Webinar Recap: NCACPA Leverages Data to Inform Key Business Decisions

Association Analytics

The North Carolina Association of CPAs (NCACPA) is focused on providing superior service to its 13,000+ members in the accounting profession and community. They’re dedicated to monitoring changes within the profession and ensuring members receive necessary resources and updates.

What is Information Architecture? The Un-Flashy Key to Nonprofit Website Success


While I applaud the designers of these templates for the beauty and even the adaptability of the templates to fit a variety of website types, I want to make a case for the value of a good Information Architecture. Information Architecture (IA) is the structural design of a website.


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7 Benefits of Stored Payment Information

Nimble AMS

Amazon never asks me to enter payment information at checkout. Instead, payment information is stored under the Manage Payment Options under My Account. Once your stored payment information is established, every time you checkout it is a snap!

Become the trusted information source for your industry

Nimble AMS

Who can you trust for information these days? Research sources (if you trust them) show that the American public distrusts common information sources: According to Pew Research Center, Americans’ trust in the federal government is at near historic lows.

How to Keep Your Nonprofit Informed of Cybersecurity Threats


For many nonprofits, staying informed of cybersecurity threats can be a challenge — along with prioritizing their response to them. This is especially true in light of how the landscape of threats is ever-evolving.

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How to Get Program Impact Information for Your Donor

NonProfit PRO

One of the most difficult aspects of fundraising is getting enough program impact information to give to the donor.

Ask Maureen: Collecting Information from Nonprofit Supporters


Dear Maureen, What information should we collect from our nonprofit’s supporters? Once someone is signed up for your email, you may want to collect more detailed interest information from them through a short survey.

Candid and COVID-19: Getting information to a world in crisis


Candid responded by publishing a website that provided information on funding for coronavirus relief, resources for nonprofits and individuals, news on the pandemic, and more. For several months, we raced to keep ahead of the information pouring in.

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Leadership Legacy: Creating Your Narrative Through Resiliency and a Trauma Informed Lens

Charity Village

The post Leadership Legacy: Creating Your Narrative Through Resiliency and a Trauma Informed Lens appeared first on CharityVillage.

Keeping Volunteer Information Secure from Cyber Theft & Data Leaks


In the era of “hacking” and information being easily accessible on the internet, it’s no surprise that people are ever more concerned about privacy and information security, especially at nonprofits. The post Keeping Volunteer Information Secure from Cyber Theft & Data Leaks appeared first on VolunteerMark Blog.

The Difference Between Informal And Formal Mentoring

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Sometimes, though, not everyone understands the important difference between informal mentoring and formal mentoring. As a leader in your workplace, consider establishing a formal mentoring program to supplement the informal mentoring that is surely taking place at your company/organization.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 197: Protecting Patient Information—A Candid Conversation on Healthcare Compliance


Protecting patient information is critical. Expectations for the development team related to patient information. As long as I felt my leadership had made an informed decision, I could sleep at night.”. “It’s

Data Are Not Information


By Jeff Stanger, Director, Center for Digital Information We are obsessed with data — big data, open data, linked data, personal data, government data, visualized data. It's important that we don't confuse "data" for "information." Data are only the raw material of information. Unlike data alone, information carries meaning, relevance and utility. So how do we get from data to information? Information equals data plus communication.

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National Information and Referral Services Day


In 2011 the Senate passed S.RES.241 declaring November 16 as "National Information and Referral Services Day" at the request of the Alliance of Information and Referral Services (AIRS). Information and Referral connects people with services to find a solution to a variety of issues about housing, food, legal issues, family support, health care, jobs, schooling and much more. One such services is 2-1-1 , a phone number used to access information about community services.

Informal vs. Formal Learning: Creating a Blend!


The corporate training world often questions and evaluates the concept of incorporating informal learning. The question always arises whether informal learning can be added to the formal learning and if so, how both can be combined together. Informal learning is the unofficial, unscheduled, and unplanned way to learn and gain knowledge, whereas formal learning is delivered in a systematic, intentional way with a reporting and evaluation process.

Difference Between Information Governance And Data Governance

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

In today’s digitized world, more and more companies are realizing and utilizing concepts such as Information Governance and data governance to stay on top of the competition. In this piece of information, we will talk about both of these concepts in detail to develop a clear and complete understanding about both. It offers a strategic framework for businesses that want to manage their information.

Your Front-Line Team Members Are A Goldmine Of Information

Eric Jacobsen Blog

“What you hear depends on whom you listen to.

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Volunteering counts: Formal and informal contributions of Canadians in 2018

Charity Village

Using data from the 2018 General Social Survey on Giving, Volunteering and Participating, Statistics Canada has released a new article with information on the volunteer activities of Canadians, including volunteer rates and number of volunteer hours, the types of volunteering activities and the sectors benefiting from volunteerism. The post Volunteering counts: Formal and informal contributions of Canadians in 2018 appeared first on CharityVillage.

Get Up To Date CompTIA SK0-004 Exam Study Tips And Information

Find the free stuff

The post Get Up To Date CompTIA SK0-004 Exam Study Tips And Information appeared first on PhreeSite.com.

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Keeping Your Nonprofit’s Donor Information Safe


The post Keeping Your Nonprofit’s Donor Information Safe appeared first on The See3 Blog. Once upon a time, we lived in a world where it was easy to believe that nonprofits -- the moral compasses of our day -- were off limits for those seeking vengeance or any other malicious act. Those days are gone, and nonprofits can no longer afford to dismiss these challenges as problems bigger than their purview.

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14NTC Scammer Warning and Information


For the Marriott Wardman Park''s contact information and other travel resources for the conference, please visit: [link]. At NTEN headquarters here in Portland, Oregon, preparations for the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) is picking up speed, with Early Bird registration in full swing, and exhibit booths going fast. We''re excited to see so much energy around the event and are looking forward to connecting with our community in person in March!

How Benchmarking and Analytics Can Inform Fundraising Strategies

Connection Cafe

Average gifts, retention rates, channel giving, big data, small data…the sheer volume of information involved with fundraising can be daunting. At other times we might not have enough information to help answer a question.

Why Journey Mapping is so Important to Creating Amazing Member Journeys

The MatrixFiles

Blog Budgeting and Planning Design and Information Architecture Strategy and Branding Customer Service Information Architecture Member Journey StrategyMatrix Group is working on an email signup project for a longtime client.

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The Best Nonprofit Online Strategies are Data-Informed

John Kenyon

Your nonprofit’s best online strategies are the ones informed by your data. You don’t have to be a data expert to have great data-informed online strategies! Want to improve the results you get from the effort you put into your online presence?

New Report! Collected Voices: Data-Informed Nonprofits


What happens when nonprofits make a real commitment to collect healthy data about their programs and operations; manage it well; and make savvy, data-informed decisions? >> Download Collected Voices: Data-Informed Nonprofits ! And what happens when you connect energized, smart, data-passionate nonprofit professionals for a year of learning and knowledge sharing?

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Where TechSoup Gets Its Tech Information

Tech Soup Blog

We thought we’d give you a little glimpse behind the curtain on where we get our technology information. TechSoup is a great hive of smart people interested in technologies for good. George Tilesch, Senior Director, Communications. We begin.( read more ). nonprofit technology nptech nptechtech

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Martus 4.5: Lowering the Barrier to Better Information Security through Strong Crypto

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

of Martus —our free, open source, secure information collection and management software—which includes major updates and usability improvements. Our goal is to make it far easier for groups that work with vulnerable populations keep the sensitive information they collect confidential. Additionally, major enhancements to its architecture simplify the secure backup, sharing, and distribution of information to trusted partners.

The Information Overload Calculator

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Steve Rubel has a post pointing to an " Information Overload Calculator " from the research firm Basex that is estimating that information overload costs the U.S. People are spending up to half their day managing and searching for information. Rubel has been predicting and writing about the " Attention Crash." You can play with calculator and then download a free white paper, Information Overload: We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us which was written in 2007.

Data Digest: Introducing the Information Chef

Tech Soup Blog

I'm Steve, a data scientist working with the team at TechSoup and I'm starting a biweekly conversation about how we can all use data and information to drive smarter decisions. A Recipe for Information Success. I've worked on a very broad variety of technical information systems and multiple types of databases and reporting tools. That's why I call myself the Information Chef. The Information Chef Is Here to Help. Hello World!

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Protect Your Information with Reputable Online Home Furniture Stores

Connection Cafe

This means that you have to be vigilant in protecting your information and being choosy about where you input credit card numbers and other order information. Here are some tips for protecting your information while shopping for furniture online.

ISIS - Internet Sexuality Information Services

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Through the Full Circle Fund , where I spoke recently on a panel with Premal Shah of Kiva.org, I had the chance to meet the third panelist, Deb Levine of ISIS. It's great to meet a new technology social entrepreneur who is so on top of the latest social technologies! Kiva's cool, of course, but everybody already knows that!] ISIS has a mission around sex ed and STD prevention, and has an array of clever and innovative uses of the web and mobile communications to advance their mission.

Tips for Libraries Providing Health Information Training

Tech Soup Blog

Thinking about providing health information training for your community? Dana Abbey is the Health Information Literacy Coordinator for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidContinental region. In her current role, Dana works to improve the public's access to information to enable them to make informed decisions about their health. Information Rx has free materials. libraries community Webinar health information NN/LM library edge MedlinePlus

Implementing an LMS (or: Good Information Never Gets Stale)


Recently I was looking for background information about implementing an LMS. In this age when technology changes so fast I wasn’t sure how relevant the information would be but I opened it anyway because certainly some of the 339 tips would still be useful. 337 more useful tips are included in this informative publication. The post Implementing an LMS (or: Good Information Never Gets Stale) appeared first on Gyrus.


The Power of Information: New Technologies for Philanthropy and Development

Amy Sample Ward

Description : The Indigo Trust and Institute for Philanthropy, working closely with The Omidyar Network will convene this conference on how the developing world is using information technology to improve social outcomes. Our aim is to help philanthropists and the donor community understand what information and communications technology can do to improve philanthropic interventions across all sectors in the developed and developing world. Date : September 15, 2011.



The purpose of the meetings was to establish vision and direction and to form a number of workgroups to focus on infrastructure, processes, people, and tools that could improve the timeliness, quality, availability and access of real-time information during and after crisis situations across America.

September 2015 Update: Your Feedback Informs Everything We Do

Wild Apricot

We’re always collecting your feedback from a variety of sources to inform the direction Wild Apricot takes. This month sees us taking our commitment to collecting feedback to new heights. We've implemented software usability testing that allows select users to test out upcoming features before they are released! Wild Apricot

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The Voter Information Project

Forum One

Many will turn to the internet for the answer and will find themselves at this polling place form on the Virginia State Board of Elections voter information web site. Worse, it is the only place to find this official information. Official voter information should be easily available in myriad web sites, search engines, and mobile phone applications. Unfortunately, the information is stored in a variety of dissimilar, muddy, closed formats.

The Information Diet: Not Just A Book, A Movement For Conscious Consumption of Information

Beth Kanter

I’ve been curating resources and teaching workshops on the topic of information coping skills for a couple of years. I first became interested in the topic after reading David Shenk’s “ Data Smog ” in 1998 using the metaphor of environmental problems to talk about the dangers of having too much online information, primarily email. This was in the era before Facebook and there was far less information available compared today. (My

One Organization. One System for Donor Information.


But then came the final question about how to best integrate information about online and offline donors. As far as I’m concerned, keeping all your donor information in one place is essential to good relationship building and good fundraising. I recently listened in on a webinar about blending offline and online fundraising. The webinar was led by some really smart people in the field and for almost the whole hour I listened carefully and nodded along at the great advice.

What Have We Learned About Creating Engaging Meetings from Virtual Conferences?

The MatrixFiles

Blog Budgeting and Planning Design and Information Architecture Strategy and Branding Customer Service Design User Experience Virtual Meetings

Empathy-Informed Balance in the Age of Coronavirus and Beyond

Museum 2.0

At last it came to me: balance, informed by empathy. It’s been informative to see the range of museum responses to a world in which people cannot physically visit our campuses. Some Internet People say some that sparks something in your brain. Some Internet People strike the flint every time. Ellice Engdahl is one of those internet people for me. Every thoughtful medium post and every considered tweet, they also get me thinking.

Why Data Informed VS Data Driven?

Beth Kanter

One of the questions I was asked, ”Why Data Informed? ” Being data-informed is something very different from a data-driven culture. But, because it doesn’t acknowledge the importance of basing decisions on multiple information sources, it can doom an organization to epic failures. Eric Petersen was one of the first of the data geeks that I’ve read to suggest that the phrase “data-informed” is a far more useful label. Flickr Photo by neoporcupine.

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Member Communications & Information Overload - Finding Balance

Wild Apricot

One of our readers asked some great questions in a comment to a recent post about getting started with social media: What will people find interesting and useful? Will they find excessive messaging annoying? How does an organization find a balance? Since many membership and non-profit organizations may be asking themselves these very questions in terms of their member communications, we offered some ideas on how you can begin to answer these questions.( read more ).