Private Foundations Are Now Eligible for Citrix Online Donations

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Here in TechSoup’s San Francisco office, we use audio and video conferencing every day to talk with people working remotely in the Bay Area, New York, or Seattle, as well as with our partner nonprofits around the world. For a thorough overview of this process, visit our How to Use TechSoup page or watch our Getting Started with TechSoup video tutorials.

Green Jobs Now has a podcast: lessons learned


The organizers for the day of action, Green for All , 1Sky , and the We Campaign , have had a couple conference calls since day one, but no way to effectively distribute that audio until now. Of course, the archived audio has been accessible on the Green Jobs Now blog in an embedded Flash player. Plone’s “native&# podcasting solution, Plone4Artists Audio isn’t quite ready for Plone 3 yet.)

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SAVE PEOPLE 7 Foundation Center - 2009 Foundation Giving Forecast SAVE PEOPLE 18 26 FEB 09 A city that thinks like the web, slides + audio « commonspace SAVE PEOPLE 23 Pew Internet: Adults and Social Network Services SAVE PEOPLE 225 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Join Now! Whats New?

Top 20 Tech Sites That SocialFish Follows


The tech site has made it to the top of the list by posting articles about tech news, reviews of a range of different gadgets like TV, laptops, smartphones, audio and many more. Apart from that, Tech2 covers articles in relation to gaming, audio, videos, science, and photos.

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106 Free or Low-Cost Online Tools and Resources for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

HTML Tutorial :: GoToWebinar enable organizations to host webinars with VOIP audio or toll free numbers, polls, analytics, and recording. Zoom is an affordable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing.

Top 20 Tech Sites That SocialFish Follows


The tech site has made it to the top of the list by posting articles about tech news, reviews of a range of different gadgets like TV, laptops, smartphones, audio and many more. Apart from that, Tech2 covers articles in relation to gaming, audio, videos, science, and photos. This tech site also covers best guides for gadgets and tutorial guides in relation to gadgets. This tech site also covers technology linked to audio, design/concepts and web.

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When all else fails, read the instructions.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It records in WMA format (Windows Media Audio). Then opened in Audacity and exported at the compression/sampling that Brian suggested in his tutorial (or at least I think I did.). I fiddled around with Audacity to attempt to edit and splice several audio files. So, next step is to find a free program with friendly UI as well as take the tutorial for Audacity that Brian mentioned.

How to Produce Your Own Podcast

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They also provide code for an audio player (like the one below) that you can embed onto your blog, or website so that people can listen to your show online (if they don't want to subscribe via iTunes, or download it to their mp3 player). They have some good posts with tips and tutorials.

Tips for Shooting A Winning Video For Your Nonprofit

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

DSLR Audio Isn’t Good. To capture better audio get a camera with a mic-in jack (these are a bit more expensive) or get a portable recorder. Both have dedicated users and a huge variety of tutorials online to help you get started. Photo by Global Fund for Children.

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WeAreMedia ToolBox: This Week We're Working Crowdsourcing, Micro Media, and Lifestreaming Tools

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The tools listed include one from each - text, audio, and video - but there are many, many others.  The month of October we've been focusing on building out the Nonprofit Social Media Tool Box and awarding t-shirts to contributors! Week Three of the We Are Media Toolbox begins! 

A Conversation with Teresa Crawford About Skype with Video

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I'd suggest the following resources: Beginner Tutorials CoolCatTeacher Blog: Skype for Beginners Laptop Magazine: Skype Made Easy Skype Official FAQ: How Tos. Last week, Teresa Crawford skyped me out of the blue.

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Eight marketing tools to effectively communicate your nonprofit’s message

ASU Lodestar Center

You can be extremely search engine friendly without putting limitations on video, audio, or depth of social media reach. posted by. Asher Elran , Founder. Dynamic Search.

Connect with TechSoup at NCVS!

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ReadyTalk — This standard for webinar production offers integrated slides, screensharing, live moderated chat, and high-quality recorded audio. Windows LiveMeeting — Our partners at Microsoft have been innovating web conferencing tools as convergence software , allowing for integration across Microsoft Office and Outlook in addition to synchronized audio and video. This post was written by Evonne Heyning , part of TechSoup's Community team.

Raspberry Pi for Educators

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It includes a CPU, graphics processor, RAM, USB port (multiple ports in later models), audio and video ports, and an Ethernet port (later models only), and runs a Linux-based operating system. For educators, though, there are tutorials and projects that are a bit more practical. Audio.

Best of the Web: November 2015


Crazy Data Science Tutorial: Classification and Clustering ( Data Science Central ). NPR has published dozens of articles on how to create audio content, social media best practices, how to create visually interesting content, and tips for translating content into digital spaces. Fundraising season is around the corner and social media is full of articles on how to run a successful campaign.

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Pick of the Week: WNYC's RadioLab

Museum 2.0

It also has some interesting lessons about collaboration in design; there's a lot of acknowledgment and discussion about the positives and negatives of bringing new technologies (digital audio manipulation) into a classic venue (radio). They make radio a discussion, not a tutorial.

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Church Website Options for Your Digital Front Door

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social media, sermon audio, sermon video, event registration, online giving, etc.). For monthly resources, tutorials, and freebies from Ryan, sign up here. Our thanks to Lauren Hunter of ChurchTechToday for permission to reprint this piece.

Jerry Coltin on Arts Organizations and Podcasting

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

collection on how of podcasting, all of my podcasting resources including more tutorials, fact sheets, nonprofit oriented advice, examples of nonprofit podcasts, and podcasters who have interviewed me ( here and here ).

Get the Tools to Train and Educate

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Whether you’re training team members, constituents, or members of other organizations, nonprofits can use ReadyTalk's audio and web conferencing services to record audio and video for tutorials and educational webinars hosting up to 25 free attendees at a time.

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Software to Grow Your Nonprofit

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Audio conferencing and online collaboration solutions are important for staff and volunteers spread across the state, country, and world. As a nonprofit ourselves, we at TechSoup know what it feels like when your organization starts to grow.

How To Make A Back Channel Light Up Like Clark Griswald's House

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Then, I encourage beginners to ask their questions and acknowledge that the content may feel fast-paced - and that's why I've included tutorials on the wiki. One thing I do is include a list of links to the best how-to and tutorials. Can you add audio with slideshare? (

Links Roundup - April 1-10

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

Britt has done it again - a while back I linked to Britt Bravo's Introduction to Blogging tutorial, which seemed to cover all the bases - content, style, tools - very nicely. Not a how-to , she's put together a list of possible applications for this technology in the non-profit arena that - especially if your a text-based dude like me who has not gotten too excited about audio media yet - may get you thinking about buying a good microphone before the week is out.

Tips for Software Trainings


Do the training as a series of "how to" mini tutorials, instead of an end to end walk through of the whole system. Each new sections starts with one or more 60 second tutorials. One last audio visual aid: have yet another easel pad sheet with top tips to remember. For an quick, inside look at how Idealware manages so many successful on-line trainings, take a look at Andrea Berry’s post, [link].

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112 Nonprofit Blog Posts, Articles, and Stories from 2013 You Can’t Miss.

Connection Cafe

Colleen Fahey’s article, How Audio Enhances Your Brand Content: Find Your Signature Sound , provides guidance for how your nonprofit can strengthen its voice. Take a gander at The Huntsinger Tutorials and get insight into everything you need to know about direct mail fundraising. It’s been quite the year. And if the collection of resources and highlights below are any indication, a lot has happened in the nonprofit industry over the past 365 days.

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5 DIY Video Tips

See What's Out There

We’ve found that viewers are more willing to excuse poor visuals than poor audio. But for filmmakers and DIY video folks, try and Creative Cow for tutorials and training. [This piece was originally posted as part of “Video Week&# on Care2’s Frogloop blog. Thanks to Allyson Kapin and the Frogloop team for inviting us to participate.]. We love watching organizations take video into their own hands.

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NPTechTag Roundup: Election Debriefs and Wikis in Your Kitchen!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Podcasting The ABCs of Podcasting from PND covers how Web sites of public radio stations, museums, and other education-oriented nonprofits are turning to podcasting as an increasingly popular and inexpensive way of delivering audio programming. Click To Play.

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Using Your iPhone for Good (Instead of Evil)

Beaconfire Wire

If you’re willing to pay, there are a gazillion applications that use the phone’s great audio to teach you the foreign language of your choosing (and while I’d love to brush up my French, I refuse to pay more than 99 cents for an application. Pa rt Two of a Two-Part Series.

Reflections on Extension 2.0 Webinar

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I wanted to use more video examples, but only selected one that was more of a music video in case the audio didn't work. Thank goddness Beth Raney has this tutorial. Today, I did a Webinar called " 10 Steps To Extension 2.0

Mpower Open Podcast | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. You can use these tags: « An Apology to David Crooke » Hey, where’s Part 3 of the tutorial on putting nonprofits on the web?

July NetSquared Think Tank Round-Up: Building a Culture of Accessibility

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I say "us" because people with disabilities are part of the general population as readers, writers, consumers, lovers of food, blogs, wacky products, music, audio, etc. The website includes many resources including guidelines and tutorials - suggested by Amanda Ward via Linkedin. This post was authored by Claire Sale and originally appeared on the NetSquared Blog. In the old days, we used to talk about accessibility as something we added to our websites.