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Every nonprofit needs a data management plan, especially for their donor data. The plan needs to address a variety of topics, such as data hygiene and enrichment , data usage in various communications activities , input/output management, and more. To help with your donor data management planning, we have created a Donor Data Management Dictionary to help you make sense of all the data jargon as it applies to the nonprofit organization’s business needs.

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How to Future-Proof Your Foundation’s Grants Management System – Part 2

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They often contact me after beginning their own market research and discovering that choosing a Grants Management System (GMS) is a highly complex affair, fraught with risk and uncertainty. Grantmaking is undergoing an evolution.

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Data hoarding: Does the term apply to your donor data?

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Is your organization is a donor data hoarder? Data hoarding extends far beyond just your donor data and CRM software. It applies to outcome measurements, web traffic, social media data, emails, image files, document versioning, backups, backups of backups, etc. All data needs to be managed. Email data is overwhelming corporate America. But for our purposes, let’s narrow the focus to donor data. The costs of managing too much bad data.

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Top 10 Tough Donor Data Migration Decisions

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If you’ve migrated donor data from one CRM to another, no doubt you have dealt with a lot of difficult decisions. In fact, our donor data migration clients often express surprise at the number of decisions they have to make. In this post, we discuss our list of Top 10 Tough Donor Data Migration Decisions. We hope this provides guidance that will help you plan all aspects of your next data migration. ’ It’s a critical part of any data management plan.

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More fundraising software = more data headaches

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Let’s face it … there is a direct relationship between the number of fundraising software systems we are using and the data problems we are creating for ourselves. More fundraising software = more data headaches. Start with contact databases, donor management systems, and CRMs. Next, email marketing and multi-channel marketing systems. Well, for starters, every system, software or technology mentioned has its own database.

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Stop the Daisy Chain of Bad Data Management

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The root cause of bad data management for any organization – for-profit, nonprofit or government – can usually be found in the data management paradigm itself. The most damaging data management paradigm – one that is commonly found among nonprofits – is what I call “the daisy chain of bad data management.” But they always check our data for leads. We also have an online event management system. The data management plan.

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How Would Rate Your Prospect Management System? Part 1

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Here are Target Analytics, our high-touch modeling team asks our clients to rate where they are at with a prospect management system. The four answers vary from no formal system in place to a well-oiled machine. The first rating choice is “Level 1,” and this rating means that the organization does not have a formalized prospect management system in place. Either way, it is better than not having any system in place.

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Solving the Nonprofit Data Paradox

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In the Age of Big Data, countless companies are turning their wealth of data into an extremely valuable asset. Unfortunately, the same is not true for many nonprofits and their data. In my bestselling book, Data Driven Nonprofits , I call this the Nonprofit Data Paradox: the more you have of something valuable, the less valuable it becomes. In the book , I explore how nonprofits struggle with maximizing the value in their data. The data piles up and up.

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Data quality vs. data quantity: let’s end the debate!

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When it comes to nonprofit data, especially donor data, there’s a running debate. Which is more important, data quality or quantity? Like the old Miller Lite commercials, ‘ Tastes Great vs. Less Filling ‘ Your nonprofit organization needs to acquire new donors (data quantity), but you also need the ‘right’ data in order to foster better, longer term relationships (data quality). Donor data quality must come first.

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Workplace Giving Data Problems Just Got Worse

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Nonprofits everywhere are struggling to get their hands on reliable, useful workplace giving data from corporate giving programs. Who remembers the days of charities arguing with local United Ways over the donor data? “We own the workplace giving data,” was the typical United Way response to charities wanting to know more about the donors supporting them, “because they are United Way donors – our donors.” What about the data?

Social Network Management Systems?

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Social Network Management Systems? at 10:31 am Art Social Networking - Network Management Systems Zen and the Art of | Artist Days 11.03.08 Scholar360 is an LMS-SN (Learning Management System and secure Social Network), also called an NLE.

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Financial Systems Integrations:  It’s less scary than it sounds

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and you think it’s time to upgrade to a new database system after 20 or so years. . Let’s say the system you decide on is well-known for how it managed members, events, and fundraising. Your nonprofit’s staff was used to an old, clunky system that didn’t do much. This is a common scenario that we’re seeing more of, as more nonprofits gravitate toward ‘best of breed’ systems. Does, or can, the revenue system house the information that’s needed?

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LMS training data software management system for business


LMS training data software from a safe learning platform to keep neat and tidy. Our software solution is easily understandable and reliability of the resulting

Server System Stability


Real-Time Monitoring Our IT team has created monitors for many hundreds of data points across the CommunityOS server and network platform, including thermal sensors, data transfer rates, server request completion rates, storage capacities and much more. 24-Hour Response CommunityOS systems are busy around the clock. We have paging systems, on-call calendars, and other procedures in place to support round-the-clock support.

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5 Critical Characteristics of Data Driven Nonprofits

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We know that Big Data is fundamentally changing how companies make decisions and improve their performance, but many nonprofit organizations have lagged behind in this area. Over a year ago, I set out on a journey to understand why nonprofits are not making more out of the hidden treasure in their data. What I found is compiled in the new book Data Driven Nonprofits. If you start out with bad data, then it only gets worse from there, never better.

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How Data Intelligence is Accelerating Innovation for Social Good

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At Blackbaud, where I serve as Chief Technology Officer, one of our core tenets has been to design an open, cloud-based software and data architecture. Looking at it from a different angle, open ecosystems also yield data and analytics that enable everyone who is part of it to gain more insights and intelligence. This data can power intelligent software solutions, surface actionable events, maintain accurate and current data assets, and generally drive more results for users.

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It’s that time of year: your 8-step fundraising data checklist

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Have you completed your fundraising data checklist? What are we talking about – a fundraising DATA checklist? But as we have pointed out before via a cataloguing of more than 150 recommendations for improving fundraising appeals , most charities are making the same common fundraising mistake they made last year, and the year before – bad data management. Because data is boring. Fundraising data has many touch-points throughout your organization.

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Attention nonprofits: We don’t know our donor data!

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Understanding data is critically important to success in any business. Unfortunately, data can be boring, even confusing. Many nonprofits don’t know their donor data. If we don’t know our donor data, how can we effectively plan a fundraising appeal? So, how do we know that nonprofits don’t know their donor data? Data degrades. For starters, ALL data degrades over time. Less than 5% of the advice focused on technology and/or data.

What’s in your data management plan?

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If your data isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse. – TSL data expert. And no, we aren’t simply advocating some chaos theory about data. Unfortunately, it’s true … and the only way to combat the problem is examine what’s in your data management plan. Organizations in every industry today dependent on good data to be successful. It’s no different for nonprofits, and donor data is at the top of the critical care list.

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How Would You Rate Your Prospect Management System? | Part II

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In Part I, I covered rating choice “Level 1,” and how it means that the organization does not have a formalized prospect management system in place. Let’s say your organization rates itself the following: “Level 2: Informal system with some contact sheets completed, some assignments, minimal actions tracked with less than 50% adoption.”. FYI – Clients who have a well oiled prospect management system typically meet weekly or bi-weekly.

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Fundraising strategy, technology and data Q&A with Chris Goodman and Gary Carr

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The topic – “Drive Your Fundraising Success with Strategy, Smart Technology and Better Data” – focused on the importance of aligning fundraising strategy, technology and a data in order to maximize the efficiencies of all three. Unfortunately, not every fundraising strategy, technology and data question could be answered, and so we wanted to share more of the Q&A here. GARY: There are many good donor management systems.

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Detailed Accurate Data = Strategy

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You can have all the data in the world but if it is not accurate or documented then it can be of very little use to you. Most CRM databases have the ability to track and store an enormous amount of data but unless you can link it to helping you in being strategic in segmenting out your database or implementing strategies then it is only taking up space. For example do you have birth dates or email addresses and if not you may want to consider a data appends for these items.

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Why we need Learning Management Systems


Why We Need Learning Management Systems. As to not shroud this document with bias, I have taken the liberty of pulling the definition of a Learning Management System, which appears below: noun. However, we’ll take this time to outline the systems and their importance, in a manner that represents something more than simply what it is. Find out which courses your employees are avoiding, and utilize a built in notification system to alert them of truancy.

10 Donor Data Migration Decisions: Q&A with Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

Third Sector Labs recently presented a data migration webinar with host Bloomerang. The topic – “10 Decisions You Will Face with Any Donor Data Migration” – focused on preparing for your next CRM or data migration while addressing 10 tough decisions nonprofits encounter along the way. As always, if you have questions about a donor data migration project, or any of your nonprofit data needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Technology, data and fundraising: is it getting too complicated?

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What about access to great data that helps us to understand the outcomes being produced by our programs and to know our donors and their interests better? Isn’t all this technology and data helping? Working with a partner, 2Dialog , we have been co-hosting a webinar series “Drive Your Fundraising Success with Strategy, Smart Technology and Better Data” The message of the program centers on the need to align strategy, tech and data.

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When data gets political

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Most days, data is pretty straightforward to us here at OpenIssue headquarters. But sometimes, data is political. Or, I guess more accurately, data models. In most CRM systems, especially older ones, and ones that are less flexible, some fields can be points of contention for some of us. Tags: Data Technology Zen Names, addresses, email addresses, the pesky notes field (today’s bane of our existence.)

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Data and the Human Touch

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

These stories about the needs in our communities are data points of real, positive change. Data is now a core resource. Tremendous shifts in data availability, access, and use are rapidly transforming our lives, and numbers debates are taking center stage in the development, philanthropy, impact investing, and social enterprise sectors. Here’s Benetech’s outlook: we advocate for a human-centered approach to data in the social sector. We ask the question: data for whom?

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The DATA Act in the Age of Transparency

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In 2017, the nation’s first open data law, the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act) moved from a pilot phase to full implementation. federal government spending data. At the core of this effort to increase transparency, the DATA Act gives taxpayers, watchdog groups, and the media unparalleled ability to view detailed spending information in user-friendly formats. Enter the concept of data standardization to a machine-readable format!

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Using Data to Predict Fundraising Results

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I recently attended AHP Convene Canada 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia and attended an important session “Turning Data Analytics into Meaningful Business Intelligence” led by Lynn Conforti and Sheila Tilotta of Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation. The more an end user can do (modifying filters, working in the report data), the better. At Southlake, they chose to use Microsoft Excel, one report per tab, using formulas referencing the data tab.

Looking to Be More Data-Driven? For Nonprofits, KPIs Start with Goals

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Across all sectors, there’s a push to become “data-driven” and “digitally-savvy.” Just last year, MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research released a study that showed exactly how much companies in the commercial sector benefit from having a tech-savvy board. This data frenzy has not just taken the commercial sector by a storm. All this technology and data have made it possible for nonprofits to use a range of metrics to measure growth and performance.

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Summer Cleaning: A Data Hygiene Checklist Any Nonprofit Can Reference!

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So July and August can be a great time to clean-up your fundraising system to make sure your data is as accurate and robust as possible, in particular when you start thinking of embarking on a data analytics and/or prospect screening project in the coming months, let’s say maybe later in the 3 rd and 4 th quarters. Please feel free to check out these individual services on our website at Data Enrichment Services for more details.

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Migrating recurring donors to a new system

Robert Weiner

If, for instance, you’re moving from a processor that has a recurring billing system to one that doesn’t and you have a separate app that handles sustainer processing then you’ll have several pieces of data that need to migrate. Credit card image from Ed Ivanushkin. A client is migrating to new Association Management Software, which will entail changing their credit card processor.

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What do I do with data from my point of sale system?

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We willingly provide retail systems with loads of personal information. If you’re using a point of sale system, here are some things you need to know about your constituents, and how you can use them. This is a guest post from Kristen Gastaldo, the Community Manager for Altru. Kristen’s background is in event management, marketing, and ticketing and now shes sharing her experience managing concert venues to our nonprofits.

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Harnessing Big Data to Sustain Peer-to-Peer Revenue Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Data scientists and epidemiologists are working hard to use a vast amount of data to impact the pandemic. They are using big data to predict disease spread, artificial intelligence to predict which patients will need the most care , and machine learning to develop treatments. Data science will play a critical role in saving lives, but it also has other uses, some of which can help us navigate P2P during these unpredictable times. Big data can help sustain P2P revenue.

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How to Measure Your Prospect Management System

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Once you have consistent and relevant prospect data at your disposal, what should you measure? Fundraising Success & Performance Identifying Prospects metrics Prospect Managment

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Using Software and Data to Change the World

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

It was a blast to be with an entire conference full of social good software and data people from around the world. Using Software and Data to Change the World We are in an amazing time. Of course we know that the questioner has no data to speak of and today’s answer is probably “nothing.” We have to use this opening to help advance our goal; using software and data to change the world for the better! Now this vision is not just about more data.

How Would You Rate Your Prospect Management System?| Part 3

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In Part I , I covered rating choice “Level 1,” and how this signifies that an organization does not have a formalized prospect management system in place. In Part 2 , I covered rating choice “Level 2” and included tips on what data to start tracking in your CRM system (or spreadsheets) to create a central repository of your activity with your major and planned gift prospect pool.

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Data Appends: A Guide for Your Nonprofit

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Data scientists and prospect researchers on the nonprofit payroll are working side by side to mine data within the nonprofit’s information system and create models that predict who is likely to give—and who is not. The nonprofit fundraising database is an enormous reservoir of data about constituents from which to construct these models. A statistical analysis of these data can uncover patterns of behavior or characteristics that predict giving.

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5 Things You Need to Know about Nonprofits + Big Data


To find out more about how nonprofits are using (or not using) their data to do more good, we asked over 460 nonprofit professionals about their habits, culture, and outlook on the state of data at their organizations. This week, we released the survey results + invited Randy Hawthorne , Executive Director and wearer of many hats at Nonprofit Hub , for a conversation about the data and findings we gathered. Most nonprofits are collecting data, few know what to do with it.

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Finding Data Management Solutions for Arts and Culture Organizations


Arts and culture organizations such as media companies, magazines, public radio stations, museums, theaters, and arts advocates have unique needs when it comes to data management. Meeting both of these demands is best achieved through a unified database system that offers fundraisers a holistic, 360 degree view of their donors. Database and CRM systems for arts and cultural organizations should offer the capability for several key tasks: 1.

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Data in the Wind | 4 Options for Fine-Tuning Old Data

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You probably have data that’s in the same shape as my old guitar. Using that data for an analysis or a campaign is like me trying to play that guitar without fixing her up. I attended several sessions at bbcon 2015 about data-driven decision making. Regardless of whether you’re an art museum, a hospital, or some completely different type of organization, data and algorithms have a tendency to outperform human intuition in a wide variety of circumstances.

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5 Foundation Trends for 2019: Conquering the Unknown with the Help of Data

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Here are the five trends I see having the most impact on foundations in this coming year, starting with these new potential partners: Partnerships and Data. This coming year it will be important for the public, private, and social sectors to collaborate, focusing on the root causes of social challenges and making systems changes that address those core drivers. Heightened interest data protections and cyber security.

The Future of Association Management Systems


This seems to be the question that has haunted association execs for more than 25 years when the initial association management system hit the not-for-profit marketplace. The Future of AMS Systems: A Provocative Discussion from David Gammel. Why are we still talking about our technology systems being mobile? Is the AMS part of the solar system of technologies or should it be the sun? Integration amongst various systems and the AMS is now the norm for almost everyone.