Accessibility Excitement in Geneva

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This is totally the “how sausage and law are made” view, so don’t read this unless you want to know more about global accessibility in detail! WIPO has a mandate from its member states, and is working to address the need to change laws and get more accessible books flowing.

Metro4All — Making All Metro Systems Accessible

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Ever since the Independent Living Movement began to emerge in the 1960s to empower people with disabilities, more and more of the world has become accessible. It's looking for people in American cities interested in helping to map every metro system and fix that problem.

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Fair Use Victory Advances a Future of Accessibility for All

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HathiTrust, a unanimous three-judge panel concluded that digitizing books in order to enhance research and provide access to individuals with print disabilities is lawful on the grounds of fair use —that is, a limitation and exception to the exclusive rights granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work ( Section 107 of the U.S. As a non-lawyer, let me explain from the point of view of a technologist who cares passionately about accessibility for people with disabilities.

How to Access an External Drive Not Showing on Mac

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Most of time, the Mac operating system will automatically recognize and mount the attached disks on desktop, in Finder and in Disk Utility for your easy access. The post How to Access an External Drive Not Showing on Mac appeared first on

Bringing Millions of Books to Billions of People: Making the Book Truly Accessible

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Literacy and access to knowledge underpins just about every social good, from education, to economic development, to health, to women’s empowerment, democracy and respect for human rights. To bring the power of books to everybody on this planet, we must make books truly accessible.

The Ultimate Benefit of Learning Management Systems


The Ultimate Benefit of Learning Management Systems. The Benefits of a Learning Management System (LMS) are quite wide and can contain everything from basic functionality to cool recently implemented features. Ease of Access. LMS eLL learning management system

Giving the Gift of Accessibility

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No: The Only Negotiating System You Need for Work and Home 42. Tags: accessibility volunteer donor gift books Bookshare There's so much going on these days at Bookshare: a growing community that's getting hard to keep track of!

How Would Rate Your Prospect Management System? Part 1

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Here are Target Analytics, our high-touch modeling team asks our clients to rate where they are at with a prospect management system. The four answers vary from no formal system in place to a well-oiled machine. Either way, it is better than not having any system in place.

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Why Access Barriers Aren't Easily Fixed

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This month, I’ve been thinking about access barriers. Last week, I talked a bit about the structural issues inherent in our systems and how they may play a part in our access issues. What are some other access barriers? Museums, like all professional fields, are spaces policed by unwritten norms and regulated by our credentialing systems. For example, many museums focus on issues like ticket prices or transportation as a way to remove access barriers.

One-Man Bands and Museum Labor as an Access Barrier

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We will always find it hard to implement equity and access, metaphorically throwing open the doors, if our leaders don’t spend time thinking about how we do our work. The systems that staff work with can be empowering or inveigling. It’s about systems and staff too.

Transforming to Mobile learning management system software


Mobile learning management system (LMS) allows your employees to stay connected to their training through their mobile device, accessing it on their own time

Computer Refurbishment and Accessibility

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The first time I really "got" the power of accessible technology (AT) to improve the lives of people with disabilities was when I saw the PBS documentary Freedom Machines. How Accessible Technology Computer Refurbishment Came About. How Accessible Technology Works.

Enhanced Searching for Public Access


We have released a completely redesigned interface for public access to community resources, assets, and services. For our system administrators, the new solution offers integrated resource editing directly from the search results.

The Next Big Thing in Learning Management Systems


E-learning has considerably changed the way we learn and access knowledge online. This article will give an overview of the next big thing in Learning Management Systems With its ever-growing demand, reports assume that the e-learning global market would reach $331 billion by 2025.

Exciting open access project in Vancouver!

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Their largest project is Open Journal Systems, software for running a scholarly journal. It takes an editor through the entire process of operating and publishing a journal, with a heavy emphasis on open access journals (where the articles are freely available to everybody from the moment they are published). I just spent a couple of days in Vancouver with the team at the Public Knowledge Project , a terrific example of an open source social enterprise.

6 Qualities A Nonprofit Database Management System Should Have


“Smaller nonprofits are looking for automation and consistency when it comes to a database, but many don’t have the resources to maintain their current database system,” Graham explained, adding that Foundations are in need of a system that can grow with their data.

Windows 8: Designed for Accessibility

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Microsoft's latest operating system also delivers when it comes to its accessibility and assistive technology features, namely the Narrator and Magnifier. More Accessibility Resources. For more information on these Windows 8 features, visit Microsoft Accessibility.

Working Toward Internet Access for Everyone

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adults still don't have broadband Internet access at home. The June 2015 FCC proposal calls for an expansion of Lifeline to provide low-income households with a choice of subsidized phone service or broadband Internet access. Nearly a third of U.S.

Open versus Proprietary: Choosing the Right Content Management System

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Enter the Content Management System (CMS), the standard in website design protocol that allows site owners and managers the ability to update often and easily. And in recent years, CMSs have been divided into two main categories—the “Open Source” and “Proprietary: systems—because, as is so true on the Internet of today, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

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The Intersection of Online Communities and Learning Management Systems


We’re seeing some interesting things going on in the association industry at the intersection of online communities and learning management systems (LMS). Just over half of respondents (51 percent) report using a learning management system (LMS) to deliver and manage education.

Why Buy a Learning Management System (LMS)?


To reduce employee turnover by increasing job satisfaction and safety by enabling access to training anywhere, anytime. The post Why Buy a Learning Management System (LMS)? Last week I reviewed the benefits of an LMS.

Client Management Systems for After-School Programs


Here at Idealware, we've been spending a lot of time thinking about case and client management systems for all different sorts of organizations. It's a complicated market, with a whole bunch of different types of systems, often specialized to meet the needs of a particular niche of nonprofits.

Addressing Accessibility in Social Media


These needs may relate to accessibility and the user-friendliness of your site for those with auditory, visual, cognitive or mobility impairments. This blog post is not meant to explain the nuances of accessibility, nor will it explore all of the dimensions of building a social site, but it will discuss key considerations when working to make your online presence social while remaining accessible to all users. Keep Accessibility in Mind. By Stuart Holland, Sr.

The Face of the Web: What’s Coming for Content Management Systems

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If you’ve ever designed, built, managed or administered a website, you’re no doubt intimately involved with a Content Management System (CMS), a specific software application or set of programs used to create and manage digital content. As 2017 quickly approaches here’s a brief look at the Content Management Systems leading the web design and management market.

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Crossing the Chasm: Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies and Systems are All Wrong for This New World

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Way too many nonprofits are severely lagging with their strategies and systems. They’ve come to expect a level of access, professionalism, and convenience. Nonprofit giving in America has been stuck at 2% of GDP for 45 years. What is causing this? Is it the tax code?

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Government Access: Privacy Meets Resources


To gain access to these resources, clients need to provide at least basic information about themselves. CommunityOS allows system managers to identify client records that can, and cannot be shared with various government agencies. While our customers work to support those who need help, protecting their client records becomes critical. This gets interesting at the intersection of charitable or nonprofit support, and government sponsored support.

How To Foster User Adoption In Your New Learning Management System?


How To Foster User Adoption In Your New Learning Management System? As you are planning to transition from your outdated Learning Management System (LMS) to your new LMS application it is important to keep in mind your users’ perception of the change. If it turns out that the only reason your users’ dislike their current LMS is due to the lack of one particular feature, the work leading up to a new system could be lighter than you anticipate.

How To Find The Right Learning Management System For Employee Training?


How To Find The Right Learning Management System For Employee Training. This is why modern-day entrepreneurs are getting inclined towards ‘LMS or learning management system’ that is known to create a virtual learning environment for the perfect delivery of online training courses. This implies that you need to have access to the best LMS, in order to train or prepare your employees for the upcoming compliance, challenges and fulfill your business goals.

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Alpine Access: Insights from 12 Years of Managing Remote Workers


In 1998, virtual call center staffing company Alpine Access opened its doors. All of the staff taking calls with Alpine Access — now totaling about 3,000 customer service representatives — work from their homes. Only then did we build systems to support and automate them.

Print Access for All: Anna Reid in Chennai

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A related, but slightly different and less recognized issue, is the fact that people with disabilities such as blindness often have limited access to printed materials, even if they are well-educated.

Our WIPO Statement on the Treaty for Access for People with Disabilities

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For example, all residents with the qualifying disabilities in Australia, Denmark and Qatar, to pick just three examples, now have free access to Bookshare thanks to our joint efforts with local and national disability groups in these countries. Wonderful as our licensing partnerships with publishers are, they are not enough to make accessible most of the books that people with disabilities need to have equal access to education, employment and social inclusion. •

Gyrus Systems Selected for’s 2016 Gamification Watch List


Gyrus Systems Selected for's 2016 Gamification Watch List. Gyrus Systems, a leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) developer, announced today it has been selected to be included in the 2016 Gamification Companies Watch List by

Website Accessibility

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Web Accessibility standards are not new, but as the internet becomes more central to American life, the issue of website usability by people with disabilities is getting its day in court. It's been a matter of debate whether the law requires such accessibility. Meeting Internet accessibility standards in terms of the disabled takes on increased importance for all organizations with the possibility of a lawsuit now a real threat. Tagged: nptech , 508 , ADA , accessibility

The Benefits of a Solid Warehouse Management System

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The main aim of Warehouse management details systems is to keep an eye on and also regulate the activity and storage of products within a business together with refining the purchases related to these products.

The Benefits of Automated Calling Systems in your Business

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With an automated calling system , you can send your voice call to multiple recipients at the same time. From here, your recipients can access the message once they start their phones. In this post, we focus on how the use of automated calling system can benefit your business. Starting with an automated calling system is an excellent way to manage your calling costs. Once you have a calling system in place, it’ll be easy to scale it up as your enterprise grows.

The Struggle for Book Access: Amazon (Blog Post #2)

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And that is setting back the cause of people with disabilities who need that kind of access. We have an action by Amazon that sets back years of work to make ebooks accessible. A recent example of this was web site accessibility. Recently Target settled out of court with the National Federation of the Blind about its accessible website after Target suffered a couple of reverses in the court case against them.

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One Organization. One System for Donor Information.


Ideally you have a single CRM system that lets you keep track of one donor as one donor—regardless of how they came to your organization or how they give. So just be really meticulous in keeping track of your data in your different systems.” If the donor management system you have doesn’t allow you to do that, get a new system. If the email provider you use doesn’t integrate with your donor management system, get one that does.

System update led to Blackberry outage

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System update led to Blackberry outage: "BlackBerry maker Research in Motion Ltd. said an insufficiently tested software update at the company's network data center was the cause of a service outage this week that left millions of users without wireless e-mail access.".

Plain Old Telephone Systems: The Final Countdown

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While you probably still have some time with your old phone system, many organizations are already shifting to mobile or Internet-based systems like VoIP. If you live in Carbon Hill, Alabama, you may have to upgrade your phone system sooner than expected.

New to TechSoup: Litmos Learning Management System

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The Litmos learning management system (commonly known as an LMS) lets you create online courses and host them on Litmos' website. Learners can access the material from wherever they happen to be, on any web-connected computer or mobile device.

Mobilizing Staff to Make Them More Accessible


Headway provided 50 staff members with smartphones running Google’s Android operating system, and moved to make their email, calendaring, and client data systems accessible via the web.

APIs for Nonprofits 101: How to Share Data Between Systems

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You’ve collected RSVPs from guests who plan to attend in an event management or ticketing system. But wouldn’t it be nice if your events system could talk to your donor management system, and tell you who among your guests has never donated to your organization before?

API 75

Selecting a Donor Management System – Eight Questions to Consider


Idealware''s research team is hard at work on an update to our popular report comparing and reviewing donor management systems, which is scheduled for release in the next couple of weeks. To whet your appetite, we wanted to share a guest post from Larry Perlstein, a technology specialist who has worked for a number of consulting firms and has an enviable amount of eperience working with nonprofits, about choosing donor management systems.