Are donors the problem with fundraising?

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Are donors really the problem with fundraising? There is a concept being talked about in some fundraising circles – “donor dominance”. The idea is that some donors behave badly (true enough) and because of that, all donors must be… I’m not really sure.

8 Donor Outreach Ideas for Transformational Fundraisers


How can you harness the power of this paradigm shift to strengthen your donor retention within your own donor community and get closer to your fundraising goals? It’s all about a shift of your own toward transformational fundraising.

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Strong Relationships Build Major Donor Fundraising Success

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As a profession, fundraisers constantly spend a great deal of money on training, education and consultants to learn various techniques to improve performance and results. Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts

Ideas You Can Use To Thank Donors During the Holidays

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The season of gratitude is upon us and there is nothing more important you can do than thank donors for their support this year. Fundraising is all about relationships. . Actually, from a donor’s perspective, it’s annoying. But there is much more to thanking donors.

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Top 2021 Fundraising Strategies: Increase Your Donor Lifetime Value


In part one of this series, I outlined my top six fundraising strategies for 2021: . Investing in digital-first fundraising and marketing communications. Make this the year you truly master personalized, customer-centered mid-level and major donor philanthropy facilitation.

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How Business Thinking is Changing Donor Stewardship

Charity Navigator

The world of fundraising and donor stewardship is changing. CLTV customer lifetime value donor stewardship donors fundraisers Fundraising video messaging

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How to Transform GivingTuesday & Year-End Donors into Monthly Donors

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With both GivingTuesday in November and year-end donations in December, it’s also a great time for nonprofits to gain new donors. This year donors contributed $2.7 First, make sure you’re identifying which donors came from GivingTuesday or year-end donations.

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7 Ways Nonprofits Can Automate Donor Retention

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By Christy Smaglio , Instructional Writer at Donor Perfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits. Donor retention is a crucial aspect of a productive fundraising strategy. 1) Keep the Conversation with Donors Going.

Donor Fatigue Is a Myth

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It’s amazing to me the wild stories nonprofit leaders and fundraisers make up in their heads about why donors are not giving. It’s like you’re trying to develop excuses not to go out and fundraise — and you’re a fundraiser!

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GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising


Using this process to identify different types of donors in your universe is extremely useful in guiding your efforts to segment your list and fine tune the messaging that you use for each group. If you're looking for a specific type of donor, click on their persona name to jump directly to that section. Oscar One-Off Donor 2. Luna Lapsed Donor. Oscar One-Off Donor. Oscar the one-off, or occasional donor gives what he can, when he can. Luna Lapsed Donor.

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Fundraising is not debate club

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Take a look at the fundraising mail making its […]. The post Fundraising is not debate club appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. Donor communications Fundraising Uncategorized debate donor commI bought a rowing machine last Christmas.

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10 Must-Know Stats About COVID-19 Donors

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7,008 survey respondents from 81 countries indicated in the survey that they had donated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and some characteristics of these donors are listed below. It’s worth noting that 68% of the COVID-19 donors were female, 31% male.

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The big question your donors want you to answer: WHY

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The post The big question your donors want you to answer: WHY appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. Blog Donor communications Donors donor communications what donors wantWhy should I give you money? Why should I care about your work?

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4 Reasons to Focus on Donor Appreciation


Without a concrete item or service to offer donors in exchange for their support, what can you do to ensure they feel satisfied with their experience and continuously return to support your programs? Increase donor retention. Encourage donors to give more. Mid-level donors.

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5 Inventive Ways Donor Data Can Boost Your EOY Fundraising


EOY (or end-of-year) fundraising can be a critical time for nonprofits. The giving spirit is high, and donors want to know how they can contribute to the causes that they care about. Your organization needs to do more than simply ask your donors for contributions. You need to create personal, targeted appeals that show donors how they fit into your fundraising and how their gifts impact the recipients of your aid. Retain more donors.

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Why You Should Move Away From Using Nonprofit Donor Personas And Toward Donor Identities


Have you developed nonprofit donor personas? If so, I recommend moving away from those donor personas and toward donor identities instead. . That’s why I believe you should focus on donor identities instead. How do you move away from persona toward donor identities?

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[FREE WEBINAR] How to Grow Donor Retention in 2022: Ask, Thank, Report, Repeat!

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Effective donor retention strategies require you to determine your baseline, define success, and measure your progress toward your goals through reporting. So at their most basic, how do your donor retention strategies work? Create your organization’s donor retention strategy.

How To Do A Donor Cultivation Event


Considering doing a donor cultivation event ? According to fundraising expert and author Penelope Burk, 67% of respondents attending a donor cultivation event credited it as the reason why they made their gift. . Why should you do a donor cultivation event?

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5 Ways to Transform Your Donor Base into a Close-Knit Community


Fundraising is in the middle of a paradigm shift. For a long time, fundraisers have relied on donor-centric strategies that focus on their organization’s interpersonal relationship with a donor and speak to the personal reasons a donor gives.

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22 Statistics About #GivingTuesday Donors Worldwide

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#GivingTuesday 2020 is December 1 and below are important data about GivingTuesday donors to help your nonprofit create a successful campaign. From the 2020 Global Trends in Giving Report : 2) 9% of donors worldwide donated to a nonprofit, NGO, or charity on GivingTuesday 2019.

Donor identity: you should care about how donors see themselves

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Understanding donor identity will strengthen your fundraising. The post Donor identity: you should care about how donors see themselves appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. Blog Branding Donors donor identity donor retention donor survey

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Finding Donors: Where Donor Research Can Make a Huge Difference


He has worked in capital campaigns, major and planned giving (including charitable gift annuities) grant writing and donor research. Ryan loves working in small groups and has been in fundraising since his career started in 2002. So, who will be the future donors to nonprofits?

9 Socially-Distant Donor Engagement Ideas for Nonprofits

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By Laura Bucher , Storyteller at Donor Perfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits. But there are two things that are certain: social distancing will continue to be a reality and your donors will continue to believe in your mission.

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So you want to write to donors

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Here are some basic rules that I try to keep front of mind when I write to donors. The post So you want to write to donors appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising. Blog Donor communications donor communications writing for donors

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When and How to Follow Up With Giving Tuesday Donors

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By Stephanie Kanak , Content Strategist at Donor Perfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits. Did you know that 63% of Giving Tuesday donors only give on Giving Tuesday ? Why do donors stop giving after their first gift?

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8 Tried-and-True (Secret) Individual Donor Fundraising Action Tips


My last article of this two-part series, “ Nonprofit Giving Trends and Future Fundraising Strategy ,” began a discussion of smart fundraising strategies to take advantage of best practices and current trends. ACTION: Get board members to review your donor list.

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Donor Appreciation: Creating a Strategy (And 22+ Ideas!)


Your donors are the ones who make your organization’s mission possible. Here at Bloomerang, we specialize in donor retention. Our team has studied the effectiveness of retaining donors rather than acquiring new ones, and that research guides our entire approach.

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Donor Appreciation: Creating a Strategy (And 22+ Ideas!)


Your donors are the ones who make your organization’s mission possible. Here at Bloomerang, we specialize in donor retention. Our team has studied the effectiveness of retaining donors rather than acquiring new ones, and that research guides our entire approach.

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Major Donor Fundraising: Effective Strategies for 2022

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If you’ve been fundraising for a while, you already know how important your major donors are. Many fundraising professionals often say that around 88% of all nonprofit funds come from just 12% of donors— your major donors.

4 Strategies to Increase Donor Loyalty


Did you know as many as 81% percent of new donors don’t return to give again? And only 43% of all donors remain loyal? Do you know what your retention rates are or how to increase donor loyalty? Yet too many nonprofits still don’t prioritize donor retention strategies. .

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Instagram Feed Fundraisers: What Nonprofits Need to Know

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Meta has quietly announced that the Facebook Fundraiser functionality is being expanded to Instagram. If your nonprofit is eligible for Instagram Charitable Giving Tools, then your supporters can now create fundraisers for your nonprofit. Instagram Feed Fundraisers will change that.

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How to Craft a 2022 Fundraising Strategy for Your Nonprofit

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This guide is meant to help you prepare for each season in your fundraising year. Implement a multichannel fundraising strategy with plenty of different opportunities to give. To make the most of this continued trend, try to reach your donors on as many platforms as possible.

A Guide to Donor Engagement


What is Donor Engagement? Not all donors are created equal. Imagine you have two donors who each give $100. Will you communicate to both donors the same way? If you aren’t measuring donor engagement, you might have to. Donor Engagement Factors.

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When Can We Meet with Donors Again?

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For most of the past year, the question of donor meetings was a no-brainer. We just couldn’t meet with donors and prospects face-to-face, which had, for so long, served as the gold standard in desired engagement, especially when soliciting major gifts.

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4 excuses for not creating a donor newsletter

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You don’t have a donor newsletter? But effective donor communications, including a donor newsletter, mean better and longer donor relationships. The post 4 excuses for not creating a donor newsletter appeared first on Hands-On Fundraising.

How Nonprofits Can Steward Corporate Donors on Social Media

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Allison Weber , founder of Allison Weber Consulting , a fundraising and communications business dedicated to helping mission-driven organizations tell better stories. It’s no secret that corporate donors are invaluable partners for nonprofits. Fundraising Guest Post Social Media

10 Powerful Online Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Emily Rose Patz , Senior Copywriter at DonorPerfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits. Those aboard the online fundraising train tend to not look back. Start crowdfunding with birthday fundraisers.

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6 Ways to Engage Millennial Donors


We’ve rounded up six ways to reach out to millennial donors to help boost your fundraising efforts. If they are, then they’re hearing your asks there, and like other donors they don’t want to feel bombarded. Additionally, if a donor keeps giving online, despite your repeated mail asks, consider dropping them from the mail list or include a mail opt-out button. fundraising donors donor management millennials

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5 Ways to Improve Your Donor Retention

The Modern Nonprofit

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes 5 Ways to Improve Your Donor Retention. How many of your donors continue to contribute to your organization year after year? High donor retention is extremely valuable to any organization. Thanking your donors is a must-do.

[FREE WEBINAR] How Nonprofits Can Maximize Virtual Fundraising in 2022

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The pandemic accelerated virtual fundraising trends and changed the fundraising landscape forever. In this webinar , we’ll discuss: The latest virtual fundraising tools needed to effectively plan and manage online fundraising campaigns.

How a Community of Long-Term Monthly Donors Make a Long-Term Difference

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As a non-profiteer of many years, I have known donor giving programs to be described via a myriad of terms; sustainment, long-term, continued, recurring – all ways to describe the length of the relationship a donor establishes with a non-profit. Fundraising Guest Post

Asking Your Donors to Give Again

The Modern Nonprofit

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Asking Your Donors to Give Again. Are you asking your new donors to give again? Why donor retention is a big deal. There are three big reasons why you should be asking your existing donors to give again.

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A Guide to Donor Retention


A Guide to Donor Retention. What is Donor Retention? If you’re a fundraiser or nonprofit development professional, you’ve likely heard the term “donor retention.” But what is donor retention? How to Calculate Donor Retention . .