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Resources & Support for Japan Earthquake


Thoughts and prayers to those impacted by Japan''s earthquake and tsunami. For official updates on the nuclear reactors in Japan, go to International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA ; the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, NISA ; and to the Tokyo Electric Power Company for a list of regular updates.

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Report finds Gen Z and Millennials more likely to feel left out in virtual meetings

Charity Village

The study was conducted within the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, and Japan by Toluna on behalf of Jabra from April 13, 2023 – April 21, 2023. Jabra released the 2023 Hybrid Ways of Working Global Report, which found that Gen Z and Millenials are more likely to struggle in virtual meetings.


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TechSoup Japan Disaster Relief Program Launches to Assist Local NGOs

Tech Soup Blog

The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred 7 weeks and 4 days ago. The nonprofit sector in Japan has a major role to play now in providing services and support to the devastated local communities. Please share this Disaster Relief Program announcement with organizations in Japan that may need this support. About TechSoup Japan.

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The NPTech Response to Japan


Flickr photo: Logan was his name-o It's been just a few hours since one of the largest recorded earthquakes and subsequent tsunami hit off the coast of Japan. Our hearts go out to the people of Japan. The photos and video coming out of the region are awe inspiring and scary.

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Updates from TechSoup's Partner and Friends in Japan

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Words cannot describe the devastation that has engulfed Japan, and pictures paint a grim scenario that will affect the region for years to come. As someone with many ties to Japan and has been to the afflicted area in the past, I am certain that in spite of this tragedy, the spirit and resilience of the Japanese people will prevail.

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Latest Resources to Help Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Victims


Looking to help the victims of the Japan earthquake and Tusanmi, but don’t know where to start? “ Vonage , a provider of voice-over-internet-protocol communications, also said it will waive per-minute calling charges from 830 pm March 11 until 830 pm (EST) March 18 for customers call from their Vonage home phones to Japan.

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TechSoup Japan and Kenya Launch!

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June marked the launch of two new international TechSoup partners: Japan and Kenya , bringing the total count of TechSoup Global Network partners to 24 (not including the original U.S. TechSoup's Partner NGO in Japan is the Tokyo-based Japan NPO Center , which hosted a successful launch event at the Tokyo International Forum.

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