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Each year, FBNYC distributes turkeys, chicken roasters, vegetables, and other nutritious food items and distributes to those in need during the Thanksgiving holiday. ” This year FBNYC was able to distribute over 10,000 turkeys and chicken. on the hunger front lines of Thanksgiving Day Author: Blair Naylor. It’s that time of year when the holidays just start barrel rolling into one another and before you know it, they’re over and it’s 2012.

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Three Different Approaches to Twitter Fundraising: Bees, Turkeys, and Blame

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All you had to do was click and play a word game, and that leveraged a food donation to fight hunger. This year Stacey and her flock (I'm one of the honorary turkeys) will launch this year's Tweetsgiving , another 48-hour celebration. TweetsGiving 2009. If the dollar amounts from fundraising campaigns using social networks are disappointing, one response is to say this doesn't work and stop doing it. An alternative approach is to experiment and find ways to improve results. .

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Oracle made donations for all online actions (likes, comments, RTs, photos, etc) during Hunger Action Month , reaching a maximum donation of $25,000. One of the campaigns for the Oracle effort during Hunger Awareness Month was “Hunger: Put a Fork in It.” Throughout the month of November and leading up to Thanksgiving, they used Perky the Turkey to promote food donation efforts. Perky the Turkey’s popularity continued into December.

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Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

for poverty, hunger and homeless advocacy and change. s largest food pantry and community kitchen, and they do so much more than just hand out turkeys on Thanksgiving to the homeless. If you are so inclined, you might to dedicate a little of your economic stimulus check to a hunger organization. Last week Ben Rigby of Mobile Voter, and the folks from Rock the Vote gave me a copy of their a new book. Mobilizing Generation 2.0: A Practical Guide to Using Web 2.0

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