2012 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference

NonProfit Trends

Speakers: Chad Norman and Melanie Mathos. Look for my slides later today. NTEN is back in San Francisco and the NTC conference is once again sold out. You can follow what’s happening on Twitter by searching for the #12NTC hash tag.


FAO: Manufacturing Associations


We’re working with the National Association of Manufacturers on a quarterly webcast series with the NAM’s chief economist, Dr Chad Moutray.

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Mapping Your Online/Offline Activism: Surfrider Foundation

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Today I attended an informative lunchtime presentation by Chad Nelsen who is the Environmental Director at the Surfrider Foundation where he has worked since 1998. Chad did a video clip explaining the slide. (He He also said he'd upload his slides on slideshare.).

Association Social Media Best Practices


It was fun to talk about my favorite subject and especially fun to be part of a panel facilitated by Maddie Grant with association social media directors Susannah Murley (SEIA), Chad Davis (NAHB) and Curtis Midkiff (SHRM).

How Long Does It Take for 250 Super Connected Gnomedex Geeks to raise $2,500 for Cambodian kids?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My slides are here ). What I didn't see going on was the back channel (captured by Marshall K in Iterasi in a cool slide show ). Screencapture of photo by Brian Westbrook. 90 minutes! Today I presented at Gnomedex 8.0. (My

Chad 96

Recap: Community Organizing Tools from the Experts


CoP organizers Praan Misir ( CommBuild ) and Brett Ashley Crawford ( Arts Nonprofits ) and Tech Club organizers Regina Walton ( SFTech4Good ), Paula Jones ( NCTech4Good ), and Chad Leaman and Elijah van der Giessen (both from NetSquared Vancouver ) took time out to deliver the presentation. The presentation slides have been uploaded to Slideshare.

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2009 NTC: Community Tagging Wrap-Up


Flickr: Chad_Norman The 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference was a blast, but it sure felt like a whirlwind of information and people. Plus, we're posting session slides and materials as we get them. We're lucky that so many attendees took photos, blogged, and tweeted to capture and share their conference experiences. Folks used "09ntc" as the primary tag when publishing information and media about the conference online.

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NTEN Member Buzz Round-Up: March 26th


Flickr: Chad Norman (Note: This is a weekly round-up of NTEN members doing and sharing. our own Holly Ross ), and generously shares her session slides. their nptech awesome. Members are in bold. Tag your own news with "nten member" or "nptech" to help us find your awesome online, or contact Annaliese with your updates.) .

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