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The Yin and Yang of Building Email Lists

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Yin and Yang – the concept of two forces co-existing in harmony as opposites– isn’t often what one thinks about when considering how to grow an email list. But recent changes by email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook now makes this ancient idea incredibly relevant today.

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How to Recruit Volunteers from Start to Finish

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Recruiting volunteers doesn't have to be difficult. Create your own recruitment process and engage your volunteers with tips from this amazing guide

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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Learning Management Systems


With businesses becoming more focussed towards automation, it is essential to know Why You Need Learning Management Systems in your organization

BatManStream Alternatives & Similar Sites


The desire to have live streaming of your beloved sport at the click of a button is one thing that sends many to online live streaming sites. BatManStream has been a leader in the live football streaming for ages. However, BatManStream is not the only live streaming site out there.

Donation Forms Dissected: Where We’re Winning & Losing in Online Fundraising

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We’ve filled out a lot of online donation forms. We constantly make small donations to some of our favorite causes to see exactly how well their donation forms perform.

Single Most Important Way That Nonprofit Leaders Make Personal Resilience A Habit

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This week I was honored to facilitate a mini-workshop, “ The Happy Healthy Woman Leader, at the Women Funded 2019 conference in San Francisco.

The Easiest Way to Prepare for Microsoft 70-698 Exam MCSA: Windows 10 Certification

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Do you want to pass the Microsoft 70-698 Exam for MCSA Certification, How to prepare for Windows 10 Certification? I would like to share some of my experience here. What is the MCSA certification exam for windows 10?

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 114: Leadership in the Connected Office

Connection Cafe

What is leadership? Knowing that management is directive and leadership is connective is a great place to start, but social good leaders often struggle with understanding and balancing these two.

Trainer’s Notebook: Making Accommodations In Workshops

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last week I facilitated a workshop in Detroit hosed by Co-Act , a nonprofit collaboration space in Detroit. The workshop was focused on personal resilience and self-care based on my book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit and was part of series of workshops on resilience.

Everything You Need to Know About Using a Password Manager

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Password managers are one of the best ways to secure your online accounts. Learn everything you need to know about them in this guide. By 2021, you can expect cybercriminals to commit $6 trillion worth of crimes and offenses every year.

Guide 52 Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps


Nearly everyone likes and watches sports. However, keeping up with an important football, soccer, or basketball match can be extremely frustrating. One of the best streaming services that let you enjoy various TV channels, especially those focused on sports is Stream2Watch.

Grant Seeking 101: Thinking Like a Reviewer

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You’ve worked hard. You’ve determined your organization is grants-ready , searched high and low to find the best grant , and written an application that would make your English teacher proud. You’re almost there! But you’ve got one last step before you hit Submit —take one last look at your application from the perspective of a reviewer. When I served on a committee that reviewed grants, I learned a lot of things I wish I’d known as an applicant.

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Who are we, museums?

Museum 2.0

This month, I want to ask us this question. As a field, who are we? I have been thinking about this question at work for the past few weeks. I had started a rapid research experiment recently. I invite the whole staff to my office anytime between 2-3 on Tuesdays to answer one question. They get a cookie, and leave their desks for 15 minutes, interact with colleagues from outside their silo, and I get a bit more insight as we build our audience engagement plan.

How to Download & Use TweakBox app on your IOS device

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Why do you need TweakBox? TweakBox is not an official appstore, but an unofficial one with many apps and games that could work on any device from Android to IOS. Being an unofficial store, it does not have strict guidelines for the apps and games that contain in it, unlike the Apple store which use. The post How to Download & Use TweakBox app on your IOS device appeared first on Top List

10 More Ways To Be A Better Leader

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Here are 10 behaviors, techniques and tips you can use to be an effective leader: Respond to questions quickly and fully. Take an interest in your employees and their personal milestone events. Give feedback in a timely manner and make it individualized and specific.

Your Small Staff Can Make a Big Impact Using Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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So, you’ve seen the fundraisers that your friends and organizations are doing on your social media feed. Some are reaching out to friends and family for contributions for a cause they care about. Others are combining their fundraising with a fitness challenge or some other personal goal or celebration. Social media and personal networks are powerful, but what is it your friends are doing, exactly, and how does it work? Does it actually work?

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Top 3 Reasons Non-Profits Need Business Quality Websites

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

How often have you visited a non-profit’s website only to find it lacking? You know that non-profit organizations don’t do what they do for the money, but still you wish the site at least looked a little better. Maybe a better website would get better results.

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Pick the Best VPNs for Windows – Helpful Setup VPN Guides for Windows 10

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What is the Best VPN for windows? Finding the best VPN for Windows is difficult with all the brands and options available. Simplify things with our top 5 VPN comparison for Windows! VPN is a fantastic way to keep yourself private on the internet and protect your Windows computer from hackers and other individuals who. The post Pick the Best VPNs for Windows – Helpful Setup VPN Guides for Windows 10 appeared first on Private VPN Service

10 Essential Elements Of Dignity

Eric Jacobsen Blog

In their book, Millennials Who Manage , authors Chip Espinoza and Joel Schwarzbart , quote Donna Hicks's explanation about how dignity is different from respect. Dignity is different from respect in that it is not based on how people perform, what they can do for us, or their likability.

How to Hype Homecoming Using Social Media

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Do you need a social media strategy for homecoming? Absolutely! And you’ve probably already got one. Students, alumni, parents, and friends are living life’s biggest moments online. Your alumni post on Facebook, addictively scroll through Instagram and celebrate their marriages with custom hashtags; having a social strategy for homecoming helps you find them where they are. Like a wedding, homecoming is a chance for old friends to hang out, reminisce, and make new memories.

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Why embracing outreach is important for nonprofits

ASU Lodestar Center

Illustration by Jocelyn Ruiz. posted by Cambria Bowman Fall 2016 Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management.

Getting a Competitive Advantage Gaming with Caffeine

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Take your video gaming to the next level and beat your competition with one simple trick. Check out if caffeine can really give you a competitive advantage. Video games are a popular entertainment activity, so much so that in 2018 Americans spent more than 48 billion dollars on video games. While not everyone gets joy. The post Getting a Competitive Advantage Gaming with Caffeine appeared first on Lifestyle

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When Upset, Do This Before You Send Your Response

Eric Jacobsen Blog

As a leader a time will come when you have to write an email, memo or letter to address an issue of great importance or concern to you. Or, perhaps in response to something that displeased you, disappointed you, frustrated you, or upset you. Write that document. Then, let it sit.

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How E-commerce websites have helped manufacturers?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Ever since their introduction, E-commerce websites have been constantly evolving. Most of the time, people only take note of the benefits that these portals provide to customers but there are a lot of benefits for manufacturers or sellers as well.

30+ of the Best Google Docs Templates for Nonprofits

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Creating a presentation for your board? Wading into end-of-project paperwork? Or maybe you’re signing up a new crop of volunteers for your non-profit. Whatever the task, odds are that there’s a time-saving Google Docs template to help.

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xCine – Your Best Choice To Enjoy The Latest Movies For Free

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If you cannot afford watching movies from a paid streaming website, try out the movies at xCine. Here, thousands of films are available for users for free! Enjoy a blockbuster is definitely one of the best pastimes, but not all of us can afford a subscription to streaming websites like Netflix or Hulu. What is. The post xCine – Your Best Choice To Enjoy The Latest Movies For Free appeared first on Movie

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Three Ways To Be An Effective Leader

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Be decisive A manager who can't make a decision or who can't make a timely decision will frustrate his/her employees. Equally bad, a lack of decision will impede the progress of the manager's team. Some managers make endless requests for data as a way to postpone their having to make a decision.

Which VPN protocol is the best?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Before choosing a VPN service to protect your personal data, you need to make sure that you’re putting your data into right hands. Evaluating the security protocols of a VPN service , however, can be extremely difficult for an average user.

10 Great Nonprofit Websites and How To Improve Yours

Twenti - Digital Marketing For Nonprofits

by Olivia Warnes. Check out these 10 examples of excellent nonprofit’s websites for tips on how to improve your own. Your website is the centre of your nonprofits online presence.

How You Can Reach Your Goals

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Social psychologist, Heidi Grant Halvorson , wrote Succeed to help you understand how goals work, what tends to go wrong, and what you can do to reach your goals or to help others reach theirs.

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