Order Up! Delivering Content Your Audience Actually Wants

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In this analogy your association is the pizza place, the customer is your association member, and the pizzas are content (mmm, content). In other words, it’s important for you to know what members expect and for you to deliver content that they find valuable and engaging.

3 Rules to Create Awesome Content that Gets More Engagement

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If you’ve searched for the secret to creating engaging content, if you’ve googled “how to increase followers” or ever asked the pros how to make great content marketing, then chances are you’ve come across a whole corral of click-worthy advice. Talk to your audience.


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Know Your Audience: Writing Content That Reaches the Right People


In this blog post, we'll walk through six simple steps to consider when developing a content strategy and calendar at your nonprofit. These areas are great opportunities for content marketing, and learning how to harness them is essential to your nonprofit's growth.

What is Sponsored Content and How To Make It (The Right Way)

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Welcome to the land of sponsored content. What is sponsored content? You know what content is? Sponsored content is what happens when those worlds collide like chocolate and peanut butter to make a delicious snack. You have a dedicated audience who look to you for content.

It’s Hip to be Square: A Case for Predictable Content Planning

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The best way to build and maintain an engaged audience is to keep them on their toes right? The content belt is yours. When it comes to the content subject matter and other creative choices like format and visual treatment, it does help to switch things up and subvert expectations.

Nonprofit Marketing: 3 Easy Ways To Grow Your Audience

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Otherwise, they might take their support to a different organization that better communicates its purpose and inspires its audience to take action. Some of these include refreshing content to signal that everything’s up-to-date. Make sure to feature a variety of content, too.

Repurposing Conference Content with Your Member Community

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There are many ways you can extend the life cycle of your event’s content using your online community, from sharing session content over time to creating challenges for community members to share their event experiences. Could you monetize this content directly or indirectly?

How A Nonprofit’s Content Marketing Engages Audiences


The number one goal of every blog and content marketing campaign is to engage with their audiences and drive interactions. The bottom line is, engaging with audiences is difficult. Whether you know it or not, your content marketing campaign is engaging with your target audiences in more ways than one. Your content marketing campaign is offering quality, researched, truthful information in exchange for nothing, right? Content marketing is a two way street.

4 Steps to Breaking Down Complicated Content

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If your nonprofit organization is struggling to share your message with your various audiences, you’re not alone. Are you looking to talk to your existing audience, or expand to new folks? Can link to more in-depth content. Can push to more in-depth content.

Three benefits of developing thought leadership content at your association

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A study conducted by Edelman and Linkedin reported 65% of those surveyed said thought leadership content improved their perception of an organization. Follow our guide to develop quality thought leadership content at your association to reach both members and non-members within your industry.

How To Find Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Audience


The post How To Find Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Audience appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Fundraising content marketing email marketing fundraising mobile Mobile Fundraising Mobile Technology nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTech online donations social media technologyYou know you should be tweeting, posting, sharing, and engaging.

Audience Research vs. Usability Testing: Which to Use When

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How can you understand how your audience perceives a digital tool, an online experience, or the world more broadly? The most common approaches are through two research approaches: audience research and usability testing. This is where audience research comes in.

Test 74

10 Engaging Content Ideas for your next non-profit Newsletter

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But for any of that to happen, you must have content to put into your newsletter. Content is the backbone of your newsletter and it’s in your organization’s best interest to select great content. Your organization has probably shared different content on social media.

How Make-A-Wish is Telling New Stories with Audience Personas


The post How Make-A-Wish is Telling New Stories with Audience Personas appeared first on The See3 Blog. strategy audience personas content marketing content strategy make-a-wish nonprofit communications nonprofit marketing see3 See3 CommunicationsMake-A-Wish has told great stories for 35 years. With a lot of hard work from their team and a little help from See3, they are about to get even better.

The Attention Economy: How to Turn Your Audience into Passionate Subscribers


One way to accomplish this is through content marketing – a marketing technique that informs, engages, and/or entertains your audience with the goal of ultimately driving constituent action. […]. Content Marketing Nonprofits audience content marketing marketing There is a big difference between organizations or companies who use marketing to sell something, and those who use marketing to create passionate subscribers to their brand.

How to Use Data to Drive Your Content Strategy

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Today’s digital world offers tons of channels to share your content, which is great. But it also means tons of content for you to produce and tons of sources to track. Here are some tips for using data to create relevant content for your members and customers.

Reaching Diverse Audiences Through Innovation and Mobile-First Strategies

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For over a decade, digital strategists have been talking about the importance of mobile web strategies and meeting audiences where they are. A good digital strategy centers audience needs, and audiences are on mobile. Expanding your audiences . Content beyond websites.

Reaching Diverse Audiences Through Innovation and Mobile-First Strategies

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For over a decade, digital strategists have been talking about the importance of mobile web strategies and meeting audiences where they are. People increasingly continue to prioritize mobile as their device of choice A good digital strategy centers audience needs, and audiences are on mobile.

[Webinar] Connect with Your Audience in Six Seconds or Less with Video


You’re struggling to connect with your target audience and gain or retain their support. It was created with you in mind — the nonprofit director or marketer that is overwhelmed and under-resourced, trying to make an impact through content.

5 Content Marketing Success Stories Your Nonprofit Needs to Imitate


Yesterday we talked about the importance of content marketing for nonprofits. Create content that attracts the audience you’re targeting with the goal of getting them to interact with you. Knowing that it can be tough to execute on we thought we’d give you a few examples of nonprofits effectively using content marketing as a key part of their online strategy. Here are 5 nonprofit content marketing examples. Now that’s content marketing in action!

Lethal Generosity and a Simple 5 Step Content Marketing Plan for Your Nonprofit


Content Marketing takes lethal generosity if you want to succeed. If you’re a nonprofit thinking about content marketing then put the “ Lethal Generosity ” concept into your plans. Simply put, lethal generosity = giving away content that’s useful to your audience in order to build trust, respect and goodwill. First , understand the challenges of content marketing for nonprofits. Fourth , get creative with your content creation.

Top 2021 Fundraising Strategies: Mastering Relevant Content Marketing


Mastering relevant content marketing. Master relevant content marketing. That means that you must work to make relevant content marketing more readily accessible to your constituents. . Make your content something with which they’ll want to engage.

How to Leverage Content to Scale Your Next Event


No matter the reason, quality content will further improve their event experience, keep them at the online event longer and encourage event engagement. Therefore, your event planning teams need to carefully consider the content you will be promoting; consider it your bread and butter.

Nonprofit Communications Plan: How-To Identify an Audience and Create an Avatar


Any experienced marketer would tell you that understanding one’s audience is key to success in communication. After you identify the goals and objectives of your communication efforts, you can identify an audience. Then you can segment those external groups of audiences further.

Your Audience’s Content Is King (and Your Content Is Subservient to It)

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In a world where everyone is their own publisher on social media, the conventional wisdom that “content is king” is simply incomplete. When it comes to advocacy and political campaigns, we must understand how our audience is talking about our issues and candidates before we know what to share on our social media platforms. That is why social media content analysis is important to any campaign. Social Listening and Social Media Content Analysis. Content is indeed king.

5 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tips for Millennial Audiences


Communicate with your audience by showing engaging photos of your work or a testimonial. In other words, social media presents the perfect opportunity to expand your audience and connect with passionate new networks of prospective donors. . is a Content Marketer at.

Why Content Marketing is the Key to Your Nonprofits Online Success


It got me thinking about how content is used by nonprofits to help them connect with the right audience online. In essence, Joe points out the fact that great content is the tool that moves hearts and inspire action online. The concept of creating content to engage with your audience isn’t new, especially in the nonprofit world, but it is becoming more and more critical when it comes to creating success online. What’s content marketing?

10 Steps to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Content Calendar in 2019

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A new year brings new goals and now is the perfect time to plan your social media content calendar for 2019. A content calendar is the link between posting daily on social media and a social media strategy. It will help you stay organized by planning your content in advance, without being overwhelmed by last-minute deadlines. A social media content calendar will help you to stay on track by planning ahead what you need to post and when.

How to Measure Engagement in 2022 (And Why It’s So Important)

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Digital engagement is the direct line into your audience’s unfiltered and unbiased opinion. Because this helps you understand what your audience loves about you, and what they don’t like so much. Education Online Platforms Content Strategy Marketing Membership

Designing a Desktop Menu That Actually Helps Your Audiences Navigate

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So, how do we help our audiences find the information they need? Before identifying which menu approach is appropriate, make sure your team is aligned on overall goals, audiences, and content needs. Audiences: Which audience groups are you prioritizing?

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Organization’s Web Content

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There is a direct link between the content your constituents are consuming on your website and how they feel about you as an organization. Here are Five Tips for Creating Effective Web Content. Listen to the sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 175: 10 Tips to Supercharge Your Content.

Be Engaging: Four Plugins That Foster Audience Loyalty

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Of course there are some absolute must-do rules to follow, such as offering new and consistently great content o,r for e-tail sites, giving your customers some sort of take-away value that will have them coming back for more. Contextly is a great all-in-one plugin that builds audience loyalty through a diverse number of tools designed to keep readers, well, reading.

Plugin 100

Content Strategy for Digital Collections: Archives, Libraries, and Museums

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To do this effectively, content strategy for digital collections is a necessary piece that is able to streamline the approach of how these institutions shape and expand their roles as modern resources. Enter content strategist as digital curator. Using data to optimize content.

Efficient Content Creation: How to Write Once and Publish Everywhere

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Are you spending too much time creating content vs the reach? If you’re a content creator, the answer is probably “yes.” ” Creating quality content takes time, effort, and skill. Plan Your Content Ahead of Time. Create Evergreen Content.

Nonprofit Content Marketing: Blogging  Benchmarks and Best Practices 2021


To succeed, nonprofit organizations need to continue to manage the challenges of staying connected to their existing member base while reaching new audiences through the already crowded digital landscape online. It's not surprising that 2021 is expected to be a busy year.

Two Audiences, One Big Party: How the Woodland Park Zoo’s Hybrid Gala Made $2M

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The Zoo partnered with a Seattle production company to ensure the livestream and the video content was of the highest quality possible; it needed to look and sound authentic to truly bring the Jungle Party magic to virtual attendees.

Repurposing Conference Content with Your Member Community

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There are many ways you can extend the life cycle of your event’s content using your online community, from sharing session content over time to creating challenges for community members to share their event experiences. Could you monetize this content directly or indirectly?

Why You Need a Content Strategy

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It’s not enough to build a new website—organizations need to create meaningful, cohesive, and sustainable content to attract and engage audiences. With a well-thought-out content strategy. What your content strategy is—and is not. Benefits of a content strategy.

Higher Education Content Strategy 101: The Fundamentals

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The amount of digital content coming out of various departments and through various channels (website, social media, etc.) requires a solid content strategy. So, how do you define your content strategy? What is Content Strategy? Content strategy is a guide.

3 Content Creation Tips For When You’re Short On Time


If that’s how you’re approaching the content you’re sharing on social media or in your newsletters, this blog post is for you. . Keep reading for three content creation tips to use when you’re short on time, as well as a few examples I’ve brainstormed just for you. .

Is it “Mobile First” or “Content First”?


Mobile is simply one more way to connect to your audiences through content. Without powerful, useful, usable content, channels don’t matter. You have to get your content right, and that requires content strategy. Communications content marketing content strategy mobile Mobile responsive Strategy Communications Kristina Halvorson. Brain Traffic. Mobile doesn’t matter. Mobile first!”

3 Ways To Create Better Content Marketing


Create content that your target audience cares about, and can use in their every day life. Nonprofits everywhere understand the importance of content marketing, but content marketing can be harder than it seems. Unfortunately, you can’t just wave a magic wand and immediately have great content that everyone cares about and wants to interact with. With your target audience already set, it’s time to go out there and engage with that community.

7 tools to make content creation for your nonprofit easier


While content creation may sound challenging with a limited staff and resources, it can pay off in a big way if you use the right tools. Below we outline seven tools and resources you can use for free or minimal cost as part of your organization’s content creation strategy.