8 Ways to Find Major Donors for Your Small Nonprofit

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If your fundraising plan doesn’t include a strategy for finding, cultivating, and asking major donors for a large donation, you’re missing out on some big gifts for your small nonprofit. Larger gifts equal more net revenue which means you can do more good.

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A Matching Gift Brings in Big Bucks

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A matching gift is a great opportunity to leverage a generous donation from one donor, or a group of donors, to bring in even more money from other donors for your nonprofit. Like the loyal donor they are, they offer to help. Think of it as a matching gift fund.

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Using a Mini-Campaign to Jumpstart Your Major Gifts Program

Charity Navigator

It’s high time you started a major gifts program for your organization. While perusing donor lists of event keepsake booklets, you’re surprised that some of your low-level donors give much higher gifts to organizations of similar size or even cause areas.

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Ask Donors To Consider a Recurring Donor Advised Fund Gift

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Donor advised funds are all the craze lately. Now is the time to motivate those donors who want to optimize their tax deductions this year to consider a gift from their donor advised fund.

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Donors Choose Anonymity with Record $550M Public University Gift

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Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, inspired the largest gift ever made to public higher education: $550 million. It’s a gift with very few restrictions, made outright over the span of 10 years to the university, its medical school and athletics. Education Major Gifts

Do Your Donor a Favor and Ask for a Gift

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But she cannot, no matter how hard she tries, reach out and access them because she actually thinks that it will offend the donor. Donor Relationship ManagementA CEO listed 60 to 100 people she knew who either had given some financial support already or could give if asked.

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How to Insert Emotion Into Major Gifts

NonProfit PRO

Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts Donor communications Emotional connection Major-gifts

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What Hocus Pocus Can Teach You About Major Gift Fundraising


Believe it or not, I’ve found that there are parallels between one of the greatest Halloween movies ever made and major gift fundraising. Steward donors and encourage them to become loyal to your organization. . Be sure to thank and steward these donors regularly.

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More Recurring Gifts From Digital Approaches

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Monthly Giving Recurring Donations Donor retention Monthly giving Recurring Donors Recurring GiftsFace-to-face/door-to-door fundraising, also known as canvassing, came to a screeching halt during COVID-19.

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Marketing Matching Gifts With Direct Mail Outreach

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While electronic communication is a speedy and efficient outreach strategy, some donors prefer communication via direct mail. That’s why we recommend taking a multi-channel approach to marketing matching gifts with direct mail outreach and online engagement efforts.

10 Ways to Find Monthly Donors for Your Small Nonprofit

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Starting a monthly giving program is a great use of your time because monthly donors are the lifeblood of a small nonprofit – bringing in sustainable revenue and creating a safety net of loyal supporters. . For the donor, $20 per month is easier to manage in their budget.

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Major Gift Relationship Doesn’t Count

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A meeting started out negatively with the finance person saying that a personal relationship with a donor doesn’t really count – it doesn’t positively affect the retention or contribution of that donor. Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts

Promises Made and Broken With Donors

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Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsThere’s a funny thing about promises or commitments. They are so easy to make and, many times, so difficult to deliver. .

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3 Economic Elements of a Major Gift Caseload

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A major gift caseload is not just a bunch of donors who meet a certain giving or capacity criteria. From this pool, you should qualify the donors who want to connect. Major Gifts

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How to Use a News Story to Support Your Major Gift Ask

NonProfit PRO

Below is a perfect example from our colleague Diana Frazier on how she advised a major gift officer to use a news story to support a major gift ask. Major Gifts Major Donors Major Gift Ask Major-gift officer

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3 Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Embrace Stock Gifting (and How to Do It)

Nonprofit Tech for Good

It was this experience that gave Latham the idea to launch DonateStock , modernizing these transactions making it easier for donors to give and non-profits to receive. “We We work with nonprofits to educate donors on the benefits of donating appreciated stock.

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Major Donors: Who Are They and Where Do You Find Them?


As a nonprofit fundraiser, you’ve probably heard some variation of the phrase, “treat every donor like a major donor.” If you treat every donor like a major donor, you’d probably run out of team member time. We’ll cover the following ideas: Who are your major donors?

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Do You Need Goals for Mid-Level Donors?

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While more and more organizations are realizing the value of a mid-level program, the concept of having mid-level donors, and creating specific strategies and a program for them is still in its infancy. Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts

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Do You Know Your Donor’s ‘Why’?

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Why does your donor love your organization so much? Have you sat down with your donor and really listened to the answer? Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts

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Express Gratitude to Your Donors Daily

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Are you really focused enough on the donor and what they need? Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsStop for a moment, and have a heart and behavior check. Do you express gratitude at the level and frequency you need to?

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How to Build Your Nonprofit’s Major Gifts Fundraising Program


If your growing nonprofit has never had an official major gifts program or your existing major giving strategy needs a refresh, now is the perfect time to launch or expand your program. You’re Not Too Small to Raise Big Gifts. Set Your Major Gift Threshold.

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Marketing Matching Gifts To Your Internal Team

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If you’re looking for new methods that your organization can use to collect increased funds, matching gifts are one of the best ways to go. by marketing matching gifts to your internal team. This should include prioritizing your: Internal Awareness of Matching Gifts.

Avoid the Triple Whammy: How a Mid-Level Program Can Save Major Gifts

NonProfit PRO

Donors get stuck at a mid-level point of giving because even though they are giving at higher levels, nonprofits are still cultivating them like a $20 donor. So, the major gift program suffers because you’re not feeding major gifts a healthy diet of qualified major donors.

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10 Ways to Tell Donors They Made a Difference

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There is not a limit to how many times you should tell a donor they are making a difference. Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsYou could do it every week. But then the question is how do you make the story different and unique?

Strong Relationships Build Major Donor Fundraising Success

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Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsAs a profession, fundraisers constantly spend a great deal of money on training, education and consultants to learn various techniques to improve performance and results. One can never sit on their laurels.

Matching Gifts and Donor Communication: The Ultimate Guide


As you continue to develop your nonprofit fundraising strategies , it’s important to consider where matching gifts fit in. Fundraising Top Posts

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How To Convert More Recurring Donors + Increase Gift Size


Recurring donors are a fundraiser’s dream. They tend to give 2x more over their lifetimes than those who repeatedly give one-time gifts. That means your recurring donors deserve more of your time. Yes, we all love our recurring donors. But how do you get recurring donors?

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Why Your Donor Will Give Again

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“I don’t understand why the donor stopped giving,” the major gift officer (MGO) said. Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsThey seemed so interested in what I had proposed last year. They gave and they have been silent ever since.”

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Top 3 Reasons to Consider Making Recurring Gifts Instead of One-time Gifts

Charity Navigator

Recurring donations of any size and frequency can be not only more convenient for donors but highly preferred by nonprofits. Read on to discover my Top 3 Reasons to Consider Making Recurring Gifts instead of One-time Gifts.

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Lifetime Value Starts With the Second Gift

NonProfit PRO

Donor Relationship Management RetentionThe motivation that gets someone to take the first step to support an organization (donating or volunteering) is quite different from their motivation to continue to be engaged.

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Ideas You Can Use To Thank Donors During the Holidays

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The season of gratitude is upon us and there is nothing more important you can do than thank donors for their support this year. Actually, from a donor’s perspective, it’s annoying. Obviously, you start to thank donors with an immediate thank-you for each donation they make.

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The Foolishness of Looking for New Ways to Reach Donors

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Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsWhy is it we keep looking for some new way to do something when we know the exact steps it takes to get it done? Because the new thing feels so much better. And it looks so good and is easier.

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Prioritizing Money Builds Fake Donor Relationships

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Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsRelationships take time. You know that. Your boss knows it. But we ignore time because that is how we have set up things. There is a budget to manage. A forecast to make. So, we go for the fake relationship.

Do You Know Your Donor?

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Donor Relationship Management Major GiftsYou and I have a desire to be connected to others and when that other person shows you that they know you, that connection strengthens.

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Never Visit, Call, Write or Email a Major Donor

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How does your donor like to be communicated with? It’s not about how do you or your organization like to communicate — but how does your donor want to be communicated with, that best suits them? Knowing how your donor wants to engage will unlock a new level of relationship with them.

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The Ultimate Guide to Donor Gifting for Virtual Fundraisers

One Cause

The post The Ultimate Guide to Donor Gifting for Virtual Fundraisers appeared first on OneCause. Blog Post

Why You Should Start Creating a Mid-Level Donor Program ASAP


By focusing a little extra energy on your mid-level donors, you can raise more money and create a quality pipeline for your major gifts officers. Successful mid-level donor programs are all about providing donors with a personal touch while maintaining the analytic discipline that allows you to scale your programming. How can we cultivate new donors while continuing to steward the supporters that we already have? So, who are these donors?

[ASK AN EXPERT] How Should Donor-Advised Fund Gifts Be Recognized?


Today’s question comes from a fundraiser who needs advice on how donor-advised funds should be recognized in their annual reports. . All these truths point to offering donor recognition as generously as you can. Annual Report; Donor Recognition Wall; Newsletter; Program; Website).

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[ASK AN EXPERT] How To Document Legacy Gift Intent


Today’s question comes from a nonprofit employee who wants advice on how to talk to legacy givers as you document their legacy gift intent. . Dear Charity Clairity, I was talking with a donor the other day and he mentioned our organization was in his will.

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Stop Wasting Your Time With Uninterested Donors

NonProfit PRO

If you are in this situation with a caseload filled with non-responding, uninterested donors, then you are wasting your precious time. Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts

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How To Confuse Your Major Donor

NonProfit PRO

This tactic will confuse your major donor. Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts

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Doing Everything You Can To Tell Your Donor They Made A Difference

NonProfit PRO

Donors want to know that their giving made a difference. That one question alone captures a huge problem in fundraising – a problem you can address in your major gift program. Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts fundraising Transparency

Love Your Donor for Life

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We have a number of major donors in our database that, because of their age or illness have stopped giving, but over their lifetime have made significant gifts to our organization. Donor Relationship Management Major Gifts Planned Giving

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