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Every nonprofit needs a data management plan, especially for their donor data. The plan needs to address a variety of topics, such as data hygiene and enrichment , data usage in various communications activities , input/output management, and more.

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Web Application Frameworks

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

I know a lot of pretty serious geeks read this blog, but I also know some folks who aren’t do too, and I figured it was time to do a quick outline of web application frameworks, and how they differ from things like a CMS. A web server, in the physical sense of the phrase, is a box sitting in a data center (or under someone’s desk) with a unique IP address, that answers queries from the internet and serves up data, depending on the request.

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Exploring Data for Impact

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The world is undergoing a data revolution, and the social sector is no exception. Yet, social enterprises arent typically made up of data geeks. They desperately need to use data better and multiply its impact, but they rarely have the skills or infrastructure to do so effectively.

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How Data Intelligence is Accelerating Innovation for Social Good

Connection Cafe

At Blackbaud, where I serve as Chief Technology Officer, one of our core tenets has been to design an open, cloud-based software and data architecture. Internet of Things (IoT) technology is cheap, accessible, and can transform normal household items into network devices which generate data.

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APIs for Nonprofits 101: How to Share Data Between Systems

Tech Soup Blog

You’ve collected RSVPs from guests who plan to attend in an event management or ticketing system. But wouldn’t it be nice if your events system could talk to your donor management system, and tell you who among your guests has never donated to your organization before?

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Why we need Learning Management Systems


Why We Need Learning Management Systems. As to not shroud this document with bias, I have taken the liberty of pulling the definition of a Learning Management System, which appears below: noun. In an LMS system, the world is unbounded; quite literally.

Mobile Applications: Helping Businesses Connect with Valued Consumers

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Other than Apple’s iOS as operating system, other smart phone manufacturers are using Google’s developed OS which is Android. App developers build and create applications for mobile devices using Android since this is a popular OS for many successful smart phone brands. The goal of application development for businesses is building an extension of the product or service developed by the business.

Fundraising strategy, technology and data Q&A with Chris Goodman and Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

The topic – “Drive Your Fundraising Success with Strategy, Smart Technology and Better Data” – focused on the importance of aligning fundraising strategy, technology and a data in order to maximize the efficiencies of all three. Unfortunately, not every fundraising strategy, technology and data question could be answered, and so we wanted to share more of the Q&A here. GARY: There are many good donor management systems.

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6 Qualities A Nonprofit Database Management System Should Have


Dean Graham, Tech Impact’s Senior Manager of Application Services, has been working closely with nonprofits for 6 years, consulting on topics ranging from business continuity to applications. Graham shared some of the top qualities a good database system should have: Workflow.

Drowning in Marketing Data? 3 Steps to Take Control

Connection Cafe

In fact, we have so much data to analyze and interpret that it can be hard to know where to start. Before you get overwhelmed and are tempted to spend exorbitant amounts of money on data management, take a step back and think about what you really need. First: Devise a data strategy.

Protecting Community Resource Data


We believe that organizations should be compensated for the creation, organization, maintenance, and updates of community information data, especially in the nonprofit space. This does not mean that data should be kept private and self-contained.

Nonprofit Data Migration Made Easier with Carr Partnership

3rd Sector Labs

A central challenge facing many of today’s nonprofit organizations is the paucity of technology solutions, as well as expertise, available for things like website development, fundraising, data migration, and so on. This data is literally the life’s blood of the organization.

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The Face of the Web: What’s Coming for Content Management Systems

Byte Technology

If you’ve ever designed, built, managed or administered a website, you’re no doubt intimately involved with a Content Management System (CMS), a specific software application or set of programs used to create and manage digital content. As 2017 quickly approaches here’s a brief look at the Content Management Systems leading the web design and management market.

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Technology Challenges Nonprofits Face


” Currently, mobile marketing via peer-to-peer fundraising applications and text-to-donate campaigns are growing in popularity due to their effectiveness. Image courtesy of Rensec IT Consulting.

Social Actions API, Semantic Web, and Linked Open Data: An Interview with Peter Deitz

Amy Sample Ward

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and refers broadly to the way one piece of software or dataset communicates with another.) And what does “Linked Open Data” refer to? Why aren’t you publishing this data in RDF?”.

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Tackling the BIG Move and How to Ensure You (and Your Data) Are Prepared

Connection Cafe

Hi, resident data geek here! A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about how converting your data is a lot like moving. The best way to tackle this move is to start with these 4 data preparation steps: 1. Here are some examples of common data issues: Duplicate records.

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Foot Traffic Philanthropy: Location Based Mobile Application - CauseWorld

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Today, TechCrunch wrote about a new mobile application called CauseWorld Here's how it works: CauseWorld app users earn “karma points” when they walk into stores and check in with their cell phone.

The Benefits of a Solid Warehouse Management System

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

The main aim of Warehouse management details systems is to keep an eye on and also regulate the activity and storage of products within a business together with refining the purchases related to these products.

How Data Intelligence Is Accelerating Innovation for Social Good

Tech Soup Blog

At Blackbaud, where I serve as chief technology officer, one of our core tenets has been to design an open, cloud-based software and data architecture. With data, analytics, and intelligence in mind, the following capabilities emerge as candidates to have a great positive impact.

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Mobile Applications for Human Rights


In a partnership between University of California Berkeley Human Rights Center and TechSoup's Netsquared project, the conference is hosting a " Mobile Challenge " encouraging nonprofits and advocacy groups to "combine data, imagery, mapping and social networking to advance human rights." Contestants will be judged with the help of the Netsquared community and online system.

Open Social != Open Data

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Open Data November 8, 2007 As the hype (which, I agree I have contributed to ) around OpenSocial dies down, the reality behind OpenSocial becomes clear. Tim O’Reilly has a bang-on post about the fact that OpenSocial does not mean that users can have data portability. Apparently, the data stays in the container (the social network site) and probably can’t move beyond it. We don’t want to have the same application on multiple social networks.

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New and Improved Data Visualization Tool: Maps for Media Funding

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Nonprofit data nerds will love this new resource from Media Impact Funders and Foundation Center called “ Foundation Maps for Media Funding ,” a free, interactive mapping and research tool that shows the full scope of philanthropically funded media projects worldwide since 2009.

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Selecting a Donor Management System – Eight Questions to Consider


Idealware''s research team is hard at work on an update to our popular report comparing and reviewing donor management systems, which is scheduled for release in the next couple of weeks. To whet your appetite, we wanted to share a guest post from Larry Perlstein, a technology specialist who has worked for a number of consulting firms and has an enviable amount of eperience working with nonprofits, about choosing donor management systems.

Google’s Application Hosting Engine | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

Although it’s currently in limited release, thousands of developers have signed on and there are numerous widgets and web applications that are up and running as of now. Google’s App Engine allows anyone to “run [their] web applications on Google’s infrastructure.&#

Gyrus Systems Earns Award For “Best Compliance LMS” By Talented Learning


Richmond, VA, December 21, 2017, Gyrus Systems, a leader in the Learning Management Systems (LMS) industry, proudly announced that Talented Learning named the GyrusAim® Learning Management System Honorable mentions for "Best Compliance LMS" category. " “It’s a an honor to be recognized again by Talented Learning in providing market driven solutions for our customers,” said Viren Kapadia, President and CEO of Gyrus Systems.

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Creating A Culture of Continuous Improvement Based On Data

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’m always on the look out for useful and thought provoking resources on how nonprofits can use data to make better decisions that lead to greater impact. Alternatively, there may bean emphasis on collecting more data than is necessary, but no one relates it to decision making.

The “Big Data” Misconception

Beaconfire Wire

“Big Data” is a term people like to throw around a lot these days. Your data is Mount Everest and your project is an expedition to the limits of possibility. Just say it: “We have Big Data.” Big Data projects are exciting for curious technical people.

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TechSoup's Data Center Move: Lessons Learned

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup recently completed a data center move. The San Francisco Bay Area has earthquakes, and our old data center was in a similar earthquake zone to our main offices here in San Francisco. Earthquakes and flooding were two of our main considerations when choosing our new data center.

Crisis Text Line Opens Nation’s Largest Set of Crisis Data for Limited Research

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Nancy Lublin, who was CEO at the time, hosted a book party for “ Measuring the Networked Nonprofit ” and during a tour of the office, she introduced me to Bob Filbin, DoSomething’s Data Scientist at the time. Nancy said, “Bob, show her the crisis text line data set.”

Get the Most Out of Your Data with CRM

Tech Soup Blog

of “tracking” data. Data is collected on clients, donors, members, and a variety of other contacts and organizations. While capturing data is a good first step. in understanding more about who you serve, it means nothing without ways to “use” that data.

Big Data, Philanthropy, and Health at SOCAP13

Tech Soup Blog

Big data is still one of those concepts that baffle me. How big does the data have to be? At SOCAP13 , a social enterprise conference in San Francisco, I attended two back-to-back conferences on big data with some nonprofit representation. Data and Philanthropy.

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eNews: New Grants Management Systems report released


A Consumers Guide to Grants Management Completely updated in 2011, our free, 169-page Consumers Guide to Grants Management looks at the features and processes used by 20 grants management systems to help private foundations accept and review applications and track grants throughout their life cycles. Read more or register > Choosing a Low-Cost Donor Management System October 13, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Eastern. PublishDate: October 2011. October 2011.

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Top 7 Free Apps For Nonprofits On Salesforce


Salesforce is a constituent relationship management (CRM) system used by organizations to manage donor, volunteer, and business relationships on a multitude of levels. All data is never duplicated and adds to your Salesforce user data and supporter profiles.

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Colossus vs. Cloud - an Email System Showdown


Exchange is a mature and powerful product, that does absolutely everything that an email system has to do, and offers powerful calendaring, contact management and information sharing features on top of it. Via add-ons and integrations, Outlook can serve as a portal to applications, databases, web sites and communications. If you can't provide the proper care and feeding that a system like Exchange requires, you might well be at more risk with an in-house solution.

Is “Ambient Data” from Social Media Channels Useful for Funders?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

” Lucy Bernholz, “ Data-first Philanthropy.” A starting point for envisioning a future state in which data is the ‘GPS of philanthropy.’ Also, check out Lucy’s Digital Civil Society wiki for examples of open data used for the social good. Beth Kanter, “ Data Informed.

See What’s Out There » Blog Archive » Convio Open – Why the Convio Facebook Application blows away Causes

See What's Out There

Convio has built a Facebook application builder as part of their Open initiative. For organizations on the Convio platform, the Facebook application is a no-brainer and a HUGE improvement from Causes. Causes uses information created within their program and data from Guidestar.

Integrating Constituent Data


There are three ways to integrate all your constituent-tracking applications so they can share data: Manual Import and Export, Integrated Packages, and Automated Connectors. Connecting the information from the various systems you use to communicate with and track your constituents can give your organization a more-unified view. Linking up your constituent data provides some big advantages. Integration is also critical in keeping your data clean, updated, and useful.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Data


This piece by Idealware''s Founder and Executive Director Laura Quinn originally appeared on the blog of Markets For Good , an effort by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Liquidnet to improve the system for generating, sharing, and acting upon data and information in the social sector. Previously, she wrote about changing the conversation about data between nonprofits and foundations. What do we mean when we talk about measuring “impact” or using “Big Data?”

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Another Gold Star, FTW: A Look at Achievement Systems


Arguments are made that achievement systems such as the gold star, grades, and other extrinsic motivators are less effective and desirable for inspiring life-long learners. This system creates a social capital for Microsoft’s online service.

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You don't want to be MacGyver with your donor data

Connection Cafe

Before, that might have meant utilizing many different applications, a dedicated and patient IT staff, and dreaded hours spent sifting through spreadsheets. You need to synchronize your online and offline systems. To be truly effective at integrated marketing, your online and offline data should be in sync. Wouldn’t it be nice if all that was kept in the same system? Author: Jennifer Darrouzet. Let’s face it, spreadsheets are great at lots of things.

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Data Portability for Good


For four weeks this summer, we got a crash course in data transparency. Entrants built useful applications incorporating at least one data feed from , in an effort to make government data accessible and usable. Leveraging entrepreneurship and the expertise of geeks, Sunlight hoped this contest would result in useful applications that made sense of government data sets, while simultaneously reinforcing the importance of transparency.

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More on Using Crowdsourced Data to Find Big Picture Patterns (Take 3)

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

You're absolutely right that information quality comes from people and that data's fitness for a particular purpose is very contextual. Successful approach to crowdsourcing data: Captain Lopez’ team gathers information from every source imaginable. Captain Lopez would probably rather have information from 911 calls, with trained operators following a carefully crafted protocol to extract the most crucial information, but the 911 system is swamped.

APIs for Nonprofits 101: Data Formats

Tech Soup Blog

In part one of my series on APIs for nonprofits, I introduced the concept of Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. A web API - also sometimes called a “web service,” or “REST API” — uses the same URLs and HTTP requests your web browser does to exchange data and keep separate systems synchronized with each other. These are the formats that almost all web APIs make their data and responses available in.

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