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From Events to Online: Adapting Traditional Fundraising Methods for the Digital Age

The Modern Nonprofit

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes From Events to Online: Adapting Traditional Fundraising Methods for the Digital Age In the grand theatre of nonprofit work, fundraising is the showstopper act. These methods, rooted in physical interaction and personal connection, have stood the test of time. Let’s explore together.

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Adopting Modern Payment Methods To Engage And Keep A New Generation Of Donors


Traditional methods of receiving cash donations have seen a significant drop in recent years, with 70% of charities reporting a decline in cash contributions. That means they expect to have access to modern payment methods and digital wallet options like PayPal, Venmo , Apple Pay, and GooglePay.

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What to Do When Your Fundraising Methods Fall Flat

Get Fully Funded

It’s a horrible feeling when the tried-and-true fundraising methods that have worked in the past stop working. Even experienced fundraisers sometimes use fundraising methods that just don’t work for a particular organization or audience. Let’s back up and look at your methods of fundraising through the eyes of your donor.

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Four Nonprofit Web Accessibility Best Practices for 2022


But, did you truly factor in all supporters— especially regarding the accessibility of your site? If you didn’t prioritize accessibility best practices when creating your nonprofit’s website, you could be excluding a significant portion of your nonprofit’s supporters from engaging with it. Let’s get started.

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BIPOC Leadership Challenges: 26 Tips To Increase Accessibility Across The Nonprofit Sector


This blog aims to examine these challenges and offer all nonprofits leaders methods to increase diversity and BIPOC participation in their organizations. Understanding the challenges BIPOC leadership face in the nonprofit sector One of the primary challenges BIPOC leaders face is limited access to funding.As

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Fair Use Victory Advances a Future of Accessibility for All

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

HathiTrust, a unanimous three-judge panel concluded that digitizing books in order to enhance research and provide access to individuals with print disabilities is lawful on the grounds of fair use —that is, a limitation and exception to the exclusive rights granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work ( Section 107 of the U.S.

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6 Generations of Giving: Who Gives the Most and How They Prefer to Give

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Below is a breakdown of overall giving behaviors, some statistics about each generation’s giving, how they like to be contacted, and their preferred giving method. With unprecedented access to information, they are more aware of the world’s challenges at a younger age. organizations** 11.8% organizations** 23.6%