part of their “learning the new,” especially when someone is attending a convening, conference, or workshop.

One Nonprofit’s Anniversary Celebration Turns into a Bright Idea

NonProfit Hub

The program’s executive director, Bill Michener, drove one of the bulbs 1,500 miles to the Thomas Edison Museum in New Jersey and received national media coverage. Traditionally, silver is the gift for 25th anniversaries. However, Lighthouse is celebrating their first quarter of a century with fiberglass and some fancy artwork. Lighthouse, which provides after-school programming for teenagers, has sponsored a public art project for the past several months in Lincoln, Neb.,

Come Rain, Sleet, or Snow: How Does Your Nonprofit Work When Mother Nature Acts Up?


Last year, when Hurricane Sandy hit the Mid-Atlantic, parts of New York and New Jersey were without power for days, many offices were inaccessible due to flooding, and even offices that stayed dry may have been inaccessible to staff members who depend on the (flooded) subway lines.

New Yorkers Find Out Where to Vote over Text Message

Mobile Commons

Mobile Commons is launching a new polling place locator to ensure that New Yorkers can find their way to the polls on Tuesday’s election. In 2012, Mobile Commons helped 250,000 people find their polling place, even after Hurricane Sandy disrupted the election in New York and New Jersey. We are proud to be able to offer the same service for New York City’s upcoming election.

Poll 68

Chattanooga Uses Mobile Messaging to Keep Citizens Informed and Safe

Mobile Commons

We’ve seen state governments like California and New Jersey and big cities like New York and San Francisco make powerful use of mobile messaging to keep citizens engaged. Mobile messaging can be a powerful tool for smaller cities too. The City of Chattanooga wanted a way to keep in touch with its citizens. When issues like severe weather or transit problems threatened, Chattanooga wanted to keep people informed and safe.

It’s the Season of Giving!


Tim , Creative Director : My wife and I travel to New Jersey to spend Christmas with my family and a few days after the holiday with her family. We look forward to hearing from you, and wish you all a Happy Holiday and a great New Year! It’s the Season of Giving, and here at CommPartners , we want to give you the inside scoop on some of our favorite things about the holiday season.

Movie 78

Use Text Messaging to Keep your Subscribers Informed in the Blizzard

Mobile Commons

For example, asked teens to text in their prayers for people in New York and New Jersey, then created a word cloud from the results. With a blizzard about to hit the Northeast region, we wanted to remind you that text messaging is a great way to stay in touch with your subscribers in a storm or other emergency situation.

Can love change the world? I hope so!

Amy Sample Ward

At 19, New Jersey native Maggie Doyne used her life savings from babysitting to start Kopila Valley children’s home in Nepal, which has grown to a home for over 40 children, and a school serving over 200 students. Now, at just 23 years old, Maggie’s work has been featured in the New York Times, and her remarkable story has earned her the DoSomething & CosmoGirl awards.

Change 153

The Cost of Starting a Nonprofit in Every State

NonProfit Hub

New Hampshire. New Hampshire charitable registration: $25. New Jersey. New Jersey charitable registration: $30-$250, depending on gross contributions. New Mexico. New Mexico charitable registration: $0. New York. New York State charitable registration: $25 to solicit contributions ($0 if exempt). The process of starting a nonprofit requires a fair amount of savvy and know-how.

Measuring the Networked Nonprofit” is 2013 Terry McAdam Book Award Finalist

Beth Kanter

The award committee is now in process of reviewing the finalist selections to identify the 2013 winner of the award, which will be announced and presented at “Grown Locally, Practiced Nationally: A Conference That Builds Research-Based Practice,” the Alliance annual conference in Newark, New Jersey, August 7-9, 2013.

Reliant Credit Repair Review


This is a company that is based in New Jersey, whose main task is to help people improve their credit report and finances. You might face challenges when starting a new business. 2] Reliant Credit Repair In New Jersey. They normally analyze a client’s credit intending to find discrepancies, errors and inaccurate information, which they can raise as disputes for deletion from the client’s report, and as such, raising the credit score.

Multi-channel for Marriage Equality

Connection Cafe

On Friday, New York joined the ranks of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D.C. The fight for marriage equality is far from over, but the victory in New York is a wonderful step in the right direction. Generated more than 47,199 emails from New Yorkers to their state lawmakers. Contributed more than $145,000 through the HRC New York PAC to support pro-equality state Senate candidates. Author: Jill Ward.

The Northeast Recycling Council – A GreenTech Nonprofit Profile

Tech Soup Blog

It is headquartered in Brattleboro, Vermont and has traditionally focused its efforts in ten northeast states (Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont). From time to time we like to profile the work of nonprofits, NGOs, and libraries that are doing great work in green IT.

How to Ask the Right Questions About Nonprofit Strategy


Before becoming a consultant, Molly worked at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Actors Studio, and the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. Do you feel you know the right questions to ask about your nonprofit’s strategy? Do you know what that strategy is? Molly Penn of Penn Flood Consulting spends her day advising nonprofits on strategy and governance.

Are you a community manager?


Community management has become a crucial new role for associations, and skilled community managers will help their organizations launch and nurture their communities appropriately, moderate and handle conflict, track the right metrics to measure success against goals, and adapt and evolve their communities in a rapidly changing environment. How do you transition into your new community from listserves? WEEK 2: Launching your new community.

Covid-19 and Museum

Museum 2.0

Previously I had become interested in public history in Baltimore, a graduate student in North Carolina, and a professional in Savannah but my conversations expanded to NY, New Jersey, South Carolina, California and Tennessee. Who is taking risks in finding new and inventive ways to serve audiences ? Many of us find joy in the social media account of the National Cowboy Museum but isn’t also an example of bringing new voices to the table.