A Guide to Storytelling for Nonprofits & Digital Marketing

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That’s where nonprofit storytelling comes into play. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to nonprofit storytelling, in which you’ll explore the following points: The Importance of Storytelling for Nonprofits. Top Nonprofit Storytelling Examples to Inspire You.

Grant Writing and the Perfect Storytelling

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Evening meals sometimes went on for hours as we continued our storytelling. When I began writing proposals, storytelling was the only way I knew to convey the problems my organization faced and what we were doing to overcome those problems. But storytelling still plays a prominent role in all requests that I write. Often this idea confuses grant writers because they know they have limited space to make their case, so why waste it on storytelling?


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Upcoming Webinar: Creating a Culture of Storytelling

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Here at TechSoup, we know that successful storytelling does not happen in a blink of an eye, out of thin air, or by pressing a magic button. In fact, we know that storytelling done right is a multi-tiered process that requires working with staff, donors, and beneficiaries, oftentimes with additional effort to organize, produce, and publish assets to the web. first installment of our 2013 TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge webinar series, Creating a Culture of Storytelling.

Keeping Your Nonprofit Relevant with Engagement and Storytelling

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In episode 121 of the sgENGAGE Podcast, How Save the Children is Evolving to Meet New Demands Catherine LaCour, CMO of Blackbaud interviews Janti Soeripto, COO & president of Save the Children U.S., Storytelling: Don’t fall back on brand reliance.

Storytelling for Success: A Look at Three Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Perhaps it is a combination of a few different storytelling elements. Our Storymakers 2014 challenge kicks off August 26, so to get you inspired, I've compiled some great examples of digital storytelling in crowdfunding campaigns. Interestingly, some of the money from this campaign will go to more digital storytelling efforts: "Public awareness is the keystone of our campaign. Storymakers2014 fundraising crowdfunding digital storytelling causevox

And the 2013 Digital Storytelling Challenge Awards Go To.

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That's what the Digital Storytelling Challenge seeks to accomplish every year. At the 2013 Digital Storytelling Awards Gala on May 28, the community's successes were clear. First up are our awards selected by our panel of judges , hard-working digital storytelling experts who flexed their skills to pick strong stories to receive award donations from our sponsors. video online community nonprofits community tsdigs digital storytelling We all have a story.

How Foundations Can Use Storytelling to Effect Change

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While that money is often being used to make our communities more equitable, help cure diseases and provide health care to the sick, feed the hungry, and educate our children, too often the focus on dollar signs and big numbers often dehumanizes their work and makes them seem inaccessible. Here are five steps you can take to make that happen with your storytelling: 1. Then, rather than focusing your storytelling on your foundation, you can focus it on those potential partners.

Q&A With Best Selling Author And Expert Storyteller, Paul Smith

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In his book, Paul demonstrates how storytelling is a powerful business tool that can mean the difference between mediocre results and phenomenal success. Since the book was published about three years ago, my admiration for Paul's passion for storytelling and helping to teach people how to effectively tell stories has only but grown. It seems that a lot more people nowadays are professing the power of storytelling. But I have continued to write in the storytelling space.

Designing for Good #3 – Best of 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling

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For this Designing for Good episode, we’re showcasing the best examples of nonprofit storytelling of 2016. Timely, but why is nonprofit storytelling such a hot topic these days ? And that’s why nonprofit storytelling matters. 1 Save the Children: “Most Shocking Second a Day” (2 min). Beautifully shot with no implicit call for support, “Prayer for Syria” is a neat hat trick of micro/macro storytelling.

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6 Tips to Improve Your Next Fundraising Campaign Using Digital Storytelling

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Storytelling is the currency of fundraising. In the digital environment of email, social media, and mobile, we can use storytelling in innovative ways to inspire supporters and donors — and raise more money. Below are six tips for nonprofits that want to use digital storytelling to engage donors and boost giving. CauseVox has assembled 15 examples of video storytelling for online fundraising campaigns. Image 4: Middle East Children's Alliance.

Elevating Advocacy Voices for Children Through Social Media

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Note from Beth: As part of my work at the Packard Foundation, I’ve had the honor of designing and facilitating a “networked capacity building project” for a cluster of grantees, state-based groups, to be more effective in engaging their networks toward covering uninsured children. Elevating Advocacy Voices for Children Through Social Media – Guest Post by Barbara Munoz. Voices for Utah Children recently helped host a conference on.

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 121: How Save the Children is Evolving to Meet New Demands

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As a 100-year-old organization, Save the Children is one of the most well-known nonprofits in the world. This episode of the sgENGAGE Podcast, recorded live at bbcon 2019, features a conversation between Catherine LaCour, chief marketing officer at Blackbaud, and Janti Soeripto, COO & president of Save the Children U.S. Listen in to learn about how Save the Children U.S., Leading with storytelling. How technology helps Save the Children in their mission.

Storytelling: Up Close and Personal


It’s global connective tissue", said Stacey Monk, co-founder of Epic Change , who was part of the panel Up Close and Personal: How Storytelling Builds Movements at NTC along with Mark Horvath of Invisible People , Estrella Rosenberg of Big Love, Little Hearts , and moderated by Avi Kaplan of Rad Campaign. Here’s some tips to think about as you experiment and go down your storytelling route.

Making a Great Story into a Powerful Fundraising Story


Example: In our city, 1,500 children go to school hungry each year, which means they struggle in school, can face health struggles, etc. Example: Every week we provide more than 1,000 meals to children who are hungry. Fundraising Storytelling

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nfp 2.0 » Save the Children offers yak a Second Life

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1) myspace (1) nspcc (2) oxfam (2) podcast (1) second life (5) social impact (6) social media (16) social networking (6) storytelling (6) tagging (3) web 2.0 (18) whitewater widgets yak shack December 5th, 2006 Save the Children offers yak a Second Life Owen Gibson writes in The Guardian that Save the Children today becomes the first UK charity to participate in Second Life , a virtual world accessible over the web via software installed on your computer.

Holly Stevens: Blogging as Storytelling

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Storyteller and the Listener Online , edited by Holly Stevens of Oak Ridge, North Carolina, publishes two guest essays each month which explore, "the role of story and narrative in peacemaking, healing, bridge building and reconciliation processes in communities around the world." Tell me about The Storyteller and Listener Online blog? Bloggers are storytellers.

Digital Storytelling at the Nonprofit Technology Conference 2013

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It's no secret that we are advocates of digital storytelling at TechSoup. This April our 2013 Digital Storytelling Challenge offers resources to sharpen your skills and an opportunity to enter your short video or five-image slide show by April 30 to win awesome prizes! Sessions on digital storytelling abounded, and the verdict came in clear: video, pictures, and sound are everything. Let us know in the comments what your favorite digital storytelling tips were.

Nonprofit Fundraising Videos Inspire More Giving

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An example of this may be children in your after-school program singing a song or a food pantry volunteer expressing joy while receiving a large gift of toiletries. Nonprofit fundraising videos bring your organization’s work to life in a way that written stories just can’t.

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Storymakers 2014 Winners — A Global Success

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In the past few years, we've seen the transformation from long to extremely short-form digital content like that on Vine and Instagram, and we've experienced the rise and fall of numerous storytelling apps never to be seen or heard of again. But what remains constant underneath all the change in this digital age is the steady pulse of community storytelling. We accept this award on behalf of the Manos Internacional board of directors, volunteers, and children.

Storymakers Past Winners: In Their Own Words

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In previous years, we called it our Digital Storytelling Challenge. We thought we’d ask some past winners to tell us about how they’ve been using their videos and how important storytelling is to their organization. The 2013 Digital Storytelling Challenge received many many entries from 12 different countries. The campaign raised $120,000 which provided education for 400 Dalit children. Storytelling is an important part of any organization.

Client Spotlight: National Pediatric Cancer Foundation


Pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death by disease for children. Approximately 1 in 285 children in the U.S. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital while their daughters were undergoing cancer treatments. To help more children and families, Melissa and Risa teamed up to found NPCF.

The Mother-Led Movement to Save Our Kids’ Climate

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I believe that our children’s generation is key to creating lasting change in equality, justice, climate change, and human rights. It’s the gift of having my children teach me that everyday actions can make a world of difference. Even with young children. And all children.

Enabling Program Staff to Become Digital Editors


Content creation, storytelling specifically, is headed in the same direction. The Y serves children, families and communities through a network of 25 member centers, five resident camps and hundreds of extension sites in Chicago and its collar counties – with more than 4,000 full- and part-time employees. Storytelling and content creation needs to involve a culture shift, not a project launch with a rapid start and defined stop.

Book Club Part 7: NMAI and the Challenge of Cultural Storytelling

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As Elaine puts it in the essay, When I was last involved in such an endeavor, it was when the Boston Children's Museum was small, insignificant, and unselfconscious. Finally, the third issue is about storytelling. Tags: storytelling design Book Discussion: Civilizing the Museum usercontent This is the penultimate installment of Museum 2.0's s book club on Elaine Gurian's collection of essays, Civilizing the Museum.

5 Tips for a Winning Email Marketing Strategy

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By: Jas Finnell, Digital Strategy Manager at Riley Children’s Foundation. Embrace Storytelling. Storytelling requires creativity, vision, skill, and practice. Your support of Riley Children’s Foundation helps heal sick and injured children who need life-saving care.

Making Stories Work for Your Org: What the Data Says


The argument for stories In 2003, John Sadowsky and Loick Roche, two professors at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France, reviewed the major academic literature on storytelling and wrote a paper called, "The power of stories: a discussion of why stories are powerful". The hitch Nonprofits have jumped head-long into a storytelling fever that relies almost exclusively on personal narratives — like that of Rokia — to make an emotional connection with supporters.

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App Review: When Instagram Isn't Enough, Steller Helps You Build Stories

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So when a new digital storytelling tool comes along, we jump at the chance to test it out. The Naples Children and Education Foundation (a TechSoup member!), Steller is a beautiful app that makes storytelling a cinch for anybody — well, anybody with an iPhone. Despite these drawbacks, Steller is a great storytelling tool that's fun to use. Or any other storytelling mobile apps? apps social media digital storytelling Instagram video

Forum One Wins 7 WebAwards

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To mark its anniversary, NRDC launched an immersive storytelling experience featuring powerful stories and moments from the last 50 years. Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation.

How to Turn Video Views Into Life-Saving Dollars

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These funds will be donated to the Diabetes Hands Foundation and they will use the donation to help the Life for a Child program, run by the International Diabetes Federation, and Insulin For Life , two global, humanitarian organizations that provide diabetes medication and supplies to children in the world’s poorest countries. By the time, the donation is made, the lives of thousands of children with diabetes in need will have been saved.

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Pokemon Go and Nonprofits

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Safety concerns for younger children , especially unsupervised have reported in the media. Storytelling Tools and TacticsPokemon Go , the latest installment in the best-selling Pokémon video game series, launched as a smartphone app using augmented reality. It became an overnight viral sensation and cultural phenomena. Perhaps its appeal is an escape from all the bad things that are happening the world right now.

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Show Your Mama Some Love

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Instead, unleash your love to the world to make it a better place for Mamas & children everywhere by heading right over to To Mama With Love and create a heart space. Movement Building storytellingShow some love in the next fews at To Mama With Love , a creative social fundraiser that leverages the emotional connection we feel with our own mothers or our own pride of being a mom.

10 Organizations Leading The Way This Mental Health Awareness Month


According to their website, “Through integrated special education and mental health services, Positive Education Program (PEP) is able to provide individualized care to children and youth experiencing emotional disturbances and demonstrating severe and challenging behaviors.” The primary goal of PEP’s integrated special education and mental health services is to enable children and youth to succeed in the least restrictive environment, ideally their own school district.

How to Show Visual Impact on Your Online Donation Forms


At some point in your professional fundraising career, you’ve probably heard the importance of storytelling when crafting your nonprofit’s donor experience. It’s an important part of the storytelling journey and is how your organization communicates what’s happening.

Turning Pain into Gain for a Cause

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So I hedged by ensuring my hard work, while unlikely to result in a spot in the Regional games, could benefit something else I cared about: Hand to Hold , a Central Texas organization that supports families who have children in a neonatal intensive care unit. Nonprofit Fundraising crowd fundraising crowdfunding event fundraising tips everyday hero storytelling When we ask people to sponsor a team for a walk or run , we want them to make a connection with a mission.

7 Fabulous Nonprofit Videos on Vine and Instagram

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If you are wondering about the different between these two platforms, here’s a good comparison from TechCrunch , but either platform your nonprofit needs to share compelling videos, that use good storytelling , and support your goals. In this simple and effective Vine, Diabetes UK spell out the four symptoms of type 1 diabetes to using children’s fridge magnets. Guest Post Storytelling Video

Video 51

How can nonprofits strategically implement digital tools to achieve impact?

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Nonprofits must never forget that they are called to be active participants in the lives of people, learning stories, and, when appropriate, storytelling for further impact. This makes storytelling a necessity and a digital discipline. Illustration by Yuxin Qin.

The One Thing Successful Fundraisers Carry in Their Back Pockets

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Over the years, I found that there were a few basic rules for being a successful storyteller: 1. She has created a coloring book for children born with cleft lips and palates. This book tells Katie’s story so that children with cleft lips and cleft palates learn how to see their individual beauty. Nonprofit Fundraising fundraising nonprofit marketing Nonprofit Storytelling

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What I Learned About Fundraising from My Career in Recruiting

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When I began working with nonprofits, I realized that there is a very common parallel between recruiting and fundraising: storytelling. She’s worked the early morning shift and has served breakfast to and seen many, many children off to school over those years. Nonprofit Marketing eMail marketing Online Fundraising Online marketing storytelling subject linesI started my career in recruiting.

Stories from German Nonprofits: A Look at Stifter-Helfen.de's Case Studies

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This enables streetfootballworld to call attention to its work through digital storytelling. Die Wille is a Berlin-based nonprofit organization for children and young adult services. Supporting Families of Visually Impaired Children. ELISEH is a German organization that supports parents of visually impaired children. Spotlight Microsoft Adobe digital storytelling germany stifter-helfen.de

Forum One Wins 10 Vega Awards

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To mark its anniversary, NRDC launched an immersive storytelling experience featuring powerful stories from the last 50 years. Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation.

Award 72

Is Instagram Useful for Nonprofit Marketing?

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Others are using Instagram by sharing visual stories about their programs using a branded profile, like Children’s LA and Unicef USA. Measurement storytelling VisualInstagram, the mobile photography app, has been getting a lot of attention lately. From critics saying it is killing photography to hype and hoopla from marketing pundits saying it is a must-have as part of your “visual marketing tool box.”

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Generation Rwanda: Two Stories

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While the exhibit was emotionally wrenching, not to mention disturbing, the most poignant was the children’s memorial that tells the story of innocent child victims of the genocide. Favorite: On A Mission To Help Children in Rwanda. She wants to start a school program and center of excellence for young children and providesprograms that help them stay physically and mentally in shape. Leadership storytelling

nfp 2.0 » The Best use of Google Maps, full stop

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1) myspace (1) nspcc (2) oxfam (2) podcast (1) second life (5) social impact (6) social media (16) social networking (6) storytelling (6) tagging (3) web 2.0 (18) whitewater widgets yak shack October 13th, 2006 The Best use of Google Maps, full stop The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children ( NSPCC ) has a long history of embracing innovation to raise awareness of its cause.