Three Overlooked Elements of Search Engine Optimization

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And as such, a good deal of preaching occurs from industry gurus as to how best to optimize this virtual face-to-the-world, making it not only attractive and alluring to visitors but easily “findable” by search engines as well. Therefore, if a non-profit hasn’t already been bombarded by advice on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and taken steps to incorporate this component into their media strategy, their website is likely failing in a big way.

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Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

This could include the feel of an internet site where it seems in queries on the internet search engine. This growing dependence on the web means companies are beginning to employ professional Search engine optimization consultants to keep and enhance their website.


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Are you ready for Google’s next search algorithm update?

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Because as of April 21st, Google will expand the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results. Websites that are optimized for mobile devices will receive the highest SEO rankings , and the rest will be penalized in rankings which will result in a decline in organic search traffic. If you skip this step, Google will penalize your site for duplicate content in addition to penalizing you for your site not being mobile friendly.

Higher Education Content Strategy 101: The Fundamentals

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The amount of digital content coming out of various departments and through various channels (website, social media, etc.) requires a solid content strategy. So, how do you define your content strategy? What is Content Strategy? Content strategy is a guide.

4 Strategies For Successful Nonprofit Content Marketing


In a previous post , we talked about why your nonprofit had to start actively engaging in content marketing. Strategies to ensure your nonprofit’s content marketing campaigns were not only effective and efficient, but successful and delivered on all those great benefits. Here are 4 strategies to ensure your nonprofit’s content marketing campaign is meetings its goals. It critically important to make sure someone on your team knows something about search engine optimization.

What Are Natural Language Queries and Featured Snippets and Why Do They Matter?

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When it comes to search engine optimization there’s one very important thing to always keep in mind: Google doesn’t like cute, Google likes clarity. . Google results with featured snippets extend the authority of the page for the given search.

Search Engine Optimization Services in Slovakia

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Search engine optimization is a set of rules for optimizing you website for search engines and improve your search engine rankings. It is the process that increasing the quantity and quality of the website traffic and showing the visibility of web page or a website of a web search engine.SEO to improve the result of direct traffic of website/visitor. Index: Store and organize the content during the crawling process found. Review existing content on a website.

7 tools to make content creation for your nonprofit easier


While content creation may sound challenging with a limited staff and resources, it can pay off in a big way if you use the right tools. Below we outline seven tools and resources you can use for free or minimal cost as part of your organization’s content creation strategy.

Content Strategy for Digital Collections: Archives, Libraries, and Museums

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To do this effectively, content strategy for digital collections is a necessary piece that is able to streamline the approach of how these institutions shape and expand their roles as modern resources. Enter content strategist as digital curator. Using data to optimize content.

100 Word Review: Google’s Real-Time Search for Nonprofit Organizations

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An obvious benefit is about take front and center stage in a few days when Google launches their Real Time Search to the public. If your nonprofit is not utilizing social media, then the only content that will show up is what others are saying about your organization. Here’s a video demo from Google: Tags: 100 Word Google Social Search

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Searching Just Got Social for NPOs

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This week Google announced that they were going to add information from Google+ pages into their search algorithms so that they can create a more personalized result when you search. It means Google+ pages now impact the result people see when they use a search engine like Google to find you. On this page, you’ll want to make sure to include keywords and terms that are similar to your agency website’s content. Search Engine Land.

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Content Curation Primer

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What is Content Curation? Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. A content curator cherry picks the best content that is important and relevant to share with their community. Content curators have integrated this skill into their daily routine. Why is Content Curation Valuable? ContentPhoto by Stuck in Customs.

Blog Redesign: The Content You Want

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Redesign topic #1: The Content You Want. For today’s topic, I want to talk about the kind of content that is interesting to you and keeps you coming back for more. Figuring that piece out means that Matt and I will be able to highlight content for you, design the site to feature what you’re after, and even help me write more of the interesting stuff! Focus: What is the content you come here for most? Focus: What elements would make content easiest to find?

Search Engine Optimization: The Importance of Meta Descriptions

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Although meta data isn’t as much of a factor for search engine optimization and rankings today, meta descriptions still play an important part in on-page SEO. This “ snippet ” of textual content typically appears in the search engine results underneath the headline. The meta description provides search engine users with a brief description of what they can expect to find if they choose to click through to the website/landing page.

Rank and File: Tips for Improving Your Position on Today’s Search Engines

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If it seems that it would take several PhDs to understand exactly how the big search engines operate—from determining legitimate sites from imposters, choosing to give one site precedent over others in result listings etc.—that’s One tried-and-true way to increase your search rankings is to publish new content on a regular basis. Using complex jargon or industry-specific terminology is a waste of time, as the people searching for you don’t use similar language.

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The Search Facelift

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content management system, a comprehensive content audit with audience matrices and IA work, a big build with tons of new functionality. A website’s search can be similar. Many clients we talk to are convinced that their site search doesn’t work and needs to be torn out — and sometimes that’s true. As a counterpart to the website facelift, the site search facelift seeks the same result: more for less.

Do Keywords Still Make a Difference in Effective Website Search Management?

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From their earliest incarnations decades ago, the one constant theme of search engines is change. Indeed, today’s Google, Yahoo and others barely resemble their clunky ancestors who returned sloppy and often meaningless listings for even simple searches. But then, with the advent of Search Engine Optimized tools, quality returns suddenly became the norm and relevant results were widely expected. The Semantic Search.

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Respect the Rank: Tips for Getting Your Non-Profit Better Results on Google Searches

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Dealing with the rigors of search engine optimization (SEO) can be a trying endeavor, and it’s too often that non-profits—many of whom may be working with an in-house website built by an amateur developer or a free web-based platform—don’t give due attention to the importance of establishing their organization at the forefront of search engine results. Does your organization appear in the top five search results? Keep Updating Content.

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Belfast SEO Company Reviews: Search Engine Optimisation Landscape

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Are you ready to learn the secret behind a successful SEO or Search Engine Optimization campaign? What business and website owners need are a better understanding of what their target market wants when they use the search engines, as well as why they need or want it. The fact that there’s no secret, is what makes Search Engine Optimization very hard to understand and implement. Search Experience Optimization.

5 Tips to Make Your Website Get Better Search Rankings

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One of the most effective ways to gain exposure for a nonprofit is by appearing at the top of online search results. It's practically free advertising to appear in a search results list when a donor, partner, or constituent "googles" phrases that are related to your organization's services. According to a recent study , the first five search results get over two-thirds of the clicks. Tip 1: Think Like a Search Engine. Use those words in your content.

What is Search Engine Optimization and Why is it Important

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If you are running an online business or website you will have heard of the term, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Search engine optimization is a set of rules which can be followed by website or blog owners in order for them to optimize the content provided on their websites. The optimized content on these websites is created in such a way that they are easily picked up by search engines such as Google. SEO is not only related to results from search engines.

Content Marketing Manager And Specialist: Dig Deeper Into A Content Marketing Plan

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Nowadays, lots of activities in internet marketing would require a solid and practical content strategy. Usually, a role in digital marketing and/or content marketing is required to take on all the work. The more specific role to this is content marketing manager.

5 Stats That’ll Change Your View Of Content Marketing Forever


And more specifically, to social media and content marketing. But, a lot of nonprofits have had a difficult optimizing their content marketing efforts, and struggled to see the benefits. According to a recent study conducted by Blackbaud , only 25% of nonprofits have a defined content marketing strategy, and only 26% of respondents would rate themselves as conducting an effective content marketing strategy.

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8 Steps to Prepare your Facebook Page for Graph Search


Facebook’s new Graph Search is very different from Google search. With Graph Search, you combine keyword searches with friends who’ve shared content on Facebook related to that search. Facebook Page SEO isn’t new Google has been indexing Facebook Pages for quite some time now , so Facebook Page SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t anything new. John Haydon. Partner. Socialbrite.

A Recipe for Search Engine Visibility


Improve your website’s visibility with search engines by adding these readily available SEO ingredients. SEO (search engine optimization) efforts can be broken into two basic categories, external and internal. Conversely, internal efforts include structural and contextual changes within the website that are designed to improve the relevance of site content in the eyes of search engines and subsequently.

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Google’s new social search: +1

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Instead of just sharing cool links on Facebook and Twitter, Google wants you to start marking useful links in your search results, so your friends can see them. But, if you’re a webmaster or do online marketing, you should be aware of how it might affect you: Your +1′s will affect your organic search rankings – they will be added as a new factor in Google’s ranking algorithms. Search Engines Social Media

Learning Content Curation for Association Member Education

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Have you tried curating content for your education programs? Rather than creating all your course content from scratch, learning content curation can help you to update and extend your member education programs with new material. As L&D Managers know, reviewing and refreshing your content is important to ensure that your members are engaged and interested in learning. Using your LMS as a Content Curation Tool.

Better Blogs: 6 Tips for Creating Great Content

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After all, there are some 31 million active blog sites in the United States only at any given time, and to make your own content stand out from the crowd is certainly no easy chore. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when cranking out content that people want to read. Also, remember that search engines thrive on good titles with the proper keywords—pull those keywords from the body text and make sure they’re interesting.

10 Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations

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That said, in addition to being a great tool to build your e-Newsletter list , if your nonprofit is regularly updating Facebook and Twitter accounts, then your organization needs to be able to produce, contribute, and distribute fresh, quality content. Not only that, blogging can dramatically transform search engine results for your organization, but that is another blog post. Many people are searching for nonprofit social media success stories.

Google Analytics - Site Search

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When you think of search engines, you probably think of Google, but maybe not Google Analytics. Your site probably has search functionality, so use Google analytics to track it. If you find things that people are searching for, maybe they need to be promoted more heavily on your site. People often browse individual websites and only search as a last resort (ecommerce sites are notable exceptions to this rule). Look at the URL of the search results page.

How To Get More Online Donations With Content Marketing

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It’s no secret that content is king when it comes to engaging and delighting donors and members alike. But did you know that writing content for donor intent can be used to target people ready to donate online content can also be used to target donor intent? In this post, I’m going to show you how to get online donations with content marketing. What would their online searches look like? A low searched term, but that’s okay.

Implementing the right practices in content marketing

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Search engine optimization needs content marketing strategies for better rankings and high traffic. On the other hand, it is necessary to implement the same properly for getting the desired results. A press release is a suitable one for SEO, online marketing, and other campaigns for meeting essential needs. The primary objective of a PR is to grab the attention of customers in promotional activities with innovative ideas.

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9 Must-Know Best Practices for Distributing Your Nonprofit’s Content on Social Networks

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It’s estimated that by late 2014 or early 2015 the majority of adults will get their information from social networks rather than search engines and that social networks will become the primary source of referral traffic to your website and blog. The sooner your nonprofit can master content distribution on social networks, the more likely (and faster) your fundraising and content strategies will result in success. Do not automate content between social networks.

Serve It Up: Frameworks for Curating Content in Communities


With information overload all the time, and fewer than 24 hours in a day to consume it, users have turned to online communities to play the role of content curation. Content is now multi-directional. With information overload all the time, and fewer than 24 hours in a day to consume it, users have turned to online communities to play the role of content curation. Forum One Communications.

A Recipe for Search Engine Visibility: Part II


In the first installment of this recipe for improving your website's visibility with search engines, we mixed in one part effort, or your external site initiatives that drive traffic to your site. Quick recap: SEO (search engine optimization) has two basic components - external efforts and internal efforts. External efforts are essentially the online subset of a traditional marketing campaign, otherwise known as SEM or search engine marketing.

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Open versus Proprietary: Choosing the Right Content Management System

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And as such, it’s vital that certain elements of your site have an ease-of-use available to you: for the ability to make quick changes to content and page designs; to tweak donation or payment platforms; to move your site to another platform should you choose; and so on. Enter the Content Management System (CMS), the standard in website design protocol that allows site owners and managers the ability to update often and easily.

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Seven Important Tips To Consider When Searching For The Best SEO Company In Melbourne

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Many moons ago, before Altavista and Dogpile succumbed to Google, search engine optimisation (S.E.O) All it took for your website to be on ranked highest on search engine results was merely repeating a keyword over and over again. However, those good old days are long gone, and internet search engines have changed and evolved to become much smarter and sophisticated. As mentioned earlier, SEO is a continuous process of optimising your website content to drive organic traffic.

Nonprofit Content Marketing in 2015: Storytelling and Visual Content Top the Charts, But What Else Did We Learn?

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Nonprofit marketers are doing more with content marketing – and feeling more confident about their effectiveness. In fact, sixty-six percent of nonprofits are focused on becoming better storytellers and sixty-three percent are working on creating better visual content. It’s exciting to see how nonprofit professionals continue to embrace content marketing. – Joe Pulizzi , founder, Content Marketing Institute and author of Epic Content Marketing.

Content Curation: The Art and Science of Spotting Awesome

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Content curation – the process of finding, organizing, and sharing topical, relevant content for your audience that supports your nonprofit’s engagement or campaign goals (or your professional learning) begins with “ Spotting the Awesome.” ” UpWell Content Curation Guidelines - The Mobilisation Lab. Content curation is not about spewing out links on Twitter or Facebook as you find them. What content discovery tools do you use?

10 Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofits

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This type of blog content is standard in nonprofit communications and should continue to be reported on regularly; however, some of your most shared, retweeted, and +1′d blog posts will be those that are out of the ordinary. With more than 250 million blogs in existence and countless online news outlets worldwide, your new media manager must excel at writing and have the ability to expand their storytelling, marketing, and fundraising content beyond traditional blog writing.

Tracking site search with Google Analytics

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The feature is site search tracking, and it’s the easiest, most powerful feature in Google Analytics that you’re probably not using. One of the most common questions I hear about analytics is “what do my visitors want?&# This is a tricky question to answer – we can make educated guesses based on the pages they visit, or perhaps the keywords that they arrive from on search engines. If your URL is [link] , then your search parameter is SearchText.

Your Google Search History — The Fun and Creepy Truth

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Last spring, Google made our entire search histories available for download and viewing. If you're a regular Google search user, there is an incredibly detailed daily diary of your life and interests just waiting for you to look at it. Your Google account tracks your search activity across browsers and devices when you're logged in. Here's his summation: "Google knows a lot about our lives before even taking a look at the content of the searches.

7 Tips for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

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Many nonprofit organizations are unaware of the impact content marketing can have on enhancing awareness, creating brand loyalty and generating revenue. However, it is impossible to overestimate the impact of high-quality content and well-thought-out content strategy on the image of the organization and the overall level of engagement. Here are some tips on how to craft a successful content marketing strategy. Use different types of content.