How to Plan a Simple Yet Powerful Giving Tuesday Campaign

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YOUR photo of a dog in your care is way more compelling than the blue and red Giving Tuesday stock image that dozens of nonprofits are using. You can use the Giving Tuesday logo if you want, but stick with your own photos. Use smart design – sharp photos, not too many words, etc.

Snack Meme: I Got Tagged

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo by KellyK. Jane Quigley , who I met at Podcamp, tagged me for the Media Snack Meme. As Jane notes, this meme was started by Jeremiah Owyang and has included amazing viewpoints from Connie Reece , Connie Benson , Chris Brogan , among others. He asks: What are you doing well, and what do you need to improve on. First, I have issues with the snacking in terms of food consumption. Snacking, particularly junk food, can make you fat!

Meme 50

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Another Meme. foot level girl geekery

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo by Gina Trapani. The photo from one of my flickr contacts, Gina Trapani , caught my eye and I thought, this looks familiar but couldn't place it. Then I read the attribution, "photo concept shamelessly stolen " and realized that I had taken a similar photo at Blogher! Photo by Cambodia4kids. And if I was till in Cambodia, I would translated the meme. Photo from Cambodia4kids

Meme 50

New on SSIR: You can has memesez?

Amy Sample Ward

That song, “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, quickly also became the soundtrack to an Internet meme —that is, an idea that spreads online (“ I Can Has Cheezburger? That’s right, a widely recognized nonprofit organization has created a parody so that it can propagate a meme. Why meme at all? But beyond that, contributing to a popular meme can help make your brand and even your staff more visible.

Sample 127

Participatory Campaigns: The Hold A Sign Meme

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This is a fun meme for user=generated content -- Take a photo of yourself with sign or message related to our campaign or cause. The youtube video is from Star Bucks Campaign. There was also a flickr component that I learned about this from the wonderful Heather Gardner-Madras , who like me, is a flickr fan. She posted a pointer on the NTEN Nonprofit Flickr Affinity Group list today. Here is a. great example of the innovative new things we can do with Flickr in terms of.

Meme 50

Spotted: Another Hold The Sign Meme on Flickr

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I've been collecting examples of the "hold a sign" meme in flickr and by way of Erin Stojan of RE-AMP I found this example from the American Rights at Work. Unfortunately, most of the photos are under an "All Rights Reserved" copyright which can be a barrier to spreading them because you have to ask permission. American Rights At Work Flickr Stream.

Meme 50

The Flickr Hold A Sign Meme: Protesting Wendy's Frosty Attitude Towards Animals

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This photo is from the Humane Society's recent "Wendy That's Not Right" campaign. This technique is the " hold a sign meme " where you ask your community to send photos to flickr of you (or your animal) holding a protest sign. The flickr pool of photos is here. I love the Flickr Hold A Sign Meme - but so far haven't found a great application in Facebook that allows for easy cross posting. And please only send photos.

Amazing AI Images for Impact: AI Generators for Nonprofits

Whole Whale

Whether you need product photos, photos of people using your products, or simply stylish stock photos, these tools can help you find what you’re looking for. A picture is worth a thousand words.

10 Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Ensure that when potential new followers land on your Facebook Page, the design of your cover photo and your avatar is visually compelling. Perhaps they can not get a Facebook ad budget approved or they are simply stuck in the outdated “social media is free” meme.

How to structure your nonprofit social media plan

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Photos and video will help your passion will come through. Our friends at Epic Outreach do a GREAT job of telling their story on Facebook using photos and video. Memes, stories, photos – anything that causes a laugh or a smile.

Facebook Group vs Facebook Page: Which One Should You Use?


This is also called your personal profile, and it’s where you share photos, status updates, videos, etc. They share products that are sold on their website, memes, and influencer blogs/videos. There are fan pages for media, joke groups, and groups for memes.

Accessibility on Social Media


When adding links to your post, be sure that the accompanying text is related to this content, and consider adding an indication of what kind of content you are linking to—whether it’s a [PHOTO], [VIDEO], [NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE], or something else. . Read time: 6 minutes.

How to Make Your Remote Culture Work: Coworking and Virtual Water Coolers

The MatrixFiles

People would post cat photos, talk about the weather, link news articles, post memes, or just say hello. We have a cooking channel where people share recipes and post photos of their dishes. I’ve even blessed funny memes during staff meetings!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Binders Full of Women


Within seconds the hashtag #Bindersfullofwomen and meme was brought to Internet life. Professional designers and novices began designing image macros with Big Bird looking through a binder of women, the famous photo of Hillary Clinton looking at her Iphone with text superimposed that said “Romney still uses binders?” This meme is a terrific opportunity for women’s advocacy groups to do some creative campaigns.

Meme 56

How to Make Your Remote Culture Work: Coworking and Virtual WaterCoolers

The MatrixFiles

People would post cat photos, talk about the weather, link news articles, post memes, or just say hello. We have a cooking channel where people share recipes and post photos of their dishes. I’ve even blessed funny memes during staff meetings!

New on SSIR: Are we addicted to Slacktivism?

Amy Sample Ward

According to ABC news : According to the trend-tracking website Know Your Meme , the cartoon fad started with Facebook users in Greece and Cyprus in mid-November. The purpose of this game is to remove all photos of human for a few days from Facebook.&#. But, what still really stands out for me, is the addition of the cause-advocacy appeal once the meme hit the English translation.

Greece 189

How Two Nonprofits Use Social Media To Help Save Fish – #keepemwet #SaveMarinsCoho

Beth Kanter

The Hold A Sign Meme. The “Hold A Sign” meme has been around for almost ten years. The concept is simple – ask supporters to take a photo of themselves with your campaign message and share it on social media channels. Catie Clune asked me to participate in a “hold a sign meme” campaign her organization is running to Save Marin’s Coho. A photo posted by Native Fish Society (@nativefishsociety) on Sep 26, 2015 at 9:46am PDT.

Meme 46

Slacktivism: Can Cartoons Raise Awareness or Just Make Us Feel Good?


In an effort to raise awareness for child abuse, thousands of Facebook users changed their profile photos to one of their favorite childhood cartoon characters (full disclosure: mine was Underdog.) Whether it started on accident, was part of a specific campaign, or originated in Greece , this meme seemed to really have legs! Did you notice something toony about Facebook last weekend?

Selfies for Good?

Beth Kanter

I asked this question on my Facebook brand page, and here’s what I learned: The New York Public Library Photo Booth. Flickr Photo - NYPL Photo Booth. The photos from both are then immediately uploaded to a Flickr , where anyone can scroll through shots of the library’s enthusiastic patronage. Johnson & Johnson sponsored a contest where they donated $1 for each selfie photo donated through Donate a Photo.

Can This Direct Mail Dinosaur become a LOLSaur?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo by Denn. The photo is from the Lolsaur which came from PodCamp Boston and is analyzed by Chris Brogan. I thought about this somewhat silly meme today when I was reading " Five Top Tips for Online Fundraising from a Direct Mail Dinosaur " 1. Segment your file 2. Incorporate variable ask strings 3. Code, code, code some more 4. Analyze your returns 5. Evaluate your success on long-term ROI, not just revenue.

Mail 50

What did Twitter bring me today? A Babysitter and Shel Israel in Connie Reece's Pink Boa

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

And also last night, Toby from the Diva Marketing Blog randomly selected the last ten tweets she read for people to tag for a new meme. The meme: Top Ten Shel Israel Secrets That Even Shel Israel Doesn't Know About Shel Israel. " Apparently Connie Reece keeps her boa under lock and key and the reported photos disappeared. Last night in a panic, I tweeted for a babysitter on Twitter. One friend wondered about the WOM factor on Twitter versus Craig's list.

How a Few Tiny Horses Bucked the Facebook Algorithm

Tech Soup Blog

The photo of Faith with Magic along with her story has 5,302 likes, 1,007 shares, and 1,948 comments as of this writing. You can also post memes that relate to your cause. Check out my colleague Jim Lynch's post on taking photos of your patrons or constituents. That way, if people share your photo, other people will know what the original source is. Gentle Carousel puts its name along the bottom of its photos in small font.

Tips to Beat Declining Facebook Reach

Tech Soup Blog

Where creating content was once labor-intensive (for instance, taking photos with a digital camera, uploading them to your computer, and then posting them), nowadays the whole process can be done on your smartphone anywhere, anytime (assuming you have a data plan). THS posts frequently feature photos and descriptions of adoptable animals, receiving sometimes hundreds of likes and shares. " Inspirational quotes, especially over photo backgrounds. Humor/funny memes.

Tech 47

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Nonprofit Social Media Managers

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Despite popular memes that social media is “Free!” and training (HTML, photo-editing, social and mobile media best practices ). Posting status updates and photos while backpacking through Central America or from a cafe in Paris is their normal mode of travel.

Eight Things About Me: I'm only do this "tag" Cambodian Bloggers.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The 8 Random Facts About Me meme is circulating in the nptech blogspace here , here , and here (I got tagged twice already, so ignored it.) I hate memes as much as Alan does. " I took hundreds of photos. My favorite Cambodian photo in Flickr is titled " Abbey Road " I am tagging: Ms K Tharum Jinja Virak Preetam Rai Chantra Lux Mean Vutha

Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits: 5 Tips and Tactics

Allegiance Group

And people LOVE to share photos! And if you see something funny or a meme that’s catching on? As we covered in a prior post, social media marketing can work for nonprofits and everyone should be using it. Connecting and conversing with constituents is the #1 most valuable use for social media; the ROI is in the deeper, enduring relationship you can have with supporters. With that in mind, it’s still a big, scary black hole.

Opening the Kimono on Beth's Blog: A Day in the Life of Nonprofit Social Media Strategists and Transparency

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo by Okinawa Soba. I first became aware of it from a nonprofit blog meme from 2005 started by Ed Batista. Out of all last week's conversation on nonprofit movement building one quote stuck in my head. It's from the mini case study about Planned Parenthood where Cecile Richards said, "Confidentiality is a big part of our institution's culture. And, as you know being successful with social media is the opposite of that."

Meme 64

Two Examples of Nonprofit Social Media That Will Make You Smile (and learn a best practice or two)

Beth Kanter

Blogger Vu Lee, who wrote the forward to The Happy Healthy Nonprofit , offers up 9 tips for self-care , including downloading a chrome plugin that replaces 45 with photos of kittens. There were Ramona hashtags: #ramonaupdates , #bringbackramona , #ramonaforever and memes. And, of course, tons of photos of kittens and cats. Photo Source: Rebecca Reppert-Klich. Recently, my social media feeds have been anxiety producing, if not downright depressing.

Virtual Meeting Check-Ins & Icebreakers During A Pandemic

Beth Kanter

What is the most humorous COVID meme you saw in the last week that made you laugh? Or the last photo in their phone. Meico Whitlock (Mindful Techie) leads the NTEN Board in a meditation meeting opener. I’ve been working in my pajamas since the early 1990s, during the early years of the Web. My first remote job was to work with a virtual team to manage an online network for artists, called Artswire.

Nonprofit and Flickr Resource List: Not listed, Add in the Comments

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

is a web-based digital photo sharing application that uses tags to facilitate finding people and photos. t simply about putting your photos up on the web for the world to see. What if you and your colleagues could annotiate these photos with your own descrptions and observations? he Hold The Sign Meme : Examples of different campaigns on flickr. Starbucks Campaign Photo Group on Flickr Read Britt Bravo's excellent write up here.

What I Learned In London at the Future of Social Conference

Beth Kanter

Photo by Social Misfits. Storify with Tweets and Photos. They post a photo of the recipient on their Facebook page and tag the donor as a way to say thank you. The site shows photos that capture the mundane moments of everyday life in a beautiful way. The account inspired many to copy the concept or become an internet meme. At the end of the workshop, we did two photos — one American style and the other British style.

Free Graphics Software and Images

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup’s web content developer, Wes Holing, is a big fan of Pixlr Editor free online photo editor from Autodesk. It’s the simplest tool I‘ve found to add a caption to an image to make an Internet meme. Pixlr-o-matic is a free online tool that adds special effects, like making photos look antique. The lite version is a free online tool that allows you to add titles and music to a succession of photos, and the effect is incredible.

How Faith-based Nonprofits Can Use Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Blog posts or photos from volunteers and other “boots on the ground” staff who want to share their experiences Video with your religious leader or a board member explaining your organization’s impact.

Haiti 52

7 Practical Tips for Engagement with a Higher Purpose On Social

Beth Kanter

Even better if you can tag the individual or do their Twitter handle. In this Twitter example below, the school is also encouraging the alumni network to RT this alum’s accomplishment. Be sure to use compelling photos and other visuals. Sharing photos from reunions or Alumni meetups on campus is another way to make that connection like this Twitter example above from Ramah Seminar. Use Nostalgia (old class photos) to Spark A Trip Down Memory Lane.

How to Pick the Right Fundraiser for Your New Nonprofit

Get Fully Funded

A meme got my attention recently on Facebook. A Valentine’s Day Party with a raffle of boxed chocolates and a photo booth can be a big hit.

Fund 54

Give Miami Day raises record $5.2 million for nonprofits

Beth Kanter

Photo courtesy of The Miami Foundation. Using more visuals, such as memes, also helped. Community Block Party attendees check out participating nonprofit organizations during the event. Note from Beth: It’s Giving Day Season!

Miami 47

Personal Tag Clouds

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

To see an example of one of these memes, view the front page of You can also do the same with your flickr photos. Jeffrey Zelman bemoans tag clouds ascent (or descent) into popular culture. I like how the jargon of the blogoshere is so poetic and filled with methaphoric language, but excuse me - what is a tag cloud?

Tag 50

Instagram Influencers and What We Know About Them

Connection Cafe

These brave souls have taken up the task of using photos of our beautiful national parks to critique the lack of investment in public services and environmental protections by the government under our current administration. He’s got a treasure trove of photos from his time in the White House and he posts these as a way to critique the current president’s administration. His photo essays tell a story about where we were and where we’re headed, always tied to current events.

Cultural Influences and Giving from Dr. Mani: 24 Hours Left

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

" I think about that photo when I think about a culture of giving. t do memes; that???s That's a photograph of the donation box at the Watt in Roteang Village where the Sharing Foundation has most of its programs. I photographed it in 2004. Phonetically, one may pronounce this "pouttch bautha", and it means "donation to the Buddha."

The Heart and Soul of Lean Impact: A/B Testing Experiments and Validated Learning

Beth Kanter

It isn’t a matter of that “photos do well on Facebook, it is which photo.” Verbal fads and memes come andgo in the blink of an eye.

I look for patterns

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr photo from AussieGal. The how do you write meme is swirling through the edtech community and now Vicky Davis, Cool Cat Teacher Blog , has tagged me. Flickr photo by Markopolos - CC "BY" license. Flickr photo by Markopolos - CC "by" License. Flickr photo from Markopolos. to spread this meme globally. calling me a pro -- but honestly in comparison to Vicky's work, I feel like more a Sunday afternoon painter.).

13 Causes I'd Give to If Friday the 13th Was My Lucky Day

Have Fun - Do Good

In the spirit of the 25 Random Things About Me meme/online chain letter going around Facebook right now, below is a list of 13 causes that are close to my heart. Flickr photo credit: Luck of Summer Rain uploaded by Gordana Adamovic-Mladenovic. Photo of Dora the Cat by Me. If Friday the 13th was your lucky day, and you won the lottery, what organizations and causes would you support?

Fun 40

10 Elements of an Effective Nonprofit or Do-Good Blog

Have Fun - Do Good

Notes, photos and presentations from events. Notes and photos from your work in the field. Hold and participate in online contests, challenges, blog carnivals and memes. Ask readers to share opinions, resources, and content (blog posts, photos, audio, video). posts, photos, video).

Fun 40