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A View from Istanbul


Having caught the travel bug years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco, Peg went on to train teachers for the Peace Corps in Morocco, Mauritania, Lesotho and Gabon. Peg has international experience in education and training that provides her a unique perspective.

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Nonprofits Show Technology in Action

Tech Soup

From Canada to Lesotho. And the entries came from all over the world, from our own backyard San Francisco to Canada and even as far as Lesotho, Africa! " says Janissa Balcomb, president of Laptops to Lesotho Inc. " says Janissa Balcomb, president of Laptops to Lesotho Inc. And the Winner Is.

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Gift the Gift of Charity: Make A Contribution to any of these Fabulous Organizations

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

where every gift, no matter how significant, directly supports students and families in Lesotho, southern Africa that need it the most and so we can take back the season and make it one of true giving. Foundation's Gifts of Hope have been created to initiate a revolution in giving ??? FreeGeek in Portland solves two problems.

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