Take Control of Your Data: 3 Must-Have Reporting Tools Every Nonprofit Should Have


From your board members requesting the latest donor stats to your digital director asking for email conversion rates, tracking your data can be hard. Here are some key tools your nonprofit should have to meet your reporting needs: Customizable reports that allow you to get roll up data and detailed data. Ideally, your perfect reporting tool combines the two. Purely canned reports are inflexible and won’t always fit your reporting needs.

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Tracking Long-Term Donor Value: The Report You Shouldn't Miss in 2019


While almost all nonprofit professionals recognize the importance of running data-driven programs, most fundraising and digital staff of all levels don’t feel like they have access to the data they need for informing strategic decisions. In a 2016 study conducted by EveryAction and Nonprofit Hub , nearly half of nonprofit professionals reported that they do not consistently utilize data as part of their decision-making process. Long Term Donor Value Report.

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Top 10 Tough Donor Data Migration Decisions

3rd Sector Labs

If you’ve migrated donor data from one CRM to another, no doubt you have dealt with a lot of difficult decisions. In fact, our donor data migration clients often express surprise at the number of decisions they have to make. In this post, we discuss our list of Top 10 Tough Donor Data Migration Decisions. We hope this provides guidance that will help you plan all aspects of your next data migration. ’ It’s a critical part of any data management plan.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge Epilogue: Data

3rd Sector Labs

Let me offer one piece of advice: let’s not get distracted by the story and instead focus on the epilogue – the Ice Bucket Epilogue: it’s about the data. It’s true – Mashable reported this amazing data milestone in September. It’s all about the data. From “Found Money” to “Found Data” With the $100M windfall came something just as important – 2.4 That data is the Ice Bucket Challenge Epilogue.

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[DATA] Social Business Benchmarking Report


50% of the survey participants reported that their organizations have a strategic framework or vision, however on average, report 38% having integrated social strategy development. Moreover, these data revealed that only 48% of organizations surveyed differentiate between social business and social media marketing. However, things are looking up, and the report indicates a trend towards the emergence of cross-functional social strategy. Useful Data

Better Data, Better Donors


Click for strategies on revamping your direct mail program , practical tips on improving your email program , and an in-depth look at reporting tools every nonprofit should have to improve their fundraising strategy.). Working in major gifts means tracking relationships, points of contact, and data with multiple high-level donors. For starters, you should have a dedicated Moves Management report in your CRM that’s doing the heavy lifting for you. Use data to your advantage.

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Using Data to Predict Fundraising Results

Connection Cafe

I recently attended AHP Convene Canada 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia and attended an important session “Turning Data Analytics into Meaningful Business Intelligence” led by Lynn Conforti and Sheila Tilotta of Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation. User adoption: Use a reporting tool that end users can easily adopt. The more an end user can do (modifying filters, working in the report data), the better.

Data quality vs. data quantity: let’s end the debate!

3rd Sector Labs

When it comes to nonprofit data, especially donor data, there’s a running debate. Which is more important, data quality or quantity? Like the old Miller Lite commercials, ‘ Tastes Great vs. Less Filling ‘ Your nonprofit organization needs to acquire new donors (data quantity), but you also need the ‘right’ data in order to foster better, longer term relationships (data quality). Donor data quality must come first.

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Exploring Data for Impact

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The world is undergoing a data revolution, and the social sector is no exception. Social enterprises are collecting more and more data: data about social problems; data about intervention outcomes; data for collective impact; data for learning; data for dashboards to better operate their enterprises; data for funders; and the list goes on. Yet, social enterprises arent typically made up of data geeks.

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Workplace Giving Data Problems Just Got Worse

3rd Sector Labs

Nonprofits everywhere are struggling to get their hands on reliable, useful workplace giving data from corporate giving programs. Who remembers the days of charities arguing with local United Ways over the donor data? “We own the workplace giving data,” was the typical United Way response to charities wanting to know more about the donors supporting them, “because they are United Way donors – our donors.” What about the data?

[New Report] Giving in an Uncertain Year

Connection Cafe

This 2017 Charitable Giving Report gives us our first means of answering that question through data. The data supports many of the trends we saw shaping up over the year. As our first glimpse into the data behind the trends, the 2017 Charitable Giving Report offers us a place to start. Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit News charitable giving charitable giving report Donor Advised Funds donor retention fundraising trends online donations political giving

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Big Data on Planned Giving

Connection Cafe

In working with hundreds of nonprofits , we routinely encounter the same problem: while annual giving has become a data-driven science, quantitative data and insights around planned giving is extremely scarce, even for the most sophisticated organizations. In the report, we cross-referenced will-writing and bequesting rates against key factors like age, gender, marital and parental status, geography, and a few other unusual factors (like pet ownership). Using the Data.

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[New Report] Online Giving Increased by 7.9% in 2016

Connection Cafe

This is based on the latest findings of the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact in the 2 016 Charitable Giving Report. The 2016 Charitable Giving Report includes overall giving data from 6,845 nonprofit organizations representing $23 billion in total fundraising from 2016. The report also includes online giving data from 5,210 nonprofits representing $2.6 Key findings from the 2016 Charitable Giving Report.

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The 2014 Charitable Giving Report

Connection Cafe

The 2014 Charitable Giving Report includes 24 months of overall giving data from 4,798 nonprofit organizations representing more than $16.2 The report also includes online giving data from 3,724 nonprofits representing over $2 billion in online fundraising. It is the largest analysis of actual overall and online giving data in the nonprofit sector. Here are a few key observations from The 2014 Charitable Giving Report : Overall giving grew 2.1%

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Data drives better digital marketing for nonprofits

3rd Sector Labs

Using data to drive your digital marketing campaigns is essential. Without the discipline of data, your digital marketing success is based more on hope than strategy and execution. Our corporate marketers understand the criticality of data all too well, especially retailers. For example, Epsilon, a consumer brand loyalty expert, published a short report on using data to build customer loyalty. Use small data (i.e. Data and story-telling.

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Why Data Health Means Mission Health

Connection Cafe

To approach the topic of data health at nonprofits, I like to start by talking about something that isn’t data (or at least doesn’t seem like it is). The actions, conversations, and even feelings that occur in that room are data points—but they need to be seen. Your digital data is the same. Here are a couple of ideas I hope you’ll remember as you read Untapped Potential: The Case for Data Health , a new report from the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact.

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How Data Intelligence is Accelerating Innovation for Social Good

Connection Cafe

At Blackbaud, where I serve as Chief Technology Officer, one of our core tenets has been to design an open, cloud-based software and data architecture. Looking at it from a different angle, open ecosystems also yield data and analytics that enable everyone who is part of it to gain more insights and intelligence. This data can power intelligent software solutions, surface actionable events, maintain accurate and current data assets, and generally drive more results for users.

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Can Data Bring Foundations and Nonprofits Closer?

Connection Cafe

In recent years, we’ve seen a major uptick in organizations across the social good sector looking at data – and how to use data – in new ways. In fact, when I was conducting research for my book Data Driven Nonprofits , I spoke with data champions in a wide variety of organizations across numerous focus areas. Data champions —whether inside a nonprofit organization or a foundation—know that data on its own doesn’t accelerate impact on its own.

New Report! Collected Voices: Data-Informed Nonprofits


What happens when nonprofits make a real commitment to collect healthy data about their programs and operations; manage it well; and make savvy, data-informed decisions? And what happens when you connect energized, smart, data-passionate nonprofit professionals for a year of learning and knowledge sharing? >> Download Collected Voices: Data-Informed Nonprofits ! This is not a report, per se ; it isn’t a guide or a handbook.

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The 2018 Internet Trends Report is Out


Tons of useful and interesting data, as always. Internet Trends Report 2018 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Debunking the Hype Industry Insider Useful DataGrab a coffee – this will take you a while to get through. Photo by Yeshi Kangrang on Unsplash.

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What’s up with consumer data privacy?

3rd Sector Labs

The topic of consumer data privacy is getting more and more attention in the media and on Capitol Hill. The topic of consumer data privacy has had the attention of Capitol Hill for some time. A few months back, we provided an update on steps taken by Senator Rockefeller’s Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation to expand its investigation into the data brokerage industry. More specifically, it’s about consumer data. Is big data bad?

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Newly Released in English, español, français e português! The 2019 Global NGO Technology Report

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Now in its fourth edition, the 2019 Global NGO Technology Report provides 100+ technology benchmarks NGOs, NPOs, and charities worldwide. The data reveals how organizations use web and email communications, online fundraising, social media, productivity software, and emerging technology. A global average of the benchmark data – as well as Global NGO Technology Effectiveness Ratings – are also provided. Please download the report and share with your communities.

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Detailed Accurate Data = Strategy

Connection Cafe

You can have all the data in the world but if it is not accurate or documented then it can be of very little use to you. Most CRM databases have the ability to track and store an enormous amount of data but unless you can link it to helping you in being strategic in segmenting out your database or implementing strategies then it is only taking up space. For example do you have birth dates or email addresses and if not you may want to consider a data appends for these items.

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Fundraising strategy, technology and data Q&A with Chris Goodman and Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

The topic – “Drive Your Fundraising Success with Strategy, Smart Technology and Better Data” – focused on the importance of aligning fundraising strategy, technology and a data in order to maximize the efficiencies of all three. Unfortunately, not every fundraising strategy, technology and data question could be answered, and so we wanted to share more of the Q&A here. How do we get “better data”?

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The DATA Act in the Age of Transparency

Connection Cafe

In 2017, the nation’s first open data law, the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act) moved from a pilot phase to full implementation. federal government spending data. At the core of this effort to increase transparency, the DATA Act gives taxpayers, watchdog groups, and the media unparalleled ability to view detailed spending information in user-friendly formats. Enter the concept of data standardization to a machine-readable format!

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10 Donor Data Migration Decisions: Q&A with Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

Third Sector Labs recently presented a data migration webinar with host Bloomerang. The topic – “10 Decisions You Will Face with Any Donor Data Migration” – focused on preparing for your next CRM or data migration while addressing 10 tough decisions nonprofits encounter along the way. As always, if you have questions about a donor data migration project, or any of your nonprofit data needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Newly Released! The 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Now in its third edition, the 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report provides 100+ donor benchmarks for NPOs, NGOs, and charities worldwide. The data reveal how donors prefer to give and engage with their favorite causes and charitable organizations. 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report.

Business Intelligence: Using Data to Make Decisions

Connection Cafe

CRM is a great repository of data, but how you use the data is what really matters. Business intelligence is nothing more than using data to make decisions. It does not require a complex data warehouse or a set of fancy business intelligence tools in order to be effective. In many instances a data warehouse does help to aid in complex reporting, but don’t assume that one is required to utilize business intelligence. Reports, Reports, Reports….

Nonprofit Marketing Report: Organizations Failing to Connect

Amy Sample Ward

Nancy Schwartz, president of Nancy Schwartz & Company and blogger at Getting Attention , has just finished analyzing data from a nonprofit marketing survey of more than 900 nonprofit leaders, revealing that they are doing a poor job connecting with their audience and community. Inconsistency Reigns, Leaving Confusion and Annoyance in Its Path: Less than 50% of nonprofits report consistent use of their positioning (organizational tagline, positioning statement and talking points).

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Technology, data and fundraising: is it getting too complicated?

3rd Sector Labs

What about access to great data that helps us to understand the outcomes being produced by our programs and to know our donors and their interests better? Isn’t all this technology and data helping? Working with a partner, 2Dialog , we have been co-hosting a webinar series “Drive Your Fundraising Success with Strategy, Smart Technology and Better Data” The message of the program centers on the need to align strategy, tech and data.

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12 Key Digital Engagement Trends from the 2018 M+R Benchmarks Report


The annual M+R Benchmarks Report has arrived again, shining a light on trends that are shaping nonprofits’ digital programs. With data from 154 nonprofit participants, we are once again treated to invaluable insights on numerous facets of digital engagement, covering websites, email messaging, online engagement, social media posts, and digital ads. Having a reporting system that can track these sources is vital in determining which channel produces the greatest ROI.

‘Why don’t you have a nonprofit data management plan?’ Q&A with Debbie Snyder and Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

Third Sector Labs recently co-hosted a data management webinar with Debbie Snyder , VP of Sales & Marketing for Adcieo. The topic – “Why don’t you have a data management plan?” ” – focused on why you need, and how to create, a nonprofit data management plan. As always, if you have questions about your nonprofit data management plan, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Be proactive in your data management, not reactive.

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2015 Charitable Giving Report: Fundraising Continues to Grow

Connection Cafe

Blackbaud’s 2015 Charitable Giving Report includes more than $18.2 billion in online giving data from 2015. A few highlights from the report: International Affairs organizations had the largest year-over-year increase in charitable giving. Download your copy of this important report for free! Nonprofit Fundraising Arts & Cultural Canada charitable giving report Digital Fundraising giving tuesday Higher Ed Online Fundraising online giving

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Perspectives from the Charitable Giving Report: National World War II Museum

Connection Cafe

At The National World War II Museum in New Orleans, fundraising is all about data and their data is all about their donors. The Museum uses their data to get know their donors at a deeper level: what they care about, what motivates them, and how to keep them engaged with their organization. “We While the Museum has always been data driven, in 2015 they took it to another level. As always, the Museum went to the data. Using data to make it personal.

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Summer Cleaning: A Data Hygiene Checklist Any Nonprofit Can Reference!

Connection Cafe

So July and August can be a great time to clean-up your fundraising system to make sure your data is as accurate and robust as possible, in particular when you start thinking of embarking on a data analytics and/or prospect screening project in the coming months, let’s say maybe later in the 3 rd and 4 th quarters. Please feel free to check out these individual services on our website at Data Enrichment Services for more details.

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5 Foundation Trends for 2019: Conquering the Unknown with the Help of Data

Connection Cafe

2018 was a record-setting year for philanthropy – from the massive fundraising effort in June around reuniting families (setting a record on Facebook) to a 10% increase in average gift amount YOY for #GivingTuesday, as reported by Blackbaud. Though the official numbers for 2018 won’t be out for several months, Giving USA reported giving by foundations in 2017 to be up 6%, totaling $66.9 Heightened interest data protections and cyber security.

Call for Partners! The 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The third edition of the Global Trends in Giving Report (the sister report to the 2019 Global NGO Technology Report ) will be published September 15, 2020 , and for the first time, we are conducting an open call for partners worldwide. For the 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report, we are seeking partners that are nonprofit organizations, service providers, and/or media outlets who are willing to promote the online survey via email and on social media. About the Report.

The 2013 Charitable Giving Report

Connection Cafe

The 2013 Charitable Giving Report includes 24 months of overall giving data from 4,129 nonprofit organizations representing more than $12.5 The report also includes online giving data from 3,359 nonprofits representing $1.7 It is the largest analysis of actual overall and online giving data in the nonprofit sector. This is the first year that we have included faith-based organizations in the published report.

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It’s Me, Your Donor. Are You Listening?| Insights from the $FG Report

Connection Cafe

I was lucky enough to get a preview of the Money for Good 2015 report and it’s full of surprising (and not so surprising) data, insights and recommendations for organizations, funders and vendors. Unlike other benchmark reports, this one actually gives concrete recommendations that everyone can apply to move the giving needle. Never heard of the $FG report? Out of all the statistics in this report, this one struck me the most. Download and read the report.

Report 212

Mobile Phone Data Helped Aid Groups Target Quake Relief in Haiti, Report Finds | PND | Foundation Center

AFP Blog

Mobile Phone Data Helped Aid Groups Target Quake Relief in Haiti, Report Finds | PND | Foundation Center : Mobile Phone Data Helped Aid Groups Target Quake Relief in Haiti, Report Finds A new report from Columbia University and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, offers evidence that in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, anonymous cell phone data helped aid groups target emergency supplies to those most in need, BBC News reports

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5 Things You Need to Know about Nonprofits + Big Data


To find out more about how nonprofits are using (or not using) their data to do more good, we asked over 460 nonprofit professionals about their habits, culture, and outlook on the state of data at their organizations. This week, we released the survey results + invited Randy Hawthorne , Executive Director and wearer of many hats at Nonprofit Hub , for a conversation about the data and findings we gathered. Most nonprofits are collecting data, few know what to do with it.

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5 Key Findings from the 2013 Charitable Giving Report

Connection Cafe

The 2013 Charitable Giving Report includes 24 months of overall giving data from 4,129 nonprofit organizations representing more than $12.5 The report also includes online giving data from 3,359 nonprofits representing $1.7 It is the largest analysis of actual overall and online giving data in the nonprofit sector. Watch 5 Key Findings from the 2013 Charitable Giving Report on YouTube.

Report 170

26 Fundraising & Digital Marketing Research Reports for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The research reports listed below are a small sampling of the research available to nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide. The data can be used to help your organization craft your next online fundraising and digital marketing strategy. If you would like to suggest a specific report be added to the list, please contact Heather Mansfield or post a link in the comment section below. 2019 Global NGO Technology Report :: Download. The Act of Giving Report :: Download.