Mobile-Friendly Searching: Getting Your Non-Profit’s Website Up to Speed

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If you’ve initiated a Google search anytime recently, you may have noticed a new designation underneath the listed results: “mobile-friendly.” Secondly, see how much mobile traffic is arriving at your website by using Google Analytics.

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Overcoming Declining Nonprofit Website Traffic

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Blackbaud’s just-released Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits found nonprofit website traffic was down 14 percent in 2012 compared to 2011. Mobile: With the rise of mobile devices, websites not optimized for mobile devices could have seen fewer return visitors.

Google Analytics - Site Search

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people are coming to your website and how they behave when they get. When you think of search engines, you probably think of Google, but maybe not Google Analytics. Your site probably has search functionality, so use Google analytics to track it. Author: Alissa Ruehl.

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5 Tips to Make Your Website Get Better Search Rankings - The TechSoup Blog - Community - TechSoup

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5 Tips to Make Your Website Get Better Search Rankings - The TechSoup Blog - Community - TechSoup : ''via Blog this

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Do Keywords Still Make a Difference in Effective Website Search Management?

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From their earliest incarnations decades ago, the one constant theme of search engines is change. Indeed, today’s Google, Yahoo and others barely resemble their clunky ancestors who returned sloppy and often meaningless listings for even simple searches. The Semantic Search.

Three Overlooked Elements of Search Engine Optimization

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For non-profits, much has been written about the importance of an efficient and effective website, that vital and all-encompassing portal connecting cause to cash, values to volunteers and so much more.

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5 Tips to Make Your Website Get Better Search Rankings

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One of the most effective ways to gain exposure for a nonprofit is by appearing at the top of online search results. According to a recent study , the first five search results get over two-thirds of the clicks. Tip 1: Think Like a Search Engine. Don't have a website person?

Experts Weigh-In on Nonprofit Website Design Best Practices

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I often get asked questions about how a nonprofit’s website should look and behave and what benchmarking or evaluation tips I might have. And while I’m usually able to offer some general guidance, nonprofit website design best practices have never been my area of expertise.

3 Reasons Your Nonprofit Website Needs Responsive Design

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Did you know that organizations update their website, on average, every 2-4 years? While this seems to be quite frequent, and perhaps more often than some of you may like, if you think about your website in terms of technology, four years is a very long time! Search Engine Optimization.

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Is Your Nonprofit Website Ready for 2017?

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No matter your mission, having a website that inspires action is crucial to the continued advancement of your cause! Does your website provide an experience that converts interest into action? Is your website responsive?

Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Website Search Ranking Kill Your SEO?

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You’ve probably already noticed the “Mobile-friendly” designation in Google search results on your mobile phone. The post Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Website Search Ranking Kill Your SEO? Your Website Mobile-Friendly Website SEO

4 Step by Step Engagement Strategies for Nonprofit Websites

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” Organizations are always looking to attract more people to their cause and want their website and social media presence to support that goal. So, here I am contributing my own thoughts into the blogosphere on how to “build more engagement” on your nonprofit website.

5 Key Ways to Optimize Your Institution’s Website

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Your higher education institution likely has several goals and requirements in mind when building and maintaining your website, from student prospecting and news and events, to academics and advancement. A good SEO strategy should help drive serious traffic to your website.

It's Time to Update the Definition of a Website - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

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It''s Time to Update the Definition of a Website - Search Engine Watch (#SEW) : The Definition of a Website Must be Updated Out With The Old Unfortunately, the current outdated definition of a website has perpetuated the view of a website as an exercise in technology, rather than a function of business

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Your Website Health Check: Part 2


Here is part two of the website health check. Your website’s forms. How many forms do you have on your website? Your payment processes are contained within the same website – donors don’t have to go off on to a third party payment provider. Welcome back!

Infographic: 12 Key Factors Search Engines Look For


We all want our nonprofit’s website to rank #1 on Google. Your website is your most powerful, and most customizable online asset. Taking the time to make sure it is optimized to resonate with search engines is worth the time and resources.

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8 Tools to Help Manage Your Nonprofit Website

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You’ve got the usual list of suspects at your organization: the online engagement tool, a blog, social media platforms, and a website. Out of all of these tools, your website is getting the most visibility. A website is a bit like a car. This website will tell you just that.

Increasing Website Traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Did you know that between 40-60% of your website visitors are getting to your website via search engines? People will often search for websites they’ve been to before because they forgot the URL or have become accustomed to it using Google (or maybe Bing?). No matter how they end up there search is the most powerful tool you’ve got to drive traffic to your website. How are you leveraging search as part of your website strategy

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Four Ways To Use Paid Search For Small Business Growth

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We all know on search engines, people search for what they want to see or know using keywords, terms or phrases. Google Adwords and Bing respectively) for advertisers (or whichever businesses) to buy and place keyword search ads on Google and Bing (search engine) respectively.

Nonprofit Website Navigation Optimization Tips


Your nonprofit’s most powerful asset is its website. As a result, it is imperative that your website boast an intuitive navigation system to get the information your website visitors are searching for efficiently. There are plenty of website that boast one of each.

Infographic: Redesigning Your Nonprofit Website


Your website is your nonprofit’s most important online asset. If all of this is true (it is) why do so many nonprofits neglect their websites and allow them to fall into disrepair? Tech nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech technology website

Rich Media Search Tool for Your Website

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Are you looking for a way to help your website visitors easily find relevant related information online? The folks over at ReadWriteWeb have just added a great new search feature to their site, courtesy of Tags: Non-profit technology nptech websites application search website

Are you ready for Google’s next search algorithm update?

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If your website isn’t responsive or optimized for mobile devices, you should be worried. Because as of April 21st, Google will expand the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, don’t panic!

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6 Website Optimization Tips to Make Your Higher Education Institution Shine

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Your higher education institution likely has several goals and requirements in mind when building and maintaining your website. Your audience is used to polished, easy-to-navigate online spaces and a mediocre website negatively affects their perception of you.

Rank and File: Tips for Improving Your Position on Today’s Search Engines

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If it seems that it would take several PhDs to understand exactly how the big search engines operate—from determining legitimate sites from imposters, choosing to give one site precedent over others in result listings etc.—that’s Try not to delete pages from your website.

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Infospace Launches Charity Search Engine

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Infospace Launches Charity Search Engine: "Bellevue, WA-based Internet search service provider Infospace announced the launch of a new search website focused on charity

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The 5 Ways Your Nonprofit’s Website Generates Traffic


Driving web traffic to your nonprofit’s website is likely at the top of your to-do list. You’ve invested in it, consistently update the content, post to your blog, and market events through your website. Organic searches. “Go Image courtesy of Stable Cash Income.

How to Add Social Media Links to Your Google Search Profile

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When supporters search for your organization on Google, you want them to see the best possible results on page one. Part of this includes making sure your website profile is up to date, including your social media profiles.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

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I attended a conference over the past two days which included a session on using search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance your page rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo. One of the key points is that Google gives more weight to a website that uses domain than,net, etc. If you’d like to learn a little more about search enginge optimization for your agency, you can visit this site [link]. Tags: Tools engines search SEO

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Searching Just Got Social for NPOs

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This week Google announced that they were going to add information from Google+ pages into their search algorithms so that they can create a more personalized result when you search. It means Google+ pages now impact the result people see when they use a search engine like Google to find you. On this page, you’ll want to make sure to include keywords and terms that are similar to your agency website’s content. Search Engine Land.

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Respect the Rank: Tips for Getting Your Non-Profit Better Results on Google Searches

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They initiate a search on that most popular of search engines—Google—in an effort to find an outlet for their philanthropic leanings. Does your organization appear in the top five search results? Headers for pages are one main element search engines index and rank.

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Should you add a search box to your nonprofit’s website?

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It seems like every website you visit has a search box in the navigation bar or sidebar. But should you add a search box to your nonprofit’s website? For example, on this site I have a search box in the navigation bar.

7 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Search

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When you think about search engine optimization, the first place your mind goes your website. But Facebook is also an important element in any search strategy, for three simple reasons: 1. One common way people use Facebook is for social search engine.

10 Tips To Drive Your Nonprofit’s Website from Good to Great

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In today’s world, having a website is essential. For a nonprofit, it’s not only mandatory to have a website but to have a website that connects constituents to your cause. In the same way, every single website pixel should be thought of as shelf space to further your cause.

6 Must-Haves for Your Nonprofit Website

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Now more than ever, a sleek and functional website is essential to your nonprofit’s brand. But we’ve got you covered: here are six elements that will lure donors to your website and keep them there once they arrive.

How To Create A WordPress Website For Nonprofits On A Budget

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Creating a website for your nonprofit can be an intimidating, lengthy, and often expensive process. In this article, I’m going to break down my step-by-step process for building a beautifully designed WordPress website, regardless of your budget. The Best Nonprofit Websites.

Why April 21st May Ruin Your Nonprofit's Website Analytics


Not to be click-baiting fearmongers, but we really needed to get your attention because there’s a big change coming to Google’s search algorithm that you need to know about

What is Search Engine Optimization and Why is it Important

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

If you are running an online business or website you will have heard of the term, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Search engine optimization is a set of rules which can be followed by website or blog owners in order for them to optimize the content provided on their websites.

8 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Website Unwelcoming to Potential Donors

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When someone visits your nonprofit’s website, it takes them just 5 seconds to: Learn your mission. As a sneak preview to the webinar, here are 8 ways to make your website visitors feel un welcome: Rely on words, not images, to describe your organization.

Seven Important Tips To Consider When Searching For The Best SEO Company In Melbourne

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Many moons ago, before Altavista and Dogpile succumbed to Google, search engine optimisation (S.E.O) All it took for your website to be on ranked highest on search engine results was merely repeating a keyword over and over again. Do Not Choose An Agency From A Gooogle Search.

SSIR: Nonprofit Advantage for Future of Twitter and Search

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Here’s an excerpt: The ability to search online has changed our lives. Because of search, it no longer matters how many pages there are on the Web, because search can find what you are looking for. Because of search, it no longer matters how many blog posts I write, because search can find the relevant ones for me or my readers. We are so used to searching online now that we can’t get away from it, rather, we don’t want to browse the web without it.

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Nonprofit Website Analytics: Why And What You Should Care About


Every nonprofit’s website is different. Because every nonprofit’s mission, size, audience, and the variety of content it posts varies wildly, the traffic and analytics supporting that website are going to be intrinsically different.

Understanding the Importance of XML Sitemaps for Website SEO

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It’s great to have a stellar and attractive website, one that was professionally designed to utilize the most current design trends with state-of-the-art plugins and all the accompanying bells and whistles. All search engines—Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.—use