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Citizen Tech: Social Media in Disaster Response

Amy Sample Ward

Today I’m in San Antonio, Texas, for the American College of Preventive Medicine annual conference. I’m joining a panel to talk about the response for support after the Haiti earthquakes last year.

Lessons from Red Cross: Twitter Mistakes and How To Handle Them

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Back over the summer, I wrote a post called “ What was your worst social media mistake? What did you learn?

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Open Source vs. Proprietary. Who won?

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

This epic battle between Open Source software (or Free software) and proprietary software is coming to a close. Some might argue that FOSS won the battle. Others would argue that proprietary software won. I’m going to argue that both won, and both lost. The Desktop. About 10 years ago, the very big FOSS vs. Proprietary battle was between Linux and Microsoft.

Spring Ahead, Fundraising Look Back


I can't believe it's almost March. We actually had a taste of spring last Friday when the temperature in DC rose to 73 degrees! While I'm definitely looking ahead to longer days, azaleas, and tulips, from a fundraising perspective, I'm still trying to wrap my head around what happened last fall.

The Evolution of NPTech: Keynote and slides

Amy Sample Ward

Yesterday, I had the huge honor and pleasure to present the keynote at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits ‘ NPTech Conference, eStrategy in an iWorld. It was a terrific conference, with people from all areas of the state and all areas of the sector. There were interesting conversations at every turn and I also had requests to share my notes and slides. I also encountered quite a few people asking very similar questions, or looking for the same resources.

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February 2011 Community Builder Chat Wrap-Up #CommBuild

Amy Sample Ward

Today’s CommBuild chat brought together some regular participants and some new ones for a rich conversation chock full of examples and ideas to share! Get the chat archive!

Two Ways To Use Crowdsourcing for Face-to-Face Conferences

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by Pierre-Alain Dorange. Crowdsourcing is the process of organizing many people to participate in a joint project, often in small ways. The results are greater than an individual or organization could accomplish alone.

HOW TO: Spend an Entire Year Giving to Charity - Yahoo! News

AFP Blog

HOW TO: Spend an Entire Year Giving to Charity - Yahoo! News: "Every day, Garcia chooses a new charity and donates a small sum of money -- usually around $10, but never less than $5. He then documents that day's charity in a blog post on his Tumblr, where he describes the cause and provides some insights or personal stories to highlight its mission. Garcia, a Chicago-based actor and director, has

Who Says Email’s Dead?


The worst kind of expert doesn’t share the whole story or truth. Since the rise of social media many “experts&# have claimed that email is dying and won’t exist in 10 years. In fact, email is not fading, it’s evolving. According to a new comScore study on U.S. consumers', the number of users accessing email via their mobile devices has been growing ever year. In 2010 mobile email grew by 36% in the US. In Europe, mobile email users grew 55% and in Japan 53%.

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HOW TO: Claim Your Nonprofit’s “Company Page” on LinkedIn

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Odds are your nonprofit has a “Company Page” on LinkedIn. If any of your past staff, interns, or volunteers have a personal profile on LinkedIn and they have added their position at your nonprofit to their work “Experience,&# then your nonprofit does indeed have a LinkedIn Company Page.

The Story of Stuff: An Inspiring Example of A Network in Action

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Colbert Report. On Friday, I leave for Beirut for co-lead a series of Train the Trainers workshops as part of the E-Mediat Project , a capacity building project for NGOs to learn social media skills.

Framework vs. Sensibility: Separating Format from Voice

Museum 2.0

I was talking this week with Mark Allen, the founder of Machine Project (an alternative arts space in LA), about different models for community engagement in cultural institutions. At one point, he commented that there's a difference between the "framework" and the "sensibility" for engagement.

Best Strategies to Mobilize Supporters and Donors


What are the secret ingredients to mobilizing a base of supporters and donors? Be where your people are and engage them on their terms. Always remember that your supporters and donors are real people (not ATM machines). They have different preferences in how they like organizations to communicate with them. Some prefer email. Others prefer mobile. Some prefer social networks and others just want to surf your website. This is why it’s critical that your nonprofit do multi-channel outreach.

Giveaway: 29 Gifts by Cami Walker

Have Fun - Do Good

I just received a review copy of the paperback edition of my friend Cami Walker's book, 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. I'd love to mail it to one of you!

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Bringing a Network Mindset To Nonprofit Boards

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: A few weeks ago, the Leadership Learning Community invited me into their board meeting.

Quick Hit: How Do You Follow Up with Participants?

Museum 2.0

When someone leaves a comment, makes a sculpture, or writes a poem at your institution, is that the end of their participation?

LibreOffice vs.

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

I hope that everyone reading this blog has heard of is a free and open source cross-platform office suite, which can read and write MS Office.doc,xls, and.ppt files. It actually has more to it than that, there is a drawing program, a database, a math equation editor and more. It has been in development as since 1999, when Sun Microsystems bought the code from a company called Star Division (remember StarOffice?) (You

Defining Your IT Roles: Project Management as a Process


Julian Egelstaff, Technical Architect, Freeform Solutions Who are our IT role models? Where do our ideas about IT come from? In the nonprofit sector, we have some big challenges in this area. The IT industry is overwhelmed with companies and courses and products aimed at the commercial world. Most examples we have of successful IT practices would likely fail in a nonprofit context, though.

E-Mediat: Beirut Bound – Guess What’s In My Suitcase?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Today, I’m headed to Beirut, Lebanon for the E-Mediat project, a multi-stakeholder capacity building project for NGOS and Social Media in the Middle East.

Data and Storytelling: 6 Ways to Use Data to Move Your Mission


Data is the new black. These days everyone is releasing it, visualizing it, aggregating it, and mashing it up. And for good reason. Data is so much more than a stack of numbers or a server filled with client outputs.

The Tao Of Wow

John Haydon

In a recent 501 Mission Place post, Estrella Rosenberg talked about creating “Wow&# moments with donors. Referring to how Zappos does marketing , she asked: “How can you personalize the way you thank your donors so that they hang onto it for months?&#.

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Free Non-profit Webinars for March 2011

Wild Apricot Blog

Here is our round-up of free webinars for non-profits and other membership organizations that we've gathered for the month of March. We found over 24 webinars on topics such as: building capacity with Boomer volunteers; social media metrics and benchmarking; project management for non-profits; and numerous leadership and fundraising sessions. So be sure to look through the list to see what might interest you or others in your organization.( read more ).

Thank You Amy Sample Ward!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My friend and colleague Amy Sample Ward has done an amazing job of community stewardship for the Netsquared community over the years. I learn something from Amy every day.

You don't want to be MacGyver with your donor data

Connection Cafe

Author: Jennifer Darrouzet. Let’s face it, spreadsheets are great at lots of things. They’re an easy tool built to satisfy the MacGyver in all of us as we battle through our daily tasks. They’re entirely flexible (my coworker used one to inventory all her packing boxes when she moved house last year – she’s that organized). But when it comes to storing precious supporter data—user beware.

How To Be A Better Listener

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Conservation Planners Use Benetech's Miradi Software to Help Save Reefs in Guam

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Elaina Todd, an environmental planner who develops social marketing campaigns with the nonprofit conservation group Rare, is profiled in our most recent case study for Benetech’s Miradi software.

Association Jam - Top Links for February 2011

Wild Apricot Blog

In February, blog posts and articles on Social Media, Membership, Volunteers, Leadership and non-profit communications (listed under "Other") were the top rated links on Here's a look at some of the most popular links submitted to Association Jam in February, 2011 by category: ( read more ). association Association Jam leadership member communication membership nonprofit non-profit nptech social media volunteer volunteer management volunteering

Dad, Girl Scouts and Thank You Letters

Connection Cafe

Author: Cheryl Black. In most parts of the United States, it’s Girl Scout Cookie sale time. I know it is here in Austin and that sparked a memory for me: my first lesson in customer appreciation. One Girl Scout Cookie season, when I was all dolled up in my Brownie uniform and selling cookies, my dad decided he was going to teach me the value of saying “thank you.”

5 Favorite Features, Tips, and Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel

Tech Soup Blog

My co-worker Becky Wiegand already gave you some tips for working more efficiently in Word and PowerPoint , so I've been given the honor of doling out advice for perhaps the most powerful and complex application in the Office suite: Excel. Most people know Excel as Microsoft's spreadsheet application, and even children use the software to create simple tables and charts for classwork. But most users don't realize how much functionality the software includes.

Apply for the Technology Leadership Academy by March 1st


We're approaching the March 1st application deadline for the Technology Leadership Academy -- but there's still time for qualifying organizations to apply!

Tech 14

Latest Facebook Changes a Mixed Bag for Nonprofit Page Admins


I finally watched the Oscar-nominated film “The Social Network” this past weekend. It was an entertaining movie, but it definitely took real events and twisted them for dramatic effect. One thing that did ring true is that Facebook is constantly changing, and not every change is award-winning. The latest changes came February 10, when the non-fiction Facebook staff deployed a range of changes to Facebook Pages, including substantial changes to the Pages layout.

Behind the Convio Admin Curtain

Connection Cafe

Author: Emily Goodstein. Ever wonder who the man (or woman) behind the curtain is on your favorite Convio powered site (sort of like the Wizard of Oz but in a less ruby slippers are more online strategy kind of way)? Well, today we’re going behind the curtain…errr computer screen… to introduce you to Andrew MacKay—one of the fabulous Convio administrators at the Canadian Wildlife Federation ( CWF ).

Twitter Co-Founder Pushes New Effort to Use Technology for Social Good - Social Philanthropy - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas | LinkedIn

AFP Blog

Twitter Co-Founder Pushes New Effort to Use Technology for Social Good - Social Philanthropy - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas | LinkedIn

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Technology and the Environment

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

This is an issue I’ve been struggling with for a long time. I’m an unrepentant, unabashed technophile. OK, well, not so unrepentant or unabashed since I’m writing this post on the varied factors around technology and the environment, and have been thinking about this issue for myself for a long time.