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Data in the Wind | 4 Options for Fine-Tuning Old Data

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I have a guitar that I keep in the closet. She’s about 30 years old and has been through eight moves. She lost a tuning peg at some point and now the strings are corroded and way, way out of tune. But I won’t part with her, since she’s the first guitar I ever bought.

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Back to School: New Tech for the Classroom of the Future

Byte Technology

With the surging popularity of every manner of tech device—on our wrists, strapped to our heads etc.—it it makes sense that, finally, designers would begin to look past the frivolous and fun aspects of their gear and towards truly worthwhile applications.

Micro Content Is Here to Stay | Upleaf

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Micro Content Is Here to Stay | Upleaf : "How This Impacts Your Strategy Assuming the Apple Watch entrenches itself in the U.S. and abroad, here is what you can expect to happen:" 'via Blog this

26 Disruptive & Technology Trends


From Brian Solis. Oh and check out slide 27-28. 26 Disruptive & Technology Trends 2016 – 2018 from Brian Solis. ——— ( photo credit ). Featured Social, In Theory Industry Insider

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University of Michigan – Setting a Higher Standard for Giving Days

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Sometimes we get lucky. We put plans together based on what our gut tells us is right and then cross our fingers and hope for the best. But sometimes, no matter how long and hard we keep our fingers crossed, our strategy fails—our gut told us wrong and our campaign flops. Other times, we plan.

Why Well Designed Landing Pages Are a Must

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When it comes to your nonprofit’s website, landing pages may be the single most important thing for you to be concerned about this year. They’re critical for many reasons, including SEO—so let’s start with the basics. What Are Landing Pages?

Charities must build confidence to unlock £1.7bn text donation opportunity » Charity Digital News

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Charities must build confidence to unlock £1.7bn text donation opportunity » Charity Digital News : "Only 17 per cent of UK adults prefer to use their smartphone to make a charity donation according to new research released today by Fonix and One Poll, " 'via Blog this

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Donor-Advised Funds: Insight from the Experts

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Donor-advised funds are a hot topic. And no wonder. According to a study released this fall by the National Philanthropic Trust , the assets held in these charitable funds increased almost 24% last year to a whopping $70.7 billion. That’s huge.

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The Best Fundraising Tips for 2016

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Fundraising can be a serious rollercoaster of emotions. Triumph, anxiety, nerves, failure and success are all in a day’s work. It’s something that no matter how much you try, you can always improve.

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How Much Code Should You Know?: Associations Now

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How Much Code Should You Know?: Associations Now : " common new kind of New Year’s resolution—competing with old standbys like losing weight and quitting smoking—has been a pledge to learn a programming language. It sounds like a good idea, but perhaps the real goal for non-technical employees should simply be a pledge to become a little more tech-literate in 2016." 'via via Blog this

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This Hidden PowerPoint Feature Made Me Weep Tears of Joy


I’m getting ready to present a webinar on Thursday (it’s about Website Trends – you should join us).

Journeying Toward Outcomes and Measuring Results

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In the early 2000s as a corporate grantmaker, I was asked by a C-level executive what we were achieving with the millions of dollars that we gave annually to domestic violence organizations.

How to Turn Your Staff from a Group into a Team

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This article was originally published in our Nonprofit Hub Magazine, a free bi-monthly magazine. Sign up for your free copy today. In January, we’re exploring how to build better relationships for a stronger organization. __.

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Don’t Abuse Self-Care at Your Nonprofit

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by Annamatic3000.

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An Eleven Step Program to Cure Shiny Object Syndrome

Robert Weiner

NTEN just published of mine called " An Eleven Step Program to Cure Shiny Object Syndrome " (technically, they reprinted an article that AFP will publish this summer). My co-conspirators were Dahna Goldstein , Marc Baizman , and Tracy Kronzak. The four of us, plus Vered Meir , will be leading a workshop on the topic of shiny object avoidance at NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Conference in March. Best Practices IT Management Nonprofit Management Nonprofit Technology NTEN

Ask These Questions Before Changing Your P2P Program in 2016

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Ok, I’ll just say it: I’m a nerd. Or maybe I’m a geek. Either way, I spend more of my personal time than I like to admit keeping up to date on all things peer-to-peer, social media, technology, marketing, fundraising, and serial commas.

Starting Your Nonprofit Grant Application Story the Right Way

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The start of the grant process is similar to writing this article. At first, you have a few ideas of where you want to start, but the emptiness in front of you and the blinking cursor can be overwhelming. There are so many options on where to begin. Should I start with an inspiring anecdote?

Resources and Slides: Ten Nonprofit Work Practices for Impact without Burnout

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Yesterday, Aliza Sherman and I shared some insights from our forthcoming book “ The Happy Healthy Nonprofit ,” a work in progress.

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SMS Thought Leadership Series: Text Messaging Strategies for Behavior Change

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Add one more study to the growing body of evidence supporting the use of text messaging to promote healthy behaviors. A recent clinical trial on reducing binge drinking among young adults revealed some interesting insights on how to design effective SMS interventions.

Housefile Size and Growth in the Luminate Online Benchmark Report

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The release of the 9th Luminate Online Benchmark Report is an opportunity for nonprofits to take stock of how the nonprofit sector is performing online, and what recent trends tell us about donor and giving behavior. Housefiles are an important tool in a direct marketing program.

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Our Gyrus Systems team works with customers every day. Many conversations are about how to use features of the GyrusAim LMS not yet implemented because these customers want to get the most out of their investment.

46 Expert Tips For Creating Addictive Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

John Haydon

According to the most recent Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, nonprofits are focusing on content more than ever. Website content is priority #1, followed by social media content, and content for email newsletters. How will you create addictive content in 2016?

My Birthday Wish: Support My Fundraiser for NTEN

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Today is my birthday! To celebrate, rather than eat cake, I’m fundraising for the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN). Please consider donating to the fundraiser with colleague Cindy Leonard. I have worked in the nonprofit sector for 35 years.

Operations Outsourcing: Have It Your Way

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Not one nonprofit direct marketer has ever told me that their department was overstaffed. It just doesn’t happen. There is too much going on in our multi-channel world to be able to do it all. Different organizations deal with this workload issue in different ways.

Is Peach The New Killer App?


There’s a new social app called Peach that’s trending with the technorati and social media community. Developed by Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman, the app is a mix between Twitter and Slack. Last week it reached the top 100 apps in the Itunes store. No easy feat.

Does Your Donor Communication Tell Donors What’s Next?

John Haydon

One of the biggest mistakes with donor communication is assuming your job is done after the fundraising transaction is complete. But after that first gift, most donors move on with their busy lives. Chances are, they won’t remember your nonprofit if you don’t stay in touch.

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See3 is Now a Certified B Corp and Your Company Should Be Too

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After a rigorous audit of business practices, See3 Communications has been awarded B Corp status by the nonprofit B Lab. Read our commitment to being good for the world and learn why your company should consider it, too. The post See3 is Now a Certified B Corp and Your Company Should Be Too appeared first on The See3 Blog. Work Culture B Corp business practices DoGooder

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Learn How to Be a Better Fundraiser with TechSoup!

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Fund up for the new year with TechSoup! It's no secret that one of the greatest challenges for nonprofits is fundraising. You know your organization must source and secure consistent funding to sustain your mission and provide much-needed services to your clients. But where do you begin?

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4 Ways to Launch a Website on Time and under Budget


The other day, I heard an interesting question. "As As a project manager, how will you make sure my nonprofit's website launches on time and under budget?". Guest Blogs Misc. Technology Nonprofit

How To Lead Breakthrough Change

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David S. Pottruck 's book, Stacking the Deck , teaches readers a nine-step course of action leaders can follow from the first realization that change is needed through all the steps of implementation, including assembling the right team of close advisors and getting the word out to the wider group.

How Sticky Notes Could Ruin Your Human Services Organization!

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nonprofit compliance nonprofit management hipaa complaince. State of the art technology and robust firewalls are powerless against hand-written notes. While it doesn't seem possible that something so small could do so much damage, there is certainly reason to be wary of these little guys. .

Snapping Up Snapchat … Why It's Worth It

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Two years ago, we asked the question: "Can Nonprofits Benefit from Snapchat?" " After using the app and investigating its privacy and security, I couldn't really find much use for nonprofits.

The Who, What, and Why of Capital Campaigns

Wild Apricot

Whether you’re a university fundraising for a new library or a nonprofit with a big, mission-fulfilling task on the horizon, you should consider a capital campaign. sponsorship Fundraising capital-campaign

How To Be A More Effective Work-From-Home Employee

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More than 40 million people -- roughly one-third of the U.S. workforce -- work from home at least one or two days a week. If you are a leader of work-from-home employees, share the book, There's No Place Like Working From Home , with them.

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How To Lead By Looking Ahead

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Anticipate: The Art of Leading by Looking Ahead , gives readers practical guidance and concrete techniques to help leaders become more visionary.

13 Energizing Verbs To Use More Often

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Here is some great advice from the book, Anticipate, the Art of Leading by Looking Ahead , by Rob-Jan De Jong.

A Boss Versus A Leader

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"A boss creates fear, a leader confidence. A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes. A boss knows all, a leader asks questions. A boss creates fire, a leader creates passion." -- Russell H. Ewing, British Journalist. Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leader Leadership Russell H. Ewin