National Family Literacy Day

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This Sunday while you're finishing off the Halloween candy, think about doing something for National Family Literacy Day. The idea behind the day, sponsored by the National Center for Family Literacy is to promote family literacy. Sunday, really, is just another reminder that every day can be literacy day. Tags: Reading facebook Bookshare National Family Literacy Day literacy

Betsy Beaumon on Benetech's Literacy Program

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The Year That Was and the New Year Ahead Guest Beneblog by Betsy Beaumon, Benetech's VP and General Manager of the Literacy Program 2012 was a year of titanic shifts in the fields of consumer technology, education, and publishing, along with the requisite challenges brought about by such rapid change. At the close of 2012, we are five years into our work in education and are serving over 230,000 students.

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Nonprofit Advocacy Can Be a Force Multiplier for Social Change

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

You see, several months later, the federal Department of Education challenged us to compete against a well-respected national nonprofit 60 times our size in a bid to provide accessible educational materials for US students who are blind, dyslexic, or otherwise print disabled.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

The Alliance Management Institute (AMI) is a capstone experience for students seeking the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential. National LGBTQ Task Force / Detroit, MI / $500. We are excited to host our annual national movement gathering in the Motor City.

Building a Digitally Literate Community

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A few months ago, I attended Microsoft Citizenship's YouthSpark Connection event and heard first-hand from recent high school graduates about how dire the need for digital literacy is. Defining Digital Literacy. But first, what exactly is digital literacy?

3rd Annual EveryAction Nonprofit Halloween Costume Parade


Children's Literacy Initiative. The Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI) began as a way to provide collections of excellent children’s books & trainings in reading-aloud to teachers in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. The Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection and advocacy organization. Happy Halloween from all of us at EveryAction!

On the Future of Braille: Thoughts by Radical Braille Advocates

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Guest Beneblog by Betsy Beaumon, VP and General Manager, Benetech’s Global Literacy Program. With the goal of promoting braille literacy, this landmark meeting brought together braille experts from around the world to Perkins’ campus in Watertown, Massachusetts.

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Benetech: President's Update

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I want to unveil several of these new initiatives, as well as sneaking in some of the incredible things happening in our core programs in literacy and human rights. President’s Update Fall 2011 Don’t be surprised, but we’re picking up the pace of change at Benetech!

10X: CEO’s Update: Spring 2014

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Technology currently serves privileged groups through tools that provide access to education, literacy, health, and justice. Global Literacy Sixth Grader and Bookshare member Kevin Leong with Jim Fruchterman at Benetech''s offices. 10X: ten times the impact.

Changing lives through financial empowerment

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With consumer spending fueling 70% of our nation’s economic growth, the need to consume commercial products has forever been a staple in American culture. There are no courses in our public school systems that teach students how to use a. posted by. Kristen Coco , Program Developer.

Benetech: President's Update

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The amazing thing about serving 100,000 students right now is that our commitment to the U.S. Department of Education was to serve 100,000 students by the end of our five-year contract in late 2012.

The Case for Copyright Exceptions and Fair Use

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The tools we develop for that purpose span a range of fields—from human rights , to global literacy , to the environment —but no matter what area we work in, we depend on an IP system that’s friendly to technological advances and to positive social impact.

President’s Update: Fall 2013

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Highlights of this Update: Global Literacy Human Rights Benetech Labs Communications Global Literacy Bookshare celebrated a double milestone this summer, reaching over 200,000 available titles in our collection and serving over 250,000 members with disabilities!

Fair Use Victory Advances a Future of Accessibility for All

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I was an expert witness for the National Federation of the Blind (which had joined HathiTrust as a defendant) in the district court case, and Benetech filed an amicus brief in the HathiTrust appeal case supporting the decision of the district court. This fair use victory is crucial not only for our present work, but also for our social mission at large and for the future of our work under our Global Literacy program.

Bringing Millions of Books to Billions of People: Making the Book Truly Accessible

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Literacy and access to knowledge underpins just about every social good, from education, to economic development, to health, to women’s empowerment, democracy and respect for human rights. All students around the world have access to rich and varied educational content. •

Association Social Media: International Reading Association


The past two years we’ve launched a campaign around International Literacy Day. This year, we worked with NASA on a “Lift Off to Literacy” campaign. W e asked them to share photos, videos, and stories about what their students were doing using the hashtag #ILD14.

How To Fundraise For Corporate Donations Using Passive Income Practices

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See this post by a law firm , and this post by the National Council of Nonprofits for more info on staying within the limitations of the IRS. A high school or college student who’s looking for experience in digital marketing could be a great candidate.

Access and Washington

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The goal of this repository is to ensure that students with print disabilities have easy access to textbooks. We were close to next month's launch of the NIMAC, this new national textbook repository, a process which has taken two years since the passage of the updated Individuals with Disabilities Education Act by Congress in November 2004. Perhaps it's because I work in the fields of disability, literacy and human rights.

Carrie Karnos, recipient of the 2006 James H. Veale Humanitarian Award.

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

During Arkenstone's 11 years, Benetech sold literacy products under the Arkenstone brand in more than a dozen languages to over 35,000 individuals in 60 countries. Today, Benetech has become one of the nation's most successful examples of high- technology social enterprises, using an innovative business model to achieve major social objectives in education, employment and independence. She brings the printed word to students, teachers, other professionals and avid readers."

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9 Amazing Organizations Share Their Tech Success

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million people through national media outreach, including an appearance on "Good Morning America." New Heights Educational Group is an educational support and literacy center for families with children who are struggling in school.

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#GivingTuesday Champions

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GivingTuesday is a movement to create a national day of giving , kicking off the giving season. And w e would like to spotlight a few in the TechSoup community who have joined us in championing this second annual national day of giving : InvestED has launched a volunteer and donation program specially designed around Giving Tuesday. It has grown into an organization that meets the needs of over 1,500 student athletes annually.

ASU Lodestar Center Blog: Research Friday: What It Takes to Lead.

ASU Lodestar Center

The ASU Nonprofit Management Institute (NMI) is one of only 56 continuing education professional development programs in the nation. [2] The study reveals that current leaders in the local nonprofit sector believe the skills most needed in the nonprofit workforce are financial literacy, communication (verbal and writing skills), knowledge of laws pertaining to the nonprofit sector, information technology, volunteer management, and donor cultivation.

A Hearty Congratulations to TechSoup Members Winning Google Impact Challenge Awards

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Bring Me a Book is creating a "literacy ecosystem" via social media in Alameda and Santa Clara Counties. Students develop and run a business, gain confidence, academic support, and mentorship. Beyond 12 is developing the next generation of MyCoach, a mobile app that helps low-income students navigate the path to college and stay on track once they arrive, significantly enhancing graduation rates.

Writing to Change the World

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She also won the 2005 National Magazine Award for Reporting for her article, " Dying in Darfur ," in The New Yorker. The idea is that students get to put social justice-ee ideas into practice. They will be using the National Writing Project Book as their text.

Writing and Speech Assistance Tools Are Now Available at TechSoup

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These tools can help organizations that work with individuals who have general writing concerns, English language learners, people with learning disabilities or physical handicaps in typing, people with dyslexia or recovering from strokes, and even those learning literacy and spelling.

Nonprofits Live: Online Collaboration on October 25

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Collaborative Conversations have been convened in client companies such as Genentech, NASA, The National Park Service at Yosemite, UCSC, and The Center for Interfaith Relations. Ken is currently working as the Worldview Literacy Project Manager at The Institute of Noetic Sciences. "What are the best ways to foster collaboration?" " is a top question we hear at TechSoup from the organizations we serve.

Finding the Great Impact Story

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We had a similar experience recently here at Microsoft when we heard a story about a student who participates in our Technology Education And Literacy in Schools (TEALS) program.

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Back to School at TechSoup

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The National Commission on writing stated that 80 percent of grade school students are not proficient at writing. September's here. The kids are back in school starting their education, but what about you?

Symantec Gives Back

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Symantec has made corporate grants to the National Center for Women & Information Technology and Vital Voices. Over the next three years, Symantec is investing $900,000 in Room to Read , an international nonprofit dedicated to promoting literacy and gender equality in the developing world.

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Reflections on the Science Center World Congress

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Casual discussions were steeped in government policies, national literacy rates, and worldwide attitudes towards science. It was not unusual for a person to pull out a document showing national dropout rates for their country in the middle of a cocktail party.

Games for Change 2007: Funders Perspective Panel

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

National Science Foundation. Solicitation on the streets for programs at the k-12 level to train students to use cyber tools for science. Emphasis is on digital literacy. Photo by Rikomatic.

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"Leveling the Playing Field" Through Broadband and Public Computers


Calvin Osborne, an attorney with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), underscored the urgency in improving broadband -- essentially fast Internet access -- to keep the US from lagging behind other nations. He spoke about FCC's expansive efforts to increase "digital literacy" for both individuals and small businesses. In 2001 a hurricane struck that island of Cuba, straining that nation's ability to provide commodities such as rice and corn for their population.

The Participatory Nonprofit?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

gThe above video is one of the many social networking strategies that The Genocide Intervention Network used to transform itself from a small student group to national non-profit.