How to Write a Successful Annual Fundraising Plan in 6 Steps

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If you are trying to fundraise without an annual fundraising plan, you are trying to bake a pie with a lot of ingredients but no recipe. Do you really want to make fundraising so hard? But, my fundraising plan for the year is already pretty full [show them your written plan].

2 Email Templates to Soft Launch Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Campaign

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By Audrey Phillips , a customer success manager at Classy – a social enterprise that creates world-class online fundraising software for nonprofits, modernizing the giving experience to accelerate social impact around the world. Email #1: Introduce the Campaign.


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5 Reasons Nonprofits Need to Invest in Annual Fundraising Campaigns


Annual giving campaigns, sometimes referred to as “cornerstone campaigns,” form the backbone of many nonprofit fundraising programs for good reason; they provide a structure for the yearly schedule and a reliable and predictable source of income, making life easier for Development staff at all levels. However, just because they are a fundraising staple doesn’t mean that annual campaigns don’t require the same amount of attention, creativity, and work that other campaigns do.

14 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign Ideas for Winter

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As a nonprofit fundraising professional, you have the power to turn the winter season into an opportunity to engage your supporters with a peer-to-peer fundraiser! Plus, P2P fundraising is a great way to keep supporters engaged during the long winter months. .

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11 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Ideas to Boost Your Campaign


Peer-to-peer fundraising can be successful on its own or as part of a larger event. The cost of holding a peer-to-peer fundraiser is minimal, and that is why more nonprofits are choosing to add these campaigns to their strategic plans.

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How To Recruit Sponsors For Your Fundraising Events & Campaigns


As nonprofit fundraisers, we’re always thinking about our donors first. But donors aren’t the only people who make your fundraising events and campaigns successful, and they aren’t the only people whose needs you should be considering. Fundraising Peer-to-Peer

The Ideal Year-End Fundraising Campaign Timeline


Autumn definitely means “go time” in the life of a fundraiser, often because it signals the start of year-end , a period of time you may get upwards of 60% or more of your annual donations. For more on year-end planning, get your free ticket to the Year-End Fundraising Fair on 11/4!

[FREE WEBINAR] 6 Weeks to a Successful #GivingTuesday Campaign

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We’ve created a 6-week plan to help you run a powerhouse campaign that increases reach and giving. You’ll learn: – A 6-week plan for before, during and after your #GivingTuesday campaign. GivingTuesday Fundraising WebinarDate: Tuesday, October 19, 2021.

Best Practices for Your Next Text Fundraising Campaign

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However, text messaging has emerged as an effective way to make a big impact for your next fundraising campaign. Fundraising Mobile Fundraising campaign Text messagingEmails, social media posts, direct mail, phone calls — there are so many ways to reach donors.

Year-End Fundraising: Increase awareness of your campaign with stories

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve posted articles about fundraising messaging and writing advice for fundraising appeals. In addition to the vast amounts of copywriting I do for clients, I also provide strategy work for campaigns. Some might call this marketing the campaign.

5 Creative Angles to Consider for Your Next Fundraising Campaign


When it comes to fundraising for your nonprofit, creativity is key. Launching a unique campaign can set your organization apart by creating a buzz around your mission, engaging new audiences, and getting people excited to participate in something meaningful. . Fundraising

26 Sample Email Subject Lines For Your Fundraising Campaign


He highlights the importance of email marketing, lead generation, outreach campaigns, customer profiling, and acquisition to maximize ROI for all businesses. 26 Email Subject Lines for Your Fundraising Campaign . With a fundraising email, brevity is vital. Fundraising

Use These 11 Metrics To Evaluate Your End-Of-Year Fundraising Campaign


You survived the end-of-year fundraising season ! . After you’re done celebrating your wins, it’s time to evaluate the success of your end-of-year fundraising campaign. . Why you should evaluate your end-of-year fundraising campaign . Data Year-End Fundraising

2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns


With Giving Tuesday behind us, it's time to highlight just a few of the organizations who ran stellar campaigns, activated supporters, and beat their fundraising goals. Successful fundraising campaigns come in many shapes and sizes, and not every tactic works for every organization's audience. Best Social Media Campaign: Woodstock Sanctuary. Check out the whole page to see a great example of a microsite that can be used for multiple fundraising campaigns.

10 Simple Strategies for a Successful Year-End Giving Campaign

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With Giving Tuesday in the rear view, it’s tempting to forgo a year-end giving campaign and coast to the end of the year, catching up on work and enjoying the holidays. A year-end giving campaign is your chance to win over donors when they are in a giving frame of mind.

Book Review: ‘The Essence of Campaigning Fundraising’

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This new book, “The Essence of Campaigning Fundraising” includes a cool-looking USB drive that includes the 52 exhibits and 199 web links to which the book refers and proceeds going to charity. Fundraiser Education Recurring Donations

7 End-of-Year Fundraising Campaigns We Love


So we looked through a bunch of our favorite end-of-year fundraising campaigns from 2020 and put together eight examples to inspire you! These examples are from Qgiv clients and use our online donation forms and peer-to-peer fundraising software. Why we love their campaign.

#GivingTuesday 2021: How To Plan A Successful Fundraising Campaign


One way to kickstart the season of giving is by participating in #GivingTuesday fundraising. Since #GivingTuesday is fueled by online donations (and 2020 saw a 32% increase in online fundraising revenue for nonprofits), it’s a good idea to focus on your online audiences.

Capital Campaigns | The Ultimate Guide to Capital Fundraising Campaigns


As a fundraiser, you may or may not find yourself responsible for running a capital campaign. The post Capital Campaigns | The Ultimate Guide to Capital Fundraising Campaigns appeared first on Nonprofit Blog.

Set the Right Fundraising Goal for Your Capital Campaign


You might think that your capital campaign goal should simply be set to the amount of money you need. Fundraising & DonationsThe reality is much more complicated.

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A Nonprofit’s Quick Guide to Mobile Giving Campaigns

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To nonprofit fundraising professionals, these numbers mean one thing: without a strategy for mobile giving, you’re missing out on a major fundraising opportunity. digital fundraising donately Fundraising fundraising campaign mobile fundraising mobile giving

Nonprofit Fundraising: How to Run an Effective Campaign


As your nonprofit organization continues to grow, it’s time to consider investing in an effective fundraising platform that truly accommodates your nonprofit’s size, financial needs, and developing fundraising strategies. Why is fundraising important for nonprofits?

[ASK AN EXPERT] Does Sharing A Campaign’s Fundraising Goal Drive More Donations?


CFRE, our very own Fundraising Coach , also known as Charity Clairity. Today’s question comes from a nonprofit employee who wants advice on whether or not it’s a good idea to announce and share a financial goal for their fundraising campaign. .

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How to Effectively Share Text-to-Donate Campaigns on Social Media

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By Corey Blake , a Digital Fundraising Strategist at MobileCause , where she helps nonprofits accelerate their fundraising and engagement efforts through giving and marketing strategies. MobileCause is more than simply comprehensive online and event fundraising software.

[FREE WEBINAR] How Nonprofits Can Make Their Fundraising Campaigns More Social

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Social media channels can help you amplify the message of your fundraising campaigns. This webinar will look at the latest trends in social media fundraising and how to improve the success of your campaigns. Topics include: • How to use every social channel in your fundraising campaign. Best practices on making your fundraising more social. • How to build a funnel for your social fundraising content. Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

What Email Spam Rates Mean for Your #GivingTuesday Fundraising Campaign


Email deliverability is an important metric for nonprofit fundraisers and digital staff to track, especially in the time leading up to major digital fundraising days, such as Giving Tuesday. Here is how spam rates affected nonprofit fundraising last Giving Tuesday, and what you can do to ensure a successful 2018 campaign. emails, and the average spam rate for nonprofit fundraising appeals remained high, at 20.34%. of fundraising potential unrealized.).

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4 Free Campaign Tools You're Probably Forgetting


Imagine your nonprofit is gearing up for a big initiative and, after lots and lots of research, you've settled on the amazing tools you're going to use for things like fundraising, marketing, and outreach. nonprofit campaigns campaigns

End-of-Year Fundraising Campaigns that Will Rock Your World


End-of-year is a very busy time for fundraisers. Lots of ideas are bouncing around, campaigns that have been run for years are spinning up, and new end-of-year fundraising campaigns are coming to life. A huge portion of fundraising revenue comes in during the last two months of the year, which means those who are hoping for great results will get exactly that, but some will not because nonprofits are competing for the same donors and the same dollars.

[WEBINAR] Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Those who register for all three webinars will earn a Certificate in Digital Marketing & Fundraising from Nonprofit Tech for Good. Customized for small nonprofits on a limited budget, this webinar will highlight current trends in online fundraising. 101 Best Practices Fundraising

Mobile Fundraisers: Explore Best Practices & Campaign Ideas


Mobile fundraising empowers people to give on the go! We at Qgiv are experts in nonprofit software and have seen firsthand how mobile fundraisers can further a mission and engage donors. In this guide, you’ll be exploring the following topics: What Is Mobile Fundraising?

Your Complete Giving Tuesday Campaign Guide


Falling just after Cyber Monday on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, it lands right before fundraisers’ already-abundant year-end initiatives as dedicated donors look to support charities during the holidays and make tax-deductible donations. GivingTuesday Featured Fundraising Strategies

4 Trends To Expect For Spring 2021 Fundraising Campaigns

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The new year is off and running, and many nonprofits are starting to plan for this year’s fundraisers. It’s the perfect time to reevaluate your fundraising strategies, leaving the less effective approaches in the past, and considering the addition of (or emphasis on) some new ones.

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Five 2018 Political Campaign Trends that Nonprofits Should Use Too


As the 2018 midterm elections near, it’s likely hard to ignore the ads, phone calls, mail pieces, and emails from political campaigns in your area reminding you to vote. As the campaign season kicks into high gear, here are a few trends we’re seeing in 2018 campaigns that nonprofits could benefit from as well! For our full recommendations on campaign strategies that nonprofits should start using, download the complete guide: 1. peer-to-peer fundraising.

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How to Win the Game of Facebook Fundraising

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Facebook fundraising makes it easy for supporters to show their support of your mission with a quick donation. Facebook fundraising tools are designed to keep people on the site rather than send them to a crowdfunding platform or other website. Go here to set up your campaign.

15+ Giving Tuesday Campaign Ideas (and Expert Tips) for 2021


For your nonprofit, this means the holiday season opens the door to opportunities for fundraising success— and there’s no better way to kick off this successful year-end fundraising push than to participate in Giving Tuesday ! Use a text fundraising campaign.

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SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Campaign for St. Jude Surpasses $200M Fundraising Goal

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Though the campaign goal was met, it will continue raising money through February 2022. Inspiration4 returned from orbit Saturday, raising millions for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the process. Health Major Gifts

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9 Ways to Improve Your Next Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign

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Peer-to-peer campaigns and events are such an effective way to extend your fundraising reach that many nonprofits today consider them a key part of the fundraising mix. But, what do you do if your peer-to-peer fundraising results aren’t what they used to be, or aren’t as remarkable as you’d like? Here are nine impactful ways you can do to today to improve your next peer-to-peer fundraising campaign or event: 1. Pick up the phone and call your fundraisers.

Optimizing an Email Campaign for Fundraising Effectiveness

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And yet, many non-profits aren’t leveraging one of the most tried-and-true methods of communication: an effective and well-planned email campaign. But he also stresses that it’s important to be smart about your approach to an email campaign: using the same mass message across all contacts won’t get your very far, nor will relating a fuzzy story about what your want to achieve or having an overly complicated explanation of your end goals. Fundraising

[FREE WEBINAR] How Nonprofits Can Maximize Virtual Fundraising in 2022

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The pandemic accelerated virtual fundraising trends and changed the fundraising landscape forever. In this webinar , we’ll discuss: The latest virtual fundraising tools needed to effectively plan and manage online fundraising campaigns.

Planning The Right Fundraising Campaign: 7 Brilliant Tips


Defining the steps for a future fundraising campaign and creating a detailed roadmap from beginning to end are significant stepping stones toward reaching and exceeding your goals. Fundraising & Donations

6 Practical Tips for Promoting Your #GivingTuesday Campaign on Social Media

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With so much noise on social channels during this global day of giving, you may be wondering how your nonprofit can stand out and more effectively fundraise for its mission. This helps spread awareness of your #GivingTuesday campaign to all visitors.

3 Online Fundraising Lessons from the Obama and Romney Campaigns


In 2008, Barack Obama used one of the most successful online marketing and … Email Marketing Interactive Online Fundraising Web Design acknowledgements email email fundraising email list growth email subscriber incentives multichannel campaigns mutli-channel Non-Profit online giving

CDR Fundraising Group Wins Gold With Toys for Tots’ Year-End Campaign

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Annual Campaigns Direct MailHistorically, due to a mandatory quiet period after Christmas, Toys for Tots did not resume development efforts until the spring. As a result, retention rates have been declining over the past three years, which makes end-of-year mailings critical to the organization.