VolunteerHub Proves Indispensable for Donner Sang Compter Lebanon

Volunteer Hub

Donner Sang Compter Lebanon has quickly adopted VolunteerHub, as its volunteer management solution of choice, and is using the software to pump hope and compassion within the community. Hospitals in Lebanon operate under a replacement system.

How to Support Women in Lebanon

Have Fun - Do Good

The GFW recently donated $15,000 to the Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action to support displaced families in Lebanon: CRTD.A, women lebanon donation philanthropyThe Global Fund for Women has lots of good information up right now about how to support women in the Middle East. You can donate to the Global Fund for Women and they will make sure your money goes to women in the Middle East.


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Our EveryAction Hero: Middle East Children's Alliance


Over the 30 years of our organization, we’ve sent over 25 million dollars in direct aid consisting of food, medical supplies, books, and toys to Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon. Now in addition to our work in Iraq and Palestine, we also support Syrian refugees who are in Lebanon. The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) works to protect the rights and improve the lives of children in the Middle East through aid, empowerment and education.

How Malala Fund’s Innovative Grantmaking is Revolutionizing Education for Girls

Saleforce Nonprofit

Remote learning for refugee children in Lebanon: Malala Fund Education Champion Nayla Fahed created Tabshoura, an award-winning e-learning platform that helps Syrian refugees and girls in vulnerable communities in Lebanon learn for free.

Volunteer Retention Tips: How to Retain Volunteers in 2022

Volunteer Hub

Donner Sang Compter Lebanon. The national average for volunteer retention is only 65%. How does your organization plan to retain volunteers in 2022? Here are 4 volunteer retention tips that can help.

The #1 Skill Nonprofit Professionals Should Focus on in 2021


Over his 30-year career, Hugg has held positions at the Boy Scouts of America, Lebanon Valley College, the University of Cincinnati, Ursinus College, and the University of the Arts. After the drama and trauma of 2020, those nonprofits that survived have a lot in front of them.

Celebrate International Women’s Day

Beth Kanter

Nada Hamzeh, Country Directory, Lebanon, @NADO23. Mona Messlmany, Training Coordinator, Lebanon, @MonaSul. March 8, International Women’s Day , marks an occasion to celebrate the accomplishments of women worldwide.

Debunking 7 Common Myths For New Nonprofit Professionals

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Over his 30-year career, Hugg has held positions at the Boy Scouts of America, Lebanon Valley College, the University of Cincinnati, Ursinus College, and the University of the Arts. You’re ready to save the world, right?

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Bookshare without Borders: #3/3

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Our collection includes children’s books from Scholastic, contemporary books from Arab Scientific Publishers in Lebanon and literary books from the public domain from Kotobarabia in Egypt. Creating the World’s Largest Collection of Accessible Arabic eBooks Access to knowledge is the critical first step on the path to economic, educational, and social development.

NetSquared: The Place for Free Nonprofit Tech Help

Tech Soup Blog

Beirut, Lebanon: Creative Writing Workshops and Programs. What if there was a place for your nonprofit to get free technology support from local experts? What if there were regular gatherings where nonprofit techies could come together to drink, laugh, and network with their peers? Well, there are! TechSoup's NetSquared is the world's largest volunteer-driven network of in-person nonprofit technology training and peer support events.

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E-Mediat: Day 2 – The Networked NGO in the Arab World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Team from Tunisia identified Sawty as an example of a networked nonprofit in Tunisia, while the Lebanon Team pointed to Nasawiya. The participants were intrigued by the concept of Free Agents and the teams from Jordan and Lebanon discussed Free Agents in their countries. Beirut Diary: I’m in Beirut for the week as part of The E-Mediat project , a capacity building project that leverages a networked approach.

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The Deep Learning When Nonprofit Techies Get Together

Tech Soup Blog

Beyrouth, Lebanon: SkillPill: Creating Wikipedia Articles. Beyrouth, Lebanon: Android Development for Teens. (Please visit the site to view this video). NetSquared DC's Roshani Kothari on why she loves NetSquared. I've just returned from the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Austin and I'm pumped!

Get Fundraising Tips at a NetSquared Community Event

Tech Soup Blog

Beirut, Lebanon: Writing Workshops: Monthly. Hamra, Lebanon: صورة غب الطلب. Fall has arrived, and with it comes fundraising season! More than one-third of charitable giving happens in the last three months of the year , and the emergence of #GivingTuesday makes the year's end even more critical for charities. Feeling overwhelmed? Your local NetSquared group is here to help with free, in-person events being held across the U.S. and the globe.

Great reads from around the web on March 23rd

Amy Sample Ward

Beth Kanter of Zoetica Media is the moderator, along with fellow panelists Danielle Brigida of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Mark Horvath of Invisible People and Jessica Dheere, of Social Media Exchange Beirut in Lebanon. I come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day. Here are some of the most interesting things I’ve found recently (as of March 23rd).

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E-Mediat: Beirut Bound – Guess What’s In My Suitcase?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Today, I’m headed to Beirut, Lebanon for the E-Mediat project, a multi-stakeholder capacity building project for NGOS and Social Media in the Middle East. I’ll be sharing insights about the project as it unfolds here on my blog and other social media channels, including #Emediat tag on Twitter. The project is a rich opportunity for learning because it is a capacity building project that leverages a networked approach.

E-Mediat Networking Conference at the Dead Sea, Jordan

Beth Kanter

” The conference marked the end of an 18-month capacity building program that trained more than 220 NGOs in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia on how to use social media effectively to advance civil society. The official ceremony includes opening remarks, a discussion panel from participants sharing their stories, and two brief presentations by the social media advisers from Lebanon and Jordan.

E-Mediat: Social Media Capacity Building for NGOs in the Arab World

Beth Kanter

The project is training 300 NGOs in Jordan , Lebanon , Tunisia , Morocco , and other Arab countries to become networked ngos and use social media for civil society goals. A true public/private partnership, the funding partners include Microsoft and craiglist Charitable Fund. The team in Lebanon has also s hared success stories on its blog about the NGOs participating in its program. Flickr Photo by SMEX Beirut.

Supporting Nonprofit Tech Educators Across the Globe

Tech Soup Blog

Beirut, Lebanon: Elevate Startup Sprint. Beirut, Lebanon: Elevate Startup Sprint. Beirut, Lebanon: Elevate Startup Sprint. Beirut, Lebanon: Elevate Startup Sprint. Here's your monthly roundup of free in-person #Tech4Good events. But first I'm going to show off on behalf of our NetSquared organizers. I have the very best job at TechSoup — I get to support our network of nonprofit technology event organizers.

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Love to Learn Tech Tips in Person? NetSquared Is for You!

Tech Soup Blog

Hamra, Lebanon: The Dream Matcher Experience — Beirut. Hamra, Lebanon: ARTECHA: Art and Technology Hackathon. Every month TechSoup's NetSquared community organizers volunteer to bring free and low-cost nonprofit technology events and workshops to more than 50 cities. If you want to network with your peers or love to learn at live, in-person events, NetSquared is the place for you!

SXSW Panel: Join A Global Discussion About Free Agents and Nonprofits in a Networked World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

We will have a simultaneous tweet-up taking place in Beirut, Lebanon and connect with them on Twitter using the hashtag #netnon. Illustration by Jonny Goldstein who will provide live graphic facilitation of this highly interactive and fun panel.

Blockchain Explained: Risks And Opportunities For Philanthropy

Global Giving

This is a photo of a refugee settlement for Syrians in Beqaa Valley, Lebanon. These days, it seems like everyone is talking about how blockchain is the coolest new thing—capable of changing everything, including aid and philanthropy.

#mygivingstory: Resources and Best Practices for @GivingTuesday Nonprofit Storytelling

Beth Kanter

Refugee Girls in Lebanon. Storytelling is an essential fundraising skill for nonprofits. One of the most amazing nonprofit storytellers I ever heard in my life is Alberto Cairo (International Committee of the Red Cross) who delivered a truly inspirational speech during the International Fundraising Congress closing plenary. He shared incredible stories from over two decades of providing rehabilitation for disabled people in Afghanistan.

What can you learn by visualizing your Twitter network?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The first day of training is this Sunday and we’ll be covering networked approaches for NGOs and social media trainers. The participants include in-country teams from six different countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. When we apply a network mindset to the way we work – whether as an individual or as part of a network strategy, we believe that value is created through our connections, interactions and building relationships.

Develop Your Skills: 5 Resources for Nonprofit Professionals


Over his 30-year career, Hugg has held positions at the Boy Scouts of America, Lebanon Valley College, the University of Cincinnati, Ursinus College, and the University of the Arts. Now may be the golden age of nonprofit professional development.

Non-Boring #Tech4Good Meetings for Nonprofits

Tech Soup Blog

Beirut, Lebanon: Lebanon's Digital Big Bang — An AltCity Info Session. NetSquared organizers bring together the nonprofit technology community for face-to-face meetings. but we all know that meetings are boring! Admit it, you sometimes dread going to those all-staff assemblies. Luckily for you, our NetSquared leaders are super creative when planning their #Tech4Good events.

Supercharge Your Nonprofit Tech Powers with NetSquared

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Beirut, Lebanon: SkillPill: TV Presenting. I bet you made all sorts of grand New Year's resolutions for 2015. If you're like me, then you swore that this year, you're finally going to learn to use technology to make yourself more productive at work. Unless you're Superman, you're probably already struggling. Keeping resolutions is hard. But don't worry, NetSquared is here to save the day. TechSoup's NetSquared is a global network of nonprofit technology meetups.

The Power of Our Collective Professional Networks and Transdisciplinarity Learning

Beth Kanter

” I first used this exercise in 2011 in Lebanon to kick off E-Mediat project that brought trainers and capacity builders from 5 countries in the Middle East to be trained on curriculum based on my book, the Networked Nonprofit , and interactive training techniques. In this case, I used the exercise to help the teams from Yemen, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, and Jordan see a visualization of their collective expertise.

5 Types of People Who Need Nonprofit Fundraising Training


Over his 30-year career, Hugg has held positions at the Boy Scouts of America, Lebanon Valley College, the University of Cincinnati, Ursinus College, and the University of the Arts. “The only way to learn fundraising is to just do it!” he declared with hubris.

Training Afghani NGOs in Cambodia

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Over 8 weeks this last fall, I had the privilege of working with NGOs from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, in a series of trainings that took place in Phnom Penh, Beirut and Istanbul. Guest Beneblog by Vijaya Tripathi As a Program Associate for the Benetech Human Rights Program (HRP), I train and support human rights advocates who use Benetech’s free and open source Martus program to securely document human rights violations.

NetSquared Events to Cure Your Social Media Ailments

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Beirut, Lebanon: Start-up Ideation Meets Design by Bootcamp During BDW. NetSquared events come in all shapes and sizes, and we love them all! The exact format isn't important, as long as we are consistently gathering the nonprofit and tech communities together so that they can learn from each other. However, our organizers are currently very keen on social media surgeries.

What Does a NetSquared Event Look Like?

Tech Soup Blog

Beirut, Lebanon: Android Development for Teens. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you've probably encountered one of my twice-monthly roundups of nonprofit tech meetups. But perhaps you're leery about attending an event because you're not quite sure what it will be like. Describing NetSquared events is difficult, because each one focuses on a different topic and has a unique flavor set by the organizing team.

E-Mediat: Social Media and Digital Activism in the Arab World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Jessica Dherre and Mohamad Najem from SMEX Beirut gave an overview of Social Media use in Lebanon. As Mohamad pointed out, most of the users of social media are using it for social reasons and only a small percentage by “terrorists&# or political activism. This third and final post shares some insights from the planning sessions for E-Mediat project, a networked approach to capacity building for NGOs in Social Media in the Middle East. (For

E-Mediat: Networked Capacity Building in the Middle East

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The goal is to train over 150-250 NGOs in Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Morocco, and other countries and help them put social media skills into practice. The E-Mediat Implementation Partners at SF Planning Meeting. Last week, I participated in three very intense days of project, curriculum, and online community planning for a new project, E-Mediat , a multi-stakeholder capacity building project for NGOS and Social Media in the Middle East.

E-Mediat Day 3: Digital Activism

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Nada, In-Country Team Leader for Lebanon. Mary Joyce leads a session on digital activism using the Story of Electronics. Beirut Diary: I’m in Beirut for the week as part of The E-Mediat project , a capacity building project that leverages a networked approach. I’m the lead for Zoetica where my role is to deliver training, advise on the curriculum and coaching methods, model transparency, and serve as meta network weaver.

Happy, Focused, and Productive: There Is An App for That!

Beth Kanter

One of my colleagues, Nada Hamzeh , a nonprofit capacity building consultant from Lebanon, tagged me when sharing this striking image that depicts how can easily develop a behavior addiction to our mobile phones. Image by Ayyamsyria. As Aliza Sherman and I wrote in the Happy Healthy Nonprofit the apps on our mobile phones can be agents of distraction, but they can also be agents of calm.

5 Ways to Use Data Storytelling for Advocacy

Tech Soup Blog

SMEX, also known as Social Media Exchange, is a nonprofit based in Lebanon that compiles an Arab digital rights dataset. Nonprofits are often wary of creating their own data visualizations, and for valid reasons. Setting up such a project can require a team of designers, developers, and coders to bring it to life. Unfortunately, many organizations and individuals that usually collect insightful data lack access to such resources. We're helping to bridge that gap.

Your #NPtech Community Calendar for July

Tech Soup Blog

Beirut, Lebanon: Pre-Bootcamp SkillPill: Spreadsheets for Startups. Have you ever thought about hosting nonprofit technology events in your community? You should, because it's awesome fun. Not only will you be contributing your skills to local nonprofits, you'll also be building your reputation and connecting with your tribe. NetSquared is here to help you along the way with everything from slide templates to planning checklists. Not sure if hosting a NetSquared group is for you?

Nonprofit and Activist Women Bloggers in Chicago

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Journal of a Young Activist write about her travels and human rights work in Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Afghanistan, and her life as a Chicago Seminary Student. With just nine days until the BlogHer Conference in Chicago, where I'll be moderating the panel, "Getting It On(line) for a Cause: Raising Money," I thought I'd search around for nonprofit and activist women bloggers in the Chicago area.

Keeping Your 2016 Resolutions with NetSquared's Free Workshops

Tech Soup Blog

Hamra, Lebanon: FREE Design Basics Workshop. Now, I'm no Houdini, but I predict that your New Year's resolutions are noble, high-minded stuff like "find a mentor" or "learn a new skill every month." " But following through on these plans can be difficult because life is unpredictable and complicated. Luckily for you, NetSquared is here to keep you on track. NetSquared holds free or low-cost educational events for people who want to use technology for good.

TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge Global Tweet Chat Recap

Tech Soup Blog

Beirut, Lebanon: NetSquared Beirut. On Monday, April 16, TechSoup took its Digital Storytelling global with a full-day tweet chat spanning 10 time zones. Each tweet chat covered a different facet of digital storytelling and featured storytelling experts and nonprofit and library participants.