Nail Your Request for Donations During Economic Ups, Downs, and Crisis Times

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For most of us, fundraising isn’t something that comes naturally, especially a straight request for donations. Nonprofits rely on donations and unless you are independently wealthy and able to self-fund your organization, you’ll need to share with folks a request for donations.

8 Ways to Find Major Donors for Your Small Nonprofit

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If your fundraising plan doesn’t include a strategy for finding, cultivating, and asking major donors for a large donation, you’re missing out on some big gifts for your small nonprofit. It’s the old 80/20 rule at work: Over 80% of all funds come from about 20% of donors.

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How to Maximize Productivity to Spend More Time with Donors

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Thankfully, there are methods and tools that can help productivity and, more specifically, maximize time for securing grants and donations. Grants Donations donors relationship Productivity Time management

How to Show Donors the Impact of Their Donations to Your Nonprofit

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According to the Fidelity Charitable Overcoming Barriers to Giving Report, 65% of donors would give more if they knew the impact of their donations. That’s why supplementing online fundraisers with follow-ups that show the impact of donations is so powerful.

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Ask Donors To Consider a Recurring Donor Advised Fund Gift

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Donor advised funds are all the craze lately. Now is the time to motivate those donors who want to optimize their tax deductions this year to consider a gift from their donor advised fund. Recurring Donations

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How to Ask for an Extra Gift From Your Monthly Donors

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Recent donorCentrics Sustainer Benchmarking studies show that some 6% of monthly donors will make at least one extra gift a year when asked, so not asking is definitely leaving money on the table. Recurring Donations extra gifts Monthly donors

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Top 6 Reasons to Focus on Recurring Donations for Nonprofits

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When a donor signs up for a recurring donation online, there are no checks to mail and no monthly reminders needed; much of the expense and hassle on the nonprofit’s side have been eliminated. Discover the benefits of recurring donations.

The Giving Block Expands Fundraising Capabilities for Nonprofits

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The Giving Block will begin offering stock and card donation processing capabilities beginning in the fall of 2022. The stock and card donation processing options will be available to the 2,000-plus nonprofit customers subscribed to The Giving Block’s flagship crypto fundraising solution.

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Using Inkind Donations To Help You Grow Your Nonprofit

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The best gift a nonprofit organization can receive is unrestricted cash, but an inkind donation of something your organization needs and would have otherwise purchased is also a high-value gift. Basically, it’s a non-cash donation made to a nonprofit organization.

What is More Important Than Crypto Donations?

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Nonprofits are always looking for innovative ways to increase online donations, and that’s why crypto donations have caught their attention recently. But accepting crypto donations, which are not yet popular among donors, won’t move your needle.

Donation Designations – Giving Donors The Freedom to Choose


It’s true – one of the top reasons donors choose to support a nonprofit organization is knowing the difference their gift will make in the lives of others. What if there was a way for donors to choose the specific impact of their gift?

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A Strong Message for Fundraising = More and Bigger Donations

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It’s how you explain to a potential donor who your organization helps, what problem you are working to solve, and how your organization is changing lives. Today, donors are MUCH more savvy and they want to know exactly where their money will be used. Donor-centric.

Should You Accept ANY Type of Nonprofit Donation? (And How Should You Gracefully Decline a Gift?)

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When your nonprofit is just getting started, any nonprofit donation is a welcome donation, right? But trust me, there may be times when you don’t want to say “yes” to the donation being offered. Should you say “yes” and take the donation? Then soft-credit the donor.

New Research From OneCause Examines Evolving Social Donor Expectations

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Findings provide insights from social donors who gave to fundraising events over the past year and include what motivates them, when and how they will be comfortable returning to in-person events, and what influences repeat donations.

Utilize an Email Marketing Strategy to Drive More Donations

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When creating your nonprofit fundraising and donations strategy, email marketing should be on the top of the list of channels to use to support your efforts.

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4 Types of In-Kind Donations and How To Leverage Them

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In order to maximize their donation potential, nonprofits could embrace creative, diverse fundraising alternatives to monetary contributions. Many gifts that fall in this category are in-kind donations, defined as any non-monetary contributions to a nonprofit, like products and services.

Create a Magical Experience To Grow Recurring Donors

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I especially like the magical approach that the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children took instead of referring to the donor newsletter. You indeed can create some magical experiences for your recurring donors. Donor Relationship Management Recurring Donations

How to Improve Donor Retention in a Subscription Economy

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Join us to learn how to increase donor retention in your monthly giving program. To increase your donor retention, we'll discuss how fundraising software can simplify your internal processes in communicating with and retaining your donors, as well as grow your revenue. . Monthly Giving Retention Software/Technology Monthly giving Recurring donations subscription economy

Should Your Nonprofit Accept Cryptocurrency Donations?

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Let's explore why this mode of donation may be of interest to donors, the benefits to nonprofits accepting cryptocurrency, and any potential risks of what some are calling Money 2.0.

10 Donation Page Best Practices


Donor relationships are key to our ability to realize our missions as nonprofits. All relationships are constructed by experiences, which means that the experiences we create for donors matter. The donation experience begins long before someone writes a check or clicks a donate button.

10 Ways to Find Monthly Donors for Your Small Nonprofit

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Starting a monthly giving program is a great use of your time because monthly donors are the lifeblood of a small nonprofit – bringing in sustainable revenue and creating a safety net of loyal supporters. . If someone gives you a donation of $100, that’s great. Frequent donors.

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‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Concept Now Available for Nonprofit Donations

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With the technology entering the nonprofit space, nonprofits can make giving more affordable for the donor and potentially turn millennials and Gen Zers into major donors. Recurring Donations Software/Technology

10 Donation Page Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Also important to be aware of is that 26% of online donations made in 2019 occurred on a mobile device. Having a mobile-compatible website is now a standard best practice and that is especially true for your nonprofit’s donation pages. Monthly donors give $35.46

Micro-donations: The Future of Nonprofit Fundraising

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With the rise in online and mobile giving, micro-donations, also known as micro philanthropy, have become a positive trend in the nonprofit sector. The term usually refers to a smaller sum of money donated by millions of people to a charitable cause.

Building A Donation Page That Donors Can’t Resist


A donation page is one of the most important components of your website and can make or break your fundraising. Your donation page should ultimately aim to close the loop by converting those individuals into donors. Elements of a Donation Page. Recurring donation option.

BBB Wise Giving Alliance Partners with The Giving Block to Enable Cryptocurrency Donations

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Charities that are accredited by BBB Wise Giving Alliance will now be able to accept 50+ cryptocurrencies as charitable donations powered by The Giving Block. This new platform will allow donors and charities to engage in a new fundraising model in a way that is secure and modern.

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5-Question Playbook to Increase Donations

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Ready to build better connections with your donors while social distancing? Melissa’s 5-Question Playbook to Increase Donations shares how to save money, increase outreach and maximize donations by connecting with new and current donors safely and efficiently.

How to Upgrade Nonprofit Donors Using Suggested Donations


As a nonprofit fundraising professional, you’re always thinking of ways to encourage your donors to increase their donation amounts. Some donors upgrade their giving without being asked, but most donors need some prompting. What are suggested donations?

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Donor Retention and an Oprah Winfrey Moment

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Come with me as we explore new insight into donor retention. Right now, I am going to give your organization 100 brand new donors; and you get 100 new donors; and you get 100 new donors; and you get 100 new donors. Recurring Donations Retention

6 Surefire Tips for Asking for Donations Over the Phone


Making donation appeals over the phone is an interesting middle ground between asking for donations in person and making appeals through more anonymous methods like email or on your website. On the one hand, you are having a conversation in real time with a donor or prospect.

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Using cryptocurrency donations to gain traction with younger donors

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The need is more pressing as the “giving gap” – aging donors continuing to give at a much higher rate than younger generations – widens. If not addressed, charities will face a funding shortfall when older donors can no […].

Understanding the Psychology of Why Donors Give to Nonprofits

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When you think of why your nonprofit’s donors support your organizations, do you expect each of their motivations to be the same? Their outreach messaging is cohesive, but doesn’t speak to the interests, needs, and experiences of supporters who have a different reason for donating.

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4 Types of Donor Personas for Effective Nonprofit Fundraising

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In other words, you create donor journeys. . If you’ve never done so, developing donor journeys (also known as donor journey mapping) can feel like quite an undertaking. What are my donor personas? Donor Journey Mapping Basic Steps. Review your donor list.

Ideas You Can Use To Thank Donors During the Holidays

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The season of gratitude is upon us and there is nothing more important you can do than thank donors for their support this year. Actually, from a donor’s perspective, it’s annoying. And get the biggest donation they decide to give? But there is much more to thanking donors.

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[Free Webinar] Finding Your First 100 Donors: Donor Acquisition for New Nonprofits

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You’ve probably heard how important individual donors are to the sustainability of your nonprofit organization. For an early-stage organization, though, knowing how to get started can feel like an overwhelming task.

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Are You Stewarding Your Donors?

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An astute reader e-mailed me after the article was published to remind me that I forgot one important piece of the puzzle: stewarding donors after they give. Now, like most non-profits, I know about stewarding donors. For far too many non-profits, donor stewardship is an afterthought.

How To Install Modal Popup Donation Forms On Squarespace


In order to make our checkout process even faster, Donorbox supports modal popup donation forms. This feature allows your donation form to pop up on the same screen. A donate button will be installed on your web page.

Ask a Donor – 5 Reasons Why a Donor Doesn’t Give After Their First Donation


The post Ask a Donor – 5 Reasons Why a Donor Doesn’t Give After Their First Donation appeared first on Nonprofit Technology & Fundraising Blogs. Believe me when I say I’m a nice person. Pets instinctively like me.

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Donation Form Widget: Embed A Donation Form on Your Website


An online donation form is the most essential tool a nonprofit can have for their online fundraising efforts. One of the best tools you can have for your donation form is an embeddable donation form widget. In fact, embedded donation forms see a 2.4x Online Donation Form

Designing Donation Forms to Reduce Decision Fatigue


Donating to your nonprofit organization should be easy and effortless! The fewer decisions donors have to make, the simpler it is for them to give. Plus, a painless process means it’s less likely they’ll abandon the donation partway through. option for donors.