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Spotlight on Social Media, Crowdsourced Translation, Egyptian Protests and Diplomacy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

A new book, “The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom,” by a young Belarus-born American scholar, Evgeny Morozov , has made the case most provocatively, describing instance after instance of strongmen finding ways to use new media to their advantage.

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Quick Hit: Five Great Links

Museum 2.0

Three intrepid blog managers are soliciting contributions from all over the world, and so far, there are posts from Belarus, Canada, Germany, Northern Ireland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, and the US. It is the online counterpart to a conference of the same name that will be hosted this fall in St. Petersburg.

Belarus 29

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Diversify Your Year-End Campaigns: How To Be Mindful And Inclusive Of Cultural Traditions


’ Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, Montenegro, Russia, Moldova, The Republic of North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Belarus are all Orthodox countries and all of them have healthy communities in the US. In the Orthodox Church, Christmas is a time to find peace, unity and ‘heal the soul.’

Culture 107
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Metro4All — Making All Metro Systems Accessible

Tech Soup

It is now a diverse international group with team members in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, and the U.S. Metro4All is actually a collaboration of people in different countries interested in addressing mass transit accessibility. Tech for good often knows no geopolitical boundaries. Basically, its process is as follows.

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Empowering Women Bloggers

Have Fun - Do Good

A young woman from Georgia: I want to write an e-mail/letter/blog to the officials in Belarus, who are responsible for not letting exchange students come to the United States. I remember being very upset when my local representative told me that these kids were denied this great opportunity.

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