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Raise the Board’s Financial IQ


This includes the laws relating to financial reporting and fundraising. Ask fundraising or deferred giving experts to discuss estate planning. Raising the board’s financial IQ strengthens that critical bond and increases your credibility as a leader. The post Raise the Board’s Financial IQ appeared first on.orgSource.

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First-Year Golf Fundraiser Raises $215,000

NonProfit PRO

A golf tournament presented a unique opportunity to put the organization’s mission on display while raising dollars for the mission.

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How To Raise More Dollars From Your Golf Fundraiser

NonProfit PRO

Level up your golf tournament’s fundraising power! Download this free guide to find out how to maximize sponsorships that raise dollars and forge corporate partnerships, leverage the generosity of golfers to make additional donations, and provide extras that enhance the tournament’s fun and excitement.

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Ready to Start Raising More?

NonProfit PRO

Keela’s complete fundraising and donor management software helps nonprofits build donor relationships, organize data, and shows you where to focus to bring in more donations. Find out how you can use Keela's software to retain donors, save time, and raise more for your cause!

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Here’s How to Raise More Money with Your Next Fundraising Letter

The Fundraising Authority

I am in the middle of writing a direct mail fundraising letter for a non-profit client, and tomorrow I will be presenting the letter to them, and explaining why it will be effective. And it got me thinking… there are really only three things that separate super-successful fundraising letters from ones that are just mediocre.

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Using auctions to raise more money at your next fundraising event

Charity Village

This article is an excerpt from a CharityVillage webinar, The Fundraising Drivers That Raise You More: The Donation Augmented Approach to Tickets, Auctions, and Raffles. In our study, we found that 40% of […] The post Using auctions to raise more money at your next fundraising event appeared first on CharityVillage.

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What Are Gaming Fundraisers and How Can They Raise Donations for Your Nonprofit?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The rise of the livestream, combined with the growing popularity and widespread appeal of video games, has created an attractive new opportunity for charities — gaming fundraisers. These events are an exciting new kind of fundraiser in which gamers raise money for charity by livestreaming themselves playing video games.

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